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 Vinegar Books

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The 37 vinegar books selected for the vinegar store below cover the following topics: 

  • Apple cider vinegar and general health
  • Apple cider vinegar & weight loss
  • Vinegar uses
  • Vinegar types
  • Herbal or flavored vinegars and their uses
  • Oil and vinegar
  • Cooking and preserving food with vinegar

There is a wealth of detailed vinegar information to be gleaned from these books which is not dealt with completely in this web site.

My Favorite ACV Books

For detailing the health benefits of ACV, Patricia Bragg's "Apple Cider Vinegar - Miracle Health System" and Earl Mindell's "Amazing Apple Cider Vinegar" both do an excellent job.

Cynthia Holzapfel's "Apple Cider Vinegar for weight Loss & Good Health" thoroughly reviews the weight loss aspects of ACV, outlines the major health benefits and also presents over 25 apple cider vinegar recipes for healthy eating.

If you are interested in making your own herbal or fruit vinegars, Maggie Oster's book "Herbal Vinegar" is a great reference for this as well as for numerous cooking recipes that use them.

The ACV Book Store

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