Removal of Warts
Apple Cider Vinegar
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"At last a simple home remedy that REALLY works"

The successful removal of warts using apple cider vinegar has been the subject of many testimonials scattered throughout the net.

Most who have tried it have nothing but praise when describing how effective and quick this home remedy has worked for them. And in many cases this success comes after trying many other procedures involving duct tape, freezing kits, compound w, as well as over the counter (OTC) medications containing salicylic acid.

The apple cider vinegar treatment for warts works, and that is great news because warts are the second most common dermatological complaint right after acne. So it's nice to have an inexpensive natural home remedy for such a common problem.

Warts are actually benign skin tumors that can occur alone or in large packs on just about any part of the body. They are caused by a virus, the human papilloma virus (HPV), which enters the body through tiny cuts and breaks in the skin. Most people will experience one at one time in their lives usually on the back of the hand or fingers (common warts) or on the sole of the foot (plantar warts).

Reference: Mayo Clinic article on plantar warts. ( Web Link )

Procedure for the Removal of Warts
Using Apple Cider Vinegar

For this simple procedure, the removal of warts using apple cider vinegar requires just 3 things:
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Cotton balls (end of Q-tip will do)
  • Band-aid
Each night before going to bed soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar, apply it to the wart and then hold it in place with a band-aid. Leave it on all night, or if you like, 24 hours a day but change the soaked cotton and band-aid each evening for a week.

The wart will swell and may throb as it reacts with the vinegar and then start to turn black within the first two days and after a week or two will be completely gone.

N.B. It is important to continue the treatment for a few days to a week after the wart has fallen off to help ensure it does not come back.

Wart removal pictures

Shown here is an example of a thumb wart at the start of the apple cider vinegar treatment followed by a picture of the thumb and wart about half way through the procedure and finally the wart free thumb at the end of the ACV treatment.

thumbnail wart Thumbnail Wart during ACV treatment
Thumb after ACV treatment

User feedback summary on the removal of warts
using apple cider vinegar:

What comes out loud and clear after reading the numerous testimonials posted below is how delighted and surprised people are to find that such a simple and inexpensive procedure using natural apple cider vinegar can be so effective in removing warts.

The only drawback most often mentioned is the pain involved.

Not everyone experiences pain, but for those who do, it can last anywhere from a few hours to 3 to 4 days. Depending on the individual and the type of wart, the pain can be very mild or relatively strong. In the latter cases, over the counter pain medication has been found to help.

Alternative Natural Treatment
That is 100% Pain Free

If you find this vinegar procedure too painful for you or it's not working, there is another home remedy to remove warts, using completely natural substances, which is entirely pain free.

The simple procedure is explained by Charles Davidson, an alternative medical practitioner, in his e-book called "Moles,Warts & Skin Tags Removal".

He includes dozens of testimonials from others who have used it to remove not only planter and common warts but also external genital warts, moles and skin tags.

In this 90 page e-book, Charles Davidson describes the differences between warts, moles and skin tags, discusses the major drawbacks of current surgical strategies for removing them and the benefits of permanently and painlessly removing these skin problems with his all natural method. The book is easy to read, is instantly down-loadable, and contains lots of useful color pictures.

If for any reason, you find this e-book is not helpful in painlessly removing your moles, warts, or skin tags, you can get a full 100% refund up to 60 days after purchase.

Testimonials on the removal of warts
using apple cider vinegar:

Name: Hayley
Location: Queensland, Australia
Date: February 17, 2017

Omg!!! I am so happy I found this page.

About 3 months ago I noticed a little bump on the bottom of my foot! I thought I had a splinter and it was uncomfortable to walk on however I couldn't see anything in there. About 2 weeks later it got bigger and more painful :(

I showed my husband he told me it was a wart!! I said "it is not!!!" Little to know I was wrong!
I'd never had a wart in my life!
I showed my mum and she went and got me "wartoff paint" I tried It for weeks and no help!

Then I found the ACV method and my foot is in so much pain to walk on I thought I would try.
It's hard and risen now and my foot is swollen from walking on the side :(

I'm on the 3rd day now it's turning black and still so painful. How much longer do I have to up with the pain? I won't give up till it's gone but I just want to walk properly and flat footed!!!

Thank you!

Name: Lizzie
Location: London, United Kingdom
Date: February 09, 2017

This stuff really works! I just have to share my story with you all.

My ordeal started with a tiny plantar wart on the ball of my foot ten+ years ago. I never got it checked out by a doctor because until about a year ago, it never bothered me.

Around February 2016, that little plantar wart evolved into a cluster/mosaic of smaller warts. Then it began to grow bigger. Eventually another wart popped up on the other side of the ball of my foot.

This is when I went to the doctor. My doctor shaved off the excess skin and froze the warts several times. That didn't help at all! The OG wart kept growing and smaller warts kept popping up faster than ever. Eventually my doctor gave up and told me to use salicylic acid at home.

I used the acid for months. It was so painful and it totally messed up my foot. I couldn't tell the warts apart from healthy skin anymore. I was desperate and in agony. By December 2016, most of the ball of my foot was COVERED in warts of different shapes and sizes. As a 24 year old woman, this was beyond embarrassing for me. I thought I'd never get rid of those ugly things.

Then finally, after some Googling, I found out about apple cider vinegar. The stories people told were almost too good to be true but I had nothing left to lose. In the beginning of January 2017 I started the ACV treatment.

I covered the the ball of my foot in cotton wool soaked in vinegar and covered it in tape. I did this every night before bed. It took 3-4 days before I started to see any results. Around day 4 I started to see black spots appear where the warts were. I was shocked to see how many little warts there were.

After the first week I started to clear away some of the dead skin (be careful doing this. you don't want to spread the virus to your hands). Many of the smaller warts were gone when I removed the skin. I was so excited!! I kept applying ACV every night and every couple of days I'd peel off more skin. Each time I'd see that smaller warts had disappeared and the OG wart was getting smaller.

It has been a month since I started with the ACV treatment and I can say that I am WART FREE!!! I'm going to continue applying the ACV on the spot where the OG wart was for a couple of more nights (just to be 110% sure) but I'm SOOOO HAPPY!!! I can't believe it worked!!

Last piece of advice:
Give ACV a try! Don't give up if you don't see results immediately. Keep doing it! I didn't experience very much pain but if you do, take a break for a night or two and keep going!

Name: Louise
Location: New Mexico, United States
Date: Jan 23, 2017

I had a huge wart between my toes.

I decided to try the ACV and the wart fell off in 2 days. 

I have a "crater" where it was and I'm still doing the ACV each night just to be sure.

There was pain but nothing unbearable.


Name: Michelle Sorrell
Location: North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Date: Jan 18, 2017

I had an unsightly lumpy wart that appeared on my back.

After getting it checked at the doctors, I was told it was harmless and nothing would be done (to have it removed would only be for cosmetic reasons as it posed no risk).

I was very conscious of the wart and it really depressed me. The doctor's word were not to even bother with over the counter medicines as they don't work.

Having used acv before as a tonic drink I decided to google if it would help my wart. 

My partner applied the acv and there was a noticeable difference in size and texture of the mole within a few hours.. after about 5 applications over the course of a week or the so the wart has gone!

I took photos each time we applied acv to show how the wart was shrinking. Unbelievable.

My partner is now attempting to sort his rank toenails out by applying acv too :-)

Name: Jennifer
Location: California, United States
Date: January 01, 2017

Apple Cider Vinegar on plantar warts works! I've witnessed the amazing results with my own eyes.

My teenage son had two painful plantar warts on his foot. Freezing did nothing. Our doctor at Kaiser declined to do any other intervention for fear of damaging his foot. She just sent him home, warts untreated, to suffer.

My son is a scout. He had a 100 mile epic backpacking trip upcoming in a few months. He was crippled because of the pain from the warts.

Out of frustration I found the apple cider vinegar treatment and tried it.


He had no pain. We did not pick at the warts. We only applied ACV on a cotton ball with duct tape 24/7 for about six weeks.

Within a week the warts turned black. By the end of the treatment they had disappeared. He is pain free and had a great time on his trip and actually hiked 100 miles over ten days.

**It seems like most people who have had pain during treatment picked, scraped or cut the warts. I would urge you not to do this. Just patiently continue the treatment till it works. Also, only use enough Cotten ball to cover the wart, not the healthy tissue.

Name: Philippe Chetivet
Location: Occitanie, France
Date: December 22, 2016
(Translated from French)

I would like to say at the outset that it is extremely rare that I add comments on the Internet, for this or anything else. But this time, it appeared useful, especially for all people who might not believe in the virtues of apple cider vinegar to treat warts.

I'm a guitarist, and I had a big crater-like wart right in the middle of the left index finger. Aged about 1 year, this wart had grown to the point that it was painful to play the guitar and some chord positions had become impossible.

So I decided to treat this wart with organic apple cider vinegar, after discovering its existence on this website.

The first applications of vinegar were not painful the first few days, I just felt a little tingling. At night I kept a dressing soaked in vinegar on the wart.

The third or fourth day, the dressing truly hurt at night, to the point of waking me up because I felt the wart a lot. I decided to read a book and to continue to suffer, telling myself that the treatment was working.

The next day the wart was black. I continued the treatment.

After a few days, I was able to remove the blackened skin cells, which revealed a cavity that did not seem to me to be identical to healthy skin. Moreover, when I pressed on the wart area, I still felt pain. So I continued to apply apple cider vinegar every day, as often as possible, and to keep the dressing on at night.

Again, the first applications on this "second layer" were not painful (to my surprise). But, after about a week, bang, I was awakened at night, then a blackened wart. By contrast this time, it had blackened to a much greater depth. Little by little, I removed these dead cells. The layer was important, so I was really careful. This time, under the dead cells, I found raw but healthy skin.

At first, I was not completely sure that it was healthy skin. So I applied vinegar two or three times (painful ...). But after a few days, I realized that the pain when I was pressing was not the same as before. * It seemed clear that the pain was now simply related to the wound, not the presence of a wart. I left it uncovered to breath, and it healed.

Certainly for about three weeks, I went through very painful moments. But today, I no longer have this wart that I hated, and which prevented me from working my instrument.

To those, who after starting the treatment, would become discouraged, I simply say that it is worth going beyond the pain. Believe in it, because it works!

Thanks again to this site, which allowed me to avoid many turpitudes and fees with unscrupulous dermatologists who probably know this folk remedy, but who prefer to do their business .

Good luck to all.

Name: Morgan
Location: Illinois, United States
Date: December 13, 2016

All I have to say is this works.

I had many flat warts on my hands, about 25, some bigger than others. I had accumulated them over the course of four years with no treatment proving to get rid of them.

I tried freezing them off through a dermatologist numerous times at two different practices, tea tree oil, oregano oil, duct tape, home freezing kits, salicylic acid treatments, and probably others I just cannot think of right now.

I decided to try this ACV treatment on the bigger ones to see what would happen. The smaller ones are very little, the size of a pinhead of a needle and blend in with my skin so you would never know I had them. 

And it worked. My pinky nail bed which I had really not seen for about two years, is clear. I can't believe it. 

For two weeks I would soak a cotton pad in ACV and cut it to size to place on the wart and then put duct tape over it with gloves on to keep the tape and cotton pad in place. As others have rated it was not the most pleasant thing, as I had a lot of pain in my fingers where I placed the cotton pad cut-out however after two days of treatment I already saw the wart turning black. I am assuming the pain was from the apple cider vinegar getting on healthy tissue.

I am starting to put it on my little ones tonight and hopefully I'll see the same results.

I recommend this to anyone who has had no luck with other treatments and who is willing to deal with plain to rid themselves of the annoying wart.

Name: Connor
Location: New Jersey, United States
Date: December 10, 2016

After reading many of these testimonials, I wanted to share my experience which seems to differ from many of these stories in one aspect: pain.

I have a wart on the palm of my hand, near the bottom on the right side, slightly above my inner wrist. I started consistently treating it with apple cider vinegar about 2 weeks ago.

After the first layer of skin fell off, it came clear that this wart was much deeper and larger than I expected.

As I continued treatment, the wart began to burn and throb so violently that I could not sleep during the evenings. This pain is also present during the day, and lessens as each layer of this monster turns brownish/yellow and hardens up, at which point I can usually peel the layer away. Each time I do this, I can still see wart cells on the fresh skin underneath, so I have continued treatment.

The treatment on the fresh skin underneath hurts violently again for a few days, then hardens and falls off, and the process repeats. It seems as though the apple cider vinegar is indeed working, but I just wanted to share the fact that the pain I am experiencing using this method is often to the point of total distraction, borderline agony.

I am trying to persevere because this wart has bothered me for a long time, I just wish this process hurt less!!!

Name: Ally
Location: United Kingdom
Date: November 23, 2016


I have been using ACV on a verruca underneath my big toe. The verruca itself looks like a crater or volcano, with a single hole in the centre. 

I have used the ACV on cotton wool and taped my toe with duct tape for the last 7 days - day and night.

For the last 5 days, I have suffered from intense pain. My verruca throbs and feels like my toe has gone septic and pulsates.

The verruca did turn brown after 2 days of applying ACV and I did scrape some dead skin and some of of the root. However, the verruca seemed to grow back very quickly. It has now turned pure white. And the pain is excruciating at times.
Should I stick with ACV or revert to something else?

Name: Hales
Location: Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Date: November 18, 2016

My son and daughter and I have started to suffer with warts and/or verrucas.  Both children have verrucas and myself and my daughter have a wart on our hands (mine is a common wart in the middle of a finger and my daughter has two very small periungual warts which I think hasn't been helped from her nail biting habit).

We have tried medicines for a few months with no result so have started on the acv route this week. 

So far, all the little horrors are black.  The verrucas are painless and the children have had no problems with them being soaking with a cotton ball at bedtime and then taking it off during the day. 

The warts on our fingers have been quite painful though.  My daughter complained of soreness yesterday and last night I was woken up with the pain on several occasions ... it was agony.

One thing I am not clear on is do we keep it up now that the warts are very black?  Or do we assume that it will fall off in a day or so.  I have looked at various websites and the recommendations vary.  Some people say allow the wart to dry out during the day others say keep the pad on 24/7.  Both suggestions suggest a successful result.

I have also introduced vitamins to our diets and I was told by my doctor that getting rid of the wart only combats the cosmetic aspect of the problem; the hpv virus will still be in your body and this is what can cause the warts in the first instance!  I am now drinking more green tea and all three of us started on a basic vitamin supplement once a day yesterday to make sure our immune systems are in better condition. 

My whole finger is quite tender today even though not all of the skin was under the plaster.  The black shell of the wart leaked out a little fluid earlier (gross, I know) but it was literally a small bubble.  When I dabbed it with a tissue it was brown in colour.  I am not tempted to dig at the wart as I understand this can make the virus spread.  Most suggestions are that it is best to let it fall off naturally.
Any helpful tip with regard to how long to keep this up would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Name: Teresa
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: November 17, 2016

I had a wart on the top of my foot. I didn't know it was a wart until my family doctor told me.

She also booked an Dermatologist appointment for me a week later. I thought I can do something myself before the dermatologist appointment. 

I used salicylic acid patch for 3 days. Nothing changed. Then I used ACV for 3 days. The wart turned to yellow/green color and it looked awful. I didn't see any black seed. The top turned harder.

Then I went to see the dermatologist. She used a knife and gently peeled the wart. The wart just came down. I wouldn't do that myself since I would wait it turn to black.
It only took 3 days and it wasn't that hurtfull for me.

Name: Kevin
Location: North Carolina, United States
Date: November 14, 2016

Have had a wart on my hand for a year and a half now.

Have only just started using ACV after months or using a chap stick like syrillic acid and cuticle clippers attempting to remove this thing.

That was nerve wrecking and got me nowhere as I was healing to quick for the method.

So far ACV is surprisingly painful but if this works like these posts say, I'm gonna update about how this was worth it.

Name: Elissa Torrance
Location: Washington, United States
Date: November 12, 2016

I've had an annoying wart on my finger for several years, which has been unresponsive to conventional treatment (store-bought wart remover).

After a while of searching the web for a natural wart remover I came across this site.

I was understandably apprehensive about starting treatment with apple cider vinegar after reading reviews that said it was "excruciatingly painful", but was pleasantly surprised to find that the treatment caused almost no pain at all. The only time it hurt was when I got too much vinegar on the skin around the wart (the vinegar burned my skin.)

As far as successful removal, the treatment worked removed it entirely in about a week and a half. After about 2 days, the wart turned brown and I was able to remove the dead/dying  tissue without discomfort.

I generally wrapped my finger up with the vinegar on a cotton ball or gauze pad (those work the best) and left it there most of the day. I wrapped it up at night, as well.

Overall, this treatment worked spectacularly, relatively painlessly, and was reasonably hassle-free as well as being inexpensive. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Warts can be so stubborn and frustrating, but don't give up!

Name: Stephanie
Location: Alberta, Canada
Date: November 09, 2016

This website has changed my life. Honestly.

I had a stubborn plantar wart on the base of my foot for 2 1/2 - 3 years. I tried everything to get rid of it, it was so embarrassing...I couldn’t even get a pedicure.

I started the apple cider vinegar treatment and experienced the same things as everyone else – almost unbearable pain a couple days in. I didn’t understand the pain everyone was talking about until it happened. It did hurt to walk for a few days but I powered through. Luckily, I work a desk job so I didn’t have to be on my feet all day.

Because mine was an older plantar wart, I think it was pretty deep because it took just over 3 weeks to get rid of. But it was worth it and I’m so glad I stuck to the treatment.

Now I’m in amazement when I look at my foot. There’s not even a scar or anything, no indication that there was ever an ugly wart there.

I will recommend this treatment to anyone and everyone! I went from being so embarrassed about even having a wart to wanting to run through the streets telling everyone about this.

Don’t ever waste your money on drugstore kits or expensive treatments. I cannot even believe they still exist after this.

Name: Reagan
Location: Texas, United States
Date: November 07, 2016

Had two very small warts on my index finger. One had been there for years and very slowly kept growing, the second popped up about 1 year ago.

I never tried any other treatment but started to panic as they started to take form recently. Found this site and decided it couldn't hurt to try this method out. I already love ACV for numerous things.

I have been wrapping my finger for four nights and woke up this morning to find them super dry and peeling. I cleaned a tool and literally cut them right off (completely dead skin), there is no more bump on either wart, both are black underneath the top layer of skin.

I am amazed! I will be continuing until it is completely colorless. The only complaint I have is that the skin around it that has also been soaked has peeled off and is sensitive.

Name: Kassie Darrough
Location: Indiana United States
Date: October 27, 2016

I went to my doctor to try to remove my plantar warts which did not help.

Once I found out about apple cider vinegar I tried it.

Well the warts were on both feet for me. I simply soaked a cotton ball and wrapped my foot. Within a month or two they were all gone.

Well since my doctor tried the treatment one popped back up about the size of a pencil eraser.

I had it for a month till I got upset and used  ACV again and in a week it is a size of the pencil lead. It works it truly works.

Name: Rebecca
Location: Washington, United States
Date: October 26, 2016

I noticed this plantar wart  on my big toe about 2 months ago, when it started to hurt, and the pain just got worse and worse.

I thought it was an infected splinter, since I never had warts as a child, and I went to the doctor, who cut at it a bit and applied liquid nitrogen. At this point the skin was pretty thick so she didn't have to numb the area. She told me to soak it regularly and use pumice to remove extra skin, so I did this and it became clear it was a wart - and seemed to be growing! But not spreading, so this was a relief.

A week ago I decided results were too slow and walking too painful so I started first treatment with aloe vera leaves and then apple cider vinegar. I continued using the pumice stone but the vinegar would be very painful after a good scrub. I did not try cutting but I imagined the pain would be too much.

Yesterday I went back to the doctor, as the acv had only made the capillaries turn brown after 4 days. I couldn't scrub the wart away anymore because the surrounding skin was bleeding. Well I got three shots of anesthetic and then significant digging and three rounds of liquid nitrogen. After that, some pain for an hour and then - miraculously - no pain! I didn't try putting pressure on the spot of course, but I was amazed that I felt nothing! I expected to be in constant pain after the anesthetic wore off.

So this morning, I took off the bandage and the area looked pretty gory. But poking, washing, squeezing, rubbing a bit at the surrounding dead skin all resulted in no pain at all! I figured, why not really nail this bugger and take advantage of the numbness with acv!

So now I've got the little cotton ball on the wart area with a Band-Aid on top. It smarts a little but it's not unbearable. But are there any potential dangers to putting acv on raw flesh? I figured pain was the biggest factor. I'll probably have to take it off in a few hours! Mostly I'm hoping that the soak when the surrounding tissue isn't even healed will prevent the wart from healing and growing!

Since most people didn't seem to have luck with the freezing and letting it heal... Has anyone else done this or am I just in crazy superhero no pain mode?

Name: Julian
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: October 25, 2016

Made the mistake about 4 and a half years ago of going into a gym shower without slippers on. Please, nobody do this, it is the worst decision you will ever make!

Its been 4 years of constant anxiety and pain, I have tried freezing, burning, cutting, shaving, 27% salisilic acid, duct tape, peeling off a layer of skin every day or two, NOTHING worked.

I have tried ACV more than a few times in the last few years but the pain was so bad I reverted back to acid. Whelp, here I am, still with this wart thats pretty much the size of a quarter on my foot just staring at me and laughing.

I am DONE being a pushover, started the ACV treatment again after peeling off a dead layer of skin revealing "Fresh" wart - and its about 11:30pm - gotta work tomorrow, and I know I wont get a wink of sleep tonight. This pain is so unbearable my body is shaking uncontrollably. This is the worst pain I have ever experienced. After reading everyones comments however, I have hope.

Wish me luck everyone, I will provide an update when I can.

Name: Nikki
Location: Pennsylvania, United States
Date: October 16, 2016

So I never wrote comments, only read. But this site has truly helped me so I hope to help someone too.

I have had a huge wart for the past 6 years on the inside top joint of my finger.

I started acv on a Monday night. I followed the recommendations and advice from this site (thank u to EVERYONE).

I soaked a small (size of wart) piece of cotton in acv, put Vaseline around the wart to protect my skin, put the acv cotton on wart, wrapped with band-aide. I didn't put cotton part of band-aide over wart, I started with sticky side because it held the small cotton in place.

I did this morning, afternoon and night. Left in on 24/7. The pain the first night was bad, but I started using otc pain meds and persevered!

Immediately wart started to turn black, after the initial white puffy everyone described. The pain subsided a lot. By Saturday it started to itch and hurt some. On Sunday when I looked, it was still the same and sensitive to touch.

Because I read here a lot of people scratched at it, I tried. I dug in with Nail clippers. Surprisingly it wasn't the wart that was sensitive, it was the surrounding area. I was able to clip, and cut with the cutters until it was nothing but a hole.(some pain of course but not much). Now I have what you may call a hole or crater.

I put a few drops of acv in it (PAINFUL) put Vaseline around and on band-aide and covered it. Worst pain, but it's a hole in my finger so I guess it's expected. I took otc meds and now I wait. I pray this is it!

I will try tomorrow to continue with acv like everyone says to ensure its gone. I will update results.

Name: Wartfree
Location: Singapore
Date: September 22, 2016

I decided this website deserves my feedback as it has helped me recover from my stubborn plantar wart.  I am amazed and thankful it worked!

It started with a small little black dot similar to having a splinter stuck under the sole of my foot. It did not bother me much unless I pressed upon it. Subsequently, to get rid of it once and for all, I went through at least 5-6 rounds of unsuccessful liquid nitrogen treatment at my GP who froze my wart. Each time, the wart came back with a vengence and the bump became bigger. The pain got so bad that I could feel it throb which made walking and sleeping difficult.

After doing some goggling, I finally decided to stop the liquid nitrogen treatment to give ACV a try. The testimonies from this website guided me and kept me encouraged.

Basically, I soaked a bit of cotton wool (torn from q-tip) with ACV, positioned on my wart, bandaid it then cover over with duct tape. When the wart got white and prune-like and has an intense throbbing pain, I rinsed it, did the same but bandaid it with cotton wool (q-tip size) tea tree oil which helped to dry up the roots of the wart without the pain.

I found ACV application is necessary as a first step to soften the wart and allow the acid to penetrate and kill the roots. Applying with tea tree oil without ACV penetrating first isn't as effective as it would just sit on the surface of the skin. I would also gently scrape off the top of the wart with a Manicure corn blade when the skin has harden. This would reveal fresh wart roots under as long as the wart is still alive. 

I alternate between ACV to kill the fresh red roots and alternate with tea tree oil till it becomes dried and blackish brown before I gently scrape it again. It took a total of 8 weeks to finally get rid of it completely. I changed the dressing at least twice a day and the dressing was on 24hours a day for 8 weeks.

I recommend getting one of those macro clip on lens to attach to your mobile phone camera to zoom in to photograph the wart and monitor the treatment progress. Only then can you truly see if the roots are eliminated and so you do not stop the treatment too early. As long as there are traces of red needle-like specks under your skin, and it still doesn't look like the surrounding skin, the wart is still there. Another sign is when you press it, if there is still the slightest pain, do not stop the treatment.

Walking in my regular Shoes was unbearable. I found Skechers has some good memory foam shoes and they helped me tremendously. I could barely feel the plantar wart while walking in them. I also got another pair of memory foam slippers from them to use at home to lessen the pressure and pain.

Hope this sharing can help anyone who is going through the same.

Name: Ang
Location: Pennsylvania, United States
Date: September 20, 2016

Have been using ACV for 10 days now.. first really big and white, then got black spots and then lots of layers peeling ...then it was just white when I peeled off the layers.
Used a new kitchen sponge to rub layers off and saw some pink broken skin underneath. Now put a large amount of acv on and covered tight with 2 band aids.  

OMG the pain... for about 10 min I was in agony. Now it's sporadic.

Turned all white again and puffy. Please help, will this thing ever be gone? About an inch long and half wide on middle finger.

Have tried everything including laser treatment for about 6 months straight. Ready to give up acv. Smells and much bigger than before I began.

UPDATE September 21 2016: 

OK I woke up this morning and the top of the wart is black and the bottom is also is looking more indented as opposed to raised like before. I will keep going with the acv for now and see what happens... I pray I'm almost at the end of this thing! Will keep posted.

Name: Judy
Date: September 08, 2016

ACV really works! I had one wart on my finger.

I followed the instructions. A small cotton ball soaked with ACV and covered with a bandaid overnight.
IMPORTANT NOTE... I did this for 2 nights and my finger was in pain all during day 2.

I stopped treatment, let my finger heal for a few days and then restarted with one change: I COVERED ALL THE HEALTHY SKIN AROUND THE WART WITH VASELINE.

This made a huge difference. THIS TIME THERE WAS NO PAIN AT ALL!

The wart turned black and stayed that way for about 2-3 weeks. Then it just fell off.

I've been wart-free for about a month.

Name: Jenna
Location: Michigan, United States
Date: August 26, 2016

It's been a rough ride, but ACV worked for me.

I had a plantar wart on the ball of my foot for a few years, but I didn't know that's what it was at first. It wasn't really painful, but when it started to create smaller mosaic warts on others parts of my feet I tried treating them with oregano oil, then salicylic acid but without much success. ACV had immediate effect on the appearance and feeling on the wart.

Here's a summary:

Application: I started by soaking my foot in a diluted ACV mixture, but eventually changed to taking the bit of cotton off the end of a Q-tip and dipping it in ACV, placed it on the wart and covered the affected area with plastic wrap, then secured it with an ace bandage. I did it everyday for as long as I could stand it based on the pain level and my schedule.

Length of time: slightly more than 1 month, plus another month to "fill in" with scar tissue. "Recalcitrant warts" take patience.

Appearance: The skin around the wart area swelled up and became white, in kind of a donut shape. Very disgusting looking. It would often peel off in layers. I debrided the wart area carefully with cuticle cutters and filing boards. The wart itself often looked kind of raw, but regularly seemed to "fill up" with new material which then died and was removed.

After about two weeks the blackish coloring that others describe began to come in, but only in places. After a day or two that bit would fall out, but was not immediately "better". This happened for me during the last couple of weeks. Even after the wart was out, the "hole" left by the wart continued for a couple of weeks and eventually filled in with scar tissue (which looks suspiciously like wart, but is not).

Pain level: Extreme. Not just for a few days, but pretty much the whole time. Pain was most extreme during and immediately after application. There were a few days when I could barely walk. During that time my foot and lower leg also swelled up noticeably. My theory is that the ACV initiates your body's natural immune response to attack the virus in the wart, and thus the swelling and associated healing.

But it works. And that's a huge relief. For all of you who are reading this (possibly in pain) to get encouragement to continue treatment, don't give up! There is an end!

Name: Angie
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: August 25, 2016

If you are doubting whether to try this method or not, do not think. Grab a bottle or apple cider vinegar (with the mother)some cotton pads and tape and apply it ASAP!

I got my wart two years ago and it plagued me ever since. I hated that thing it was so gross and annoying. I hated it to death.

I tried liquid nitrogen several times and it didn't really do anything. I then decided to try this however I didn't have much faith in it.

I applied a small trimmed down cotton pad to fit the wart size and taped it down. I only had it on at night. I did this for only about two weeks and then I got married so I was busy and didn't have time for it.

I will say though that the wart turned black. Well, about a month later I just looked at my foot and it was gone! Gone completely.

I wasn't consistent with the treatment but even that small amount was enough to get rid of it. Needless to say, when I went camping this year I wore my flip flops in the shower, instead of two years ago when I just went in with my bare feet! Not a good idea because I was plagued with a wart for two years.

Anyways, if you're wondering if you should try it, JUST DO IT!!

Name: Constance
Location: Alberta, Canada
Date: August 17, 2016

Apple cider vinegar is amazing!!

I have tried many over the counter medicines on my wart and to my dismay nothing worked. As a matter of fact, the wart spread. Annoyed, I decided to do some online research and discovered this website. So happy I did!

The first night, I soaked a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and put a bandaid on top. I must admit it was painful but not unbearable.

I have repeated this procedure every night. I am extremely happy with the results thus far! The wart has blackened and gotten smaller.

My advice, give it a try! It really works!!!

Name: Sara Reid
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: August 15, 2016

I have 5 relatively small plantar warts on the bottom of both of my feet, I tried doing a drugstore wart removal procedure and it did not work at all. As this is the second time I've had an outbreak of warts, I was sick and tired of them.

The last bunch of warts I had (13 spread between each foot), removed by the doctor which was very pricey and painful so once I saw new warts appearing, I knew I needed to find a chapter remedy.

I came across the Apple cider vinegar remedy online and I was also told about it by some family members, so I thought why not give it a try.

I bought all natural and unpasteurized ACV at my local health food store for around $5, some cotton balls, and medical tape.

At night, I soaked the cotton ball in the ACV and placed it on the wart, then wrapped it tightly in tape and left it overnight. I was surprised by morning that one of the warts was already turning black.

After about 5 days of using ACV, three of my warts are gone and the other 2 are black and slowly dying.

The only pain I felt was dull stinging on maybe the third day for a few minutes, other than that and the disgusting smell, the ACV technique is definitely working for me and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Name: Chuck Henry
Location: Florida, United States
Date: August 14, 2016

I read a lot of testimonials which prompted me to try ACV for a very large very deep wart on my thumb.

I will admit the initial treatments caused excruciating pain, and excessive amounts of Advil taking.

It does work, I could not do the treatments at night, way too painful.

So day after day I continue to wear a little cotton ball with a CV and a Band-Aid. I frequently saturate the cotton ball with the ACV throughout the day. About 3 to 4 hours before bed I would remove it, so I could sleep.

In the mornings I wake up and find a nasty crusty wart which I would file down with the emery board, and cut out with cuticle scissors as much as I could.

I am about 3 weeks into this process, now I am extremely excited as I see the end of this problem.

I will take the advice of many people that continued to do the treatment for a few weeks longer to ensure that all of that nasty virus has been sucked out of that location, I really don't look forward to having to repeat this treatment process.

With patience and less than $5, you too can get rid of warts, just hang in there.

Name: Lola Felana
Location: Maryland, United States
Date: July 31, 2016

I tried acv on a wart growing on the bottom of my butt cheek. It was the size of a pencil eraser or a little bigger.

I started on a Thursday and today is Sunday and it already started peeling away when I showered today.

It's now about 80% gone!

I use castor oil along with the acv. Every night. And a few hours during the day.

This stuff works!! I am ecstatic.

Name: Jeff
Location: Oregon, United States
Date: July 25, 2016

I had a big plantar wart on my heel for over 20 years. Thankfully it never really hurt.

I finally decided to get rid of it....but it was stubborn and didn't respond to vinegar. So I burned it out with a soldering iron...which worked but hurt pretty bad.

I have a plantar type wart on thumbprint. I couldn't burn it out because of where its located.

Now I am using vinegar with an aspirin disssolved in it. I do the cotton ball and type treatment.

It hurts like heck, and its taking awhile because the wart is very deep.

Have been working on it for a month and its really close to being healed. Its just a very shallow blood blister type formation.

Even when I think its gone I'm going to do the treatment for 2 weeks.
Then I'll celebrate that I'm liberated from warts I have had for about 20 years.

Name: Kylie
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Date: July 24, 2016

The short story: IT REALLY WORKS!

I've had a pesky wart on my pinkie finger right beside/growing into my nail for over a year. I have gone to the doctor over 10 times trying to burn and freeze off and used compound for months. It didn't work. 

I tried doing ACV treatment before but did not stick with it due to the pain. Let me be REALLY hurts. Honestly it is the most painful procedure I have EVER been thru. I'm not kidding. Because it's constant pain for weeks.

But if you are determined like me, DONT GIVE UP. the first few days the pain isn't overwhelming. Day 3-7 the pain was excruciating and unbearable, I could only leave the cotton ball taped to my finger for an hour a day. I would soak at night but had to stop as it kept waking me up every night...The pain is stabbing and throbbing. But it means it's working!

I am disappointed it didn't work as fast for me as everyone else, it was a big wart so it's been 2.5 weeks of soaking every day. I came this far I didn't want to give up. Well  It finally fell out today !!! I'm so happy, it's finally over.
I'm going to keep soaking to make sure the bastard is gone for good. I didn't soak 24/7 because the pain was so bad. And started to burn/irritate the surrounding skin pretty bad.
And I need to use my hands for work and the AVC is stinky.
I don't mean to discourage you, I just want to be honest with my experience. I would read these testimonials to keep me encouraged.
Keep going don't give up, IT REALLY WORKS.

Name: John
Location: California, United States
Date: June 27, 2016

Well, after spending not only a lot of money in creams, bands, dermatologist.....but also specially time, energy, hope, etc.......

I used apple vinegar, one bottle costs US $1 in Walmart for example, and my problem was solved!!!

It was really incredible, more than one year suffering......and this vinegar needs just a few weeks.
Highly recommended.

Name: Julie
Location: Florida, United States
Date: June 11, 2016

I have been using ACV on a plantar wart that I've had for years.

I had constantly kept it covered with a cotton pad soaked in ACV and secured with duct tape. 

I used vaseline on the surrounding area to try to protect it. I don't have a before picture but this is after the first day of treatment (June 2nd) up until now (June 11th).

The pain has been excruciating at times and has woken me up from my sleep, but it seems to be working!

Name: JT
Location: Mutare, Zimbabwe
Date: June 09, 2016

I've had a Periungal wart on my finger for over 2 years.

As an IT person and a musician this was greatly affecting me. I eventually found this site and decided to give it a try.

The first time I tried it, the wart softened after about 5 days and I was able to pick and peel it away. The skin underneath was very tender and it was excruciating to continue applying the ACV.

The finger healed but the wart came back.  

This is the second time I'm trying it.

The wart has been removed but I don't know whether to carry on with the ACV. It is very painful.

Name: Alex
Location: Georgia, United States
Date: June 01, 2016

I first used ACV for my warts a few months ago after all the traditional over-the-counter methods failed to produce results.

Usually they took off the top layers but would never go deeper than that.

Then I was researching different methods and came across ACV.

I decided to give it a shot since nothing else worked, needless to say that it worked 100% and even got the wart next to it that I didn't apply it on but was still close enough to touch excess ACV.

The pain, which was throbbing and stinging at times, was well worth the wait when I was finally able to watch the wart fall off and feel a fresh cool breeze where the wart was.

The pictures on this website are almost mirror images of my wart location and the ACV process. The only downside is that there's an unsightly bandage and slight vinegar smell, but that is a small cost for the wart removal.

Name: Sarah
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Date: May 26, 2016

I read these testimonies every day while treating my warts so first of all, thank you all for giving me the courage to persist.
Even on day 5 I felt my resolve waver because of the pain but that also spurred me on from what I read that was a good thing!

I got an innocent little wart on the top of my foot 18 months ago and ignored it.

Then every time I got sick and my immune system was compromised a new wart would arrive so by the time I started ACV I had a total of at least 7 on my feet, the worst being a neat line of 5 plantar/satellite warts near my smallest toes under my left foot.

ACV was never the top of my list before I saw this website, I too was sceptical!

I did just the night time for 3 days and saw small changes but had a few days off work so amped it up with constant fresh applications of ACV on cotton and a couple of attempts at soaking the nastiest ones (plantars) in ACV for 20-40 mins. That's what really seemed to intensify the throbbing and stabbing.

I could see it was very inflamed and slowly the 5 heads were going browny black.  I knew things were happening by night 4 I woke up in the middle of the night with a sweaty neck- which for me is a sign my immune system is working overtime while I sleep (exciting!).

At the third day of attempting 24hr application (day 6 in total) I had now been limping for 2 days and after reading someone's testimony where they gave it a rest I thought I too would see if my body could start healing. I was thrilled that the skin continued to blacken!

Then over the next 2 weeks I left them and skin continued to fall off revealing fresh, pink new skin.

Here are some things I did/that worked for me:

-I used cotton wool and strapping tape.
-kept a bowl with cotton soaking in ACV covered with cling wrap in the fridge so it was ready to go.
-washed my hands RELIGIOUSLY
-during treatment could only really get rid of minimal rough skin using an emery board (couldn't dig around like some people could)
-truly think that soaking is what really nailed them (didn't hurt while soaking only after)
-never woke up from pain just when my immune system was on overdrive as mentioned.
-took quite a lot of pain killers day 4 and 5.
-pain is stabbing, buzzy and throbbing feeling, some occasional severe shooting pains.
-try ACV!!!! It works!!!! Don't give up but also remember you are effectively slowly burning yourself. You need to use healing as a weapon as well. And try not to stress! I'm a huge stress head and it just makes you feel worse. Stay positive and diligent!

Now treating my last one on the other foot with ACV and can relax because I know it will work.

Name: Anthony
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Date: May 22, 2016

I had an unsightly wart on my upper arm for sometime.

On searching the Net for advice on its removal I discovered this site.

I followed the instructions for use of ACV in removing a wart and after 3 weeks mine has been completely eliminated.

I did not experience any pain or discomfort in following the process.
ACV is a marvellous product.

Thank you for your very helpful site and the encouraging testimonials of others who have followed your advice.

Name: Eddie
Location: California, United States
Date: May 20, 2016

I first started getting warts as a child. I would use a combination of wart removing medicine and nail clippers (to cut off the dead skin) and after a few months the wart would go away.

3-4 years ago I got another wart on my hand, then a year later I got one on my foot, then another on my opposite hand a couple of months ago.

I tried my standard wart remover and nail clipper method and after a couple of years it still would not go away. I tried every type of medication including trying to freeze it off at the doctors office but they still wouldn't go away, in fact they got bigger and more noticeable. It was very embarrassing, especially in public.

Then a couple weeks ago after exhausting all other options I decided to give apple cider vinegar a try. In less than a week of treatment all my warts turned dark black and I was able to pick them out. They have not returned.

Name: Mathieu VT
Location: Quebec, Canada
Date: May 15, 2016
(Translated from French)

I had a wart on my finger.

I undertook a pharmaceutical treatment but the wart responded by multiplying. I could see tiny roots around the wart.

So I freaked out and I looked harder on the Internet to find a solution.

I do not know how I missed treating warts with apple cider vinegar before.

So I started treating warts with apple cider vinegar using a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar on the main wart for a few nights. Then I added sessions of soaking the whole finger in pure cider vinegar during the day.

After a few days, the main wart has been replaced by a cavity and the tiny warts around it seem to have disappeared!

Now, the region is curing / healing and I think that, finally, this is it! My wart is gone!

Name: Michael
Location: Oakland California, United States
Date: May 07, 2016

Thank you. I had a wart for over 30 years on a certain part & now it is gone.

All gone, thanks to the apple cider vinegar treatment.

Thank the Lord for apple's

Name: ACV user
Location: United States
Date: May 06, 2016

I am not a doctor.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) worked for me. Be patient if you do not see results as quickly as others report, there are varying reasons to what can cause this variance.

I applied ACV placing on the dermatofibroma then placed a  regular adhesive bandage over the it and sealed that with tape to reduce infection and the ACV from escaping.

After 45 days of continuos application and picking at the dead flaking portions between applications I was happy to see today that the dermatofibroma nodule came out intact in a single piece.

To terminate the area that the dermatofibroma was connected to I am going to continue the ACV protocol I described for 2 more days, then clean the area by flushing with distilled water thoroughly, drying, flushing, then drying one more time then applying Neosporin with a standard adhesive bandage over it to promote healing of the open wound.

I'll run this protocol for about a week and report the results.

Photo 1:

Photo 2:

Name: Susan
Location: West Yorkshire , United Kingdom
Date: April 25, 2016

Hi, I had a huge verruca plus 2 small ones on my right foot.

The huge one I've had for approximately 15 years. I've had it frozen by the GP, tried countless over the counter ointments but the thing would just not go, so as a last resort I tried the ACV thinking if I pickle it enough it just might go...and Hallelujah I am now verruca free.

I started by cleaning and filing the monstrosity then applied the acv to a piece of cotton wool then covered with duct tape and left it overnight.

I repeated the process on a daily basis for about a week but then discovered that if I applied it then covered it with an aqua plaster and left it for at least 2 days it actually seemed to be doing the trick.

By the time I got into week 3, my verruca was extremely painful so after a few days I couldn't take the pain any more so I stopped using the acv and left it alone for about a week. I then filed it and to my amazement my verrucas were gone.

I have now been verruca free for the last month and I just wish I would have tried this year's ago.

Name: Michael
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Date: April 18, 2016

I have been struggling for a couple of months with three warts in the pelvic region and upon browsing the internet I came upon this site.

The main thing is that I followed the instruction and a got rid of them in about 14 days.

Secondly, I cannot stress enough the fact the it was by far one of the most painful experiences of my life, but haven seen the result I would do it again. It is a cheap and effective way to get rid of warts and molluscum.

So thank you to all the people who have posted and shared their experiences for the benefit of others.

Good health to everyone.

Name: Jeff
Location: Alaska, United States
Date: April 18, 2016

First and foremost, I had a large (fingernail size wart) on my right ring finger for 12 years. I tried to use Compound W for months. I would put it on, cut off the excess sink, put more on and deal with the stinging pain of the Compound W. Useless I tell you!

Then I came across this site. Very deceiving but after I read the reviews and went home I told my wife about it. She said what do you have to lose? It’s been months since starting Compound W and I was in it for the long haul, knowing that with such a large wart it was going to take time to get it to go away. But after months of little to no results, constant pain, waking me up at night with the throbbing I figured why not?

So I took some ACV and put it on a cotton swab (not too much but not to little). I put it on the affected areas (I had some small ones on the pinky finger) and covered and wrapped completely with a strip of duct tape to hold it together, then used surgical tape to hold the bundle together. I did this every night. In the morning I would wake up, take off the wrap and wash my hands. During the day I would take some surgical tape and wrap lightly around the treated areas (to keep it for spreading and give it some air).

After the first night of ACV I woke up to see my warts turn colors. It was the first sign in months that something actually might be working. Although I was very optimistic this would work finally, I was pessimistic that this was another scam.

So each night I would wrap the affected areas and in the morning remove and clean then re-wrap. After a few nights I would put ACV on and lightly wrap it like I mentioned above but would have pain and throbbing. I figured this was more than I was willing to sleep with so I would take the wrap off, wash my hands to remove the ACV then lightly wrap with surgical tape. Then try to repeat the ACV treatment the next night. Occasionally I would wake up in the middle of the night with throbbing pain (on the big wart) and would remove the wrap and wrap with surgical tape.

After about a week of ACV treatment on the big wart dead skin started coming off. Because I hated the stinging pain I had when I used Compound W I was careful to only remove the dead skin that came off easily. I figured this allows the ACV to have more direct contact with the wart.

After a few weeks of doing this, I think probably 3, I noticed that the pain at night was basically gone. I continued to do ACV treatments at night for an additional week before stopping, cleaning all the skin away and letting it heal. I didn’t want to go down this road again by ending the treatments early. Also, I used a utility knife with razor sharp edges to help cut the dead skin away, just be careful and don’t be in a hurry.

My right ring finger is now completely healed, a person could never tell I ever had a wart there for the past 12 years. There is a slight indent where I did have it but you soon forget that you ever had a disgusting wart on your hands.

Overall, go with the ACV. It’s cheap, it’s easy and much less painful than Compound W. Plus if it starts hurting or throbbing, the ACV and wrap are still working. Just a reminder, warts and the skin associated with them are highly contagious and can be spread easily. I used rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to clean the surface I was working on and anything that touched the warts. I also threw away old nail clippers I was using to trim nails and skin on the affected fingers.

I hope this helps, and good luck.

Name: Tiffany Holtkamp
Location: Michigan, United States
Date: April 14, 2016

Holy crow!! This actually works!!! I have tried EVERYTHING to get this wart off of my heel.

I have had the same wart on my foot for years, I've tried everything in hopes it would go away, I've been to the dermatologist and had them use "beetle juice" and it did nothing but make it bigger!!!

Tried other at-home remedies and nothing....finally that bastard is gone!!!! Thanks to ACV!!!

The pain at times was a little intense but nothing OTC pain meds couldn't take the edge off of.

The pain was mostly  a throbbing and a mild burning sensation. When the pain would become "intense" I would let it rest till the pain went away (usually a day or two) and then I would re apply.

I cannot believe it is gone, time for a pedicure, since I've been hiding my feet for years now!!!

I am SO excited it is finally gone!!! Hurray!!!! Buh-bye warts!!!

Name: Brian Adams
Location: Belfast, United Kingdom
Date: March 21, 2016

I am delighted to tell you that for 3 weeks I used ACV via a cotton ball, placed on each night.

After 3 weeks my Seborrhoeic Keratoses has disappeared.

Would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes - delighted!

Name: Alex
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: March 06, 2016

Apple cider vinegar works great on warts!

Years ago I removed a very huge wart by constantly soaking in apple cider vinegar.. The next morning when I woke up it was a small black scab and it peeled off and was looking like fresh new skin by the next morning.. I was blown away!!.

Recently I had a common wart on my thumb that it didn't want to eliminate to the point that it wouldn't return but was very effective in removing it. In the end it was 2 freezings that took care of that one.

However the hard wart was on the bottom of my foot and no matter how many times it was frozen it didn't want to die. So I went out and got some apple cider vinegar hoping it would have the same effect as the first time I tried it.

I removed the excess wart growth on the bottom of my foot and stuck it in a bowl of ACV while I watch a whole movie.. It hurt like hell but then it was tolerable and then it would flare back up here and there as the wart absorbs it.

I noticed that the wart was shrinking and looked like it was caving into my foot but that was a good thing!  It was uncomfortable to walk on it for the next day but now I can't feel it at all and the wart is jut a tiny black spot.. It's going to be gone finally!!!!

Another affect of the ACV on the foot was that it easily soaks in and makes it easy to remove callus/excess skin leaving your feet fresh and smooth... Anyone struggling with warts should try apple cider vinegar!! What you got to lose anyway??

Name: Alex
Location: New York, United States
Date: February 20, 2016

When I got a genital wart my doctor recommended surgery, laser, & freezing to get rid of it.
None of which sounded very good to me.

I looked on the net for any medication and the only thing I found was Aldara (imiquimod) topical. It was expensive, $200, and required a prescription - still better than what my doctor had recommended. He seemed to have no clue that Aldara existed. 

The two weeks that I used Aldara were pretty painful but it did work.

Later on I got a wart on my stomach.
I had that wart for 7 years.

I did not know about apple cider vinegar remedy, however I did read about the vinegar biological properties for the human body. I discovered that one of the properties was that it slowed down the absorption of sugar.
I concluded that drinking vinegar should have an impact on the wart because it would increase my metabolism.
I tried it and it worked.
Within a week the wart was gone. Also, you can use any vinegar.
One note: depending on the country, the strength of the vinegar may be different. In US it is usually 5%. In European countries, it can be as high as 10%. This may explain why some people feel some burning while others do not (?)
I did not feel any burning. May be because I use 5% vinegar.

Name: Ann
Location: Georgia, United States
Date: February 18, 2016

It works.

I would say soaking in pure apple cider vinegar works best. You have to be very diligent or it will come back.

We tried the cotton ball technique and it would scab over but it was taking weeks/months.

After just 7-10 days of soaking in apple cider vinegar for 20 minutes a day, we defeated that little sucker.

Name: Amanda
Location: New York, United States
Date: February 17, 2016

I read this page before attempting removal on a wart on my finger.
I was skeptical, so I bought apple cider vinegar at Walmart for $1 and also a Dr. Scholl's freezing wart remover kit with a bottle of salicylic acid.  I tried the Dr Scholls and used it for 2 1/2 months, and the wart got bigger. 

I decided to try the apple cider vinegar.  I started it with a small piece of cotton ball soaked in vinegar held in place with a bandaid.  I left it on over night for most of a night, but had to remove it around 5 am due to the pain.  It was already beginning to turn black.

The next night, I did this again, but could only bear the pain for a couple hours.  I put Neosporin on the skin around the wart to prevent the vinegar from damaging good skin, and I continued to apply Neosporin on the good skin several times a day.  I did the vinegar for 2 hours per night for 2 more days because of the pain.

At this point, it had been 4 nights total.  The top layer peeled off after 2 days, leaving only a blackened spot of skin that was slightly raised.  After the total of 4 days of treatment, it turned hard like a scab.  At this point, I stopped treating it and covered with a bandaid part of the day to hide while at work and left it open to the air at night.

On Saturday, 1 week after starting the treatment, the edge of the scab was beginning to lift and it seemed loose.  I easily peeled it off, and it came off painlessly in 1 large chunk, leaving a deep hole in my finger.  It was not painful, and this appears to have been the root of the wart. 

4 days later, the hole is almost completely healed, with only a small scab where the hole was.  I am amazed.  I wish I had saved myself the time and money and embarrassment of wearing a bandaid on my finger for months and just done this first.
It really does work.

Name: Marci
Location: Montana, United States
Date: February 05, 2016

I had plantar warts that began growing in 2005. 11 years later, they had multiplied and grown deeper.

In 2013 I had them burned and cut out.  After a month on crutches with painkillers no less.

Just a few weeks ago, I dabbed them with Bragg Apple cider Vinegar for maybe a week.  No burning.  No covering while I slept.  I kid you not. 

I prayed for these disgusting things to disappear and maybe it's because I had given up all hope.  But one day I looked at my foot.  And they were gone. 

I am so happy now every time I look at my foot.  12 years hating my foot!  I only wish I had kept with the vinegar sooner.

Name: Francisco
Location: Illinois, United States
Date: January 29, 2016

I soaked a cotton ball on in apple cider vinegar and placed it on a huge plantar wart I had on the bottom of my foot and left it all day.
I could barely walk because it burned so bad but after that day most of wart fell off.

Name: Laura Ellen
Location: Virginia, United States
Date: January 18, 2016

Flat Warts on the Face!

These can be the worst to deal with and the most difficult to remove. They are tough, tiny, and look like little white-heads that you cannot pop open. They are almost opaque at first, and hard-to-see, and then they can get irritated and stand-out just like a white-head. They also tickle and itch. The more you try to scratch them, or destroy them with tweezers, the more they can come back with a vengeance if you do not treat them with ACV.

I only use the organic, raw (unprocessed) ACV with the 'Mother'. It's more potent than the processed/filtered ACV. I've used the Bragg and White House brands which are both great. You need to shake it real well first and pour a small amount in a small glass or glass custard cup and cover with a plastic baggie so you don't keep dipping the cotton balls/Q-Tips into the larger bottle of ACV. You don't refrigerate the ACV either.

If you don't have to be out in public for a week or so, you can apply a soaked (not dripping) cotton ball with ACV to the wart and secure it with a band-aid and leave it on overnight as you sleep, or just during the day as you are puttering around the house. I would not leave it on your face longer than 6-8 hrs at a time because it may irritate the surrounding skin.

You'll need to give your skin a break from it, but the longer you do leave it on, the quicker the wart will die. I have also used the slower route whereby you take a Q-Tip dipped into the ACV and apply it several times to the wart(s). Let it air dry and don't rinse it. So this a few times a day, and before bedtime after you shower or do your facial regimen. Let it dry before you hop into bed.

You will notice the size of the wart getting smaller until it retreats/disappears/dies or it can turn dark as it's dying, but it will heal eventually and should not leave a scar unless you are picking at it constantly. This may take a couple of weeks to a month depending on the size and how long it's been in your skin.

Sometimes the ACV may cause a bit of a stinging or tickling sensation, and that's normal. The odor will go away as the ACV dries.

ACV is the only thing that I have found that works effectively on wart removal that is natural and has no side effects. Great stuff!

Name: Kevin
Location: Singapore
Date: January 03, 2016

I tried ACV on a scalp wart using Heinz apple cider vinegar, 5% acidity.

I soaked a cotton ball with it and applied directly on the wart using medical tape to hold it in place.

For 3 days, I didn't feel anything then on the 4th day I could feel a slight burning sensation from the place. I stopped applying and took a look and I found that it had burned a patch and scar tissue had formed over the wart.

It took 3 days for the tissue to fall off and I think that the wart has died off although there is a slight burn like patch where it used to be.

Will monitor and see if it comes back or the skin heals itself.

Name: Laura
Location: West Virginia, United States
Date: December 15, 2015

I hope that anyone who searches this topic will come upon my story and trust me. Yesterday I was grocery shopping in Walmart and while buying salad dressing noticed a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar with mother. No kidding, my eyes teared up and I felt overwhelming emotions of joy and gratitude. A few weeks ago I hobbled into the same store and bought that product. It gave me my life back.

Last spring I had what I believed was a callus with what had to be a piece of glass or something in it on the ball of my foot. It was really bothering me so I dug around in it and eventually had a hole instead of a callus. It hurt even more and I was confused because I found nothing in it.

After a couple of days it calloused over even worse. It became pretty uncomfortable to walked so I started removing it again to relieve the pressure. That became a vicious cycle and it got the the point where I couldn't take walking on it if I wasn't removing it every 2 days.

To my horror I noticed more calloused areas popping up around it. I couldn't stand it. I had to remove them or else I couldn't walk. I was scared. I showed my husband, worried I had some kind of foot cancer. He said " honey those are plantar warts." I thought he was nuts. He had them as a boy and described what I was feeling. I started to believe him when that one "callous" became 25! All on the worst part of my foot they could be on! The pad of my foot turned into a mountain range of what appeared to be callouses. I could not walk. It was so incredibly painful. I am a very busy mother of 4 daughters and I rarely have time to sit. In a matter of a month I was hobbling on my heal the best I could. It was pure agony. I can't describe and never would've imagined this being so painful.

My oldest daughter had some warts on her hands when she was very young. We went through all the treatments any dermatologist offers and she suffered. Nothing worked. Eventually one day they all simply became covered in "seeds" and fell off. I knew nothing was going to work for my mountain range and felt totally hopeless.

I tried all the methods, over the counter, home remedies, anything you see when you Google wart treatment, I tried it and it rapidly got worse. I was in tears every night and not able to function daily. Doom is all I felt.

After reading the above testimonials I went for my last stitch effort. I went to Walmart and bought "White House Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with "mother". I soaked cotton tips in the vinegar and place one on each wart. I had no option other than wrapping my entire foot in duct tape because of the placement of the warts. The only way to saturate and soak them in the vinegar was to wrap it up in duct tape. I left it on from 7am until 8pm, then changed the cotton and duct tape. Slept with it on and changed it to fresh cotton and duct tape again the next morning. I did this for 3 full days, only letting my foot be without the dressing long enough to change it out. It was very irritating and painful during those 3 days. The whole bottom of my foot looked like a brain. The skin was very damaged but I had no option. The pain was worth it if it meant I could be free of what I'd been suffering through.

After the third day, I began to clear away some of the dead skin gently with a wash cloth. It was scary.  I worried I was doing more damage but knew I had to press on.

By the end of the fifth day I was certain something was changing. The pain was gone and it began to itch. The warts revealed themselves. They were huge and gross! I knew it was working because I finally saw them for exactly what they were and not a callous. The vinegar had drawn them out. Those big monsters had been buried so deep in my foot I never would've thought they were actual giant plantar warts.

I'm going to try to make the rest of this snappy. The 6th days I saw all of those "seeds" I prayed would show up, letting me know my war against the warts was coming to an end. After only a little over a week I squeezed the nastiest substance out of each mountain. The substance was my practically liquified dead squishy warts losing their war on me. I was overjoyed and felt absolute total relief, emotionally and physically as I was left with 25 huge holes in my poor injured foot. I stepped down on the floor with my bare foot and rejoiced! No pain! On Thanksgiving day I was finally freed of this crippling condition and I am beyond grateful.

Please please save yourself time, money and pain, use any organic, raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar with mother. Exactly those words, any brand. Do it and leave it on everyday until they're gone and I promise they will go! With the severity of my case it was unimaginable that this would work, but I swear to you it did and I am eternally grateful. Remember, I firmly believe that I was cured in just a little over a week because I kept it on at all times. I do not think it would have worked so quickly if I hadn't left it on 24/7.

Prayers to you who are suffering with this. I hope you take this advice!

Name: Lowre
Location: Pennsylvania, United States
Date: December 11, 2015

My last hope!
I, like many of you have tried every over the counter wart remover out there.

I've never had a wart, neither has my husband or our 4 kids. So when this "thing" appeared on the heal of my foot, I thought it was a callus. I left it go for about 18 months and just dealt with the on and off discomfort.

It grew to about the size of about a pencil eraser, and was creating a lot more pain when standing. So I decided it was time to file down and "dig" some of the hard "callus" off.

After one night of trying to remove my "callus" I woke up with like 5 tiny ones surrounding the first one. At this point, I realized it wasn't a callus, it was a wart and now.... Warts! Within a few more days, almost my entire heal was being invaded by aliens!!!

I started over the counter wart removers. After two bottles of compound W, my heal is still engulfed with even MORE! I then decided to use the freezes treatments..... Again NOTHING!

I came across this site yesterday and immediately began the ACV treatment. Now, since this infestation is on my entire heal now there is no way I can use a small Q-tip. I have to soak two cotton balls. After placing the ACV balls on my heal, I placed a half piece of paper towel over the balls then took a good amount of plastic wrap on the bottom of my foot and just crisscrossed the plastic wrap some what snuggled as to be a big band aid to hold the ACV balls in place. Then to secure, I just used masking tape on the plastic wrap.

Feeling a little discomfort, I let it go for a couple hours but decided to check before I went to bed. Omg, what I saw was enough to freak me out!!! I had, what I could see and my daughter.... 19 black dots surrounded by puffy white rings.

I am on day two now. And with all the other stuff I've tried NOTHING has started showing results as this did in less then a few hours.

After reading almost ever review on this site and what I've been experiencing in less then 24 hours you can bet your bottom dollars I will continue this till the end!

Who knew.... Something sitting in my cupboard this whole time I could have done this long ago! Lesson learned NEVER pick at what you may think is a callus! Do a test ACV treatment first!

Name: Mae W
Location: California, United States
Date: December 07, 2015

Thank you for this advice!

I used the cotton ball and bandaid method on a filiform wart on my face that I've tried to get frozen off many times.

Within 3 days the wart fell off!

Name: Lulu
Location: United Kingdom
Date: December 03, 2015

This summer I found this website. I didn't believe it would work at first but the reviews gave me some hope to persevere.

I went along with the process for a single night and woke up with nearly all of my warts having turned black. Honestly this was the most progress I had made.

I repeated the process nightly for around a month. I slowly saw progress, the warts basically kept peeling off in many layers, until eventually, I can't really remember how but the warts just sort of got really small and didn't grow back.

I am left with small white scars where the warts once existed, but I honestly could not care less about them because I'm just relieved I don't have warts anymore!

Just adding, I bought the apple cider vinegar from Walmart for one dollar and it wasn't the mother one.

Name: Saurabh Roy
Location: Delhi, India
Date: November 20, 2015

Yes, it works.

I was suffering with bunch of warts on my neck from last 2-3 months. And its really an embarrassing situation.

I Used Medicine like – Thuja 200c, Thuja Cream,  ADEL 40 – Non Worked for me.

Then I used Apple Cider Vinegar for 4-5 days and all the warts are gone.

I pasted a cotton ball soaked in Apple Cider Vinegar with the help of Surgical Paper tape (Paste in a way to keep the cotton wet with the apple vinegar; just keep one hole to put more vinegar into it and then lock it completely) for minimum 7-8 hr. every night.

In morning wash it with soap and apply Thuja cream after the wart gets dry. I don’t know why I applied thuja cream but what I did I am just writing.

Within 2 day you will start feeling a sensation in the warts and after 5 days the warts will start drying-rough and color will change black and they will fall from the roots in maximum 10-12 day.

It doesn’t hurt but smell is little bad, in order to remove HPV virus one can easily tolerate the smell.

It worked for me and I pray to God – this works for you too.

Name: David Lee
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Date: November 18, 2015

Hi everyone,

I was lucky to find this web site.

I want to say thank you because my son, my daughter and my mother all got benefits from this method.  They are happy now because they got rid of more than 10 warts totally.

Although they were sceptical at first in the beginning and stopped using the method a little bit earlier but finally they all got good results.

I hope all of you get luck, too.

Name: Amanda
Location: Ohio, United States
Date: November 14, 2015

I have had genital warts for several years.

I was aghast when I found out because I had only one partner who told me that I too was his first. At the time there was no known treatment according to the doctor. They explained that this virus can enter through the feet and spread to other parts of the body. I had experienced warts on my feet when I was a little kid and apparently the virus that causes warts never leaves your system.

Anyway, after looking at several remedies available on the internet claiming to be permanent but also being very expensive I found this and thought it would be worth trying.

I am already aware that ACV has a plethora of uses and health benefit, including curing strep throat, so my hopes were high. I was a little leary because the page stated that the only negative feedback seemed to be some pain mild enough to be ameliorated with tylenol or the like. But since I don't have $200 I thought a little bit of pain to facilitate using a $5 treatment was more than equitable.

Let me explain something... I have an extremely high tolerance. I have suffered from migraines for 20 years, fibromyalgia for about 10 years, I have 16 piercings, about 17 tattoos, and have gone through childbirth with no drugs, never crying or yelling the whole time. Having said that, this is absolutely, hands down the single MOST painful thing I have ever experienced in my entire life!

I could not stand it! I soaked a gauze pad in ACV and placed it on top of a pad in a comfy pair of panties, so it wouldn't soak through. After about 30 sec it started to burn. It hurt so bad that by the 10 min mark I was involuntarily shaking uncontrollably. It felt as if someone had filleted the thinnest layer of my skin off & it was just burning & throbbing incessantly. When I finally could not take it anymore I rushed to the bath to sit in cool water. It took a few minutes but it helped.

I will say that it must have been working though. The burn is caused by the acid killing it and even though I only had it on for about 10-15 minutes they did turn white so it must work. Just be warned that however effective, if you have warts in sensitive areas like genitals, you may want to reconsider.

Name: Morgan
Location: Alabama, United States
Date: October 23, 2015

I cannot believe that I can finally add to these testimonials!

I have had a mosaic plantar wart for over ten years! It grew to be about nickel to quarter size! I've just lived with it and the annoyance of some discomfort and lots of embarrassment.

I had it frozen twice by a dermatologist about five years ago but that only made it spread to my pinky toe. Finally this summer I decided to do something about it.

I started seeing a podiatrist every 2 weeks. The things he did to my foot... I could not walk, was in a wheel chair, and had to take off work for days after my appointments.

I then found this website and told my doctor about acv. He laughed at me! I decided l could not go back to him if I wanted to ever use my foot again! So I started consistently doing this routine, and now I am wart free! It only took about 3 weeks of acv treatment (after ten years of having the wart and 3 months of seeing the podiatrist I am in disbelief and total excitement!).

My treatment:
1. In the morning, file or trim any excess skin on top of wart, put tea tree oil and compound W on wart, cover with bandaids, keep on all day.
2. At night, soak in hot bath, file or trim excess skin, soak a cotton ball in brags raw organic acv, place directly on wart, cover with bandage wrap and keep on all night.
3. Also at night, take 100,000 mg of Vitamin A and one vitamin C tablet. (Not sure if these had any effect, but something worked!)

When I was still seeing my doctor I had tried acv inconsistently. It gave me excruciating pain where I had to take pain pills to even sleep through the night! But surprisingly this time, I felt only minor burning/stinging sensations! I was able to sleep through the the night and quickly saw that I was able to easily remove wart tissue and see pink skin underneath!

If you are in the midst of treatment, stick with it! I would always come to this site for encouragement because I thought I would never be free from that big wart! But now I am thanks to acv!

Name: Janet
Location: Brooklyn NY, United States
Date: October 08, 2015

It took 8 weeks of consistent ACV / duct tape treatment for me to remove my three plantar warts.

The largest was right under my smallest toe, with a satellite wart half the size right next to it. I also had another large wart on my small toe.

My mistake was not treating the first wart properly when I first noticed it 8 months ago. I did visit my dermatologist when I initially noticed it and he told me plantar warts commonly go away on their own and if it wasn't bothering me I could wait and see what happens. Big mistake! It didn't bother me at all, and 8 months later as if overnight, 2 more large warts appeared.  This is when I began the treatment in mid-August. I used:

1. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar: Apply 2x a day for the first 3 weeks. After the third week reapply every night until needed (I'm on week 8 and still using it nightly).

2. Duct Tape: Use the duct tape to securely fasten the ACV swab directly over the wart.

3. Disposable gloves: Always use disposable gloves to reduce spreading warts to other parts of your body.

4. Cotton balls: Cut a cotton swab exactly the size of your wart. Do not be careless and cut larger because you will cause 3rd degree burn to healthy skin. This will slow down the healing process for both your foot and the wart removal.

5. Anti-bacterial ointment: Put around the cotton swab after it is applied onto your wart to reduce the infection of nearby skin.

6. Emery board: File 1x a day for the first 3 weeks. After third week file every other day.

7. Tweezers / nail clippers: After the first 3-5 days of using ACV you may notice hard white dead skin forming. Use the tweezers and nail clippers to carefully remove any dead skin and consistently do this (1x a day) until you remove the root of the wart. My wart was extremely deep and I had to use the tweezers sideways to scrape away the edges of white until finally after a few weeks I saw the end of the root. I didn't "pull" mine out as others did, I kept going with the ACV and eventually after a few weeks one day I took the cotton swab off and rather than seeing a deep hole with white at the bottom, I saw a deep hole with pink at the bottom. This is when I knew the root was gone.

8. Bath salts: Soak 1x a day in a bucket of very hot water either before or after you use the emery board.

9. Aloe Vera + Tea Tree Oil: After about 3 weeks of consistent ACV the skin surrounding my wart on my foot began to deteriorate. After the third week I would create a poultice with acv + tea tree oil and soak a cotton pad with it and tape it over my injured skin overnight. This helped the healing process.

All together I spent about $50 on these supplies.

The process was extremely painful for me, I have very sensitive skin and I would wake up at least once every night feeling pain. As the treatment progressed so did the pain and it wasn't until after about the 4th week that I stopped feeling pain.

Week 3-4 my entire foot and ankle were swollen. Soaking in water helped reduce the pain.

It took 8 weeks of consistency and my warts are just about gone. Don't stop just because the wart fell off, there is an entire wart under you may not treat if you give up too soon.

Good luck!

Name: Mike
Location: London, United Kingdom
Date: October 04, 2015

This is the only topical treatment that has ever worked for me - wish I had known about it when I had warts as a kid!

This time I had a very small flat wart on the back of my wrist - only ~1mm across and not noticeable.  Ordinarily I would have left it, but was worried it would spread due to being in a moist environment underneath my watch.

I bought Aspall's organic cider vinegar and applied it to a carefully cut and folded piece of kitchen roll.  I used microporus tape to hold it down.  I also used a high end moisturizer (Aveeno cream) to protect the areas of skin around it that were starting to suffer, and an anti viral hand foam (from Boots) to reduce the risk of the wart virus spreading.

I applied this for 7 nights in a row - it wasn't massively painful.  Each morning the wart was white and swollen, and over as the week went on, during the day it would become more and more black.  After the 7 days the skin around the wart was becoming too damaged to continue, and the wart itself was fully black.

I left the area to heal, covering it at night, just to prevent any spread.  It took around 14 days to heal, but when the scabs finally fell off the wart was completely gone.  It's now been 3 weeks with no recurrence.

Probably unrelated, but I took vitamin supplements, including vitamin A in an attempt to boost my immune system during the treatment.  I would guess it is a localised skin immune response being stimulated, as the swelling is probably the area filling up with white blood cells as it fights the virus.

Thanks and good luck!

Name: Boots
Location: MA, United States
Date: September 21, 2015


In this posting I would like to firstly confirm the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar (ACV) as a cure for warts, and secondly, I’d like to share my experience with taking care of genital warts.

OK.  Recommending ACV is not quackery — it really works. 

I’ve been afflicted with warts since childhood and I only wish I had learned about ACV sooner. 

My childhood warts that were on my hands I got burned off with liquid nitrogen when I was a teenager.  I remember how painful that was.  Since I’ve learned about ACV I’ve successfully removed many plantar warts with very tolerable pain and I would recommend it to anyone ( soak cotton or tissue in ACV, fasten to the area before going to sleep using a band-aid, and remove come morning ).  The warts might take a week to a month to disappear, but they really do.

I contracted genital warts about 15 years ago.  When It first appeared, I had it removed ( via acid — ouch ) at a free clinic in Boston.  Acid and a q-tip swap took care of it and it didn’t resurface for another decade. 

And then… it came out of nowhere and manifested itself despite the fact I’d never had anal sex.  It was horrible.

I tried ACV, but it burned like the devil and made sleep impossible.  Then, on advice from this forum or another, I made the decision to dry the area out.
Warts flourish in warm wet environments, and wearing a tissue, day and night, really solved the problem.  Once the area became less irritated by the moisture ( seemingly emitted by the warts themselves, as if they were creating their own atmosphere ) I could apply ACV without too much pain. 

I really feel that pain control was the key to the situation.  If the ACV was too painful, I would discontinue treatment.  But once the moisture problem was contained, I could apply the ACV with a moderate amount of pain and today, the warts have gone. 

I hope that others with anal-genital warts will read this and take hope.  There is a way out and the cost is minimal.  Walking around with a tissue is a little discomforting at first, but to me, it was the difference between success and failure.  When pain is kept to a minimum, the desire to be rid of the affliction overcomes the fear of discomfort. 

I wish the best of luck to all who read this…


Name: Hilda
Location: California, United States
Date: September 19, 2015

Tiny warts have popped up all over my face and body.

I also have skin tags that have popped up everywhere that I have an area that sweats, (i.e., underarms,neck, under breasts, groins, etc.)

I never had skin problems like this until just recently, now they're everywhere. I have too many warts and tags to treat each one individually.

Can I bathe in water plus ACV?

Tell me the best way to treat these skin problems. Thanks so much!

Name: Diane
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: September 17, 2015

I had seen my doctor about a large, very painful common wart on my knee and he suggested covering it with duct tape.

This only seemed to make the wart an angrier bright red color and much more painful but I persisted for 2 weeks until I read the ACV option last night.

As instructed I soaked the cotton ball, put it on the wart, covered with a bandage and then put the duct tape strip over that.

This afternoon I removed it all to discover that the wart has shrunk, turned black in the middle and most amazingly in just one night NO LONGER HURTS AT ALL!!

Thank you all for recommending this and I will keep going until it's completely gone but being pain-free is the best part. Yay!!

Name: Amanda N
Location: Texas, United States
Date: Sept. 13, 2015

Just started using ACV yesterday.

I have three common warts, one on my middle finger, and two on my thumb. I have had them for a year and a half, I have gone to the dermatologist twice, spent 40 dollars so far on freezing and some acid they put on. Those didn't work. 

Heard from a coworker that acv works, so I looked it up and ended up on this site.

I just applied acv and wrapped my fingers up, I didn't know I was supposed to put saturated cotton on directly but I am doing that tonight! But, just from applying and wrapping the warts are turning black.

Tonight was a little more painful, but nothing unbearable. I can't wait for my end results!!

Name: Kay
Location: Florida, United States
Date: August 31, 2015

Just want to share this story in the hopes that people will be willing to try ACV! Thanks!

The first of what would be many warts on one of my hands appeared about three years ago. One way or another, that thing spread like crazy, and I ended up with six or seven warts on one of my hands.

I've tried everything: regular visits to the doctor for freezing, Compound-W, duct tape, essential oils, and even banana peels.

How I missed the ACV method the first 204 times I googled wart remedies is beyond me, but within a week and a half, I have gotten rid of stubborn warts that I've had for years.

All I did was take a small cotton pad, rip off a tiny piece and shape it into a ball roughly the size of the wart (be careful to cover just the wart and not your healthy skin-ACV will burn the healthy skin too, and it will hurt), stuck it on the wart, and sealed it with a bandaid or two. I went to bed and when I woke up in the morning, I peeled it off, ran a pumice stone over them a few times, and let them dry out for the day.

They were black by the first morning. The ACV hurt the warts a little bit-minor throbbing and occasional stinging, but nothing I couldn't handle. If it was really bad, I took a couple pain-killers and called it a night.

I did the ACV on every wart for about a week. I zonked out without doing it one night, but when I did it the next night, the pain was so awful that it actually woke me up. I figured these guys were about as burnt as they were going to get, so I decided to stop and see what would happen.

The next day, I looked down at my hand, and one of the warts had a really gross brownish/greenish pus coming out of it and I thought it was infected. I squeezed out the rest of the pus and put antibiotic ointment on it, but when I went after it with a pumice stone, the top of it peeled right off, leaving a white ring surrounding a little hole in my hand.

Turns out that the white part was just dead skin, and it disappeared in a matter of hours. In the hole, it was clear that there was healthy skin growing back up.

This exact same thing happened with every other wart, and after 24-48 hours, the skin is almost completely grown back, with no signs of warts anywhere.

I am so, so happy that something finally worked, and I am amazed at how quickly those stubborn things disappeared.

Name: Millie
Location: London, United Kingdom
Date: August 30, 2015

I had four warts on two fingers, I tried many different treatments to get rid of them: bana peel, frozen, duct tape, nail polish, over counter treatments until I came across AVC.

I tried it out though I wasn't very hopeful.

After the first night, 3/4 went black straight away. I saw this as a good sign so I carried on. Some nights the pain was a lot worse than others so I had to leave the AVC off for a couple hours.

After about 10 days, the warts started to scab over and the scab fell off.

Now the whole where they were has gone a sort of yellow colour and is filled with yellow puss. Is it infected?

Name: Oli Pearson
Location: New South Wales, Australia
Date: August 25, 2015

My daughter had over 50 warts all over her body including some on her genitals area and face.
We tried freezing ( they always aggressively grew back and multiplied) , Aldara cream, tea tree oil, salt baths and loads of stress.

When we started to pray about it we decided to clean up her diet, sugar and gluten free.

Pumped her up on a multi vitamin, garlic, vitamin C and zinc. And lastly, the apple cider vinegar ( recommended only organic one with the "mother").

Covered them daily didn't let water get to them with the ACV and within the first week, most of them were gone or were so close to going :))

After finally 3 years she is now wart free since using the ACV treatment. Feel so blessed and appreciative.

Hang in there I know how it is :))

Name: Gigi
Location: California, United States
Date: August 18, 2015

Hi.  I have been doing the ACV treatment on my plantar wart for 3 weeks now ... every night soaking a cotton ball in ACV and placing it on the wart and wrapping a bandaid around it.

It turned black, yet has not fallen off.  The skin around it is now white and hard.

I am concerned I am killing it too?

And around that, the skin is red and irritated.
Any advice would be most welcome.

Thank you!

Name: Mary Perrine
Location: Michigan, United States
Date: August 17, 2015

My daughter had two large warts; one on her thumb and one on her pointer finger.
The doctor used cryosurgery twice and the warts were bigger than ever. He basically said he couldn't do anything else to help.

We applied the ACV for seven days, as detailed above and she peeled the warts off today.

As the warts turned black with the treatment, she would use an emery board to take off the surface area.

She is so happy they are finally gone!

Name: Giorgio
Location: Bremen, Germany
Date: August 15, 2015

I have had a wart under a toe on my right foot for many months now. I was going to make an appointment with a dermatologist but I found this and other sites with information about the apple cider vinegar treatment.

So last Thursday (13th August) I bought a bottle of ACV and started the treatment. I put a fresh piece of cotton soaked in ACV every morning and every evening. Before putting a new medication, I wash the wart using a sponge to avoid touching it with my hands.

After the first night, almost nothing had happened. At the end of the second day the wart was whiter and swollen. Today (15th August) the wart is still white, swollen, and the surface starts to peel off: there are some deep cuts in it.

Some healthy skin around the wart has also turned white (I might have exaggerated with ACV). I feel a little bit of pain in the wart from time to time, but it is still tolerable and it will go away after a while. The idea that the pain is caused by the fact that the wart tissue is dying motivates me to carry on.

From what I've in other comments, it can still take some time before the wart turns black and falls off. So I continue the treatment with patience.

Name: Jordan Moroz
Location: Alberta, Canada
Date: August 14, 2015

I had a small plantar wart on the ball of my right foot, it would drive me crazy. Mostly because I am a dancer.

I was worried that the ACV wouldn't work, and that it would hurt, considering that I've had it for more than a year.

It didn't hurt at all! I used duct tape instead of a bandaid, and I used cotton pads instead of cotton balls.

Within one night it was gone! It had fallen off and left a small hole.

I could tell that it was gone because it didn't hurt to apply pressure to that area.

I continued to do treatment and all is well!

Name: Sophie M
Location: New Zealand
Date: August 11, 2015

I started using organic, locally produced apple cider vinegar on my wart on my knee, and 6 days later I watched it fall off while in class!

What I did:
Every night before bed, I saturated a cotton ball in the ACV and plastered in directly on to my wart using sticky band aids (use several to avoid the plasters un-sticking and the cotton ball falling off the wart).

Then I would remove the cotton ball and band aids in the morning and topically applied ACV directly onto the wart throughout the day without using bandaids or anything to keep the moisture on the wart.

After doing this every night and day, my wart started to become black- after the first night, my wart had a black line through the centre, and from this point the amount of black flesh continued to increase daily.

After 6 days, my wart was completely off and now I am continuing to treat the area of the wart with milkweed and a blend of organic tea tree oil and lemon to avoid the wart from coming back.

I am also using coconut oil on the skin around the wart, and the acidic nature of the apple cider vinegar appeared to have burn some of the surrounding skin.

If you have sensitive skin, I recommend diluting the ACV before applying to avoid the burns.

Name: Liz
Location: California, United States
Date: July 28, 2015

I've used acv on my warts and it works!

I felt so ugly when I found a plantar on my sole. But I tried acv for about 2 months and it was gone.

Currently I have a common wart on my knuckle and just like in the photos it's turned black and I am now continuing treatment for 2/3 days to prevent it from coming back.

I've seen that common warts go away faster than plantar warts.

But the main thing is to keep it constant and the pain will be pretty bad. I used pain relievers and it worked fine.

Name: Sime Bertolet
Location: Pennsylvania, United States
Date: July 22, 2015

After two visits to the Dermatologist for freezing at $40 (co-pay) a visit and no results, followed by $10 for Compound W and 8 weeks with no results, about 50 cents worth of ACV, a couple of cotton balls and a few band aids and the two warts on my left index finger were gone in one week!

The warts turned black in two days and came off in 7.

I have to say that the treatment did burn/sting and throb a bit, but definitely worth that slight annoyance.

Name: Caitlin
Location: Gilbert Arizona, United States
Date: July 20, 2015

I just wanted to share a story about using ACV to remove a stubborn periungual wart on my thumb.

I got a periungal (nail bed wart) wart on my left thumb about 6 years ago.  I tried many different things to rid myself of it - burning it off, having it frozen off, and I used all over the counter treatments (Dr. Scholls, Compound W, salicylic acid).

Finally I came across this site and tried ACV.

After the first day the wart turned black.  Then after 5 days it was completely dead.

It took some time to fall out, and I had to pick out some of the dead skin, but it has been months and the wart hasn't returned.

Name: Jessi
Location: Singapore
Date: July 15, 2015

This is my third time having warts on my sole, with my previous two surgically removed.

The wart just kept coming back around the same spot and I'm so SICK of going to the doctors to have it surgically removed and having to endure the pain after surgery for about 2-3 weeks.

But it hurts so much walking around to not do anything, so I decided to give this method a try.

I have to say I was pretty skeptical about this treatment, especially so when I didn't feel anything after a few nights of treatment -- there was no pain and my wart didn't turn black.

I stopped applying ACV after 3 nights and I noticed the area visibly shrunk and the skin started to harden so I clipped it with nail clipper. I tried clipping my previous warts with nail clipper as well but this time it was different -- I could feel I was getting deeper.

So I continued the treatment and trimmed the area with nail clipper when the skin grew back. This went on for about a week or two and I realised a black spot appeared in the middle of the wart.

Continuing the treatment and more nail clipping helped removed the black spot and I'm still applying ACV now to make sure I kill the thing completely.

Name: Jen
Location: Okinawa, Japan
Date: July 13, 2015

ACV works!

I have this wart on my finger, and it's been there for more than a year. I tried cutting it but it only made my wart bigger.

So I tried searching for remedies online until I came across this site.

I started to apply ACV on my wart with cotton balls and band aid. I noticed that my wart became darker, and after 8 days my wart fell off!

Now I'm just left with a small hole on my finger which I assume would heal in time.

Name: Amelia Pond
Location: Montana, United States
Date: July 09, 2015

I just started the ACV on the side of my foot 2 nights ago and after the first night it turned BLACK!

Second time it hurt but bearable, and a little bit ago the head of the wart peeled off with some skin around the wart.

It's still black under where the head was but I am going to continue treatments.

Two years ago I have over 200 on 1 foot. Hopefully this works:)

Name: Paul Gonzales
Location: California, United States
Date: July 06, 2015

I had a plantar wart on my right foot for over two months. It hurt so much I could barely walk.

After reading about acv I tried it.

I would soak a cotton patch and tape it directly on the wart. After about two weeks it started to turn black.

I then went to my doctor and had the wart sprayed with liquid nitrogen. I hurt bad for about 3 days.

I followed up for a week with acv patches. The whole thing turned black and one day peeled off like a scab.

The ward and root were completely gone, no more pain. I could not be happier.

So for best results spray with liquid nitrogen then follow up with acv it you want permanent removal of any wart.

Name: Kurt
Location: Indiana, United States
Date: July 04, 2015

I had two warts on my feet a planter wart and a common wart on my toe. I wanted to treat them fast so I tried apple cider vinegar and it works.

The common wart was gone in three days with no pain but the planter was much worse.

There was pain, a lot of pain. I woke up at night due to it, but I kept at the treatment.

A few days ago I soaked my foot while driving to the beach, figuring the sand would exfoliate a bit.
After half an hour of removing the treatment and walking in shallow water/sand, my wart, which had not turned black, became raised and just fell off as if it has been frozen off with liquid nitrogen. Amazing.

I recommend this treatment to anyone but young children due to pain.

FYI, ibuprofen helps with the pain.

Name: Gabi
Location: Guadeloupe, France
Date: June 30, 2015
(Translated from French)

Always in search of natural methods, I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar.

Warts that resisted all the creams sold in the pharmacy were literally exterminated in less than three days.

Until the end of my days, I will have a bottle in my cupboards. Inexpensive, natural and very effective for small problems of everyday life.

Name: Kim
Location: Georgia, United States
Date: June 29, 2015

I used ACV for a wart on my knee last night and it's already got a black spot on it!

Can't wait to see the results after a few days.

Name: Laura
Location: Oregon, United States
Date: June 22, 2015

Works great BUT the skin surrounding the wart is peeling.

Also have a nasty sore next the the wart. Maybe used too much of a cotton ball.  

The pain is a throbbing pain but bearable. When I don't have the cotton ball on I use aloe Vera to treat the skin.

First time you take the bandage off is a shock! Skins all wrinkled and mine started peeling the next day.

Name: Meghan Garnet
Location: Michigan, United States
Date: June 13, 2015

I used acv on my wart last night for the first time and already it has turned black.

I thought it would at least take a couple days to see any major changes but after just one treatment overnight it has started working. So happy I can be done with this ugly wart soon.

I think it is working really quickly because I used a nail file to get some layers off the wart before using the acv and I think this really helped. :)

Name: DH
Location: Washington State , United States
Date: June 07, 2015

I just started using ACV on my two plantars and oh boy, are those puppies vacating the area! Its been just over a week and everyday I see an improvement.

One was about a quarter inch and the other smaller but both have reacted similarly and quickly. They are both starting to cone and peel which is PAINFUL! But the looks that come from pedicures and foot massages makes it so worth it.

Nothing worked for me, freezing, at home salicylic acid kits, banana peels, etc.

Several layers have already started to peel off and the bigger one has a dark tip that seems to be oozing.

Keep at it and hopefully I'll never have to see them again!

Name: Anonymous
Location: Utah, United States
Date: May 28, 2015

This really works. I did this for 2 weeks and I think its gone - I'm doing some extra treatments to make sure it is for sure gone.
Some things that helped:

- Use duct tape instead of a band-aid. This keeps the moisture in.

- Use nail clippers to remove the dead tissue and surrounding tissue (to lessen the pressure when walking). Make sure to sterilize them and DO NOT use them for anything else. I recommend disposing them after you are done (they are super cheap to buy so its not worth the risk of spreading the wart).

I've had this wart for two years now and this is the first time I've seen really positive results. It is painful at times because ACV is an acid an will eat away at your skin, but its worth the pain in the long run!

Be patient and keep at it!

Name: Nicole
Location: Florida, United States
Date: May 22, 2015

Oh man when I felt small clusters of genital warts I went into hysteria.

I went to the doc and he put some acid on it but they just multiplied.

Well I have to say I have been using ACV these last two days and I see a major improvement. I only have one small cluster and they are getting smaller.

I must say though that ACV is the most painful experience I've endured. I sweat and almost pass out from the pain but hey, awhile of agony is better than a lifetime of genital warts...I have been celibate for 6 months.

Name: Jess
Location: New York, United States
Date: May 21, 2015

I had a plantar wart on my the back of my foot for as long as I can remember.
Finally I tried the ACV, I was skeptical at first but it REALLY WORKS!!!!

Name: Raphael
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: May 15, 2015

I was diagnosed with HPV this year. I was super bummed about it. I went for weekly cryo-therapy at the local walk-in clinic and each visit felt more and more awkward and embarrassing (The doctor was an older lady who definitely was not comfortable with me in her office, even though it's her job to help people, but I digress) plus the warts kept reappearing.

Eventually I read online that apple cider vinegar works so I gave it a shot. I noticed improvement within a few days.

I only applied it for about five to ten minutes a day. The kind I have look very much like pimples (though they don't pop) They swelled right up and turned white. It stung mildly and was itchy. The next day they kind of scabbed but then they dried up and disappeared. More have come up since, but I think I'm still early on in the infection.

One thing that is important to remember too is attitude. If you mope about it and let it get to you, that psychology will have an effect on your immune system, which will in turn be weaker at fighting off the virus. Remember that a lot of people get this, so there's no need to feel isolated and gross. Assert to yourself that you CAN deal with it and do all that good stuff your body needs (exercise, get enough sleep and eat well) and you will have a much easier time fighting the virus.

I've noticed that I only get outbreaks when I'm being idle and lazy and feeling sorry for myself. Also a pointer for the randy types, rubbing one out can definitely spread them around so maybe take it easy for a few weeks ;)

Keep your chin up and best of luck to you all.

Name: Michelle
Location: Connecticut, United States
Date: May 14, 2015

I cannot overstate how well this remedy works.  I had a massive plantar's wart.

I used the ACV method every night for about a month.

After the first few days, the wart began to break down and ooze.  Then the roots became visible like black tentacles.  Finally, I was left with a white crater.

I stopped using ACV, and it healed quickly.  It was somewhat painful to walk on while the treatment was in progress, but it was worth it.  

The whole thing was like a really gross science experiment.

I have also used ACV on small warts on my hand.  It removes them in 2 to 3 treatments.

Name: Henry
Location: Indiana, United States
Date: May 11, 2015

I've been a registered pharmacist for almost a decade now, and I can say both from personal experience and professional that ACV works.

It works faster, more thoroughly and less painfully than salicylic acid or cryogenic treatment methods.

A bottle of ACV, a box of q-tips or cotton balls, a roll of plastic wrap and some medical tape will wipe out just about any wart. It doesn't smell great, but it does the job.

Start by applying the ACV to the cotton, placing the moistened cotton on the wart and surrounding tissue. Then wrap in plastic to seal in the moisture (and some of the smell.) Reapply every 12 to 24 hours. The longer you can leave it on the better.

Wart tissue, especially genital, will first turn white. Further application should turn it black. Black is good-black means dead wart. The surrounding tissue may turn red.

If the pain is too much, slow, or stop treatment or apply Bactene if you have some.

Time and more ACV is all you need to eradicate just about any wart. Best of luck!

Name: IK
Location: California, United States
Date: May 11, 2015


Around early 2014, I developed a wart on my middle finger which was a huge embarrassment cause it was fairly visible... I went over to a skin doctor and paid for liquid nitrogen treatment (a method of freezing the wart) and some over the counter cream. Just as you would imagine, it all failed and the wart returned after a few weeks.

I was so worried sick that I decided to research a bit more on cures for warts, and I ended up on this site!

At first, my faith wasn't so strong in the apple cider vinegar treatment until I decided "Well, I've got nothing to lose anyway so I might as well try it out." -  To my surprise, it WORKED 100%.

In the first two/three days, I felt some throbbing and my finger was in a bit of pain… After that (in about a week or so) it turned black and peeled off TOTALLY. No scars or pain left!

Name: Kellie
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Date: May 09, 2015

I was diagnosed with genital warts in early December.. and at 24, I was horrified.

Since then I have used all the creams available, gotten them frozen and nothings worked. On a recent trip to the doctors, I was advised laser treatment next.

Having genital warts (GW) alone is psychologically draining. I have never felt so dirty and down before, felt the embarassment of going to the doctors over and over to be told nothings working. Its been tough since the start.

This alone has scared me, so after months of debate Iv'e decided to use ACV at night time.

I'm running into my 4th night of this treatment and already Iv'e seen improvements. Some of the smaller ones are already gone. The bigger ones have turned blackish at the tips, and larger ones have turned white.

I'm not going to lie, I cried the second night of it because of the pain but I'm taking my time with this treatment. I don't want to rush it and overlook any other GW.

But Iv'e found using coconut oil around the area helps reduce the pain and heals the skin too.

I'm using q tips for cotton, soaking and squeezing out the excess then applying and securing with medical tape each night, for max 6 hours. The last two nights I haven't used as much ACV to minimize skin damage, this might take longer to treat but I'd rather not be in pain and keep my skin healthy. I shower and clean myself every morning and use Sudocream to help repair this skin surrounding, just a small amount though to reduce moisture in the area.

I'm hopeful for the next week, and felt I should share my story because I'm sure theres other women/men constantly looking up reviews like I was to find a solution to genital warts. I've spent the last few months anxious and desperate to find a solution. But now I'm feeling more like myself again and I can't recommend this solution more.

Name: Amanda
Location: Victoria, Australia
Date: May 07, 2015

It really works!

I had my first wart sprayed with liquid nitrogen 3 times and I even went for 2 injections. Cost me a bomb! A few months later, another wart grew on the same palm just 5 cm away.

I was so scared that I would have to go through the same thing like the previous wart. so I tried home remedies for wart removal and I found this site.

I was skeptical at first, but I continued. I bought a bottle of apple cider vinegar, which only cost me 2.75 dollars. I also used salicylic acid.

It took a few weeks and it's now gone!

Name: Emr
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Date: May 05, 2015

So I have been using this treatment on a wart on my finger for the past week and today it fell off -YAY!

There now looks to be a hole in my finger from where it was, which I gather to be normal.. do I continue to treat this area with ACV or can I stop treatment now?

Would love some feedback on this so I can ensure it is gone forever.

Name: JJ
Location: New York, United States
Date: April 30, 2015

ACV absolutely works, the main key is consistency particularly when you are starting the treatment. It may take about 3 weeks to clearly see results, and from then on you will continue to see quick progress.

I had two very painful plantar warts for about 6 months. One was the size if a quarter and the other on the other food was a much smaller wart the size of a dot. I went to the podiatrist for an acid and peeling treatment for about 3 months and it did nothing except exacerbate the condition.

I finally mustered the courage to stop going to the podiatrist and do the ACV treatment I read about on here.

I used Organic Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. I soaked q-tips with the ACV EVERY morning and placed the ACV on the warts. I would then let the area dry, to make sure the ACV had been soaked off. Next I took off the cotton from the q-tips (making a ball 3 times larger than my wart) and soaked it in the ACV, and then placed it on top of the wart, and then placed it on top of the wart, and then placed a bandaid over the entire thing. It is important to reserve time every morning to do this procedure.

Eventually after 3 weeks, chunks of the wart began to come off on their own, and I would brush it off with q-tips. After some more time, I found that if I picked on the wart with a q-tip stick (you just remove the cotton) even some more parts of the wart could come off. If you do this, just make sure you use sanitary tools and always keep the wart area super sanitary.

After 3 months the warts were completely gone. It was so relieving!!! I promise it works. Just stay consistent, sanitary, and also importantly - stress free. Your immune system will be a big part of the healing process.

I wish you all the best on your recovery!

Name: Karina
Location: Staffs, United Kingdom
Date: April 26, 2015

I have had two plantar warts on my foot for years, one is very large and painful but the other does not cause me any discomfort. However, I am determined to remove these for my holiday in the summer.

I have tried all the different home treatments but nothing has worked.

I started using ACV as recommended two days ago. In all honesty, I am in a lot of pain when the ACV and bandage is on because of the pressure when I walk! However, I am already noticing more results than any other treatment so I am determined to stick with it!

The head has already began to come up which is why I think it is so painful. I am only using the ACV during the night or on days when I don't go out the house so that I do not have to walk much.

I will update my progress on the removal of my plantar wart. Fingers crossed!

Name: Kat
Location: California, United States
Date: April 20, 2015

This works! I hadn't seen my thumb in over two years due to periungal warts on both sides, and the dermatologist never got it right after 2-3 visits!

My boyfriend kept urging me to put coconut oil on it, obviously that didn't work.

I was so frustrated and kept applying the cream she gave me and nothing worked, I finally took matters into my own hands and after some research I decided on ACV.

After 3 days, one side of my thumb wart peeled off, and the other side followed after 5 days of treatment. Soo happy.

Basically it peels off like a scab. I knew my wart was ready after it hadn't turned more black after a couple days of application, and it stopped hurting when I applied the ACV. It was very dry, so thats when I knew to peel it off!

Good luck!

Name: Walter W.
Location: NA, United Kingdom
Date: April 14, 2015

I had my doubts this would actually work, but it did.. It really did!

I had genital warts for a few years and nothing could get rid of it. I got some mean acids from my doctor that did nothing but cause me pain and empty my wallet. Eventually I got desperate and started searching online. I went through all of it, but in the end I read about ACV and thought I would have a go at it.

I read that people said the most important thing was to keep doing it. The first few times I tried it failed because I didn't see results fast enough. At this point I was very depressed because of it and it kinda ruined my life.

But third time's the charm, I kept doing it for a few weeks and the biggest warts started to turn black. Eventually they had shrunk up and just fell off in the shower and left some smooth pink skin that healed up over the next few weeks and blended in really nice with the normal skin.

I had some VERY small ones on the way too which I treated for a few days and they eventually just vanished on their own. I think once the biggest are gone, the smaller ones will follow.

I used Braggs ACV (With mother) and applied it to q-tips which I would hold on the wart for 5-10 minutes a few times a day. Some people report that it hurts a lot, but I just felt a stinging sensation. Sometimes it hurt a bit, but I knew it was because it was working, so I didn't mind at all. Every time it hurt, I knew I was killing that damn thing.

Another thing you can do to speed up the process is just to eat really well, drink lots of water, get plenty of sleep and lots of fresh air.

Don't lose hope people! You can get rid of this pest, just keep fighting. I was sure I would suffer from it for the rest of my life, but here I am today, three days away from the first real date I have had in years. Finally I no longer have to fear any embarrassment.

Walter W.

Name: Q
Location: California, United States
Date: April 07, 2015

I used ACV in 2008 when I had my wart spread through my hand.

I eventually found an old youtube video, the bg song called the cure, that says that using ACV can remove warts.  

Started this in the summer and after weeks of applying ACV and duct tape on my hand, the wart just died.

It's 2015 and the wart has never appeared since that fall of 2008.

Name: Bob Alexaner
Location: California, United States
Date: April 03, 2015

Worked great, even in a day or two you'll see results. It may take longer on some warts as opposed to others but it does work.

I had no pain or even discomfort.

What worked better for me is to only have the band aide on over night, then allow it to dry during the day. Also during the day you can remove the death skin that results from the vinegar and often turns dark or black.

Amazing stuff.

Name: CC
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: March 29, 2015

Yes, it worked for me!!

I've had a small plantar's wart on my foot for so long, I can't even remember when I first discovered it. Years and years, for sure.

Like others I'd tried all of the big stuff (medical ointments, drops, freezing, having the dr cut it out) and it always came back. I eventually assumed it would just never go away.

I had heard things about ACV, but couldn't believe that it would work. But after reading all of these reviews, I decided to give it a go.

I dipped a small piece of a cotton ball into the ACV and taped it on my foot. At first I changed it about twice a day and covered it in a bandaid and with medical tape.

At first I wasn't sure if it was working and pain wasn't so bad. Then, a day or two in, the wart was clearly irritated and it looked 'raw'. At that point, I couldn't leave the ACV for long stretches, so would put it on over night because during the day the pain was too much (the pressure of walking on it was brutal).

At one point I worried that I had done something terrible (the pain was so awful and freaked out and thought that I had made a terrible mistake). When it would get really bad, I'd take off the ACV and let my foot breathe.

About a week or so into the treatment, my wart was gone. I wasn't even sure if it was gone at first, the skin was very red (as I said it just looked 'raw') and fleshy.

I decided that I'd give it sometime to heal and then start again if it didn't look any better.

The skin began to heal and a week after that I noticed that there was no wart. It was finally gone, after all of these years. I still stare at the sole of my foot, touching the spot where it was, and I can't believe that ACV worked and that I am wart free.

Stick with it, even when it hurts. Change the dressing often, keeping the cotton moist with ACV. Treat on a weekend when you can have a Netflix marathon and stay off your feet. If the pain becomes beyond bearable, let your foot breathe a bit.

Name: Joy Kam
Location: Pahang, Malaysia
Date: March 25, 2015

I am so happy to have discovered this site, read everyone's testimonial, and tried ACV on my plantar warts! I said if it works, I will return here to write down my testimonial so it will help other people, like how it has helped me reading the testimonial of others.
Trust me this method really works and it is far far more effective than paying through your nose seeing doctors or trying any other silly methods and not getting the results you want!

Just follow the advice given in the 3 easy steps and it actually will work. Mine healed completely after about 4 weeks or less.

I used ACV when after visiting the Docs and applying silica acid drops for a month and not much improvement. So I decided to give this home remedy ago and I only wish I discovered this sooner before wasting time and money at the docs! Before seeing the docs I was suffering from the pain, limping for about 2 months because I didn't know what it was!

Thanks ACV for saving me heaps of pain, misery and money plus ACV is good for our health, so I've now incorporated ACV in my daily drinks and also using it as a toner for pimples.

The brand which I used to treat my warts was Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and then I also tried Radiant Organic ACV. Both works excellently. Thank you!

Name: Dana
Location: Missouri, United States
Date: March 18, 2015

Apple cider vinegar works!!!

I had a huge plantar wart on my foot for about 3 years. It was huge and Disgusting and I was super self-conscious about it.

I finally sucked it up and went to a doctor to have it surgically cut out. That didn't work and it came back worse than before! I had tried all kinds of over the counter stuff (Dr. Scholls, liquid wart remover) and nothing worked until Apple cider vinegar!

I kept at it putting it on every night with little cotton balls the size of the wart and duct tape over that. I would sleep with it on if I could, but would take it off if it hurt too much. I used a scalpel to cut away the dead skin.

It wasn't an easy process and I was discouraged a lot, but kept at it. I would say about 3 or 4 months and it was gone.

I can't even tell you how much of a relief it was for that thing to be gone!

Reading the success stories on here really helped me so I had to share mine.

Name: Julia
Location: London , United Kingdom
Date: March 16, 2015

I had a small wart on my left thumb.

Tried the ACV straight away. After 3 days the wart has grown larger, harder & turned quite yellow.

Last night I couldn't sleep I was in so much pain. This morning removed plaster as it was so painful.

Will douse another cotton ball in acv today & hopefully will get some sleep tonight.

Will give an update if anything changes but so far I'm not really convinced.

Am I doing something wrong?

Name: Sébastien Castelet
Location: France
Date: March 5, 2015
(Translated from French)

I had tried everything and the more I tried, the more my wart grew !!!

I had no idea where this was going! Then I came across this website. So I tried this home remedy: treating warts with apple cider vinegar.

I previously surrounded the warts with protective varnish to give maximum protection to the surrounding skin. I soaked small pieces of cotton in apple cider vinegar that I kept in place with large orange pieces of Macon tape, "it's the one that holds the best" on the skin.

In short, after about 7 days of intensive treatment, only interrupting for a shower - and being relentless ( replacing the soaked cotton and tape), so after about 7 days of pain and hope, I have won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

After 2 years of burns at the dermatologist and many remedies, the biggest wart, which started out the size of a pinhead, had grown to the size of a 2 euro coin!!!!!!!!!

In short, the treatment of warts with apple cider vinegar works. But,

It is important to carefully inspect the area with a light in case some new small warts appear. If they do, they have to be treated immediately.

Thank you!

Name: Naomi Reve
Location: Windhoek, Namibia
Date: March 02, 2015

I had a flat wart on my chin area, have been to the doctors for freezing but it didn't work.

Last week I decided to google about warts and came to this site. I went and bought Apple cider vinegar which has only 6% acid.

First two days it started swelling up and getting dark, after 4 days it really got dark and ugly to look at. Today is day 6 and really its working.

Since the wart is on my chin area, it really feels like I am having a tooth ache, so painful yet useful. I do my changing ever DAY TWICE, the black stuff that was hard and rough is off.

My pain is much but the reward will be greater. Its painful but worth using and I am almost at the last end. Can't stop now, is really working.

Name: John
Location: California, United States
Date: February 26, 2015

I agree with Noah's comment of February 10th.
I treated during day to avoid the pain at night.

A GREAT tip I received from this site is to surround the wart with Vaseline to keep from irritating skin.

I tried ALL over the counter stuff and they all failed.  The pads, the liquid, freezing all got to a certain point but failed to totally remove wart. Kept coming back.

About 3-4 weeks of hard work with Apple Cider Vinegar finally rid me of the wart. Oorah!

Name: Noah
Location: Louisiana, United States
Date: February 10, 2015

Have been treating a wart on my left thumb under my nail for one week.

Applying ACV soaked in a cotton ball held in place with a band aid.

Just now starting to see the wart turn black with black dots of hairs appearing .

Instead of night treatment, I treated the wart during the day time because the pain of throbbing was to intense at night. 

The day treatment seems to be working at last.

Will update when completely healed.

Name: Olivia
Location: New South Wales, Australia
Date: February 02, 2015

I had 3 plantar warts on my right foot and was using the wart off acid to get rid of them.

They started getting painful to walk on and kept getting more painful. Walking down the street was a nightmare with a never ending pain when I walked. After a few months I had to stop using the acid as it was burning my foot.

One day I couldn't walk it was that painful and made an appointment to go get them cut out it was that bad. After deciding to not get them cut out because I really didn't want to I started looking up remedies for warts.

I found this site and read all the stories of how apple cider vinegar works. So I gave it a try. Soaking my foot for 20 mins a Nite in apple cider vinegar and scrubbing the warts with a pumice stone. I wore corn rings during the day.

After a week of soaking the worst wart just peeled right off and was gone! The other two no longer hurt.

I continued to soak my other warts and the other one came off as I was using the pumice stone. I am not sure if it is entirely gone yet but it is no longer painful. The other one is being soaked right now and should be gone soon.

Apple cider vinegar does work!!! It has saved me so much stress and discomfort. My warts were so large and infected and then they were gone within a couple of soaks.

If you have plantar warts use this stuff first and after a few weeks you will see the difference- hopefully your warts will be gone like mine!

ps: I had no pain using the ACV  

Name: Krystle
Location: California, United States
Date: January 31, 2015

My son had a wart on his arm. We tried freezing it off 4 different times with over the counter medications.

My boyfriend suggested the apple cider vinegar since we had some in the house.

I cut up a makeup remover pad to tiny pieces and each morning I soaked a piece into the vinegar and placed it on the wart with a bandaid.

After school I changed it out and before bed as well.

After a week and a half it started turning black and porrus almost looked and felt like a pumice sponge. Finally this morning he itched it and it just came right off.

The only bad thing was the bandaid tape mixed with vinegar left him two cuts where we had taken the bandaid on and off again. Hopefully they go away soon.

The only complaint my son had was it itched and the first time we put it on, it stung a bit.

Great and inexpensive way to remove warts.

Name: DJ
Location: New Hampshire, United States
Date: January 30, 2015

This thing works. I had a plantar wart for 2 months and went PCP and podiatrist.

I used over the counter wart band aids, freezing and so on. Seems like it worked but I could still feel it was active.

Then I tried ACV, after a few friends recommended it and I saw this site.

After first day, little bit blackish, then in 2 days most of it turned black. I applied it more often in a day. It was not fun, painful. However I am glad that I did.

In a week, its almost gone with a hole left, I still apply a little bit everyday to make sure it doesn't come back.

Name: Adam
Location: NY/ Brooklyn, USA
Date: January 30, 2015

I've been doing this for about 2-3 weeks, it works but only one of 3 warts has come off.

The one that came off has been okay but the blood vessels are still there.

Keeping up the ACV on it.

Name: Brenda Speaker
Location: Texas, United States
Date: January 26, 2015

11 year old son treated. Single small wart seen august 2014, darkened with Frankincense oil. Used this several months then filed a bit and added oregano. Wart tripled in size in November, stopped oils.

Began ACV, duct tape over all warts 24/7.

DAY 1: 11-30-2014 12pm
After first ACV soak, wart got more discolored and now I can see 5 baby warts.

By 2pm a dark ring had formed, covered it in ACV & gauze.

Plantar wart: Day1, 12pm Plantar wart: Day1, 2pm

DAY 3: 12-1-2014
2 times daily, covered with ACV cotton and gauze. Ring gone, puckered and seeds showing.

Plantar wart: Day3 Plantar wart: Day3

DAY 6: 12-4-2014
Soaked again. Warts turned yellow with dark seeds. Flashlight helps to see baby warts. Continued ACV soaked cotton, gauze and tape.

Plantar wart: Day6

DAY 12: 12-10-2014
Switched from ACV and gauze because not sealed tightly and irritating skin around and on toe. Changed to cotton swab tip soaked in ACV, sealed tightly over mother with duct tape, and duct tape alone on all of the baby warts 24/7.

After a few days, the mother wart is soft and raised and full of long dark seeds.

Now can see 8 baby warts around the mother wart, plus additional dark spots in area, also one baby just under middle toe, and one baby on big toe. The babies have come to the surface and have pits or white rings around them, look kind of like bubbles.

Continued duct tape on all warts and ACV cotton duct taped over mother 24/7

Plantar wart: Day12 Plantar wart: Day12

DAY 14: 12-12-2014
Son reported tape fell off after Karate and half of the wart fell off too. Dad said there was a hole there. Two hours later the hole filled in with scab-like area, and looked like this. Skin around it is very scaly from the duct tape and ACV, peeling top layer of skin and toe, including top layer of the baby warts.

Pinky toe nail turned purple, Dr said looked like trauma/bruise. I wondered if somehow this is from ACV?

Plantar wart: Day14

DAY 23: 12-21-2014
Scaliness has cleared up now that I'm using just cotton swap tips, ACV and duct tape sealed over all warts, but all dark spots, mother and babies are still there, under healed skin.

Plantar wart: Day23

DAY 28: 12-26-2014 1:30pm
Did 2 ACV soaks over Christmas vacation. After the first one, some of the baby warts were just holes, and the mother wart was just dark skin, it came loose easily from the foot with cuticle trimmers, no pain.

All the brown tops of the baby warts that remained came off easily also.

Plantar wart: Day28a

2 hours later the hole had filled in and skin dried out. Continued as if warts there, applied ACV cotton swap tip and kept duct tape over all holes 24/7.

2 weeks later in mid January, another small dark “scab” formed and easily came off.

Plantar wart: Day28b

DAY 57: 1-24-2015
Area of mother wart is pink and flaky. Dark area visible still where original wart started.
Baby warts can no longer be seen below toes or on big toe, but continuing to tape over them just where they were. Leftover duct tape adhesive and flaky skin obscures visibility into the skin.

We apply fresh ACV cotton swab tip and duct tape every night and leave it on until the next night. Son wears a sock over it all day to not accidentally pull the tape off. 3M Duct tape is the only duct tape we’ve found to really stick.

We are going to keep doing this until we see nothing at all and then a few more weeks after that!
Plantar wart: Day57

Name: Dian Jamil
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date: January 18, 2015

I had a wart on my right palm since about November 2014 and used over the counter bandaid type salicylic acid.
It said treatment had to go on for 10 days but the bandaid wouldn't stick that long, so I managed 5 days. At the end, healthy skin around the wart turned into a deep raw pink cavity but the wart itself wasn't dislodged. The skin healed quickly & grew over the wart. I thought it was the end of it but by end of December the wart had persevered & grew bigger.

Skip to January 2015 when I've googled everything salicylic, I decided to do more general search & found this site. I didn't have high hopes for something so simple like apple cider vinegar to work despite all the sterling testimonials (I don't have great trust for internet testimonials, what can I say!) but I thought if it worked I owed it to this site to post my own experience, et voila:

I plastered on a bit of cotton drenched with apple cider vinegar & put it on overnight. I couldn't do it 24/7 because the smell would offend people. After the 1st day, the wart seemed to have shrank. Not much difference on subsequent days (to me anyway) and on the 4th day, I pried some peeling dry skin around it loose & the top skin came off & I saw the wart underneath the skin was whitish (initially) but then after a while oxidised or something and turned black. I carefully peeled the peeling dry skin around it & realised that the wart could be pried loose without any blood or real pain.

So I carefully dislodged it & the whole thing came off. It really did. There was a deep cavity left with a dark red (blood?) dot at the base but it only looked deep because:
1. the entire superficial layer of the skin was removed; and
2. the wart had impressed in on the flesh quite a bit so it looked a little deep.

I knew from the previous experiment with salicylic bandaid that the skin heals quickly & so it did, like in a day. Now (after 2 days) the skin is completely flat, although some dry skin is still peeling, and a small deep red dot in the middle of where the wart used to be. From other testimonials, I know I need to keep the apple cider vinegar on it for a bit more to make sure it's completely gone but I haven't gotten around to it yet.


Name: Rebecca
Location: Oregon, United States
Date: January 14, 2015

Testimonial: I had a plantar wart on my heel, very deep and painful. I could not walk on that foot, it was very awkward.

I did ACV treatment for about 2 months total. It could've been done sooner, I think, if I had done ACV treatment and then kept the wart covered with no ACV for 1-2 days and then ACV again, etc. meaning, getting it wet then letting it dry out, and wetting it again because it was so deep that it needed to come up.

I also had probably 10 smaller plantar warts all over both my feet that I had to treat also, it was a big pain and I spent a lot of time dedicated to getting rid of the warts. But now they are ALL 100% GONE.

I came back to the site today because I think I have a wart in the middle of the sensitive part of my index finger.

More of a nuisance than anything, but I know without a doubt that ACV will work. Thank you for putting this blog up.

Name: Ina
Location: Virginia, United States
Date: January 11, 2015

Several years ago I developed a large lump just below my collar bone.  It would bleed just from being touched.

I freaked out and and called a dermatologist, but there was a month wait for an appointment. So I turned to the internet for answers, and found out that the lump was most likely a type of wart.

Then I found the apple cider vinegar cure, and decided it was worth a shot.

It WORKED! Within 24 hours my large pulsating wart shrank down to a matted black clump that I was about to pull out of my skin with tweezers.

I continued to wipe the site down with cider for a week just to make sure the virus was completely dead. It healed and has never come back.

I have since used apple cider vinegar to remove two warts from my daughter's fingers and one from my son's toe.

For those spending more on organic apple vinegar, don't waste your money.
I have had nothing but success with the inexpensive store brand.  It costs around $1.

Name: Res
Location: New Hampshire, United States
Date: January 08, 2015

I have had plantar warts since 2010. I had about 25-30+ disgusting and painful warts. The only big one was under my toe, the others were smaller.

I tried all of the over the counter treatments you can think of and different brands. Went to the dermatologist, he gave me pills and petroleum jelly with acid, it didn't work. I kept trying products from the pharmacy even home remedies, no luck.
After sometime, tried with a different dermatologist. Went through the freezing method it was extremely painful and expensive. I was paying the whole amount out of pocket as my insurance didn't cover. Did 5 sessions of this freezing, although it seemed to work it was taking forever. Dermatologist said maybe 10 more sessions. I couldn't afford it anymore so I stopped and went back to over the counter products. Also, soaking my feet in Epsom salts.

Then my grandpa brought me an orange stick called Excelsior from Mexico, it worked better. They became smaller and I started reading about ACV.
I bought two different kinds, Organic BRAGG for about $5 and regular ACV for less than a dollar.

January 7th was my first day using it at night. I took the cotton pad off around 1:20AM as I was unable to sleep from pain. I saw that there was a tiny black dot in some of them. From the reviews I read that's a good sign :).

Second day 1/8/15, since I am currently not working I put another set of cotton pads with organic ACV. So far it's been 3hrs, its painful but I am staying strong, going to see how long I last.

Will post later my results, hopefully they fall soon.

Update: March 09, 2015

This is my final review. I started using ACV January 7, 2015  I had 25-30+  plantar warts since 2010.

This process of ACV took a little more than a month for me as I had so many and they were so painful.

I stopped using for some time to let my foot heal then I started again until they turned black then I pulled the black wart with some tweezers.

This does work, try it first before buying any "wart removal" pharmaceutical product.

Good luck and have patience.


Name: Norma
Location: Indiana, United States
Date: December 20, 2014

Let me first say nothing ever works easily for story.. I had a ugly dime size skin tone colored wart appear on the side of my arm.

Ugly! Appeared overnight.

I tried a lot of things and had even purchased the over the counter freezing kit as a last resort prior to a doctor visit.  I decided to do a bit of research and found this site.

What did I have to lose?  I applied the cotton ball technique at bedtime. I did get the ball soaked with as much ACV as it would hold.

The first night, Wednesday, was not painful but smelled horrid. The second morning I awoke to pain that continued thru that next evening. The wart turned from my pale skin tone to really black overnight. The wart was now really swollen.

I put the soaked cotton ball on Thursday night and after 10 minutes the pain began. Throbbing pain. I have a high tolerance after 2 back surgeries but still this was an "owey".  I toughed it out through the night...I wanted this gone!

Friday morning I removed the band aid. I could see the wart had "lifted" away from the skin. I barely touched the top and wart fell off. In 2 days. Yea!!!!! I do have a open area the size of the wart. It did bleed a tiny bit. After all there is a "tear" to the skin.

I treated it with Neosporin and will keep it covered. Not sure if I can put ACV on the open area tonight. But I may take a Q tip and try.
I am in the health care field and I am so skeptical of all non doctor related treatments. But, this seemed like it would not adversely affect me if it proved ineffective. I have sensitive skin and had no major skin irritation, but I would advise Neosporin to the skin area around the wart prior to the ACV treatment. It may help keep your skin calm.

If you try this, be prepared to hang in there. Everyone has different time frames. I should have taken before and after pictures. I am hopeful this is gone for good.  Thanks for the information posted here.

Name: DD Walsh
Location: New York, United States
Date: December 18, 2014

My daughter had plantar warts and wart clusters all over one of her toes and she was ready to schedule surgery.

After treatment with a podiatrist failed after numerous  attempts and just before scheduling surgery, I decide to give ACV a try and it was like a miracle.  

Within a week almost all the warts were gone. We followed the steps given and they have been gone for almost 6 months!

She is no longer in pain or embarrassed to get a pedicure! Do yourself a favour and try apple cider vinegar.

Name: Alyssa
Location: Colorado, United States
Date: December 10, 2014

Yes! It works!

I got a nasty little plantar wart on the edge of my big toe this summer. At first it was fine, but then it started to grow and hurt. It became cone-like, and protruded out of my toe. Wearing flip flops became impossible. One night, it even started to bleed in the shower. I'm talking serious, nonstop drops of blood that were making a mess out of my tub. That was the last straw.

So I let it heal up, then I searched out cheap ways to get rid of warts. I already had some ACV in my pantry, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to try. The first night, I soaked a piece of cotton that was way too big. It left my skin irritated and wrinkly in the morning, and the wart was bigger, white, and inflamed.

For each following night, I soaked a piece of cotton that was just big enough to cover the head of the wart, and I covered the surrounding skin area with Neosporin. This worked much better, and after a few days, the wart shrunk significantly in size and began to slowly turn black.

I repeated the process every night for 3 weeks. Just today, after a shower, I took a pair of sterilized tweezers to the wart. After minimal picking, I was able to pull the entire wart out in one piece. No pain at all. Now, all that's left is a tiny hole in my toe where the roots once were. I'm only covering it in Neosporin and a bandaid tonight, then continuing with the ACV for a few more days to ensure its all gone.

Amazed at how well this worked. It was quick, free, and pretty painless. And it was just in time- I'm starting a new job in a couple weeks that requires me to be on my feet for long hours.

Just be diligent- it will eventually work it's way out and you'll be wart free.

Name: Kate
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: December 06, 2014

For a while I was the one reading these comments and was skeptical about whether it would actually work.

I had a small but persistent plantar's wart on the ball of my right foot for years (so long I had forgotten what it was like to not have wart). It was annoying but not horrendous - still, it was embarrassing and nothing worked (freezing it, topical treatments, duct tape).

I had heard about apple cider vinegar and one day thought, 'hell, what do you have to lose.'

I started putting a small piece of a cotton ball (dipped in apple cider vinegar) on my wart and covered it with bandaids and medical tape.

I left it on over night and also kept it on during the day for the first few days. It did turn black and looked suspicious. And it hurt. A lot. More than I could have believed, but it felt like it was working so I kept it up.

After the first few days, I could only put the ACV on at night. During the evening I would put it on for spurts, until it I couldn't bare the pain (that could be anywhere from a few hours to 20 minutes). For the last few days it hurt so much I could barely put pressure on the foot. I should add that this was only during or directly after the ACV application.

That being said, after about a week the skin was very pink and raw. I wasn't even sure if the wart was gone at first because the skin was so rough looking. After a few days the foot began to heal and the skin was tender and new... and yes, the wart was finally bloody gone.

All of these comments are legit - stick with it, it will work.

*One more small note: at one point my foot hurt so badly that I momentarily freaked out and wondered if I had made a terrible decision (and had done serious damage to my foot); all turned out okay, I think that the ACV has to do a number on the wart.

Name: Crystal
Location: Ohio, United States
Date: November 30, 2014

I NEVER leave comments. However, since I tried this and it WORKED I wanted to share my experience.
I had ONE wart on the bottom of my foot that I thought was a corn. I picked at it until it bled and ending up with 7 warts on my hand and 3 on my other foot!

I have cut them; burnt them with a soldering iron and tried every over the counter product you can think of. I have been treating them and torturing myself for almost 5 months. Everything I tried ended in pain or failure. I tried banana peels taped to my skin at night, and it did make the warts smaller but it did NOT get rid of them.

As a last ditch effort I tried ACV. I have to admit I found it VERY uncomfortable, partly because I was still healing from attempted burns to get rid of the warts. After 3 nights of cut up cotton soaked in ACV taped to my skin the warts had turned black. I read not to pick at them and wait for them to fall off but I pulled off each black wart carefully to reveal small holes and a few deep craters in my skin. Everything seems to be healing nicely with normal skin. It appears the warts are gone and I’m just ECSTATIC that something actually worked.

This treatment is not for the faint of heart or anyone with a weak stomach because ACV stinks, it is uncomfortable – painful and it looks pretty gross. I suggest taking a q-tip and rubbing some Vaseline around the wart ( on the healthy skin) you are treating BEFORE putting the ACV cotton ball on, as it will help protect the surrounding skin. .

I DO NOT recommend cutting or burning the warts. It may look as if it’s working BUT it only makes them bigger. It also causes them to spread!

Name: Janessa West
Location: California, United States
Date: November 04, 2014

I had a horribly painful planter wart on the ball of my foot for over 6 months - it hurt so much. It even changed the way I walked, or should I say hobbled!
I originally thought it was a corn and used Dr Scholls corn treatment that kind of worked, but never totally got rid of it. Finally went to podiatrist and was told it was a planters wart and I will need laser surgery to get rid of it.

Came home,  did some research, came across this page, read ALL of the reviews and decided to try ACV.

I did it for 5 days and the wart fell off! I rested on day 6, and did ACV again on day 7 to make sure it was completely gone as I had heard the little black dots are seeds of the wart.  However,  upon more research,  I found they are not seeds, but the dead blood vessels and not a concern.

Now I'm excited for my foot to heal and can't wait for it to feel totally normal again!  Oh, in reading all the reviews here, I noticed most people that said ACV is painful treatment,  they were also usually the same people that scrapped or picked at it in between ACV applications.

I did experience some good level of pain on night 1, but zero pain after that. I didn't mess with the skin, I just applied ACV and let it do its job!

Good luck! I am so stoked it worked for me!

Name: Tom
Location: Georgia, United States
Date: October 31, 2014

I had a wart on the end of my left middle finger for YEARS. It would sometimes subside a bit, but it would never go away. I tried every over-the-counter remedy there is, with no lasting success.

Finally I tried the apple cider vinegar treatment after reading about it here. I applied the vinegar on a small cotton ball secured with a bandage overnight for a few nights.

When the vinegar began to work its magic, it hurt so bad I thought there must be little gremlins sawing off the end of my finger! (And I have a pretty high pain threshold.) I got very little sleep during the most intense part of this treatment. But I was so sick of that wart I was ready to put up with just about anything.

After another night or two, the wart turned black and just came off. This was a couple of years ago, and it has never recurred. The skin where the wart used to be looks and feels normal.

This treatment is not for the faint of heart, but if you absolutely want to get rid of that @$#&*% wart, apple cider vinegar is the magic cure. I'd go through it again with no hesitation, pain and all. So glad to be wart-free now! Thanks a million for sharing this information.

Name: Tamara
Location: Springfield Oregon, United States
Date: October 16, 2014

My daughter had a large wart on her inner mid-thigh, and she followed your instructions.

I was absolutely SHOCKED to say the least.  You read things on the internet, and you kinda laugh them off as a joke.

I truly did not think ACV would remove a wart.

What happened to the wart on my daughter's leg followed the same results your website said would occur.  She is now wart-free with a small scar that will most likely heal up eventually just like you state.
I am truly, TRULY amazed.

Thank you!

Name: Nicki
Location: Hampshire, United Kingdom
Date: October 16, 2014

I had an awful plantar wart on my foot which made me so embarrassed to go bare foot and I had to cover it up every time I went swimming......for over 8 years.

Tried every over the counter treatment and even some strong steroids but nothing. Then I tried this. Wow. It has almost completely disappeared after 5 weeks.

Ok, about the 3rd day of treatment I could barely walk and was crying in pain but after some painkillers it eased and that seemed to be the turning point.

I'm now getting rid of one under my finger nail. It's a bit trickier but it looks way better than it has done for over 10 years.

Finally I can confidently have a manicure and pedicure.

Do it!

Name: Kate
Location: Missouri, United States
Date: October 11, 2014

I am nothing less than ASTONISHED how quickly this worked.  I have had a large wart on the back of my ankle for years.  It (was) about the size of a lima bean and also stuck out about 3/8". Gross!  

I tried compound W, salicylic acid pad, and duct tape. The salicylic acid pad worked the best, but took a long time and I could never stick with it more than a couple months.

About 10 days ago I started the ACV treatment and the wart is almost gone!  All that's left is a sunken area with a hard blackened center.  I honestly cannot believe this worked so quickly and so well!  

Next stop: I'm going to try using ACV on my horribly rough elbows for a few days!

Name: Jon
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: September 24, 2014

So in June I started the ACV treatment. My procedure starts before bedtime. I have a little tupperware container that I fill with some ACV, some cotton makeup removers from dollar store, and clear tape.

It is worth mentioning that at the start of the year, I had a single plantar wart on my foot for almost eight years! I was fed up of trying to remove it by cutting it off with my super sharp swiss army knife - I did it so many times that its high end knife dulled over the years. Don't waste your time cutting your warts - ever! The blood and infected cell juice will spread into other cracks in the skin around the infected area.

Then I tried duct tape. Big no no! Problem with duct tape is that, unless you wrap it around your foot, the tape is likely to come loose. The tape also makes your skin super soft. The combination of the two turned my single wart that I had been chopping away at for eight years, in to seven warts - in just two weeks of treatment. I do not recommend.

So before using ACV, you should follow some advice. 1. NEVER CUT YOUR WART OR PEEL THE SCAB AWAY FROM IT. It is all about containment of the virus. Remember that the ACV does not kill the virus. Do not use an emery board or anything, that could scratch an infected cell and spread it. I used these things, as well as my swiss army knife, only to find out that i was moving backwards when you can see a 100 new infected cells one day. You can see these cells, because the ACV turns the blood vessels that feed wart cells a dark brown color. Don't do anything to cut open a cell. Have faith in the scab!

The scab will absorb the ACV turning itself yellow; it reduces the oxygen supply; it keeps the wart moist, allowing your body to fight it. The scab will stay on for up to a couple weeks, and then will rescab over for another couple weeks. That means you won't get to dig down and see it. But keep applying the treatment nightly by dipping the cotton in the ACV, and taping it to your foot. Remember to wrap the tape around your foot, so it doesn't move.

I also had a wart on my finger. I treated that with ACV - it was painful for the first few days - throbbing even - but it went away! It looked dead after three days, but it took over a week for the scab to come off. Trusting in the faith of ACV, when it did come off I could see just maybe one dot that could be a blood vessel. So I continued to apply the treatment nightly for another couple weeks. Needless to say, it is not there.

Back to my foot. Plantar warts are much more difficult to remove because they are recessed (unlike finger warts where they bump out, allowing max ACV exposure). The skin is also thicker and reproduces fast. You have to remember that when getting rid of warts, its the infected cells at in the first layer of skin that is your goal. If you don't remove those cells then you've done nothing to solve your issue. That's another reason why cutting the wart out fails, unless you cut into the tissue beyond the skin which would be painful and also have a high chance of contamination with surrounding skin tissue.

So it took me two months to discover these lessons, when the seven new smaller plantar warts looked devastated by the ACV, yet would continue to live and spread. Only a few weeks after cutting out the knife from my routine, the warts were gone. The old wart was still there. But now I would let it scab over. Guess what?

One last thing. The emery board is iffy, but other foot scrapers such as ones with metal, are a huge no-no. I actually tried one after I thought I remove the wart and it spread a 100 new warts. Good news is that the little surface warts will be gone after a couple weeks of ACV treatment.

A good way to remove the dead skin is by rubbing with your fingers or something rubbery. Don't pull the skin where it might rip. Remember this is all about quarantining the virus, and then destroying its home, its food supply and its oxygen via ACV. It is also about encouraging your body to fight it, by keeping it moist.

So I started in June with 9 warts (1 finger, 8 plantars). One plantar was 8 years old. In three months they are all gone. However they would all be gone in 1-2 months, had I applied the above lessons. Do not cut, do not remove the scab! Just rub off dead skin with your finger if necessary, but I have a feeling that the scab does something very powerful as every time I left the scab on for longer, the results were amazing. It definitely expedites the process, if not be entirely dependent upon it.  

Name: YoLee
Location: Fayetteville, USA
Date: September 23, 2014

Hi, used the ACV and freezing method to get rid of wart around my fingernail and I hit on something that made it sooo much easier and quicker.
A flashlight!!

If you shine a flashlight into your skin you can see the roots of the wart even though it looks white and scaly on top.

The roots show up easily and you can make sure you've gotten them all.

So far so good with alternate freezing and ACV and debriding between.

Name: Marty
Location: Pooler Georgia, United States
Date: September 16, 2014

I had plantar warts on the bottom of my right foot which had mosaiced out into about 7 equally sized 6 mm warts equidistant apart.

I tried everything over the counter for years and nothing ever worked.

I finally decided to try the ACV treatment and I used duct tape, cotton swabs, and ACV on the cotton, taping them to my feet and changing them twice a day.

In three weeks, I pulled the tape off after work one day and the warts ALL clumped out and came with the tape and there was nothing but clean skin underneath. I woke up the next day, and it never even looked like I had anything there at all.


Name: Tracy
Location: Ohio, United States
Date: September 13, 2014

I used acv after several failed attempts with the freeze away products.

I did the acv and kept it covered for about a week and a half. It turned black and looked like a scab. I removed the band-aid to let air help the scab heal.

After two days the scab fell off and left a crater were the wart once was.

Praying it heals quickly and the wart never returns. :)

Name: Brenda S.
Location: Michigan, United States
Date: September 04, 2014

ACV works! I promise. If it doesn't than you aren't doing it right or its not a wart. Except don't use it on genital warts.

I've had a cluster of either common or flat warts on my knee for over 10 years.

The cryo treatment did show some results on some warts, but they'd always come back and took 10+ treatments with a $20 Co pay. The current army of warts I've been battling have been expanding and putting up a fight to any treatment I've tried.

Here's my method:
Start by soaking cotton in ACV. Cover with bandaids or duct tape over night. Do this for a few days. It will start to hurt like hell. When it does start to hurt, next apply ACV a few times daily and let soak for 15 min.

I had to stop soaking acv every night because clusters are impossible to target treat. The skin around will start getting damaged and you'll experience chemical burning.
I do the night soak a few times a week or during the day because the pain wakes me up. Allowing the wart to air out and scab up seemed to be important.

I'd pick off the outer dried scabby skin on the wart and apply acv and let it soak. Be persistent.  Don't give up. If the skin is getting too damaged, stop and let it heal and then re start the acv.

For a moment I thought they were spreading during treatment, but really the acv was just pulling the smaller microscopic ones to the surface.

Name: Gary
Location: Ohio, United States
Date: August 26, 2014

I tried many of the usual stuff including castor oil.  None worked.

Made small cotton balls about the size of q-tips.  Soaked one in Bragg ACV (from GNC) and held in place overnight for 9 days.
After 2 days, the wart turned black.  Was advised to persevere.  Finger started to swell on day 9 so I stopped treatment.  I was able to remove the blackened part of the wart.
The rest healed completely after about 1 1/2 weeks.
This really worked for me.

Name: ICST
Location: West Virginia, United States
Date: August 22, 2014

Anyone stumbling on this page and wondering if this works, rest assured... it does!

After suffering with what I called a "skin growth" for over two years, on my index finger, I chanced on this cure.

I had tried all over the counter remedies... freezing, stick on patches, brush on liquids to no avail. The failure of all these expensive treatments left me thinking it wasn't a wart but something else.

I then resolved to cutting it off! I had a surgical blade that I would slice that sucker off with. Yes, it was painful with a lot of blood, but it would be gone! And after it would heal I would be "wart" free for awhile. But it would always come back. Soon enough it would begin to bulge up and within a few months, the dreaded "wart" would be back.

I sliced that thing off at least a dozen times over the 2+ years I had it and was always left with its return. Then I found out about ACV!

I did what many say in these comments, pulled the end of a q-tip off and soaked it in ACV (just the 79 cents stuff from Kroger) and stuck it on the "wart" with a band-aid. Within days I devolved a brownish ring around the wart. I continued until the whole area was a black circle. And continued beyond (just to make sure that sucker was dead)!

Took about two weeks before the day I was able to peel it off with tweezers. And now, a week after that, I am left with the last bits of the "hole" finally healing up to normal skin.

Wow! This changed my life. Thought I was going to have this thing on my finger the rest of my days. In my line of work my fingers are very visible and it was really embarrassing.

It's worth any pain and like many have said, I welcomed the pain as I knew it was working and killing this unsightly flesh-turd on my hand! Good luck!

Name: Kaylyn
Location: Tennessee, United States
Date: August 20, 2014

I had this weird wart on my shoulder, reminded me of a bloomin' onion (eww).

Anyways, I got a little piece of cotton ball every night and socked it in AVC and secured it on the wart for only 3 days and was able to pull it right off with tweezers on the fourth day, after it has shrunken down A LOT, it was almost completely flat on the third day, kind of like a scab. 

It came off with no trouble and no pain. But the treatment itself did sting a little, wasn't major pain though.

This treatment is amazing! I saw results on the very first day!! I highly recommend it if you have a wart that makes you insecure, its fast and easy!

Name: Ginnie
Location: London, United Kingdom
Date: August 15, 2014

ACV works!  Thank GOD! I had 4 warts on two fingers for a couple of months.  3 of them are very near the finger nails.  They started to bother me as they looked unsightly.
I went to GP to ask about freezing them but she said NHS no longer treats warts as they are seen to be cosmetic.  But she said she has a colleague who runs a clinic who may be able to treat me.  As I'm quite impatient, I didn't wait for the referral to come through (it still hasn't) so I decided to search online that evening to find remedies for warts and came across this website.

All the testimonials encouraged me to give ACV a try, no harm trying right.

I tried for the first 5 nights, soaking cotton bud q-tips in ACV and putting directly on each of my warts then putting plasters over them.  I changed the q-tips and plasters every 12 hours, before going to bed and in the morning.  The plasters I bought from Tesco which are the everyday value ones which are very cheap.

After 1 week, 2 warts started to turn white and then black.  Huge blisters started to appear on the 3 warts near the fingernails.  They looked really swollen and red, looked very 'angry'.  Some nights they started to hurt like mad. I felt throbbing pain like you can feel your heartbeats on your fingers!

I persevered for 1 more week and the wart on the side of my middle finger started to develop a dry scab.  I decided to soak my fingers in hot water (as hot as I can take it) for 30mins to soften it, and then pick the dry scalp off, which it did.  The next day I managed to pull off, with a sterile tweezer, the black bits in one piece.  It didn't hurt at all.  What's left is a just hole where the wart used to be.

The other 3 warts near fingernails weren't so easy to treat.  The fingers were puffed up with huge blisters and were very sore.  Some nights I had to remove the plasters to give myself a break as I couldn't bear it with the pain and couldn't go to sleep.  I had to take Paracetomol, sometimes 2 pills at one go to relieve the pain.

I told myself not to give up as if I were, the warts may come back stronger.  So I persevered for another week, in total 22 days had passed and all my warts are gone! At least I can't see them on my fingers now.  I must admit I was disappointed when black dots reappear on 2 of my warts when I thought they should be gone by 2nd week.  But hey, these warts may be deep so it may take 2 tries to remove them.

So now, the blisters have gone and the skin is almost 100% healed, although I have a slight concern about the skin where one wart was.  It had a rough dry spot, seemed like dried skin, which refused to heal properly.  I tried ACV again to see if there were any black dot to be seen again but there was none.  I guess I had to leave time to do its work to see if the skin will eventually heal.

So before you decide to start on this ACV treatment, be mindful that it will hurt if they are on your fingers and you must persevere to finish the treatment.  It is all really worth it.  Nothing feels better than removing these warts.  Thank you for this website.

Name: Christine Tefney
Location: Oregon, United States
Date: August 07, 2014

I had a small wart on the side of my finder- a periungual wart is what they call it I guess..

It was not a common looking wart but resembled more of a rough patch of skin or callous. I have been trying to treat it for weeks by filing it with a nail file regularly and using salicylic acid. It was appearing to get smaller and flatter with the rest of my skin but was still obviously there -still a small rough patch.

ITwo nights ago I filed it down and there were several of those dark little dots visible. Then I applied the ACV-dipped Q-tip and left it on all night with a bandaid. The next morning it had turned black.

I tried it again last night. Today I was getting impatient and decided to see if I could pull the black part off. It ended up popping and releasing a blackish color liquid which I am not sure is blood, pus, or both.

Now I am worried that either 1. I have just unwittingly spread the virus all around by popping what I guess was a blister though I didn't realize it. or 2. That it is infected and will get worse. The skin around it is all yellowing and gross looking and a little puffy.

I put some antiseptic on it and a band-aid but not sure what else to do. Not sure if I should try the ACV again tonight or not.
It is looking way worse than when I was just filing it down regularly- was hardly noticeable then. Yikes! What to do...? 

Name: Robert Hovello
Location: London, United Kingdom
Date: August 04, 2014

Daughter had 6 warts across the 2 hands. Every night I chopped the cotton bud end of the cotton bud sticks and soaked them in ACV.
Then used surgical tape to tape the bud to the wart. Took about 5 mins max every night to do. Simple.

First 3 days nothing.

Next 3 days they turned black.

Then over the next 5-10 days they scabbed up and literally fell off.

She is now wart free. It does work.

Name: Tina Price
Location: British Colombia, Canada
Date: August 03, 2014


I have had warts for 6 painful years, and not one wart BUT SEVEN!!!!!

There all gone, thank you, thank you, thank you, APPLE CIDER VINEGAR.

But I have to say one thing, it smells horrible and attracts a lot of flies.

Name: Jessica
Location: Queensland, Australia
Date: July 21, 2014


I have recently gotten rid of a lot of warts by using apple cider vinegar this way after suffering from them for years.

Most of them were on my knee.. now that they have died I have been left with some scars.

I was just wanting to know how others have treated the scars?

Name: Mitch
Location: WA, Australia
Date: July 20, 2014

I've been battling a wart located on the pad of my index finger for over a year.
First I used the banana peel method consistently for a couple of months. Cutting squares of banana peel and bandaid'ing them to my finger twice every day was hassle enough, but constantly having this buldging bandaid was very annoying. Banana peel apparently works wonders for some people, but it did nothing at all for me. After having such high hopes, that was disappointing and disheartening to say the least. I used to have some little flat warts om my nose which I obviously wanted gone. I did the banana peel thing (only at night time...) and ended up with a big burnt patch on my nose, but it did nothing to the warts. Then I only had people asking, "What happened to your nose?" I don't recommend this...

Then I moved on to hydrogen peroxide (30%). I scratched the nose warts open with a pin, and with the back of the pin applied a tiny bit of peroxide to the wart. Boy does that sting!!! But after having only a tiny blemish on my nose for a few days (where it had to heal) the wart was gone! I had a few, so just did a small area at a time until they were all gone. So for small flat warts, I highly recommend this method. It stings, but it's very effective, and doesn't leave big patches of burnt skin like banana peel can. Just make sure to put the peroxide on with the back of the pin, so that you're only applying a VERY small amount to the wart alone. I will continue to use peroxide, but only for warts that do NOT go deep into the flesh. The little flat/smooth warts are fine though.

I persisted and persisted with applying the peroxide to the wart on my finger. Talk about pain!!! I would literally burn a hole in finger, let it heal for a couple of days to where I could brave filing it back, then I'd burn the hole again. Not knowing what else to do, I did this on and off for months. Lots and lots (and lots!) of pain, all for nothing - the wart kept coming back.

Then I read about the ACV trick. Four days later and my finger wart was looking rather brown/black/dead. I then filed it aways with pumicestone while in the shower and was left with a decent-sized crater in my finger! It was very clean too - no blood or raw/red flesh. I'm going to continue with the ACV for a couple more days just to be sure! I'm soooooo happy to be rid of it! It was rather painful at times, but well worth it.

Sorry for the novel - I just hope that my banana peel and peroxide experience may help someone. For bigger warts, ACV is definitely the way to go - keep it on 24/7 if you can bear the discomfort.

Name: Letitia
Location: California, United States
Date: July 18, 2014

I have been using ACV on some warts I had on my stomach based on the testimonials I read on this forum.

It has only been just over three days and I am very concerned because what seemed to be small warts barely half the size of a grain of rice have turned into these whitish yellow holes the size of a pencil eraser.

I have been using tiny cotton balls made from the heads of cotton swabs - one head makes about 3 of these balls and affixing them to the wart with a bandaid.

Can someone please advise if this is normal?

Name: Ashley
Location: California, United States
Date: June 25, 2014

I am SO grateful that I found this website!

I got my first (and hopefully only!) wart about a year ago in an awkward spot on my knuckle.

I've tried the home freezing stuff multiple times with absolutely ZERO results.

last night was only my third night using ACV and today I was actually able to pull off part of the wart. I've had minimal pain so far but I'm not sure how it will go tonight now that I have a partially open wound.
Hopefully only another night or two until this thing is gone for good! 

Name: Val Regnier
Location: Alberta, Canada
Date: June 11, 2014

Thank you. ACV works!
I had tried everything to get rid of 2 ugly warts on my ring finger for 15 years.

3  nights in a row I applied the vinegar and covered them with a vinegar soaked piece of cotton ball the size of each wart, then wrapped surgical tape around the finger to cut off the air supply.

They turned black and ugly, then tonight I was able to lift out the core.

There are 2 small holes to heal, but nothing as ugly as the warts..very pleased! :)

Name: JJ
Location: Alberta, Canada
Date: June 06, 2014

I am finally wart-free, thanks to ACV! It was not a quick process but it did work in the end.

I had periungual warts under my thumbnail. The Dr warned me that these are nearly impossible to get rid of, and it did feel impossible...but they are GONE!
How I did it:

I used a Q tip soaked with ACV and pushed it under my nail tip and held it there daily for about 10 minutes. I followed this up immediately with freezing it for as long as I could stand. I had to do this treatment every day, and followed up some days with Soluver. Yes, it hurt like hell, but after a few months, they were gone.

I also had one on my toe that had been there for years and had not responded to any treatment from me or the doctor.

Each say, I started soaking a cotton ball of ACV and stuck it there for as long as I could stand it before it hurt too much. Then, I stuck on a blister bandaid. This seems counterintuitive, ie. wouldn't a blister bandaid help the wart thrive? But it worked. It was airtight and...after 2 weeks of doing this combo, NO MORE WART!

This was amazing to me, and I am almost scared to post this in case I jinx it, but I would be happy if others could cure theirs the same way.

Name: Leigh
Location: San Diego, California, USA
Date: June 03, 2014

I want to say I've had a plantar wart on the bottom of my right foot for about six months now.

I've tried numerous treatments, Compound W gel, the freezing treatments, scraping, trying to "pluck" out the wart with tweezers, to the point I'd rendered my foot practically useless. I'd tried ACV once before, for ONE day before giving up and going back to my Compound W.

Finally, at the end of my rope, having thought I'd gotten rid of the warts myself via the plucking method I realized the skin was just healing around the wart and so I succumbed to the truth. The wart was still there.

I ran a hot bath and soaked my foot for about 20 minutes, grabbing my pumice stone and I scrubbed scrubbed scrubbed the entire callus away (yes, this was painful, no it was nothing I couldn't handle). Once I got out of the bath I dried off my foot and started soaking gauze in ACV, placing it over my wart before taping it down with cloth tape. I realized very quickly you NEED to make sure you only use gauze big enough to cover the wart itself, try not to get any healthy skin soaked with vinegar because it will burn and kill away the healthy skin surrounding the wart.

At first there was no pain, I just soaked the wart 24 hours a day, changing the dressing 2x a time. Within 3 days the wart started to turn brown and throb with stinging pain. It's a bit swollen, and the wart heads (i discovered i actually had 3 in the same area) have all turned black and are easily scraped away.

There will be a hole left by the wart to which I've started balling up cotton, soaking it with the ACV and pushing it into the hole before covering up. It's barely been 5 days and my 3 warts have pretty much all shriveled up and died. There's still a few black dots (the dead blood vessels) which I'm continuing to treat with ACV.

But I wanted to say to anyone who's been struggling with OTC medicines and treatments ACV is the ONLY treatment that showed me ANY sort of results.

There is SOME pain involved but after walking on warts for 6 months it's nothing you shouldn't be able to handle. I haven't even needed to take tylenol or anything of the sort to deal with it.

Stay off your foot as much as you can while treating with ACV and make sure even if you're NOT doing a soaking treatment you keep the wart covered, as when it starts to heal there is a hole left in your skin which would be a perfect breeding ground for infection.

Apple Cider Vinegar is a God send, I'm so happy and thankful I finally gave it a second chance.  

Name: RC Y
Location: Singapore
Date: May 28, 2014

I had a wart on my thumb near the nail and had it frozen off twice at the doctor's office only for it to come back again.

I saw this website and decided to give ACV a try. Contrary to many testimonials here, it sure hurt like hell especially if you keep the bandage on overnight and also it took much longer than a couple of days. For me it took almost 2 months before I can finally say I have peeled the last of the wart off.

Towards the end, I supplemented with duofilm acid to burn off any remaining wart.

While it was a long tedious and painful process, I guess ACV did work, just not as quick or painless as many here have said.

But am glad I am wart free w/o a visit to the doctors for their rediculous fees for a treatment that doesn't work.

No harm giving ACV a try for sure, just remember lots of perseverance is needed!

Name: Jasmine
Location: WA, Australia
Date: May 18, 2014

I could get my wart out on the second day of the ACV treatment, and now only have a little hole in my finger which looks like it actually may scar.

Its the 3rd day now so I have a little while until it will heal and I'm hoping that the wart will not come back.

Name: Laura
Location: Montana, United States
Date: May 06, 2014

Success in less than a week.

Have every expectation that this thing will not come back.

I would encourage people to keep the ACV away from normal, healthy skin as much as possible.  As you can see, I experienced quite a bit of dead skin peeling off, in addition to the wart.

finger wart

Name: Edward
Location: Attiki, Greece
Date: April 25, 2014

A few months ago I had a small sized wart almost the size of a ballpoint tip on my genital area to the left of my scrotum base.

For months I had no idea what to do with that and I hesitated to visit a dermatologist for that one.

I tried applying apple cider vinegar on it, 24/7. I was very meticulous and always changed the cotton ball dipped in the vinegar after shower.

On first days it didn't show any improvement but I remember I had a sensation like that of burning and discomfort but since I was determined to continue with the treatment I didn't stop there. 4th day I noticed my skin got darkened of the burning and by 5th to 6th day when I wanted to put on the vinegar I notice the small wart was like already loosened and with tweezers  I pulled it out and bingo! it's gone. No bleeding, and it hasn't come back up till now.

The only trouble that I had was the size of the cotton ball which just had to be an exact fit when put on the small wart. It's difficult due the small size and the vinegar solution affected the non-wart surrounding skin tissue and burned it.

But now the color of the skin has come back to normal, no wart and no burn scar.
From curiosity I wish to say that apple cider vinegar really kill warts, even the genital ones. I wonder and how I wish, if only there was a magic tape or bandage that can be put anywhere on the very complex genital area and its nook and crane, we wouldn't need a visit a dermatologist just for warts.

Name: Lorie
Location: Quebec, Canada
Date: April 24, 2014

(Translated from French)
Four days ago I saw a wart outside the entrance to my vagina. I wasn't sure because I went to the doctor to get a pap test and she didn't say anything!

Finally this morning I said that's enough and I did my research etc..

I thought I had 2 warts. I started the treatment at 8:30 this morning, I took a Tampon and I soaked it with apple cider vinegar and applied it on one wart.

Around 12:30 I went to the bathroom and was able to pull the war out. To my surprise, was also able to see many other warts that were there: they had turned white.

I put a new Tampon soaked in apple cider vinegar in place and I'll keep it there for another 4 hours.

It worked after just 4 hours! I hope the warts will go away for good: (I will write an update soon.)

Name: Annie M
Location: Delhi, India
Date: April 08, 2014


My husband has warts in his beard area... and we have been trying to fight it for the last 2 years with topical ointments without any success...

I came across this site and the benefits of ACV so thought to give it a try...

We been using the organic ACV on a few of his face warts (beard area) for the last 4 days and sealing with a medical tape overnight.. We noticed that a few warts have developed a whitish blister underneath the wart.. Thus, we decided to give the warts some rest.. We applied fresh aloe vera from the plant on the warts during this time instead of ACV as the blisters (underneath the warts) are painful and swollen...

Please advise if this a sign that the ACV is working on the facial warts.. Also, please suggest the next steps as we are not sure if we should apply ACV on the blistered warts... If not, please suggest a remedy to get rid of the warts...

Look forward to your suggestion at the earliest...Kindly help!

Thank you...

Name: Paul
Location: Texas, United States
Date: April 03, 2014

I feel compelled to add my experience to the growing list here.  I developed a plantar wart on my right foot at the beginning of September, 2013.
For 6.5 months, I treated the wart with Dr. Scholl's Plantar Wart Remover (small salicylic disks with cushioned pads).  Let me say - the small salicylic adhesive spots aren't worth a crap.  The cushioned pads are great for sealing the area, so I would buy the product, just for the 1" circular/bandage/pads that comes in the box.

I went to the Dr. after 6.5 months - to try the cryo method.  I could tell by the very next day that it didn't work.  After having a plantar wart, you become very attuned to what is going on with it.  The cryo was expensive, even after medical.

Then I read this forum - touting the benefits of apple cider vinegar.

Let me digress and say that I'm a very matter of fact person, and very scientifically minded.  Too, it bugs the sh*t out of me to have anything wrong with my body.

At any rate, I poured a small amount of ACV into a container and soaked the plantar wart for about 20 min, then debraded with a pumice stone.  I then applied a small piece of ACV-soaked cotton to the 1" bandage disks from Dr. Scholl's and applied to wart.  I did this for 2 successive days.

My partner is a nurse practitioner, and he said that salicylic acid really should work as good as anything else.  So I went to CVS Drug and purchased a very inexpensive wart treatment called WartStick.  It's like a tube of lip balm.  IT WORKS.  I think the reason it worked is because it has what appears as a petrolatum base, effectively occluding the area of the wart (depriving of oxygen) as well as delivering a healthy dose of salicylic acid.

I know this is rambling on, but stay with me.

All told, it took 10 days to kill my large, deep plantar wart (my doctor's exact words, btw).

  Buy a WartStick (really cheap), ACV and cotton balls, and the Dr. Scholl's Clear Away disks for the cushioned bandage pads.

I couldn't believe it worked so quickly.  I play racquetball 5 days a wk, so you can imagine the discomfort I had with a plantar wart.

I'd just like to give a huge THANK YOU to whomever maintains this website.  You have no idea how helpful this information was.  I can now run, play ball, do anything again.

Another note - some people mentioned experiencing excruciating pain with the ACV.  All I can say is that they must have been exposing their skin at the deepest layers - against raw meat?  I never, ever experienced more than a very mild burning sensation - and that was from the wartstick.  Of that, I'm certain.

Okay - I want to summarize this horribly written account.

1.  Buy ACV, WartStick, cotton balls or just the cotton from a Qtip, and the Dr. Scholl's Clear Away package.

2.  Soak wart in ACV and debrade till you feel tenderness.  Apply the WartStick liberally - like you were treating chapped lips.  Cover with a small piece of ACV-soaked cotton and bandage.

Repeat for 3 days.  By day 3 or 4, you will notice a significant darkening/blackening of the wart.  It's dying.

Continue for however many days it takes.  I assure will know when it is dead.  You will be able to step out of bed without excruciating pain for more than 2 days in a row.

I hope this helps, and thanks again everybody.

Update: May 04, 2014
From Paul, Texas, United States

Update to my previous (April 3rd) post:

I performed a control experiment on my plantar warts using the aforementioned method of Wart Stick and ACV pads vs. ACV pads alone.

I'm shocked, but the ACV alone was the most effective in killing the plantar warts.

First, abrade the area to expose fresh wart tissue.  Apply small piece of ACV-soaked cotton and cover with Dr. Scholl's disks.  After just a few days, you will seek darkening and within a week, blackening of the wart.  Daily, or every other day, repeat the debridement to expose wart through the dead skin.  Re-apply ACV soaked cotton EVERY day till wart is completely dead.

I'm not a chemist, but the acetic acid in ACV appears to be the most effective treatment - as opposed to salicylic acid.

Name: Jim Calvin
Location: Ohio, United States
Date: March 23, 2014

It took 6 months but finally got it out.

Soaked each night with cotton, ACV, and duct tape. Once a week used pumice stone. 

Towards the end, I used tweezers to pull them out as they had shrunk and were black. There was a lot of blood (naturally).

Wart free now. In the past  I had them surgically removed.

I was patient and this worked.

Name: Karissa
Location: Wisconsin, United States
Date: March 10, 2014

I have been using ACV for months now along with duct tape and a ped egg to shave away at dead skin.

I had a bunch of mosaic plantar warts on the heel of my foot... maybe about 5-6 I am unsure how many anymore or their locations.

I've only seen small black dots when I've used ACV and then shaved those off then repeat... I have never seen anything big come out or had any larger holes.

I have never given it a chance to dry out without either ACV or duct tape but I cannot tell if I have any warts anymore or how much longer I need to go with the ACV treatment.

This is what it currently looks like:

plantar wart

Name: Maya
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: February 27, 2014

I had a small wart on the bottom of my foot ever since my childhood.  Last year it began spreading, however, and it became a rather large mosaic wart (about 1 inch by 1/2 an inch) that made walking painful.

I decided to try ACV out of desperation but the results were fantastic.

Right before bed I diluted the ACV 1/2 with water, soaked several cotton balls, and taped them to my foot.  During the day I would put bandaids on the area to keep it dry and give my skin a rest from the acidity.

After a few nights I began increasing the concentration of ACV and wearing it for longer periods.  The ACV made the skin around the warts swell very painfully and it was excruciating to walk.  Also, there was one night where the pain from the cotton balls was so bad I had to take the tape off, but other than that the treatment was bearable.

 After about a week and a half of this, the warts had gone black and I was easily able to pull them out with tweezers.

A year later, I am still wart-free.  This treatment is not pain-free and it can be messy, but it's worth it.

Name: Hannah
Location: Minnesota, United States
Date: February 18, 2014

I had what I thought was a callous on the bottom of my foot right beneath my little toe.

After about a year, I noticed that it didn't seem to go away, but just get bigger. I didn't want to admit that it was a wart.

I tried to cut it away, but it bled and I could see little blood vessels. I ignored it, but little warts started to pop up on different places of my foot. I decided it was time to figure something out.

Going to the doctor didn't seem to work for anyone, so I searched home remedies. I found this article on using Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and thought "what the heck I have nothing to lose".

I started out by putting a cotton ball with vinegar on my warts with a band aid, but it wouldn't stick overnight, so I started using medical tape.

For the first few nights nothing happened, and I did not notice any differences. I got really frustrated, but didn't give up because I couldn't live with these warts any longer! After a couple more nights, I noticed the warts start to turn brownish, like the blood vessels were dying. I clipped some of the dead skin on the top off (not sure if that was a good idea). Then the treatments started to hurt so bad!

The vinegar was killing the warts, and turning them black and hard. I only put the treatment on at night. It took FOREVER but eventually the wart got hard, like a scab. I kept doing the  treatment (we're talking 2 weeks from day one) and the big wart started to shrink and pucker up, the smaller warts were less affected.

I kept doing the treatment and cutting down the dead skin. After about 3 weeks, it was no longer open or deep,but rather looked like a normal scab. It started to peel up around the edges, so I picked it off. There is fresh pink new skin underneath, and no sign of any black warts or blood vessels. This treatment is amazing.

If you don't see results, DON'T LOSE HOPE! you have to be persistent with those little buggers. I am still working on a few small ones, but the big one that was the size of a nickel is not completely gone, and I have smooth pink skin. I am so happy I found this article!!  

Name: Katie
Location: Battle, United Kingdom
Date: January 12, 2014

I stumbled across your site in desperation at finding a more natural solution in getting rid of a wart on my 9 year old daughters finger.
The wart started small but gradually got bigger and bigger, looking quite nasty on her small finger. We visited the doctor twice who prescribed salicylic acid. The first prescription was too strong and irritated the skin around the wart and made it weep - yuk! The second, less strong prescription did the same.

I then discovered this web site extolling the virtues of Apple cider vinegar. Having read many of the testimonials I thought I would give it a go.

As suggested I put the ACV on a tiny piece of cotton wool under a plaster for the night. My daughter complained of the pain, but stuck it out and went to sleep.

I repeated this for about 5 nights during which time the top of the wart turned black and scabby. This scab then came off on about day 6 and hey presto she is left with no wart, just a little bit of skin to heal.

Brilliant, please try this. It is not an "old wives tale"!

Name: Mani
Location: France
Date: January 05, 2014
(Translated from French)

Let me tell you my personal experience with cider vinegar.

In November 2012, my dermatologist diagnosed external genital warts (condylomes). I was very surprise because I've known only one man, that is my husband, and the two of us have not had other partners. So first you must remain vigilant before accusing your partner because this disease can be transmitted through other ways and different doctors have confirmed this .

As for the warts, the doctor prescribed Aldara cream, which can work, but it is very painful and costly. Not to mention the treatment of some pharmacists who take you for a bad person. For me, this cream was not effective on the tough warts and they recurred all the time.

I was put in knots by all this and psychologically tired, because I did not understand why this calamity fell on us.

After much research, I came across this same site which recommends treatment with apple cider vinegar . I told myself that this cure is a natural remedy and that if it did not heal me, there would be little chance that it would do harm.

So exactly in September 2013, I started treatment with some apple cider vinegar that I bought in an organic supermarket.

I was greatly surprised when I saw that after 4 days of application, using a cotton pad that I left in place overnight , the warts were drying and they fell off after about a week. The time seems very short, but it is real.

I felt no pain, and there was no scarring.

Today I'm doing better and I hope that my testimony will help people who suffer from this disease.

Good luck to all.

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