Thanks to Cider Vinegar, my Mare has no more gas nor Colic problems.

by Isabelle
(La Seyne sur mer. France)

Horse eating hay

Horse eating hay

French translation

(Translated from French)

I am a naturalist.

My horses are fed with hay for the elderly because they are 27 and 28 year old seniors, and soaked pellets because they have no more teeth.

My mare had a tendency to have colic due to obstructions as well as spasmodic colic. But this is no longer the case thanks to cider vinegar.

No more rheumatism as well: I give my horses honey in large quantities.
They get two or three tablespoons (30-45 ml) of honey with each meal. Honey is a very good anti rheumatism and an excellent natural antibiotic.

They also get two presses of flax seed oil per day, and some spirulina to counter muscle wasting that occurs after reaching a certain age.

Frankly, my horses are in top shape.

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