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Fruit Vinegar Products

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Fruit vinegar is made by fermenting a fruit wine into vinegar, by infusing fresh fruit into an existing vinegar or by adding fruit flavor. They are best used on vegetable and fruit salads, for marinating meat and fish, or for just drizzling over fruit, cheese and ice cream.

These fruit enhanced vinegars will also add taste and tang to wine sauces,  soups and punches.
Also they can be used alone as a tasty fat free salad dressing.

Popular Fruit Vinegar Types

Fruit vinegars made with the following fruit are the most popular:
Raspberry, lemon, fig, cherry, strawberry, pomegranate and pear.

Harder to find types include mango, passion fruit, apricot, blueberry, lime and peach vinegar.

Favorite types of vinegar base used to make infused or flavored fruit vinegars include balsamic vinegar, champagne vinegar as well as white and red wine vinegar.
In the vinegar store below, you will find a selection of 50 fruit vinegars representing all the popular types in various sizes and some of the hard to find ones as well.

The Fruit Vinegar Store

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