Apple Cider Vinegar for Itchy Scalp

by Pat

French translation

I have been weaving my hair for years now.

Recently I took my weave out and noticed that my scalp had black spots and lesions, and was really itchy.

I started applying ACV directly to my scalp with a toothpick and immediately the itchy, fiery feeling stopped. The next morning that I woke up I was pleasantly surprised.

I continued doing the same for two more days and then made the ACV rinse, and washed my hair with it (no shampoo). My scalp literally feels invigorated and the lesions are almost gone.

This is just within a few days which is absolutely amazing!

Thanks so much for posting this info on your site. I've just made another tonic with marigold leaves from my garden and can hardly wait to try it! God bless...

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