How ACV Helped My Mare

by Chelsey
(Yuma, Arizona)

French translation

A lady I knew told me to put AVC in all of my horses water.
I noticed that there weren't as many flies in about a week.

The way my mare improved shocked me. Every summer she breaks out on her face from bug bites. So far her face is break-out free!

But this only helped my mare. One of my geldings (Who I bought in a cool climate. I live where it can easily exceed 100 degrees in the summer.) has broken out on his face from biting flies. I have another gelding who is from the same place, same breed, and same color as my other gelding who has never ever broken out.

The only thing I can think of why he doesn't break out is that he is 27 while my horse that breaks out is only 7. I guess it just depends on the horse!

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