What I noticed after two days of using ACV

by Sandro

French translation

Two days after starting to use ACV, I noticed I was urinating more frequently, and that my appetite had diminished considerably.

I actually started to force myself to eat at normal times.

Also, and I wasn't expecting this, my desire for smoking also started to disappear.

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Jun 05, 2016
Frequent Urination
by: Anonymous

Am so glad I came across this post.

I started taking ACV three weeks ago taking 2tsp after dinner but yesterday, I was making more trips to the bathroom and that got me so worried, thinking that maybe my kidney or bladder has gotten into trouble.

My husband asked if there's anything am taking for detoxification and I said just ACV and he advised I looked it up here and here I am with this. Am so relieved. ..

Sep 18, 2013
working wonders for me
by: Anonymous

I have started taking ACV with honey from last three days, 3 tbsp ACV 1 tbsp honey.
First day it was normal, second day I started frequently urinating like two times in one hour and today's the third day.

Yesterday at dinner I didn't eat food because I didn't feel hungry at all, from second day itself I didn't eat my dinner I only eat my afternoon lite meal and morning tea.

There is no other changes in my day to day life, this drink is a magic drink...

May 01, 2013
About vinegar and smoking
by: Anonymous

It's interesting you should notice less of a desire to smoke.

When I decided to quit smoking (cold turkey), I read that drinking acidic fruit juices would shorten the withdrawal because acidifying the urine draws nicotine and nicotine metabolites out of the blood stream so they are eliminated faster.

I wonder if something similar might have happened in your case.

Apr 29, 2009
ACV made a difference !
by: Lisa

I grew up with my grandmother and my own mother using ACV but I did not begin using it until recently when I had issues with a growth of bacteria in my stomach.

Due to this bacteria I had gained 47 lbs in 2 months. I began with 2 tsp of ACV in a glass of water every morning and I already feel better.

I have lost 16 lbs, I don't feel hungry, my nausea is not as bad, and I have more energy as well as fluid loss as a result of the more frequent urinations.

I have my husband taking it now for two weeks in the mornings as well and he has already noticed differences as well.

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