Home Remedies for Gout

January 2012 to December 2013

The home remedies for gout treatment, using apple cider vinegar, was reviewed by 23 users from January 2012 to December 2013:

User feedback summary on the
home remedies for gout treatment procedure:

94% of the users of this apple cider vinegar home remedy, reported it was very effective in reducing or eliminating their gout pain & swelling symptoms within about 48 hours.

One testimonial contributor said that after trying apple cider vinegar, he does not need and has stopped taking prescription medication for his gout. Several users explained that they were taking the ACV tonic regularly as a gout prevention technique.

One user said that the apple cider vinegar had no effect on his gout.

Most people drank the apple cider vinegar mixed with water or juice and some added honey.
Date vinegar and pickle juice were also used by 2 contributors.

Gout trigger foods mentioned in these testimonials include beer, especially dark ale, and fructose sweetened drinks.

Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 23

Name: Paul Kriel
Location: Queensland, Australia
Date: December 29, 2013

I have been a suffer of gout for many years now and I have never found a solution to my problem when I get an attack I get it really bad that I am not able to walk.

I am on Progout. It slows the attacks but I still get them. So when I get the attack its really bad and I take Valtaron 25ml, it helps.

Recently I've been trying apple cider vinegar and my gout seem to be increasing so that I can't walk now. I tried drinking it straight up. I have soaked my feet in ACV with water. I have been to the doctors. I think I will die from the medication rather than from the gout.

What am I doing wrong? I've been to many doctors over the years to take blood. If anybody can help me, it would be appreciated.

Kind regards, Paul.

Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 22

Name: Drew
Location: Eastern Cape, South Africa
Date: October 20, 2013

ACV definitely helps, but the biggest help I have found is to is to eliminate all fructose sweetened drinks, and cut back heavily on sugar consumption.

Also eating bananas helps as well.

Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 21

Name: Pat
Location: Indiana, United States
Date: September 09, 2013

Along with ACV, I take 9 capsules of Cherry Fruit Extract every hour on the hour, your pain will be gone within 8 hours.

I had Gout for 6 weeks.

GOD BLESS, no more PAIN!!

Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 20

Name: Hugo Diaz
Location: Chuquisaca, Bolivia
Date: June 29, 2013

My first gout attack was in USA in 2003.

To take off the attack, I had a prescription of Conchicine and Indocid, it worked well, but years later I had several episodes and even with the prescription it was hard to get relief.

I started taking ACV and I can say with certainty that this works, and I have no restriction in diet.

Thanks GOD for giving us apples.

Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 19

Name: Josh Cordell
Location: New york, United States
Date: June 28, 2013

It works so just do it.

For those of you who hate the mix try cutting up cucumbers and throw the ACV in and munch on them like a snack. You will lose weight and lose your gout. As a snack substitute it isn't bad.

Also, drink pickle juice. I eat about 1 or 2 cucumbers per day as a filler when I am on a diet. You will ingest about 4 ounces per cucumber.

Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 18

Name: Charles K
Location: Florida, United States
Date: June 23, 2013

I have not tried ACV yet, but based on all the accolades from gout sufferers, I am about to embark on this treatment.

I have had joint pain for years in every part of my body from my toe to my shoulders. I was diagnosed with a slightly high lever of Uric acid in my blood, however no doctor had ever confirmed gout at 100%.

Recently for vthe first time, my left thumb was affected and actually erupted to the point where the hand surgeon said it was gout and the white pasty material was called Tophi. Look it up online. It is very nauseating to look at.

Remember gout is a cousin to arthritis. My daughter continually sends me articles to read on line.

Thank you for all the kudos on ACV. I am on my way to the store now.

Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 17

Name: Richard Pharand
Location: Quebec, Canada
Date: June 21, 2013

(Translated from French)

I highly recommend this gout treatment.

I used it myself and I can assure you that it actually works, thank you!

Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 16

Name: Tony Feng Boon
Location: Singapore
Date: May 23, 2013

Hi  buddies,
I am writing from Singapore

Can anybody advise me what do you all  mean by bath with acv to remove pain?

Thanks in advance,

Reply from apple-cider-vinegar-benefits.com

Hello Tony Feng Boon,

To help reduce gout pain, apple cider vinegar can be either ingested or applied directly to the affected area. Some people do both.

The apple cider vinegar (ACV) bath or soak to remove pain in the gout area (such as the big toe) can be done as follows:

"Soak a cloth in undiluted ACV and wrap it around the affected area for at least 15 minutes. Or simply immerse the toe or other affected area in a vinegar bath made by mixing 1 cup (250 ml) of ACV into 3 cups (750 ml) of water."

Hope that helps,

Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 15

Name: Bernard Dupuy
Location: Chenôve, France
Date: April 03, 2013

(Translated from French)


Recently, I had a gout attack in my big toe.

Two days later, the swelling and pain were still there.

I learned by chance about the benefits of apple cider vinegar. I had a glass of apple cider vinegar in the late afternoon.

The next morning, I had no pain, even when pressing with my fingers. My toe was no longer red and was no longer swollen.

Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 14

Name: Patrick
Location: Tennessee, United States
Date: January 05, 2013

I recently started taking ACV (today actually) and was looking for some positive stories about its use. So far I haven't been disappointed. I'm not having a major attack at the moment, but it's there. I not only get it in my big toe, but it moves all around my foot and into my ankle (not recommended) and lately my knee. Too much beer over the holidays...

For those of you that have had ongoing pain that you can't get rid of, Prednisone has been a miracle drug for me. I have tried a lot of things, but when an attack gets severe, Prednisone takes the pain and swelling away for me; usually within hours. It's a steroid and a prescription is needed, but I always try to have an emergency script on hand. I've been told it's not healthy to take very often, but for those unbearable attacks it's been a lifesaver for me.

Best of luck to everyone!!!

Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 13

Name: Jacki
Location: Barcelonnette, France
Date: August 21, 2012

(Translated from French)

Tuesday, August 21 2012 my ankle and knee are tremendously sore with swelling. In other words, a gout attack.

I just visited your site. I immediately began treatment with regular apple cider vinegar since I could not obtain the organic type.

I will let you know as soon as possible how efficiency the treatment was.

Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 12

Name: Soum Said
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Date: August 11, 2012

(Translated from French)


This is what one calls relief!

I take apple cider vinegar or date vinegar, 1 tablespoon (15ml) of vinegar another tablespoon of honey [not necessarily natural].

This mixture, to drink 3 times a day after meals, is very effective for gout.

And if you add 1 tablespoon of nigella grain oil to the mixture, it will be beneficial for the whole body.


Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 11

Name: Jacques Parrenin
Location: Gironde, France
Date: August 03, 2012

(Translated from French)

During gout attacks, and after identification, pain, redness, inflammation, especially after eating chocolate, I treated myself with Colchimax.

Now that I have read about the cider vinegar remedy, I can testify that this is effective. Two tablespoons ACV at night before falling asleep in a glass with half a glass of sparkling water.

The taste is so so, but I will try with honey.

A big thank you and I will recommend for all who produce excess uric acid. Take this treatment, it's great!

Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 10

Name: Lin
Location: Virginia, United States
Date: May 07, 2012

I've had my first gout attack ever and found this site. Immediately I wanted to try this natural remedy for the pain.

Got Bragg ACV, black cherry concentrate and used agave syrup that I had to sweeten.

Does anyone know if the agave is like honey in the way it enters your body or should I be using raw honey?

And is it alright to mix with the black cherry concentrate?

Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 09

Name: Bruce Kerr
Location: Scotland, United Kingdom
Date: April 08, 2012

I have had pains in my left foot since 2000. I just put up with the continual broken toe feeling.  In December 2010 I went to the doctor as my right foot was giving me pain.

Immediately diagnosed with gout, confirmed with blood test and taken off one of my high blood pressure tablets. Right foot back to normal left foot slowly got more painful and now after 10 years I realised that I had been suffering from gout.

My wife pointed out that during the last two weeks of our holiday I was pain free and that due to a mix up I was not taking any Statins. (Did not pack enough for a month.) Immediate I stopped taking my Statins and the pain went away. The only strange thing was a funny noise that I kept hearing when I was walking. A noise that I had not heard for a while.  Eventually I looked over my left shoulder expecting to see someone walking close behind me, no it was me making the noise my left heel was clicking on the pavement and I was walking properly the first time in ten years.  That said I'm in good health but I do get the odd gout attack which I blame on taking statins for all these years.

Two weeks ago, we traveled down south to see family in South of England.  Had a couple of lunches out at local pubs and enjoyed a couple of pints of a Black Ale. (You might be ahead of me here and you might know what is coming.)  Got home and within two days severe pain in left foot.  Ignored it as much as possible, cut the grass, washed the car, got on with life.  Last week, I experienced a severe gout attack and finally realised that I had consumed dark beer. I just was not thinking as I have been gout free for ages.

Thursday night, it did not matter what I did with my left foot. It was continual throbbing pain and pain killers were not helping.  On Friday - Good Friday - I read your article on ACV. This looked too good to be true but the side of my left foot was looking like Mount Vesuvius with molten hot lava all around.

One of our local shops had organic ACV, my wife went down and bought a bottle.  Two teaspoons, honey and 8 oz of water.  Well ...... oh ... a rancid Riesling that brought tears to my eyes.  Had another two doses during the evening. 10 o'clock at night I was still in severe pain but the swelling was clearly going down. I had toes!!

Saturday morning foot painful but not as swollen; two more doses of ACV and I could stand on my left foot.  Sore but I could stand.  Had a further two doses and when I went to bed I lay there pain free.

Today Sunday, my foot is looking good, not painful, but sore in places and I can walk better. Vesuvius is more like "Crack A Toe Ahhhh". I can laugh now; I was not laughing on Friday.

May I thank you for the advice and thank all who posted. Normally, I would have ignored the advice as a scam. Yet, those who posted were clearly sufferers.

Thanks to you all.

Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 08

Name: Frank
Location: New Jersey, United States
Date: April 04, 2012

Believe it !!! This apple cider vinegar is no joke, it works for gout .

I have been taking it since my first gout attack a year ago, after using apple cider vinegar, no more gout.

I went on vacation a week ago and forgot my apple cider and guess what? Yes it was back, gout.

Got back now and started taking it again and in two days it was gone.

Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 07

Name: Becdee
Location: California, United States
Date: March 18, 2012

I started using ACV 2 teaspoons 3 times a day just yesterday and already my toe/foot feels so much better!

I can't believe how fast and well it worked!

I couldn't get the honey to mix in, so only used it the first time.

Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 06

Name: Patrick P
Location: Rochefort-sur-Mer, France
Date: March 16, 2012

(Translated from French)

8 years ago, I had a gout attack and I treated it with Colchicine.

Until a month ago, everything was fine. Then, I had to use Colchicine again and it took almost a week to be effective, plus fifteen days to forget about the pain.

One month after this attack, my big toe suddenly swelled up and the pain was unreal. I had no more medication.

So, I searched the web for an alternative to drug treatment and I went to the health food store to buy some apple cider vinegar.

Two hours after drinking this beverage, the pain subsided! Incredible. And, 24 hours later, I was walking normally again as if nothing happened.

So, no hesitations, even if the taste of this beverage is not the most pleasant.......

Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 05

Name: André
Location: Québec, Canada
Date: March 04, 2012

(Translated from French)

I had a gout attack more than two years ago.

In fact I did not know at the time what it was, I thought I had a fracture because the pain was so intense. The attack was very short and the pain disappeared before I could see a doctor. So the doctor thought it had been a gout attack.

Recently, about a month ago, I experienced a new gout attack. So I was prescribed colchicine.
This time the attack lasted longer and the pain lasted about two weeks. Nothing since.

As my attacks were rare, I didn't think it necessary to bring my medication with me.

I am currently away, on Spring Break, with my kids for a busy week of skiing. Then disaster! An attack when I woke up this morning. Without medication, I'm afraid this will ruin my week.

I desperately sought on the internet, an alternative solution to drugs to ease my crisis. I came across this site and, thankfully, I had in stock (at the cottage) apple cider vinegar.

So I hope the testimonials on this site are true and that this miracle product has the same effect on me. I'm waiting and I hope to put my skis on tomorrow. At the very least, the day after tomorrow. I'll let you know!

apple-cider-vinegar-benefits.com -If you have enough apple cider vinegar with you, try the two different forms of treatment (drinking the ACV tonic and the vinegar bath); that should help you to improve quicker. According to the testimonials that we have received, on this gout home remedy, so far 92% of the users have found this treatment very useful.

Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 04

Name: Sean Plantz
Location: New York, United States
Date: February 18, 2012

I am currently 30, and have had gout flare ups since I was 28. I am in relatively good health and actually have lost a lot of weight recently.

For some reason, the gout came back and has been hitting every few weeks since I started losing weight and eating right. One night, I was directed toward this site and bought some Braggs ACV. On the way to work, mixed it with some V8, and by the middle of my shift, 6 hours later, it had already become tolerable.

I am now drinking it with every meal (mixed with water) and it has kept it away better than the medicine I was prescribed has and I have stopped taking it.

I can't believe this actually worked so far, and will keep taking this regimen forever if it keeps it away.

Thank you!

Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 03

Name: Michel
Location: Pays de la Loire, France
Date: February 13, 2012
(Translated from French)

I am 5 feet 10 inches tall and weigh 152 pounds, have been suffering from gout for 2 years and I have never been able to managed a gout attack easily.

Some crises lasted for over three weeks even while following a strict diet.

This is my testimony, I had an early acute gout attack four days ago, left foot and ankle swollen and all purple with severe pain that prevented me from sleeping.

After searching the web I came across this website and I immediately sent my wife to buy a bottle of organic cider vinegar then decided to drink a glass of fresh sweetened water with 10 ml of vinegar, 3 times a day, even though the taste of vinegar is hard to accept.

Result, after 2 days, reduced pain and after 4 days the swelling on the foot has decreased and I can almost walk.

O thank you Apple Cider Vinegar for defeating the extreme pain of a gout attack. I am now reassured that I finally have a weapon to combat this life ruining problem.

Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 02

Name: Marcel
Location: Quebec, Canada
Date: February 01, 2012

(Translated from French)

I do not know if it's psychological, but I had tried everything before taking apple cider vinegar with the mother (bio).

Magically, all symptoms disappeared within 24 hrs.

I had been suffering for at least 15 days. It was awful and now, it's all gone!

Long live apple cider vinegar. It's a magic potion for the relief of gout.

Home Remedies for Gout
Testimonial 01

Name: George Que
Location: Manila, Philippines
Date: January 28, 2012

Have had sporadic episodes of gout since I was 20, now 42.

Thought first bout was a spider bite and didn't connect the dots enough to realize that it was gout. Weight has fluctuated from all time high of 220, now at 180, standing 6"0.

Latest and current episode is worst ever despite usual hydration efforts. Tried ACV last night and immediately felt better in some areas. Can now flex toes up and down. Also feel am peeing "better" than when I was purely drinking water.

Issue on hand is major area affected this time/first time is sole of my left foot hence can't put any weight on it hindering mobility.

Am I right to be using the ACV bath AND drinking the ACV w/ water as often as I can whilst this episode lasts? What foods to eat in the meantime, as I have only been eating alfalfa sprouts, papaya and cherries during this episode/last two days. Thanks!