ACV Treatment for Warts

January to the end of June 2011

The ACV treatment for warts procedure was reviewed by 62 users from January to July 2011, on the following wart types and locations:

  • Face warts:  2 cases
  • Cheek warts: 1 case
  • Nose warts: 2 cases
  • Arm warts: 1 case
  • Hand warts:  9 cases
  • Thumb warts: 5 cases
  • Finger warts:  14 cases
  • Periungual finger warts: 1 case
  • Knee warts: 2 cases
  • Plantar warts on foot: 9 cases
  • Plantar warts on toes: 4 cases
  • Plantar warts on heel: 2 cases
  • Plantar warts on ball of foot: 2 cases
  • Genital warts: 1 case

ACV Treatment for Warts 
Results Analysis:

Summary of Vinegar and Warts Testimonials

The vast majority (97%) of the 62 users of this ACV treatment for warts method were successful in removing their warts in about a months time or were pleased with the ongoing results.

The only drawback mentioned by 61% of participants was the pain involved.
Not everyone experienced pain, but for those who did, it lasted anywhere from a few hours to several days. In those cases, over the counter pain medication was found to help.

 ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 62

Name: Casey
Location: Massachusetts, United States
Date: June 29, 2011

I was terrified of having a plantar wart on my foot, and when that was what had happened, I freaked out. I hate feet. When I was 8, I had a wart on the sole of my foot and ripped it out with my fingernails (yes, all the way to the root), because I was so scared/disgusted.

When I got the small wart on the sole of my foot a month ago, I started using Thuja. This didn't really affect it. After two and a half weeks, I started Apple Cider Vinegar treatment, because of this website.

I am pleased to say, after a week and a half, that the largest part of my wart has fallen off, and I plan to continue the treatment (which only hurt for about an hour on the first night), until the rest is gone.

Apple Cider Vinegar is cheap, and WORKS. I have never written any kind of testimonial on the internet, until now, because I hope that people can find out that ACV actually treats warts--when all the other remedies are not only more painful, but not actually always effective.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 61

Name: Christine
Location: Illinois, United States
Date: June 24, 2011

I've had a wart on the bottom crease of my big toe for 2-3 years.

I had tried the OTC freeze off and the Compound W. Nothing worked and they only seemed to make it bigger. It was about the size of a regular strength Tylenol.

When I got pregnant I started looking for a more natural way to get rid of it. I stumbled upon this website. I immediately went home and tried ACV. I was a bit nervous because many of the testimonies only talked about the first couple days and not about the end results. So many people say they thought it was working, but not a lot actually came back to say...HEY IT WORKED. But I decided to try it and stick with it.

It was a Tuesday afternoon. I soaked a cotton ball (cut down to the size of the wart) with ACV and applied it with a Band Aid. Left it on overnight. It throbbed and it stung, but by the next morning, the wart had already turned scabby and blackish red.

Wednesday morning, I repeated the process from the night before. I soaked a cotton ball with ACV and applied with a Band Aid. Wore it all day to work.

I repeated this every morning before work and after work for 4 days. It hurt, but I'm pregnant and can’t take anything for pain. It wasn't too bad and I’m usually a wimp about pain.

Every time I changed the cotton ball I didn't notice that much of a difference in the wart's appearance. It stayed scabby and blackish red. Saturday, I skipped the process because the throbbing was too much for me. I repeated the process on Sunday for one last time.

Monday morning, the scab lifted with a little prodding (I was told not to prod, but curiosity got the best of me...along with impatience). There was some grey/green pus underneath the scab, which caused a little alarm at first. Once I cleaned it up with some peroxide, I realized that the ACV was successful.

Underneath the grossness was a crater with pinkish new skin. I applied some Neosporin and a Band Aid for a few days and everything healed up nicely.

The wart is gone and hasn’t returned! It has been about a month.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 60

Name: Dave
Location: London, United Kingdom
Date: June 20, 2011

My 7 year old daughter had viral warts on her hands for about two years.

She had months of treatment with Aldara (imiquimod) which did absolutely nothing.

Later she had months of very painful treatment with Salactol (combination of salicylic acid and lactic acid). This also did nothing and hurt like hell.

In recent months the warts had started to spread to her wrists, knees and face. As of late May 2011, she had just under 200 warts, with one or two new warts appearing each day.

In desperation, the consultant pediatric dermatologist referred our daughter to a specialist plastic surgeon for a surgical opinion. By then, three fingers were covered with so many warts that we could not see any finger any more - just clumps/clusters of warts.

I was 100% determined to try anything I could to avoid her needing plastic surgery.

I have little time for internet fad treatments that have not been subject to randomized controlled trials. I had read about people treating warts with apple cider vinegar and decided to try it only because I thought that - while it was probably not going to work - it was also unlikely to do any serious harm.

I bought a bottle of organic ACV for the princely sum of £1.39. I started by applying it with the tip of a cotton bud (Q-tip) to one wart on my daughter's knee. I covered it with a plaster and reapplied changed the plaster (Band aid) twice per day: first thing in the morning and just before bedtime.

To my surprise, the one wart that I was treating shrunk to about half its size after about 4 days. Encouraged, I started trying it out on other warts. Every wart I treated started shrinking within a few days of being treated. I took to painting the ACV over all warts, covering the worst areas with plasters or steri-strips, and keeping the lot in place with a loose tubigrip bandage. I have been v careful not to put the ACV on good skin.

Some of the treated warts developed little black heads before disappearing altogether.

Others became crusty before disappearing.

A couple of the bigger ones become hard and brittle and came off when my daughter was playing.

It is now three weeks since I started the treatment. My daughter now has around 15 warts left out of the original 200. Her face, knee and wrists are all completely clear. I can see parts of her fingers that I had not seen in a year as they had previously been obliterated by warts. I am treating the last few warts and - assuming that things continue as they have been - I expect these to be gone by the end of the week.

We have cancelled the appointment with the plastic surgeon.

My daughter says that the ACV treatment stings a little - especially when I first put it on - but is nowhere near as painful as the Salactol. She is delighted to be able to see her fingers again, and especially happy that her face is clear.

I have no idea whether ACV only works for some types of warts or only on some people. All I know is that it has been completely and utterly amazing for my daughter.

I also don't know whether her warts will ever come back and - if they did - whether ACV would work again. However, they're gone for now, so one step at a time.

Equipment used to date:

One 350 ml bottle of Aspall Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. (N.B. I have no idea whether the brand of vinegar makes any difference or whether it needs to be organic or not)

2 large packets of cotton buds.

3 packets of Johnson's plasters (the ones made out of that soft white material), assorted sizes.

3 x 1m size B tubigrip bandage.

3 packets steri-strips (for the awkward areas on the fingers where a plaster would not stay in place).

GOOD LUCK if trying it!

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 59

Name: Christine
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: June 20, 2011

This actually works! Could not believe it!!

I have always been a proponent of alternative and natural solutions, but was still hesitant to believe this one, even though I am a huge believer in Braggs Raw ACV, and do drink it with water and honey on a regular basis...just seemed too good to be true...

I am on Day 4 and the wart is almost completely gone...the only pain for me was the irritation from the surrounding skin where the band aid is taken off every night to put a fresh one on and another ACV soaked bit of cotton (this was on the bridge of my nose).

But, I’ll take that little bit of pain... .
This is truly amazing... .
Once again... Mother Nature to the rescue :)

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 58

Name: Stéphanie Chaignard
Location: France
Date: June 15, 2011
(Translated from French)

My daughter is almost six years old, and since a few months, she has 4 or 5 warts in the fold of the forearm.

I tried the ACV treatment on one wart. Since during the first two nights, it burned her for 5 minutes, I first soaked the wart and as soon as the pain eased, I put the tape on for the night. I did it for 5 days. As time went by, a crust formed. I stopped and then two days later, the black crust fell off.

The others warts are being treated. They are crusting over like the first one.I am super happy with the result. That spares me from going to a dermatologist for burning (a hospital intern told me that this was the only solution).

Thanks very much for your comments. I am optimistic for the remaining 3 or 4 warts.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 57

Name: Jacque
Location: Michigan, United States
Date: June 13, 2011

I recently used Apple Cider Vinegar to remove a persistent wart on my left thumb. It showed up about a year ago and nothing I tried would get rid of it. I tried acid treatments, freezing and even duct tape. Nothing worked. I loathe going to the Dr., so I Googled natural wart removal remedies and stumbled upon lots of sites that suggest ACV. I was skeptical at first but figured it couldn't hurt to try it.

Based on several different testimonials, I devised the following method:
1) I would wash and dry my hands thoroughly every night. Make sure the wart is good and dry before continuing...
2) After that I dipped a Q-tip into the ACV and cut off the tip of it, applying it directly to the wart.
3) I then put Vaseline around the wart to protect the good skin. (This is key- as the vinegar can really dry out and hurt the good skin around the wart.)
4) Then I applied a band-aid to my thumb to hold the cotton on the wart.
5) I wore it overnight, then removed it every morning and showered and went about my day as usual. (This is important- letting it air/dry out every day helps the process in my experience. I WOULD NOT recommend wearing the ACV all the time- 24 hours a day. The wart needs to air out every day...)

After 2 days the wart was already turning black and dying. After 9 days of this, the wart just fell out on its own. I continued the treatment for a few days to ensure it was gone then I switched to Neosporin with a band-aid for about a week to help heal the little crater/scar left behind. It worked great and my finger is basically back to normal, although the skin where the wart was is still a little pink and new.

I would like to note that I experienced ZERO pain doing it this way. Seriously. NONE. (And I am a big baby - if it hurt I wouldn't have made it very far in the process.)

I think just leaving it on at night and giving it air during the day helped. I also did not pick, exfoliate, pumice or cut at the wart in any way. That can just wound the skin more and make it worse. Let nature take its course- it will fall off on its own. I know it is easy to be impatient. But waiting for it to fall off of its own accord worked best for me. NO pain, and no scar.

I would also note that it had been a few weeks since I tried any other remedies. I had just let the wart go - and avoided putting any lotion on that area of my hand, so the wart itself and the surrounding area were pretty dried out. Not sure if this helped or not, but I think if you have just recently cut or tried to freeze or apply acid to your wart, you should wait a week or so before starting ACV... Let the wart *heal* so to speak. This may sound counter-productive, but I think most people who experience pain with ACV are putting it directly on an already hurting/open wound-type wart. Make sense?

Good luck to all!

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 56

Name: Paul M
Location: California, United States
Date: June 11, 2011

I've had a very painful plantar wart on the bottom of my foot for years.

It feels like a needle poking every time you walk. I tried having it cut out with surgery, which REALLY hurts, because to numb it they have to shove a needle right in the center. And, it came right back.

A few years later the doctor froze it, which worked for a couple of years, but it's back.

I've tried this, it's really working and so much less painful and less costly. Give it a try!

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 55

Name: Rikki
Location: Virginia, United States
Date: June 08, 2011

After trying the medicated band aids, medicated gel, freeze off kits (tried 2), and Tea-tree oil, I finally gave the ACV a try.

I am on day 5 and it is not an easy going because of the pain it is causing me.

I have a wart on one of my small toes and it has been there for about 9 month. For 4 days I had the tape and vinegar cotton ball on day and night and took some Motrin to relieve some of the pain I had.

Last night I had to take it off during the night since I could not take the pain anymore. I reapplied it this morning again and it is still painful but I can take it better during the day.

It has turned black and I hope it will come off soon. I read it takes about 2 weeks but I am really hoping it will be sooner.

UPDATE: June 10, 2011

My wart on my toe is off but it did not fall off on its own.

The pain was so great because a blister had formed under the wart.

When I soaked my foot in a warm ACV and water solution I was able to pry it off. It took some patience on my part but the wart was only attached on the sides.

I was able to get it off and clean the area up and used some Neosporin overnight. Due to the blister under the wart the skin was very aggravated.

I have little black dots still on one side of where the wart was and hope I won't get another new wart there.

So, in the end it was not such an easy ride for me as some described here. It DID work though.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 54

Name: Anne
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Date: June 07, 2011

I was not sure this method would work, but only after three days of using ACV, Q-tip ends and duck tape to wrap it up with, the 2 warts on my hand are turning black and are drying up.

So happy this has worked. I am a believer now!!

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 53

Name: Jennifer
Location: Alabama, United States
Date: June 07, 2011

Well, think we need some not so successful stories on here if we are to be realistic!

I too have had a recurring wart on my middle finger, left hand. Been to dermatologist numerous times for freezing - never with success. Finally tried ACV and all I got was severe burns on either side of the wart - but no change in the wart.

Now I'm waiting for my finger to heal - and it looks to me like the wart is actually larger as a result of this treatment.

I am a registered nurse and it definitely didn't work for me!

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 52

Name: Jay Perez
Location: California, United States
Date: June 06, 2011

This definitely worked for me...

It was very painful because I had two deep warts on the very pit of my thumb. I was going to the dermatologist for over a year, tried the freezing, the very expensive prescription meds. for warts, but nothing worked.

Anyhow, I started with overnight treatment with the cotton balls and ACV. However, the pain was just too much for me. After three days, I couldn't take it anymore. Then, I started to soak my thumb in a glass of ACV for an hour or so a day as I watched TV before going to bed (absolutely no pain!!). I did this for about 3 or 4 additional days... Then, incredibly, the warts turned completely black.

I was so happy to see this. The warts were so deep that it took quite some time for my finger to completely heal from the dead warts. I took pictures to show my Dr. (and as proof).

Today, I'm completely wart free. I highly recommend ACV. For me, it was very painful, but after a couple of years with these embarrassing things on my hand, it was very well worth it.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 51

Name: Mohammed Mo
Location: Rabat, Morocco
Date: June 03, 2011

(Translated from French)
Greetings !

I also had warts and, believe it or not, this works!

After just 5 days… they were gone!!

If you have the same problem, try vinegar.
It works, thanks to God.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 50

Name: Lisa
Location: Michigan, United States
Date: June 02, 2011

Holy Crap! It sooooo works!!!

It's been at least 3 months since I figured out it was a Plantar Wart. Thought it was a piece of glass or a splinter for about a month or so before, till a friend told me about them. I was starting to think it was something else.

I read this, went right to the store. Put the apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball, covered with big band-aids, did it again overnight and it came right up. I've tried freezing it twice.

This started working overnight! Crazy.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 49

Name: Crystal
Location: Colorado, United States
Date: June 01, 2011

I have been using this remedy now for 22 years!

I had at least 4 warts on my face by my mouth when I was about 4 years old as well as all over my hands.

The doctors would not remove the warts on my face so my grandmother had me try this remedy. So blessed that it worked!

And now, 22 years later, I still use the remedy and am quick to let my friends in on the secret!

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 48

Name: Choie Laude
Location: Queenland, Australia
Date: May 27, 2011

I felt bad looking at my nine year old niece beautiful hands, laden with a very healthy wart on one of her index fingers, as well little warts on the other fingers and on her palms. For years, her mother had tried applying over-the counter medications for it but none of them worked.

So I did some research about home remedies for warts and I found this website. I shared what I had read about ACV to my niece and we started the experiment right away.

In about two weeks time, the mother of all her tiny warts fell-off, never to come back, and the small ones just disappeared. She was excited to see her wart-free hands again. No scars, not a trace of any wart.

Thanks to this website.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 47

Name: Natz
Location: London, United Kingdom
Date: May 23, 2011 last hope!
I have a huge one on my heel,.has been there for few years now. Tried freezing-home ones and GP, bazuka, filing, leaving it.

The big monster has had 3 babies and I don't want them to get bigger or continue to spread... I have also managed to get 1 wart on the back of my hand which I'm treating as well.

Started treatment 2 nights plan on updating progress as I go. I cut the tip of a Q-tip and leave the plastic bit in, this seems to make it a bit easier to keep in place over night, seal it with surgical tape.

The pain factor is not too bad!! It seemed painful this morning to walk on but after bath, it seemed ok after 1 hour.
Overnight the stinging has been bearable for me-so far...fingers crossed as soooo fed up of not being able to go for pedicure with my friends :-)

Update: May 24 to August 17, 2011

The following night the pain was unbearable and had to pull off in night.

The next day it was painful to walk on but I continued with treatment. I filed the dead skin off when I could bear the pain.

The ones on my foot turned totally black…I wasn't sure how long I should leave it before I tried to get it off. Once I managed to get the black skin off the verucca seemed to be gone but lots of layers of skin were still there.

Now 3 months on some have Re-appeared. I try to keep them at bay by a lot of filing and even bought a callous scraper/razor tube thing to skim them off.

I might try to give them another blast with ACV...will update again,but I still will say ACV has been the best solution so far.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 46

Name: John
Location: New Jersey, United States
Date: May 23, 2011

Now I am 6 days into the treatment on a wart on my finger.

The treatment resulted in the wart swelling. After a few days the stinging subsided. At day four, the swelling part came off with a little prodding.

There is still part of the wart remaining but it is smaller. I have continued the treatment for another two days. It is stinging again where the skin was tender.

Hopefully the remaining part will come off in a few days.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 45

Name: Pamela
Location: New Jersey, United States
Date: May 14, 2011

My 4 year old daughter had developed a periungual wart (at the base of her index finger).

I first thought it was an infection and treated it as such with no luck. Puzzled, I went to her pediatrician and she calmly said "oh its just a wart. Try an OTC treatment and it will be gone". I bought an OTC treatment and the area first turned white and inflamed but after two weeks of treatment wasn't inflamed and it had seemed to dry up the wart. Yay!

Well not even a week later, the little sucker came back and with a vengeance. This time, it was almost double the original size! In my desperation, I looked up holistic cures for warts and came upon this site.

I had some organic ACV, so I soaked a small tip of a Q-tip after her bath and applied Neosporin on the surrounding skin which was pink and inflamed. Reapplied to clean area every night. It has been about a week and a half now and I hope the worst is over. The surrounding skin blistered up VERY badly (it was almost as big as her tiny fingers). It also hurt pretty bad as my daughter has a high pain threshold, and there were about 2 or 3 nights when I was forced to give her Children’s Motrin to ease the pain.

The blister is now gone but there is about 3/4 of an inch of flaky black skin under her fingernail with the surrounding area still pink and inflamed. It looks pretty bad but I know the ACV is killing the wart. It does hurt and it has to get worse before it gets better.

So remember to stick with it. I will write another review when the area is completely clean.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 44

Name: Susannah
Location:New York, United States
Date: May 12, 2011

I have had a nuisance of a wart on my left thumb for what feels like forever.

Today I decided I've had enough of it and want to get rid of it! After searching the internet, it seems to me that very few people have success with medical treatments (liquid nitrogen, OTC meds, etc.), so I chose to use the simple ACV remedy.

Soaked a cotton ball and stuck it on with a band-aid. Already, the skin around the wart has become white and puffy.

My birthday is in 2 weeks and I am looking forward to being wart-free by that time!

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 43

Name: Sara David
Location: Georgie, USA
Date: May 12, 2011

Thissss Really does work!!

I read this almost a year ago. I had about 7 warts on my hands and I was desperate and wanted them gone. So I was gonna try anything!

ACV is definitely a cheap effective treatment for warts. And me personally, I had a lot of pain with mine. Like they say, it can wake you up at night with so much pain, just depends on how bad you want it gone.

After a day or so, it turns black and may stop hurting. Remove that layer and then let that layer heal and dry out!!!
Reapply it after about a day and it will hurt again like before but continue putting the ACV to it for a couple more days until all the little black dots are gone and it stops hurting.

Mine took about 2 1/2 weeks or so but it is sooo worth it!!! I have gotten rid of six so far and I have one to go and they are still gone after a year trying the ACV on the first one! :)

Good luck!

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 42

Name: LB
Location: Illinois, United States
Date: May 11, 2011

I was very skeptical of this treatment as I am with any home remedies. They never seem to work for me.

I have had what I believe to be a plantar wart for about a year now. On a Tuesday I agreed to go get a pedicure with a friend and did not want to go with this thing on the bottom of my foot. I researched this and decided to give ACV a try.

First, I soaked the whole foot in acv for 30 minutes, washed it, then soaked a cotton ball in acv, bandaged it and went to bed. In the morning, I used a pumice (sp) stone to scrape it and the entire top (which had turned white) came off.

I WAS SHOCKED. Also, because the ACV expired in 2007 and it's now 2011!!!! (I didn't realize till this morning).

I'm going to continue the treatment for a week, but I've seen amazing results after one night. GIVE IT A SHOT!

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 41

Name: Nicole Matthews
Location: Nevada, United States
Date: May 11, 2011

I just have to say I could not be more thankful for finding the ACV remedy online!

My daughter has had a wart on her knee since she was 4. She is almost 9 now. We have used everything and I mean everything over the counter. We thought it was almost gone a few times and then it would just blow right back up. As she got older, she started getting upset about it, as she was in dance and everyone could see it.

I took her to the dermatologist and they said she was too young to take it off, so they stared putting beetle juice on it every 2 weeks. After $200 in co-pays and a very minimal difference, I stopped taking her. Then it got even bigger and 4 little warts started growing around it!

With my daughter in tears, I went online and found this information. Our 4 year war came to an end in 5 days! The thing turned black within 2 treatments, first few layers falling off by the 3rd day and she picked the rest of it off on day 5.

I honestly cannot believe it. All that money we wasted month after month. She does have a shallow indention in her knee and it looks like it may leave a small scar but she is just so happy it's gone it doesn't matter.

I wanted to share because I am so happy that this really, really works!!

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 40

Name: Chris
Location: England, United Kingdom
Date: May 10, 2011

Thank you so much!

I had a wart on my cheek for about 2 years. I tried a couple of treatments from my GP - nothing worked. Then I saw this website.

I did the cider vinegar on cotton wool taped with Gaffa tape 3 nights ago. The next day, the wart looked a bit darker. I forgot all about it the next night then tonight, a few minutes ago, I thought I would try again.

I was about to put the cotton wool on my cheek and saw that the wart had turned black. I rubbed it gently and it fell off!

Honestly, that was just one treatment and completely painless. I have stuck another vinegar soaked piece of cotton wool on the place where the wart was, just to make sure, and that stings just a tiny bit.

Can’t thank you enough.


ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 39

Name: François
Location: Québec, Canada
Date: May 09, 2011
(Translated from French)

Well here's my experience and my successful fight against a large plantar wart that lasted almost a year. I confronted this horror because it bothered me terribly when a new girlfriend started to massage my feet.

I began treatment with a product for wart "Compound Salicylic Acid 17%" bought at the store, and it did not work. I may not have applied the product enough times, thinking it would be miraculous. Or I should have worn a waterproof dressing with this product? Do not waste money on that. Why not natural products?

Following my first treatment failure, the wart had increased its strength and size and was more painful when walking.

Then, being curious, I read a lot, lots of forums to see everybody's recipes , and in my head, I decided to kill this bugger!

It went fairly quickly, within 5 days. The center of the wart turned gray-black and a lot of the surrounding skin easily detached itself when I decided to pull a bit with tweezers. In the center is little new skin, thin and sensitive. Around it, I want to make sure that there are no remaining traces of wart tissue. So, I will continue my home remedy treatment for about 4 days.

Here is my method and my recipe, "a mix" of several of your methods:

A piece of duct tape about 2 inches (5 cm) square (any adhesive that holds well on the skin is good) with a small piece of paper towel folded into 4 in the center. I put on a few drops of my personal mix (balsamic vinegar from Italy with a concentration of 6% acetic acid and lemon juice, half and half) and I stuck it to the wart.

I wore a small tight sock, which holds the adhesive tape a little better as it tries to come off. Please keep it on around the clock but change the dressing every day along with your little piece of soaked paper. On this site, we are talking about apple cider vinegar with an average of 4.5% acetic acid.

(Note from Although some local brands of apple cider vinegar contain less than 5% acetic acid, most contain 5%, some even more. Our site recommends using vinegar with 5% acetic acid such as Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar)

Ideally change your dressing just before bedtime or after leaving the shower in the evening and see that your soaked paper is centered on the wart when you go to bed.

By the way I felt nothing during the night or at rest, but during the day while walking on the bandage, it hurt, but I was proud to know that I was hurting that wart.

I'll try to come back to read this page from time to time, in case I should see someone for whom treatment does not work. If it does not, in my opinion it is that the dressing is not applied as needed and/or not centered on the wart.

When you think about it, all types of vinegar contain acid and lemon is another acid. We know the power of these ingredients to attack and tenderize meat (marinades - maceration). I just read a recipe, (copy and paste): "The acidity of the lemon will penetrate the flesh and will naturally cook it, cold."

To all, a humorous finishing touch:
Have a good maceration of your plantar wart, and farewell to my embarrassing cursed horror, I who am very proud of my appearance.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 38

Name: Jon
Location: North Carolina, United States
Date: May 09, 2011

I am in the process of using this remedy.

I had a wart in my heel for the last 10 years which was relatively small so I never bothered with it. Recently it started to grow and I knew it was time to do something.

I am four days in... All the dead skin has come off, wart has turned an eerie black.

Hoping it will be gone soon. At least something is happening. Pain is sharp, but not unbearable.

I expected that with an old and ornery wart. Looks like it is going to work!

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 37

Name: Amelia Tyler
Location: Texas, United States
Date: May 08, 2011

I have had a plantar wart on the ball of my left foot for at least 10 years now.

It never really bothered me very much I just didn't like it for cosmetic reasons. They aren't pretty, plantar warts. I've always only had the one, which is slightly larger than a pencil eraser and after 10+ years, it never grew any bigger or spread. Until last week. I had another tiny one pop up on the side of the same foot.

As a rule, I generally shun any or conventional chemical treatments, so I immediately looked up homeopathic remedies for this problem and stumbled upon so many different websites advocating duct tape, tea tree oil, lime juice, apple cider vinegar and so on. I decided to go with the least complicated route of apple cider vinegar.

I just so happened to have a bottle of Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in my cupboard. I think the organic, unfiltered ACV might be a little more effective versus typical ACV since it retains all the natural enzymes. But anyways, It's been approximately 24 hours and my plantar warts are *almost* completely gone after being there for over 10 years.

There wasn't really a lot of pain involved but it did hurt a little. But pain is a relative term and I have had a very serious foot injury in the past that was a 10 on the pain scale so I guess compared to that, the pain associated with the ACV treatment is about a 2 or 3. To me, but I have a pretty high tolerance for pain.

It is so worth it to try this. Forget all the treatments offered by doctors, they are usually fairly ineffective and are never permanent. Try to get organic unfiltered ACV if you can. I feel like that has made the difference in mine. Instead of a few weeks or months, it's only been about a day. I think within another day or two, it will be completely gone.

Don't get discouraged if you don't immediately see results like I have, everyone's different.

Oh and another note, the pain you may experience is normal, plantar warts have their own little nervous systems that are full of sensitive nerves and tiny veins. So while the acidity of the ACV treatment is killing off the wart, it is also killing off this tiny little nervous system that has grown. Anytime nerves are involved, there will be a certain amount of pain. So just bear with it and stick it out until the end. It's worth it despite any pain you may experience.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 36

Name: Larry O'Brian
Location: Carlow, Ireland
Date: May 06, 2011

Definitely works!

I had one verruca on my left foot and 3 on my right foot, using the ACV-soaked cotton balls I've gotten rid of the one on my left foot, working at the right foot now and the verrucas look like they're suffering. Should only be a matter of time.

Yes it hurts, you'll feel your pulse through the wart, but it's well worth it in the end!

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 35

Name: Loretta Hocking
Location: Victoria, Australia
Date: April 28, 2011

I had a plantar wart on my big left toe for probably ten years.

I tried various treatments, I will admit - not religiously. However, after reading various success stories on the use of ACV I thought, "what the heck? What do I have to lose?"

One night I soaked my toe for one hour in neat ACV. After a few days, it did hurt a little, but I didn't lose sleep over it. (Maybe I am brave, I don't know). I kept paring it down using a blade and pumice stone, and yes, it did bleed a little. I thought to myself, "this isn't working" because the tell-tale black spots were still there.

I am lazy when it comes to remembering to treat something like this, but then, after a while, I noticed that the wart had completely disappeared. I have now been wart free for over one year.

Good eh?! This is a cheap and effective remedy. Ditch those pharmacy methods and try this. I am sure that if you are more fastidious than I am, your warts will disappear faster.

The good thing about these home cures is that they are cheap and effective and natural! Don't take my word for it - try it for yourself and I will look forward to YOUR testimonial!!!

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 34

Name: Coreen
Location: Washington, United States
Date: April 26, 2011

I have been messing with trying to get rid of a wart on the top of my hand for 9 months.

Nothing worked. I have scraped it and applied the over-the-counter remedies so much that it was painful.

I finally gave the ACV a try and applied it with a soaked piece of cotton swab affixed with a band-aid 24 hours a day. It was pretty painful, but within about 5 days, a darkened top easily came off, leaving a crater of raw skin. I was unsure if the wart was really gone so I applied the ACV another 36 hours. That was probably overkill. Now I have a nice pink scar and no wart!

I then used the same method on another small series of warts on a finger that had appeared the same time my hand wart had. Same method and same result. Although these were so tiny there wasn't much pain.

This works!! Try it!

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 33

Name: Daniel
Location: Oregon, United States
Date: April 26, 2011

I had warts on my left index finger in several places and one on my left middle finger. I also had large masses of plantar warts on my right foot. Nothing I used worked and I did not opt for cryosurgery.

Then I saw others using ACV and decided to give it a try.

I did the left hand first. I had the usual blackened skin and throbbing pain. There were some nights where I could not take the pain anymore and had to rip off the cotton swabs. But I persisted. It took several rounds, each time taking a few weeks of continual effort. But after about 6 months, they were gone and there's no trace whatsoever. They've been gone for about months now.

I then moved onto the plantar warts, and based on what I've read, I was anticipating an even longer battle. Due to the size of the wart complexes (they'd spread and some groups were over an inch wide) I decided to just soak my foot in the ACV. I used a shallow glass baking dish and put about a quarter inch of ACV and soaked my foot as I watched TV.

I did this just twice for about an hour each time. I did not get the blackened skin and there was no pain so I thought that this was not going to work. But a funny thing happened. The plantar warts just disappeared. Gone.

Total cost was less than $10 and that included the cotton swabs and tape.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 32

Name: Brendan
Location: Florida, United States
Date: April 24, 2011

Let me tell you..this remedy actually works!

I came to this site looking for a remedy for the wart on my knee and read all the comments from other readers and thought they were planted by financially supportive groups or rare cases. I was WRONG!

I had a wart on my knee for the last 2 years that would not go away. I used freezing, nail clippers, acid, and none of that worked. It would get rid of the top layer but not touch the bottom layer. I finally found this website and bought myself some ACV @ 5% acidity and put it on my knee for the last ten days. Around day 5, the white top started to fall off and i used scissors to remove the part falling off.

I left the ACV on for the next 2 days and it started to look like it was growing back so I got frustrated and I decided to cut off the top layer with my knife. I took my K-bar and sterilized it and cut off all the wart that was above the skin. It bled a lot but I then stopped the bleeding and continued to put the ACV on the open wound.

A week later today (Easter) I took a shower and removed the bandage to put a new pad on ACV on the wound and it looked like it was falling out. I took a pair of scissors and just lifted up a side of the wound and the whole root of the wart fell out and I had a crater in my knee about 1/8 inch from where the wart completely fell out.

I would have never believed this method without trying it myself. ACV is a testimonial to natural cures and I highly recommend it.

PS: Everyone talked about the "pain" with this treatment. There is not a lot of pain at all, its more of a nuisance and a swelling pain instead of the stinging pain with other wounds.

Good luck & thank you to the website for all their help! .

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 31

Name: Madin
Location: NRW, Germany
Date: April 09, 2011

I have this wart on the tip of my middle finger, right in front of my nail for more than 5 years now and have spent a lot of money on dermatologist but it never goes away so I kind of gave up hope and for the last and final hope, I search for home remedy for wart on the internet and I came a cross a video on YouTube where a girl showed how to use ACV on wart and then I finally found this site and reading all these positive comments makes me want to try this ACV treatment too in the hope of getting rid of this stubborn wart on my finger.

So, I started with this treatment from the 5th of January this year (2011) and I must admit, the first few weeks of this treatment was utterly painful and there were times I couldn't sleep at all out of pain and throbbing on my finger, but still I hang on as I really wanted it gone.

After two weeks of this treatment, the wart that had turn black falls off and I gave it a day off for the open wound to heal and continue with the second treatment just incase there still is another wart inside.. and I was right, there was still another wart deep inside and the pain and throbbing of the second treatment was worst than the first time around but I carry on the treatment despite the pain, and after removing this blacken wart for the second time, I continue with the third treatment and so on and the blacken wart have become smaller and smaller each round, but sadly after 3months of continuous treatments, I still haven't got the perfect result you guys are talking about, I still have two small black spots which I believe is the roots of the wart.

I will continue with this treatment until these two black spots are gone and hopefully I will be able to write positive comment soon. Wish me luck.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 30

Name: Stephanie
Location: Canada
Date: April 09, 2011

This actually works! I was so amazed.

I tried it for like 2 days and they are already black and shriveled up looking!!!

Wooooooooo, no more summer without sandals. haha :)

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 29

Name: Ari
Location: Arkansas, United States
Date: March 29, 2011

Wow. Just ... wow. That's all I can say. I honestly can't believe it.

I've had this wart on my right thumb for probably a year now. I've tried duct tape, I've tried salicylic acid band-aids, I've tried the freeze-off kits - pretty much everything short from visiting a doctor (no insurance, lol).

After using the salicylic acid band-aids for months on end, I realized they weren't going to work, so I just stuck with regular band-aids to hide it and prevent it from spreading. Luckily no one ever commented on why I always wore a band-aid. I guess they always thought I cut my finger.

Nevertheless, I knew there was one treatment that I'd read about that I hadn't tried: the ACV treatment. I was like, well, why not? Might as well give it a try.

The transformation was amazing, to say the least. I was able to peel off the top layer painlessly, and now I'm treating what seems to be a second layer. But I have never, ever seen this wart turn black - and I was extremely ecstatic, to say the least!

Seriously, don't skip over these testimonials thinking they're bunk! Please, please at least TRY the ACV treatment! It costs under 5 dollars for an entire bottle and will save you from paying your hard-earned cash on doctor visits that probably won't work anyways!

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 28

Name: Luca Marie
Location: Illinois, United States
Date: March 29, 2011

I can't believe it worked.

I am so glad I tried ACV before the Aldara that my Dr. prescribed. I read so many horror stories about the side-effects of Aldara, and I feel that ACV has saved me from blistering open sores and chemical burns I would have inflicted on myself by using such a strong drug.

Try it, it works! The mild burning is nothing compared to the satisfaction of being wart-free.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 27

Name: Kirk
Location: Oregon, United States
Date: March 28, 2011

I tried this method twice for two week durations and the warts returned larger than ever.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 26

Name: Tess
Location: Illinois, United States
Date: March 26, 2011

I felt so bad for my son, who had plantar warts on the bottoms of both feet.

They were so painful and he had seen a dermatologist with no help. The Dr. froze them and gave him shots under them on 3 separate occasions.

I usually don't respond to things like this, but if it will help someone, the apple cider vinegar worked within 2 days!!

All gone, not without a little pain when soaking them but well worth it!! Thanks to all who wrote about the acv remedy.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 25

Name: Lynnette
Location: Manitoba, Canada
Date: March 25, 2011

I noticed one wart on the inside of my labia.

I was very alarmed. I had been diagnosed with HPV after an abnormal pap years ago but aside from having some cells removed from my cervix had not seen any genital warts.

I really didn't want to go to a Dr, I'm a married woman with 3 kids and this is embarrassing! I thought ACV would be worth a try.

Using a band aid to hold the cotton in place proved difficult and painful to remove. The first treatment I did was for an hour and it turned white. That night I put it on again for 6 hrs before I removed it. That morning the bulk of it fell off already! (it was pretty small). I'm treating it again right now as I can still see more in the skin a bit although it's not very deep.

I'm amazed by how quickly it's working! It stings a bit initially but it's nothing I can't handle. I'm going to try the Vaseline on the good skin idea tonight. I plan to continue for at least 7-10 treatments (I'm doing it during my kids nap time and at night).

I just wanted to say that so far this looks like an incredibly effective treatment, even for genital warts.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 24

Name: Oscar A.
Location: Washington, DC, United States
Date: March 24, 2011

WOW! Took a week or so but it got rid of an unsightly wart that was on my finger.

The pain was not the worst but it wasn't pleasant either. Using band-aids and paper towel soaked in ACV worked just as well. The band-aid allowed me to wear the ACV throughout the day without people asking questions.

I tried everything before to remove warts, from liquid nitrogen (professionally administered) to over the counter treatments, this was the only thing that cured it. Been about a year and thank God the warts have not come back.

I promised I would write a review of this treatment if it worked, and it did. Best of all, if you are still doubtful, the most you'll spend is a week or so and less than $10 bucks.
Good luck.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 23

Name: Lindsey
Location: California, United States
Date: March 23, 2011

I am SOO Glad I read this!

I read this page a few days back and decided to try the ACV treatment. I had a wart I wanted to get rid of on my finger for years! My fiance also had a few so he was excited to see if it was worth it also!

As most of you probably know, it worked perfectly! I actually only wore it for three night and my hands started itching too badly. (Now, let me explain this is not a normal side effect. I have eczema so the vinegar was drying it out too much.)

I stopped treatment because I couldn't deal with the itching and just decided to ask my doctor to freeze it off. (I had an appointment three days after I stopped treatment anyway.) But just two days later it fell off! AMAZING!

Now here is why I'm REALLY thankful.. I had thought about applying ACV to my finger again to be sure this nasty thing was gone but then I read the post towards the top of this! OMG! She definitely got an infection from over treating!

Now I can put a band-aid on my hand for a day or two until my open wound heals a bit more and be done! :)

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 22

Name: Kam S
Location: England, United Kingdom
Date: March 21, 2011

I didn't realise that the spot on my face was actually a wart. I had this a few months before I realised.

I used Dermisil for warts for about 5 weeks before it finished. Although I noticed there was a difference it was still very intact and didn't look like it was ready to go.

I noticed this site and decided to try the ACV.

Well on day 2 a part of the wart came away. It was shrinking quite quickly and today, on day 5 it has come away.

So pleased, especially as this was on my face. Was beginning to feel like 'Nanny McPhee', even my kids were refusing to kiss and hug me. Today I feel I can show my face to the world without thinking they are all talking to the wart, so I'm over the moon.

My advice would be to try this before anything else, persevere and you'll be surprised. Thank you!

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 21

Name: Jennifer
Location: New Hampshire, United States
Date: March 20, 2011

I am a 25 year old female who had a huge hideous wart on her right ring finger for over a year.

Like most of the others here, I tried all the over the counter methods (salicylic acid, freeze off) and they didn't work. My doctor suggested covering my finger with duct tape for two weeks. I did that, looked like an idiot for two weeks, and it grew back almost immediately after turning my finger tip into a black nasty swamp.

I read a few sites about ACV and decided to try it two weeks ago.

My wart was VERY deep and looked like a cauliflower mountain on my finger. After 4 days taping an ACV soaked q-tip top on my finger with duct tape at night, a band-aid during the day, it came off.

It first turned gray, then over the next few days turned black. I started leaving the ACV off and just covering the grossness with a band-aid during the day and applying the acv only at night. I picked off a nasty scab on day 6, removing the wart I'd hated for so long!

I'm still periodically applying the ACV at night but the wart is gone and my finger really looks close to normal now!!

I thought I'd have to cut my finger off to be rid of the thing but thanks to this treatment I am free! I believe this works because acv is an acidic antifungal that alters the warts "habitat" on my finger to one in which the virus simply can no longer survive.

Goal achieved! Thank you!!!

PS This treatment was extremely painful but worth it!

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 20

Name: Anonymous
Location: Texas, United States
Date: March 20, 2011

What I did to remove my wart was this:
I put on ACV for about 1 week every night, sometimes I would leave it on in the morning.

For my Fingers:
I put on ACV until I saw it turn completely black. Once this happen I put on some nail polish that was similar to my skin color. I think the clear nail polish was to thin. I suggest some thick nail polish and I kept it covered the whole day then would peel the nail polish off with eyebrow tweezers. I also started using Compound W Freeze off when it had turned black. I do not know if this was useful because the wart was already black. Eventually the wart just completely peeled off and there was new skin! TADA!!!!

For my Foot:
I had a plantar wart on my foot, this was the father of them all! It was the size of a dime. I put on ACV every night and yes there was some pain but I still held in there. Eventually the pain will go away or you will just get used to it. I put on ACV for a week and a half. I gave up on this for my foot and just left it covered with a band-aid for a couple days and one day I went to the shower it fell off somehow. LUCKY ME! and now there is hole in it. The new skin is coming on the top and is all red, I think its going to go away and heal on itself.

BTW I used the wart off Dr. Scholls patches for 2 months or so and it just made the wart a little smaller but I think ACV is the way to go! Just hang in there with the ACV and it will work! GOOD LUCK!!!!

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 19

Name: Kat
Location: Denmark
Date: March 15, 2011

I have just started treating my warts with ACV, and thus obviously cannot vouch for the efficacy of the treatment - though I don't doubt it.

I just want to note, as someone who has actually once upon a time had a plantar wart die on it's own, what a dead wart looks like, so you can react properly by stopping treatment.

Just because, at that point, It's an open wound, and open wounds like acid even less than healthy skin.

A wart that dies just falls out, In it's entirety. DON'T continue treatment unless it returns - it is most likely gone for good. There is no 'root' to get rid of - the black dots are the blood supply to the wart, and when the wart has fallen out, useless, and thus harmless. The contagious part of the wart IS the wart.

Sorry. This is written in the hope that the woman who commented last will return. And stop pouring (even weak-ish) acid in leaky, pussy, bloody body parts.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 18

Name: Anne
Location: Marlboro, United States
Date: March 08, 2011

This is going to be a long testimonial, but I hope it helps anyone out there with similar problems just as all the testimonials on this site have helped me.

I had a wart on my left hand ring finger for about two years (after most likely getting it from working at a children's summer camp...ugh). I had never really done much to it; it annoyed me, but I usually just trimmed it down with nail clippers after getting out of the shower. But as soon as I found this website I knew I would try ACV and get rid of it once and for all...

I began by putting ACV on a little piece of tissue and sticking it down with duct tape. I used this crazy patterned duct tape that you can find in some art stores- it looked more like a fancy band-aid and less like duct tape. I was basically trying to make it look the LEAST like I was attempting to get rid of a finger wart. Gross. Sometimes I also covered up the duct tape with regular band-aids. No one asked me about it because I don't think anyone cared...

I did that for one night and the next day the wart had turned black and puffy, just as everyone claims it does.

I continued for about 4 more days (and every day the pain got increasingly worse, but nothing too terrible). I wore the ACV/tape during the day because I thought it would be easier to deal with the throbbing when I was distracted by daily activities, as opposed to when I was lying in bed at night with nothing to think about except my painful, dying wart. There were some nights I was brave enough to suck it up, just because I wanted it to be done as soon as possible.

About a week or so into the process, I started picking at the blackened wart with tweezers and it peeled right off, without any pain at all. I was ecstatic, but wanted to be sure that it was gone for good.

So, that weekend I wore the ACV under tape/band-aids for about 24-30 hours straight. It hurt so much more than it ever had, because the ACV was on raw skin and closer to the root of the wart/the nerves of my finger. And when I took the bandaid off, it had turned black again. I was so, so upset that it wasn't over.

But, I continued with the treatment because I wanted this nasty thing gone.

Note: When I first started the treatment, I read all the reviews that talked about being woken up by pain from the ACV in the middle of the night. I didn't really believe that it would be THAT bad, because it was just apple cider vinegar on a stupid little wart. And my wart was pretty small anyway. But, once I started the "second round" (after peeling off the first layer), there was one night when I legitimately was woken up by the pain in my finger. These are not lies, really: wear it in the day, if possible. Talking to people and walking around and doing menial tasks will distract you from the pain. When you're lying in bed at night with nothing to do, the pain is all you can think about and it's so terrible. Believe me.

When I wasn't able/didn't want to wear the ACV, I put nude-colored nailpolish on the wart to suffocate it. The skin colored polish also acted as a concealer for the huge, disgusting black dot on my finger. I use "Nude Now" by Sally Hansen, but I'm pretty pale.

Anyway, after about another week of torture, I uncovered the wound to inspect it. It had become really black and very tender. I began to try to peel off the top (with sterilized tweezers, of course), and I seemed to "puncture" the wound and black liquid started oozing out! It was SO gross. But it didn't hurt at all. I tried to get all the liquid out and wash it multiple times and peel off the top layer of dead skin. But underneath there was very raw, wound-looking flesh, not at all like the "white" flesh underneath the previous scab I'd had.

And now it's still like that, after 2.5 weeks. I don't know if this is normal or not? It's kind of scabby now, but not in the way it was before. Sometimes it bleeds. I'm waiting it out, and once the skin is clean and fresh I'm going to double check if there's any wart left by trying ACV once more.

I'm upset that my treatment didn't work as well as other peoples'...maybe it's because I kept picking at it too early.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 17

Name: Madison
Location: Colorado, United States
Date: March 05, 2011

This works! I've had warts on my feet for a long time, and recently noticed that I was getting several on my right hand.

I used ACV on my hand, and after just 1 day of using it, those warts went away.

The warts on my feet turned black and I was able to use a pumice stone to get rid of most of it.

They are a lot less painful, just after 1 day. In a few days I'm sure that they will be gone completely.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 16

Name: Jennifer
Location: Misamis Oriental, Philippines
Date: February 27, 2011

I had warts on my right thumb for almost 3 years.

Have tried salicylic acid and freezing stuff that my boy friend brought me from Canada but still nothing worked, feeling desperate because my warts in my thumb are so ugly and it hurts sometime.

I searched online even looked it up in Youtube, that's where I found a video of a girl removing her warts using ACV, so I searched again and came across this site.
So I bought myself a bottle of Heinz ACV and gave it a try.

My first time putting it on my thumb hurt a lot. It throbbed in middle of the night so I had to remove the bandage and cotton. The warts turned white in the morning though, brown later on in the early afternoon.

Takes a month or so to have these ugly warts removed but hey it works, just never mind the pain.

Now my thumb is good As new, my nail is getting better too.

Thanks to ACV. No more warts!!!! hurrayyy

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 15

Name: Kayla Belle-Louis
Location: Florida, United States
Date: February 21, 2011

For quite a while I have had a wart on the tip of my left middle finger.

It was so embarrassing to shake someone's hand or if someone ask what it was. I went to the doctor to see if they could do something to take it away. They froze it three times and they said that it should go away in a few weeks. A few weeks passed and there I was still with the wart.

I tried everything aloe, going to the doctor, nothing seemed to work. So I decided to go on the internet and try to find home remedies.
Who would have thought, apple cider vinegar the most effective way to take away warts.

I gave it a shot. I put in on every night and let it dry in the day and in two weeks it was gone!!! i couldn't believe it actually worked!!

Now I can shake someone's had without worrying what they might think or do so many other things that I couldn't do because of it.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 14

Name: Laura
Location: England, United Kingdom
Date: February 20, 2011

Can't believe how effective this is! I had a large verruca on the bottom of my little toe for years which wouldn't shift and which my doctor refused to treat with anything but salicylic acid (which was painful and impractical).

In the process of trying to treat this the virus spread to my finger and I got two little wart like growths.

I decided to go back to see another doctor about my toe as the salicylic acid was doing nothing but cause me pain and infection, and she said it needed to be frozen off. I showed her where it had spread to my fingers and she said to continue using the salicylic acid on those as she couldn't freeze the warts on my finger.

I tried using the salicylic acid on my fingers but was finding it extremely painful to use so looked for an alternative method and came across cider vinegar.

I put cotton wool soaked in cider vinegar on my finger overnight for 2 weeks and kept it covered with just a plaster during the day. Within 2 or 3 days the warts had turned black and within a week there were two little holes where the warts had been, but I kept up the treatment for another week just to be sure. Meanwhile I was having treatment once every two weeks on my verruca (which has now finally gone!) but in total this took about 3 months to get rid of compared to the two week cider vinegar treatment!

The only downside for the cider vinegar was it was pretty uncomfortable, and would often be so bad it would keep me awake at night and I ended up taking off the cider vinegar soaked cotton wool.

But it was definitely worth it in the end, and I would recommend giving this a go to anyone who's found a wart/verruca before spend your money on expensive over the counter treatments!


ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 13

Name: Frank Gosselin
Location: Québec Canada
Date: February 11, 2011

(Translated from French)
WOW, for a while I've had several warts on my fingers.

Several of them went away with cryotherapy but others did not respond or worse, they got bigger after each treatment.

Apple cider vinegar took very little time before showing results. The warts became black.

For me, the inconvenience has been the pain. I work with nitrile gloves and the pressure and throbbing have been very uncomfortable.

But at last, one wart has disappeared after two weeks of treatment.
That's one battle won, but not the war yet.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 12

Name: Helen
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Date: February 05, 2011

I had two warts at the bed of my finger nails, and I had tried freezing to get them removed, and because every time I went, I would have to pay for a session it was getting way to expensive.

So i searched up home remedies to remove warts. This page was the first page I had encountered, and I read what everyone else had said. I thought no way could this possibly work, but I tried it and it was brilliant!

I did what everyone else had recommended, soaked a cotton ball in ACV and put a band-aid around my wart.

Trust me, if you experience a stinging pain, that is normal. The first night was the worst. It was this harsh throbbing pain and it hurts like hell, it does hurt, but I slept with it.

The next morning my wart was completely black and purple, I was worried at first because when i touched it (which i don't recommend doing) it was all squishy and i though I had infected it or something, but a week later the wart had gone completely!

Now my wart was pretty big, so there left a scar by my finger. But hey a scar is way more better looking than a massive wart! Now I am not afraid to show my fingers =D.

LOVE THIS REMEDY! it will be with me forever.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 11

Name: Addyson
Location: Illinois, United States
Date: February 04, 2011

Im 19 and I have had a wart on the palm of my hand for a long time.

I was somewhat self-conscious of it but ever since I got a new boyfriend I've been wanting it gone and gone fast.
(Holding hands with your boyfriend while there is a wart on your finger is gross)

I tried the ACV and it worked. The wart turned black after about the second day and the rest of the skin turned white a puffy. I peeled the wart off and continued with the ACV treatment to prevent it from coming back and it hasn't been there since.

One thing that I didn't like is that the surrounding skin got really irritated and peeled off very quickly but this treatment works!

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 10

Name: Laura
Location: Texas, United States
Date: February 01, 2011

I could not believe it worked!!

My young son had a patch of small warts all over his hand. He was very embarrassed and hated if someone noticed.

We also tried the freezing and chemicals. I found some home remedies for warts on the internet and we thought we would splurge on the ONE dollar for the Apple Cider Vinegar.

Since the warts were so small we used the cotton from a Q-tip and soaked it in ACV and taped it up. Within days the very center turned black and the rest of the wart turned puffy and white. They all fell off and healed and we have not had one since.

I would not have believed it if I had not witnessed it myself!!

Anyone with warts should try this!! But one warning, do not get the ACV on the surrounding skin, it does tend to make it peel.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 9

Name: Jim
Location: California, United States
Date: January 27, 2011

After reading everyone's advice and testimonials I gave ACV a shot. It worked.

I had a small (half the size of a bb), slightly raised, clear wart on my nose that was gradually getting larger (It started out as a flat, minuscule, scar-like thing a couple of years ago).

I applied ACV soaked cotton (from Q-tip) on the wart over night with half a band aid. I did not feel any stinging sensation at all, just the unique aroma of ACV.

After the first application the wart and the immediate area turned a whitish color with a dark speck within the wart. I repeated the process for three more days, and still without pain. By then the wart transformed into a dry, dark scab which beckoned me to peel it off. I did so with no pain or complications. The ACV had attacked the root of the wart as I examined the bb-sized mass. The area of my nose (tip) where it had been revealed a fresh , cratered, reddened area. I immediately applied Bactine to disinfect the area. The entire wart was gone.

I continually disinfected the area for the next two days. I also applied Neosporin to aid in the healing and rebuilding process. The hole filled itself with new skin. The area is flat and wartless. There is slight redness over that area but that, I believe, is part of the healing process and will subside shortly. It seemed like the ACV knew exactly where to go and what to attack.

I highly recommend this anecdotally proven treatment.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 8

Name: Lizzie
Location: New Jersey, United States
Date: January 24, 2011

I am 12 years old. About 2 years ago I got my first wart on the side of my foot.

I was young and careless that summer and no one really seemed to notice, but then it started to grow bigger.

I take gymnastics, and in gymnastics you have to be barefoot. I was EXTREMELY embarrassed and almost quit the class but I followed through until summer where I took a break. I never wore flip-flops unless I had a band-aid covering it and I envied people walking around in bare feet. By now my huge wart had made a friend just an inch away. I thought to myself "Oh Joy!"

So I started treatments. salicylic acid, duct tape, banana peel, etc nothing worked. I did try ACV for a little but I was lazy and didn't do it every night.

Now I am 12 years old about to turn 13. I also do cheer so once cheer season ends I start gymnastics again, Thank god for ACV. The first nights I experienced pain but It started to die. Within 3 weeks they were dead. I continued for another week to prevent them from coming back and now they are gone.

I love ACV it is pretty much the only treatment that works.

Use ACV EVERY night (take off before school, work, etc) File away dead skin after taking a shower. Avoid water at all costs. If you get your socks wet switch them (I like to keep the silica packs and keep them in my shoe to absorb moisture) If you have a wart near your nail/ on your cuticle DO NOT FILE AWAY! wait until it turns black and falls off... Anyway I hope you all try ACV and are successful.
All these people that wrote these comments have good advice too.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 7

Name: Sarah Griffin
Location:Bristol, United Kingdom
Date: January 22, 2011

If you have got to the end of your tether with trying to get rid of you warts please read my story.

I have suffered from large warts on my hands for 3 years, they were very noticeable and would often make people make comments and stare, I found it very difficult at times to do my job as a nurse, and would often wear gloves all the time so I could hide them.

I felt sad that I couldn't hold my husbands or childrens hand without being aware of my warts and worrying that I might spread them.

I saw my GP and had my wart frozen in total 14 times, all that happened was they ballooned into a big blister, made life very difficult for me with my job, but the wart was always there unchanged.

My GP decided to prescribe Aldara, which just seemed to send the warts into overdrive, and they became very big particularly one on my right hand, I was getting desperate and asked my GP to refer me to a dermatologist, he would not as apparently dermatologist don't see people with warts, but I could see a dermatologist privately!!!

So I decided to take the matter into my own hands, pardon the pun, and scoured the Internet, after coming across this site I wanted to give the treatment a try, I started the treatment religiously in October 2010, I won't lie it was quite painful at times especially after a few weeks of applying the cider every night, at times I would wake up but would just take some paracetamol and go back to bed.

My wish in for Christmas was to be wart free, something that I could only dream of, but slowly and surely the warts started to react, they went through all sorts of stages, puffed up, then went white then karki, then black, then formed into a scab, my colleges at work were very interested.

I could not believe it by December 2010 my warts were all gone I was left with smooth soft skin, my wish had come true and my medical colleges were amazed.

It has changed how I feel about myself and I feel a lot more confident in social situations.

My darling husband who has supported me, paid for me to have a manicure for part of my Christmas present.

So if you are coping with warts give it a go I really believe in the treatment. Good luck.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 6

Name: Sheri
Location: Virginia, United States
Date: January 22, 2011

I had a terrible plantar wart on the ball of my foot. I'd had it cut out by a doctor and two years later, it came back with a vengeance.

I decided to try ACV. I used it 24/7 - I would soak my entire foot in it and would also put it on a cotton ball and cover with a band-aid at night and when I had to go to work.

I have to admit that it was really painful!! The first morning after I'd soaked it for 45 minutes, the pain was almost unbearable and I wondered if I'd done something wrong. It was so bad that I almost called my doctor about it but I'm so glad I didn't because he probably would have just cut it out again - but it turns out that after two weeks using ACV, the wart was almost gone!!!!

I seriously cannot believe it! This was three years ago now and it has never returned. I'm still so amazed by this that I felt I needed to come back to this site and tell others about it.

It is definitely painful - but it is WORTH THE PAIN to finally get rid of the wart!! Just take ibuprofin or aceteminefin and try to live through the pain the first couple days. After that, the pain goes away (I figure the pain was maybe all the veins supplying blood to the wart that were dying off).

I was a skeptic and didn't believe -- but not anymore! I would do it again in a heartbeat!

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 5

Name: Tara H.
Location: South Carolina, United States
Date: January 19, 2011

I just wanted to say that it really do work.

I had a big wart on my middle finger for over a year and tried over the counter remedies but none worked.

What I did was I got as much dead skin off as I can bear with a straight razor. Then I dabbed a piece of tissue put it on top of the remaining wart and secure it with a bandage. That way it just look like I cut myself.

It will sting a whole lot but bear the pain because it's all worth it in the end. The next day I cut some more off. I cover with acv and bandage. Repeat until you get that sucker off. It will come completely off though.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 4

Name: Michelle Leonard
Location: Washington, United States
Date: January 18, 2011

I heard about using ACV for removal of warts, but what about 'dermatofibroma'? Dermatofibroma are a reddish or reddish brown bumps that can look similar to a wart. They are more common in women and can appear on areas like the legs, arms and wrists.

I had one appear out of the blue on my wrist. It was so ugly to me...I thought everyone noticed it.

I decided to try the ACV treatment instead of seeing an expensive dermatologist as I did not have the money to do so. To my amazement…it worked!

I soaked a small piece of cotton in ACV and put in on the bump and covered with a band aid. I did this every night for about 7 days. It was a little painful at times from the burning feeling, but it has been a couple weeks after using the ACV for only 7 days and the area is almost completely healed.

Interesting that many doctors and dermatologists wont tell you about this treatment. They would rather have you spend a ton of money to see them, when this is something you can cure on your own.

I highly recommend it. I am so happy it's gone.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 3

Name: Mélody
Location: Québec Canada
Date: January 11, 2011

(Translated from French)
Hello, I am a little 8 year old girl and I am writing to you to tell you how happy I am that my father found this miraculous remedy for my warts.

After only one and a half months of treatment, I am at last cured of these terrible warts…

Yes, it was sometimes painful, and I had to jump several nights because the skin around the wart became too irritated. But I just want to say to all those who are still hesitating to try this treatment; don't wait any longer because for me, of all the gifts I received for Christmas, this is the nicest.

Thank-you again.

ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 2

Name: Kristi Neeleman
Location: Washington, United States
Date: January 08, 2011

I HAVE to add my comment.

My poor son had a wart on his hand that he finally showed to me after two months. We weren't sure what it was so to the clinic we went. The doc there said, "It's a sliver; dig it out & you'll be fine."
Did that and about dug a hole 3 inches deep w/o finding ANYTHING.

Back to another doc. She said, "Yep a wart. Let's freeze it off." Did that. Three weeks later, still on his hand and BIGGER than before. BACK to another doc. He said, "Better freeze again and freeze at home too."
2 weeks later, bigger and hurting more and more. I freeze it. Still there.

FRUSTRATED with the medical profession, I do my OWN research and find this website and read all about ACV. I run to the store, buy some, put it on his hand and wrap it. That was a Sunday night.

By Friday (FOUR days later) COMPLETELY GONE. No sign. No scar. No pain. Nothing but smiles from my son who can show his hand again.


ACV Treatment for Warts
Testimonial 1

Name: Emily
Location: TN, United States
Date: January 02, 2011

Apple cider vinegar WORKS. And it works well...and best of all, it's hardly $1 at any local grocery store. Before you consider painful, expensive treatments, it is worth it to try the ACV method.

About a year ago I developed a plantar wart on the bottom of my right toe. I have a compromised immune system, but not considering this, I decided to see if it would go away on it's own.

A year later, I'm at war with the thing which has doubled in size AND had a baby right in the center of the ball of my foot. I didn't understand how contagious they were until doing more research. Now, I'm a month into vigorous treatment with ACV and for the first time I'm seeing this thing dying off and my foot returning to normal.

Here is my treatment summarized:
1. Pull off the end of a q-tip, soak in vinegar, put on wart. Use other end of q-tip to soak up some of the acv so it isn't dripping down your foot.

2. Cover it firmly with either duct tape or water proof tough bandages. WEAR ALL DAY IF YOU CAN STAND IT.

3. Every 24 hours, remove the bandage. Using the edge of a small knife (I used a needle-threader, perfect shape)scrape away any dead skin. If it doesn't scrape away easily, don't scrape at it. Replace a fresh acv soaked cotton piece, re-bandage. Repeat this procedure for 1-3 months..however long it takes to clear up. Repeat it for another week after that to ensure it doesn't return.

Note: DO NOT touch the wart or any parts of it with your bare hands. Wash your hands properly afterward and disinfect any tools you use every time.