Vinegar and Warts
Removal Testimonials

January to the end of June 2012

The vinegar and warts removal procedurewas reviewed by 56 users from January to June 2011, and the results are summarized in the graph below:

Summary of Vinegar and Warts Testimonials

The testimonials included warts treated in these areas:

  • Nose warts: 3 cases
  • Neck warts: 1 case
  • Hand warts:  10 cases
  • Thumb warts: 5 cases
  • Finger warts:  7 cases
  • Leg warts: 1 case
  • Plantar warts on foot: 16 cases
  • Plantar warts on toes: 3 cases
  • Plantar warts on heel: 3 cases
  • Plantar warts on ball of foot: 1 case
  • Genital warts: 1 cases
  • Type not specified: 4 case

Most (96%) of the 56 users of this vinegar warts method were successful in removing their warts in about a months time or were pleased with the ongoing results.

The only drawback often mentioned was the pain involved.
Not everyone experienced pain, but for those who did, it lasted anywhere from a few hours to several days. In those cases, over the counter pain medication was found to help.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 56

Name: Alyssa
Location: California, United States
Date: June 26, 2012

The apple cider vinegar on the cotton ball worked absolutely AMAZING!

I didn't believe it would work, but I'm telling you, TRY IT!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 55

Name: Tim
Location: Illinois, United States
Date: June 04, 2012

I had a cluster of just two plantar warts that showed up about 4 months ago and they quickly became very painful... much more painful than the ones I had when I was a teenager.

Mornings became excruciating. I had to change the way I walked and everyone at work wondered what was wrong with me.

I used Dr. Scholl's wart remover strips on two separate occasions and other than aggravating the warts further and painfully killing a lot of surrounding skin, the warts remained.

At this point I had to limit how much I walked because I hobbled everywhere. I finally went to a dermatologist and they froze them. They scheduled a follow-up appointment for three weeks later with time allotted to use a laser to remove them...they felt it was likely they would need to remove them with a laser since they often are too deep to effectively freeze.

After one week I knew the freezing didn’t work... it just seemed to "tick them off" even more. The swelling and pain each morning was even worse.

After reading several comments about warts coming back after being cut out... and the many positive results with ACV... I decided to go the ACV route. I soaked a small piece of cotton (the size of the warts) and secured it every night with a band-aid. In the morning I would remove it and use coarse sandpaper to sand the wart flush with the surrounding skin/remove dead material.

For the first two weeks I saw limited results. I could start to see the blood vessels closer to the surface but it didn’t seem to progress any further than that. What I noticed was that the cotton was drying out during the night so the ACV was not real effective. The warts weren’t very moist or protruding enough to really remove that much each morning.

I switched to adding duct tape over it so it was airtight. This dramatically speeded it up. The warts were protruding more and were still moist in the morning and easily sanded down. I then applied duct tape during the day to deprive it of oxygen. NOTE: I put a small piece of tape on sticky side down on the big piece of tape right where the tape contacted the wart so it didn’t stick upon removal.

The blood vessels got closer and closer to the surface until... about 8 days after this new routine... I started sanding into the vessels which were now black dried out pockets. The wart is almost completely gone now after 2 weeks of this new method and I am pain free! I am going to continue until it all falls out..

One already has started to fall out. I swear by using the duct tape in combination… Make sure it is sealed tight to the skin all the way around 24 hours a day. This process didn’t really hurt that much either... surprising since they hurt so bad up to this point.

Thanks to everyone who shared their stories... I wouldn’t have known or trusted enough to try this, if you hadn’t all written in!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 54

Name: Rick
Location: Indiana, United States
Date: June 03, 2012

For whatever reason, I suddenly broke out in warts this year. 4 total (2 periungual: one on my thumb and the other on my index finger, a common wart on both my left hand and right leg).

I decided to treat these warts, 2 at a time to avoid having to wear so many band-aids at once.

For the last 10 ten days I have had the wart on my thumb and leg exposed to the ACV for about 5 hours. I have taken one day off if that matters at all. It seems that the one on my leg has died off. It left a gaping hole but it soon scabbed over and that is its current state. It is a very dark, almost black colored scab.

The wart on my thumb however has become very disgusting looking. There are areas that are white and others that are yellow with little black dots in them. Note that this wart had become dark a few days earlier and I was filing down the wart. All of a sudden, the top black layer was a little peeled off and it appeared that there was pink skin under. I am still not sure as to if that is for sure skin or not, but it was improvement from where it was.

The area near my cuticle is the problem. I understand that periungual warts are the hardest to remove so I did not expect this to be that quick. Anyhow, the area around my cuticle did not turn black and become easily removable like the top of the thumb (This wart wraps from the top of the thumb to the bottom of my nail bed).

I just have a few questions and if anyone can assist me by posting after this, that would be very much appreciated because I really want these things gone. It is not comfortable walking around with these.

If anyone can answer these questions, that would be great. Right now, I am afraid that I have permanently damaged my nail bed with the ACV rather than using it to my benefit in removing the wart.

1. Did I peel the wart on my thumb to fast?

2. Is the yellow and white normal instead of turning black?

3. What more can I do to ensure these get removed?

4. Will my nail bed repair itself to normal?

To Sarah from Alberta, Canada. If you can shine a little light on this, that would be unbelievable, because the wart in your photos is almost exactly like the one on my thumb. I want my thumb to recover like yours did, to the point that it doesn't look like there was ever a wart there.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 53

Name: Deb
Location: Washington, United States
Date: June 01, 2012

My son had several warts on a few of his fingers several years ago, we tried a few different things w/o success then I read about ACV .

I pulled the tips off of Q-tips, soaked in ACV and put a waterproof bandaid over that on each of the fingers. We would leave them on till they fell off (a couple days usually).

I did this a couple times, then forgot to put on for a few days, some were greyish and smaller, so I did it again. Most were black, scraped them off for most part, then life took over and we missed redoing it for about a week.

When I went back to redo it, they were all gone. It has been several years now and they have never come back.

He had some tingling during one of the sessions, but I assure you in my sons case, he did not have "pain" or he would have fought me on it. He just said it felt weird.

I have watched a couple friends' sons with the same thing try the burning off etc in Dr office ... both painful and seemed ineffective as they kept coming back ... one tried the ACV and it worked for him too.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 52

Name: Marcel
Location: California, United States
Date: May 31, 2012

ACV treatment - absolutely recommended!

Had a persistent plantar wart on the sole of my left foot for two years, and recently discovered two more on the sole of the right foot (likely due to walking barefoot outside).

I have been pouring acid on those warts to no avail; shaving, cutting, duct tape, more acid, skin cancer cream (last resort recommendation from my doctor)...nothing worked.

Followed the ACV treatment suggestions and the first night with cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar secured by duct tape, I very nearly screamed my head off from the pain. Stinging, throbbing, sharp pulsating pain that would only subside slightly during the day and after removal of the cotton ball.

As others on here, I see it as a sign that the treatment works and I will keep doing it just to be on the safe side. Warts have turned black by now (day 4), are still painful to the touch, but I think I am winning here!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 51

Name: Justin
Location: Washington, United States
Date: May 31, 2012

Hello, this forum has inspired me to write about my experience. Thanks to all!

I have been dealing with hand warts for about a year now. It started out as around four and at my wife's urging I went to my dermatologist and had them frozen. Well, it worked for a couple, but a couple came back. I went back and had them frozen again.

Ugh, after the second round, not only did a couple come back as Ring Warts (literally, a ring of wart growth surrounding the area where the original wart was) but I developed several new warts either in new areas or previously treated areas.

Currently, I have two Ring Warts, and around 7 other warts on my hands, most of then on my right hand.

Like others, I tried OTC acid, compound W, duct tape (although not extremely faithfully). I've started looking into Pulsed Dye Laser treatment after reading info and some studies showing this to be potentially effective for recalcitrant warts.

Then I came upon this site yesterday. Decided to try it on one wart to see what happens.

I put a piece of cotton off of a cotton swab, soaked in ACV, and secured it with a band aid and left it on over night. I was shocked this morning when I took off the band aid and noticed how much smaller it had gotten! I am soooo nervous about being too optimistic! I've been scared, anxious, and depressed at times because I am so worried about not begin able to get rid of them, spreading them to others, spreading them on myself, my 10 month old LO, my wife, ugh :( I'm hoping with all hope that this works and I can try it on my other warts, especially the Ring Warts!

Has anyone else had any experience with Ring Warts (or clusters)? Did ACV work?

Again, thanks to everyone who put their story on here! Very encouraging to read about other peoples successes and know that I am not the only one!


Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 50

Name: Azul H.
Location: Texas, United States
Date: May 30, 2012

I am really impressed with the efficiency of this treatment and best of all that it is very cheap.

Last year I noticed this bump on my left thumb and then I realized that I started growing a wart!

My husband said that with those Dr Scholls kits it should disappear. I bought it and I read that it will take up to 12 weeks to remove it.

I used it, being very methodical and after few weeks I realized that it had only grown bigger! And now it look more like a cauliflower.

I stopped using that medication and I bought the W freezing kit. First attempt nothing, the thing still was there. Second time kind of got frozen but after 2 weeks the dried skin fell off and the cauliflower came back! I got so frustrated that I started looking for alternatives. I was willing to try anything at this point.

I found this site and I felt really encourage to try. First night I soaked a piece of cotton and wrapped my finger with it. I just felt some throbbing but no pain. During the day I would just covered with a new bandage.

I did that for a week and I noticed that only the wart started to become black. Two weeks later the black skin started to fall off and now my new skin is seen! I am so happy to know that I finally got rid of that horrible wart!

It has been 5 weeks after the treatment and my thumb is looking better everyday!!

Thank you for this useful information.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 49

Name: Savanna
Location: Connecticut, United States
Date: May 29, 2012

Hello, I've had my stinking warts for such a long time. I have tried ALL the meds, but nothing happens.

Now I have ACV! I only had pain the first hour of he first night.

Now they are black and will soon fall off!

TRY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 48

Name: Cindy
Location: Massachusetts, United States
Date: May 28, 2012

For the past 1 1/2 years I have had an ugly wart on my hand. I work in the field of American Sign Language so my hands are my voice and are extremely visible.

I have tried every crazy remedy posted on the web with no success, until yesterday.

I kid you not! I stumbled upon this page around 4 last night. Had some Bragg's ACV in the fridge so I decided to try it.

Around noon today I removed the tape and found a white shriveled wart. I rubbed it with my finger to see if it felt any different and the skin just started to peel off. I removed the dead skin, washed and dried the area and applied more ACV cotton and tape. Tonight the wart is virtually GONE! Just a dark spot.

I will continue the treatment for a few more days to insure it doesn't come back but MY GOODNESS, IT REALLY WORKS!!!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 47

Name: Germs
Location: Pennsylvania, United States
Date: May 24, 2012

THE BAD NEWS-On a pain scale of 1-10 you will experience a 9 at times....for 4 days straight.

What you should do instead of using the bandage method is this: q-tip dab the wart every so often through out the day, like every ten or twenty minutes until the pain starts in. That's when you stop applying, the vinegar has worked it's way down to the roots and is killing the fungus. Take a break for a night just so you don't go crazy from the pain.

THE GOOD NEWS- it works.

I've had a plantar wart on the heel for over 2 yrs. I had tried Compound W and it does not go deep enough, it's just a dried mass destroying top layers.

After 4 days of searing intense pain the wart is now black and dying. Noticed also a satellite wart under the skin as well and began dabbing ACV on that. The pain has subsided and I continue application with the q-tip.

I may brave the bandage method again now but probably not as the q-tip dabbing method works well and allows more control over my pain threshold and area of application.

If you can bare the pain I would suggest one day of the bandage method for loading/saturation purposes but remember the pain will be severe, cowboy up and get through it. When you finally see that thing go black you will praise God!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 46

Name: Chelsea
Location: Illinois, United States
Date: May 15, 2012

This definitely is a powerful treatment. I used it on a flat wart that had been on my right middle finger for at least 4 years.

I left it on nearly a whole day for the first day of treatment and then after that just left in on while I slept. I would tear off a tiny bit of a cotton ball and wet it with the vinegar (if you use the whole cotton ball, you'll burn the surrounding skin--ouch!), making sure not to soak it because then it made it difficult for the athletic tape or band-aid to stick. Plus it would run off my finger onto everything.

I had to stop around day 7 or 8 though, because it was getting very painful. The wart started out just being temporarily white after the treatment, but toward the later half it stayed white permanently and even had a little brown spot on it. What really made me stop though was that the vinegar had practically eaten through my surrounding skin in a nice neat hole down to the dermis (I didn't line up the cotton ball well...).

SO...I'd recommend making sure you have good placement and paying attention to your body's warning signs, i.e., pain. If you do that, your golden!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 45

Name: Hana
Location: California, United States
Date: May 03, 2012

Just want to add my voice to the many here that say THIS WORKS!

I had a gnarly plantar wart for about 4 years. I tried everything, but this wart would not die! When it started spreading and a cluster of warts started growing around the big one, I started to get really upset, embarrassed, annoyed, and grossed out.

I found this technique while googling remedies. I was skeptical, but applied ACV to a halved cotton pad and taped it to my foot. People are not joking about the pain. It was excruciating some nights! I was actually limping around while I did the treatment. It became a satisfying pain though, because it seemed like the pain was just the wart being killed and dying. I didn't stop applying even though my foot would throb and throb. I was determined!

Well, when the warts started turning black, I dug into them and didn't really allow them to fall out on their own. I would dig into them and then apply more ACV (probably why my pain was so intense, haha). Eventually, the skin where the warts were started to look normal. I tested it out and didn't put on ACV for one night, and when I woke up I couldn't believe how normal my foot looked. After a bit more healing- they were completely gone!!

A year later, they are still gone. I'm so thrilled that I don't feel the need to hide the bottom of my foot.

Good luck and keep with it! Bear with the pain, it's worth it- I promise!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 44

Name: Peter
Location: United Kingdom
Date: May 02, 2012

I have been diagnosed with plain warts on my hands. I’ve had them for over 2 years now and have been to numerous doctors, dermatologists but their advice is always “there’s nothing we can do, one day you will wake up and they will have disappeared”.

That’s great, but what about for now? And my confidence, people are already making comments and, as sad as it (may), I’m too afraid to date because of how embarrassed the other person will be, as well as the fact I could pass it on.

I’ve tried salicylic acid, duct tape and (apple) cider (vinegar) but my warts are so small and in such high numbers, I’m at a complete loss.

Does anyone else have plain warts? As I read everyone’s posts but it seems it’s all plantar warts or all you lucky people with one persistent wart.

I’m losing hope and faith now, big time.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 43

Name: KM
Location: Alberta, Canada
Date: April 29, 2012

Absolutely amazing! Worked for me too just like everyone said, I'm really blown away!

I was also reading here that ACV may help with my insomnia too so I'm gonna try that tonight. ACV is a miracle product.

Great site! Thanks so much.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 42

Name: Gaetan Goutard
Location: Sarthe, France
Date: April 28, 2012
(Translated from French)

Hello to you all!

I stumbled upon your method of treatment of warts by accident. I have had a more or less growing wart on my left thumb for two years and working as a nurse, this was not very appealing for my patients.

I made up my mind to treat the wart. So I tried your method, and I am amazed to see that, within a few days, the results were startling. It was immediate. I noticed the day to day changes over a period of 4 days. This is unheard of!

This method has a drawback, I admit: it is the pain that some people may experience. Especially in the daily treatment. Because of my knowledge of wound healing, I proceeded to do some clean up on days 3 and 5 of the treatment, ie I removed the dead skin with the help of a small scalpel or a small chisel with a pointed end to eliminate as much dead skin as possible and make way for the vinegar to act.

For pain, the most vivid was on days 2 and 3. The use of a simple analgesic such as 1g paracetamol was helpful, I think it's the best choice for the situation because I believe I am addressing an audience of adults. Those who want to treat their children, under 15 years, should review and adapt the dosage of analgesics. If , at night, it is always painful, why not use ibuprofen 200mg or 400mg, depending on your pharmacy, and review/adapt the dose of the anti-inflammatory treatment if it is for children.

I am delighted with this inexpensive and very effective method. To those who are still skeptical and hesitate to try, from a medical standpoint, I would recommend it to them - because I think this method, still unknown, should be known and used (carefully!) Do not hesitate to use the ointment or moisturizer on the areas surrounding the warts to be treated because the skin does not easily withstand the acidity of the vinegar.

Again thank you all for your testimonies. I'll get back to you to assess the exact end of the treatment and complete cure of my wart.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 41

Name: Andrew
Location: Oregon, United States
Date: April 28, 2012

I've had reoccurring warts on my hands and feet for the last 20 years or so.

I've tried all the treatments in the store, with little luck. Duct tape worked pretty well once, but the warts came back and wouldn't respond to the treatment the next time around.

Last year I had an outbreak where warts started popping up all over my feet and hands. I had already been trying to get rid of one on my foot, and hand for months using a combination of freezing and salicylic acid.

Clearly this wasn't working, so I decided to try something new. I decided to give the ACV method a try and within 2 weeks they were all gone. It's been a year and only one has come back (one on my hand which I've been dealing with for close to 12 years). I just started the ACV treatment again and I'm hoping I'll be wart free for good after this round.

This stuff really is amazing. None of the expensive treatments come anywhere near ACV as far as effectiveness.

Just brace yourself for some pain. The first hour or so after I apply the ACV is excruciating. There were some nights where the pain kept me awake and I had to stop the treatment. If I did it during the day time I would limp noticeably from the ones on my feet.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 40

Name: J
Location: Texas, United States
Date: April 27, 2012

I found this website last year and used the strategy with huge success. I was going to write a review of the procedure and my results but forgot until now. My girlfriend reminded me that I really should add my story to this huge list.

So here we go:

I had a wart on the bottom of my foot - right under the front right ball of my right foot. I thought it was a callas from years of triathlon and weight training. Probably had it for 4 years. Then I developed another one about a half inch from it.

So, I knew I had warts.

I spent a lot of money on various solutions with little to no effect. I used the bandaid type things with the acid, the liquid acid, etc. I was desperate enough to consider heating a nail, taking a shot or two of whisky, biting a stick, and burning the things off, but I didn't.

Fortunately, I found this website.

Okay, here is the deal. I don't care what you think about apple cider vinegar. I have NO vested interest in ACV, but I know that those two warts made certain power lifts impossible and they were altering how I walk. I used ACV as described in this website and unbelievably, I killed these things off and my feet are literally perfect.

A couple things worth noting:

1. Eventually I used a combo of the duct tape method WITH ACS cotton underneath. Amazingly effective.

2. I have a high tolerance for pain, but when this process started working, I knew it. It would start to sting, and eventually the pain got to the point of excruciating. I couldn't handle keeping the bandaid of vinegar cotton on the wart and would take it off and lay on my bed and think happy thoughts until the throbbing went away (20 minutes or so). I'm a pretty tough guy, but this pain was crazy intense.

3. Mine turned black but never really "fell out." They got where I could kind of dig out some of the material (it was black), but things still kind of hurt. Eventually, the skin looked kind of yellow and I decided just to let it rest for a month or so before doing another round of ACV.

But I didn't need to. Within a few months, the skin had grown back normal, and aside from it being "maybe" a bit tougher skin, you would never know I had two warts there - one of which was there for 5+ years.

Estimated cost of all the Dr. Scholls nonsense and liquid crap - $150 over the course of a year. Estimated cost of ACV, bandaids, duct tape, and cotton balls: $7.

If I could tell every single person reading this to honestly believe it and try it, I would. It is that unreal. Seriously, ACV is no joke - this stuff is acid and it will eat a wart alive.

For what it's worth (fwiw), my sister is a primary care physician, and when I told her this she said she wouldn't recommend it to patients because then she wouldn't be able to bill for the shot treatment and the freezing nonsense. She wasn't serious, but I think other doctors might actually think that way. This will work. ACV will eat the wart off your body. It will hurt, but at the end of the day, you will be like new.

Good luck, all; and thanks to this website for acting as the repository for information that brought an end to my suffering with warts. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 39

Name: Peter
Location: Maine, United States
Date: April 24, 2012

EXCITED! I have had a wart on the end of my thumb for nearly two years. My doctor tried burning it, I tried Compound W but nothing helped long term as just it continued to come back.

I stumbled on this site a few days back and though it sounded a bit difficult to believe. I gave ACV a whirl.

I'm very happy to report that after just a couple of days, the treatment is working well. The skin around the wart looks very healthy, but the wart itself is completely black.

I have actually been soaking the entire thumb in the ACV while watching TV (I placed some ACV in an old pill bottle and that works quite well). This wart has a very deep root, so I'm expecting it will take another few days since it hasn't started to become loose yet.

To anyone that is skeptical, don't doubt this - it is really a great alternative to the other medicinal approaches and this by far the fastest response I have seen to any treatment.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 38

Name: April
Location: California, United States
Date: April 21, 2012

This worked for my plantar wart that I had for about two years. It's almost completely healed now and I am so relieved! I was about to try black salve, but honestly from what I saw, I wasn't keen on trying it.

I had this plantar wart for a couple of years and didn't even know what it was. Then my mother saw it and knew right away what it was. She had a home remedy that helped, especially when it would start to give me pain, but I believe that it didn't get rid of it completely because I had it for a while already.

When I first read that apple cider vinegar would cure it, I was so happy because I always have this stuff in my house. I soaked a piece of cotton, and bandaged it to the wart (which was on the bottom of my big toe). Since it's obviously an acid, I used (kinda silly I think) chap stick on the healthy area around the wart to protect it. After about two days of having this on (I had replaced it once or twice during this time) it started to hurt. Really bad one night so I took it off and the next morning the pain was gone and the skin had dried up nicely. I put the treatment back on and it started to get really white and puffy now, and when I would change the bandage, I'd gently pick off the loose skin especially in the center.

Soon it looked like a crater and I could see what looked like healthy white skin down in the center. I let it dry out with no bandage thinking maybe it's done healing even though it hadn't turned black like I read it would. Then I cut away the tough skin that was the edges of the "crater" and saw that now the center looked gray. (YAY!) So I reapplied the vinegar and bandage and waited for it to go black, and it did after a day or two.

Now it is a small scab and when I press on it, I can feel there is nothing underneath my skin and it does not hurt. I believe my plantar wart healed mostly (to the black stage) fairly quickly because I had already tried a home remedy that definitely helped.

My advice to others: If it starts to hurt, remove the treatment until it feels better. Then when you feel comfortable, reapply it until it goes black. I read people calling the pain unbearable and such and that frightened me. But it doesn't have to hurt that bad.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 37

Name: Shirley
Location: New South Wales, Australia
Date: April 15, 2012

It really works!

I've had two warts on my legs. The first one I got three years ago and I tried to burn it off but it just came back. It naturally disappeared after two years but a few months later another wart grew nearby from where the old one used to be.

AI went to the doctors to get it frozen off but it didn't work and left a nasty scar on my legs because the dr froze my skin around it too.

Decided I couldn't wait another two years for it to go away, I came on this website and tried the acv treatment. And my gosh the wart turned black within a day or two and fell off in less than a weeks time! I left it on for 24 hours in the first few days then only for around 12 in the next few. There wasn't really any pain. It might sting when I put pressure on it but that's about it. Very bearable.

I'm going to keep doing the acv for the next few days to make sure it doesn't come back! This works really well!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 36

Name: Amani
Location: Toronto, Canada
Date: April 11, 2012

Hi there, I've been reading through all the testimonials and have just a few questions.

My daughter has a couple of plantar warts. One big one and one small one. We have been trying the ACV treatment for 4 nights now and it seems we're getting somewhere. The big one is right at the base of the toes and the small one is on her baby toe where it curves and has direct contact with the big one.

Now the small one seemed to have fallen out. Right now there's a hole where the black spot was. My question is do I have to continue the ACV treatment on the little one?? In the hole, u can see raw tender skin and as soon as acv gets in there it gets extremely painful. Also another question I had is for the big one. Do I just keep applying the ACV to it until it falls out on its own or should I work on getting it out by force?

I appreciate all your help.

Thanks in advance!!!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 35

Name: Verna
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: April 6, 2012

I've had a plantar wart for nearly two years, about 1/4 the size of a dime, on the bottom of my foot close to my middle toe. Not huge, but not tiny either. Off and on I've taken really good care of it without noticing much result, then time after time I forgot to treat it for a day or so, then fell off the wagon entirely.

It never hurt much, but it's just one of those things that are embarrassing, and I feel guilty at the thought of possibly having spread it to others as it was spread to me. Living with roommates, I always have to wear socks or slippers, or otherwise feel self-conscious.

I've tried compound W (which worked great for a plantar wart I had in high school, however, not this time), nail polish, and duct tape, but I kept getting discouraged after nothing would happen. I even had it frozen by the doctor three or four times, and NOTHING. So, I did a bit of research on home remedies a few months ago and was really enticed by these testimonials, but I only got around to trying ACV out a few weeks ago.

In fact, I had bought the apple cider vinegar and it stood untouched for days because I was afraid of experiencing the notorious pain. When I started over a week ago (I've lost track of the days since I never wrote down my start date) I must have still had a bit of a callus because I thought, "Oh, this isn't really that bad," thinking I had some super high pain tolerance or something...

After my morning shower, I would dry my foot off and cut away at the dead skin if present with my Swiss army knife scissors. They're sharp and precise, I recommend. I took half a sheet of toilet paper (because I thought it would work just as well as any q-tip or cotton ball), saturated it in a cap full of shaken apple cider vinegar, squeezed out the extra, and placed it on the wart, securing it with duct tape by wrapping it around my foot and weaving narrow pieces through my toes, because otherwise it would never stay on (making sure it was loose enough, or otherwise circulation would be cut off). I would leave it on the entire day until re-doing it the next morning.

For a few days, it continued on this level of pain. It would hurt to walk, but for some reason, when I put on my comfortable pair of boots it didn't hurt at all. While I slept, I noticed positioning my foot one way rather than another quelled the sharp, stabbing like pain that made me shudder at times.

The first big result came when I skipped my treatment one day and just kept the last days treatment on for a full 48 hours. I noticed a lot of the wart had dried up and it turned the brownish-black color I had read about, and when I took my scissors to it a whole chunk came off. This was painless, however, it wasn't over…

Very encouraged by the results, I decided to just steamroll through the pain. I'm only a young woman but I kind of like to think I'm tough, I guess - plus, school was slowing down and it didn't hurt much while sitting and working on projects.

Into about a week of the treatment, the whole area developed a divinely sore, achy, stabbing, and almost constant pain. Having lots of things to take care of made it undeniably hell on earth. I could barely walk. I hobbled around everywhere, even with my comfortable boots on. It hurt Immensely putting them on, taking them off, and even walking to and from each end of my apartment was a test to my pain tolerance. I cannot emphasize enough how painful it was, even while I sat it was excruciating. Although I've never been stabbed or shot, I'm pretty sure it may feel relatively similar.

I considered getting crutches, because walking on my foot really weirdly made my whole foot sore and kind of swollen, my other foot hurt from supporting all the weight, et cetera, et cetera. I was frustrated and began to reminisce about walking like a normal person. It lasted three days. I only continued because I read on some forum about someone experiencing this, which let me know it wasn't actually an infection of some sort, it was rather just a part of the process.

Yesterday, I had to wake up really early so I skipped my shower and treatment again, keeping everything on from the day before. I went to the pharmacy to check out their policy on crutches but I decided I didn't really need them that day, since the agonizing soreness had subsided. It still hurt, but throughout the day I was able to tone down my hobble and walk relatively normal. No swelling. So I thought I'd just wait and see what it looked like the next day, if the same thing as last time would happen.

Upon my shower today, I took off the bandage to notice a whole bunch of brownish-black color on the wart. I let it soak for the duration, and as I took my scissors to it, all of it was coming off. I cut away at the dead skin, revealing more black parts of the wart, and they came off like nothing. It was disgusting. My stomach was queasy, because I could see all of the very fresh and raw skin underneath (but it never turned out to be as bad as it first appeared it would be underneath). After scraping away as much as I could, for the most part, it appears to be gone.

There's a pretty large crater in the place of the wart now, and a lot of the skin around it appears as if it hasn’t breathed at all because of the duct tape, but I feel like all the pain this week was worth it. I did another treatment, and will continue treating it for the next few days - maybe perhaps only every second day since it appears that is what's most productive. I'm really happy it's nearly gone, that I won't have to hide my feet this summer. At the moment, the ACV hurts in a constant yet insignificant sharp pain, very manageable.

If you want to see results, I recommend sticking with the ACV treatment. The pain is only temporary, but if it does get as bad as it did for me then maybe you should get crutches if you have a lot of running around to do, as that was unnecessary, extra pain. I hope my thoroughness was helpful.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 34

Name: Sheila Iszler
Location: Michigan, United States
Date: April 04, 2012

This really does work.

It took about three weeks to heal a wart I had on my finger. I used the cotton swab ACV soaked in raw vinegar, then later switched to a piece of cotton ball.

It did sting, and throb. I couldn't wear it at night, but I couldn't sleep. Or at work, because I couldn't keep a bandage on.

For two weeks I wore this as long as I could in the evenings. It still turned black, and then seemed to shrink up within that third week. After that, before bed, I just swabbed the ACV on, and let it dry before cotton ball soaks.

I also gave my body a chance to fight back on it's own, by letting it heal when sore.

Now, I'm completely free, and my fingerprints are back again!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 33

Name: Eveline
Location: Québec, Canada
Date: April 03, 2012

Hello, since last November I have had genital warts.
This is my second attack, and they always appear when I become depressed.

The first time, they disappeared on there own when I started feeling better and the symptoms of depression decreased.

For this attack of super warts, I decided to consult a physician in private practice (because here, public clinics do not do anything for that). They used liquid nitrogen ... NO impact, except on my bank account.

Thus, I decided to try the apple cider vinegar wart treatment.

I applied the vinegar 2 times daily with a cotton ball, but the results were not significant. One evening, I applied cotton balls soaked in cider vinegar and left them on overnight. It was very painful, but effective. My warts became white and, during the day that followed, they blackened.

I took sitz baths and applied vitamin E for pain and the surrounding skin.

I do not know if I'll have the courage to repeat the treatment tonight, but I can tell you it works!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 32

Name: Sarah
Location: Alberta, Canada
Date: March 28, 2012

I had a really brutal wart that hooked under my thumbnail which was probably spread from a wart on my foot that I kept scratching at… occasionally, wondering why it didn’t heal like a traditional cut.

Unbeknownst to me it was diagnosed by a dermatologist a wart! I was initially mortified and then had them lasered as I was told it was the most effective treatment available, but also the most expensive too.

The wart on my foot disappeared after 2 laser treatments but the wart on my thumb did not want to leave.

Warts that hook under the nail, as was the case with my thumb wart, are the most difficult to remove or cure. The dermatologist cut out a chunk of my nail and blasted away. The needle to freeze my nail was extremely painful and the dermatologist was apologetic. I tried every heavy treatment that was possible (salicylic acid, DPCP mixture with an oral tablet, with duct tape), and still no success. The Dermatologist (after 8 visits and $600 + $200 prescription fees) said lets just leave it for 6 months and I left feeling frustrated.

So that's when I came to this site for help. I was determined, and had one heck of a strong mental attitude regarding this sucker. So, I tried the ACV and had experienced excruciating pain that was unrelenting, which was felt right up to my elbow. This pain also throbbed through the night and throbbed during the day for a few days.

I knew it was working because other people had felt the same but I was scared that I was causing damage such as nerve, etc. but was persistent. I couldn't believe my eyes and the wart started to really show now, for the first time, and larger than I could ever imagine!

I was wrapping ACV soaked cotton with waterproof band-aids and duct tape to suffocate, and allow the wart to breathe only for the daily wash, filing back the wart carefully, and pat dry, followed by ACV, cotton, band-aid etc.

I associated the pain with success and even visualized this sucker away. I had a hiccup along the way when I knew there was infection of tissue surrounding the wart and nail.

So I left with Taro-Mupirocin which helped almost immediately. I decided to back off with the intensive treatment by applying ACV with a Q-tip directly to the wart, omitting the cotton, then the T-M, and a band-aid that allowed some air in.

As my tissue was healing I realized that there was light at the end of this tunnel. And carried on with the ACV, and waterproof band-aid, and the T-M for surrounding tissues and allowing my thumb to breathe for longer periods throughout the day.

This process took a good month… and a lot of PAIN. It was successful since the wart is gone, and it was also extremely cheap. This technique worked for me so hang in there.

Here are a few pictures of my thumb, at the start, middle, and end of the ACV treatment.

thumbnail wart Thumbnail Wart during ACV treatment
Thumb after ACV treatment
Thank you to whoever started
this site and for the support
of others in sharing their

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 31

Name: Kristina
Location: Nevada, United States
Date: March 28, 2012

Made it through first week with ACV soaked cotton and duct tape.
Holy smokes has it been painful!!! I keep reading over all of the other testimonials to motivate me to see this through.

My plantar wart did turn black after first couple of days, but it was alive and healthy underneath that layer. I fear it is going to be a long battle.  I have to take 800 mg of Advil just to be able to walk! Everyone I know thinks I'm crazy for doing this.

Summer is around the corner and I just want to be rid of this darn thing! How do you know when it is really gone?  Hope I will be writing my success story soon!!!  ;)

Update: May 10, 2012

Hooray it's gone!!!!!!!

Hello everyone!  It was a success!!!

It took longer than most (2 months), but I believe that is because mine had such deep roots.  The roots were made nice and strong with my months of Salicylic Acid pad treatment.

In fact in 6 months time, my plantar wart doubled in size while I was using those lame things!  Why they are still on the market, I have no idea!  I should add that the freeze your wart off at home kit, was also useless.  And before I found this site, I had even tried the banana peel thing. Other than smelling really bad, it did nothing for me!

So here I am finally writing my success story...and I am so thrilled!!  I had a doozy of a plantar wart on the bottom of my foot, right below my toes.  Had it for a few years.  And we all know how ugly and painful these things are! I read over every testimonial at least two or three times during this process.

I have to admit, I was still apprehensive.  Would ACV work for me too?  But about 3 weeks in, I started noticing my wart shrinking.  It never did fall out like other people experienced.  I will also tell you that for me, it was incredibly painful.  I took a lot of Advil to be able to walk.  But after that magical third week, the pain lessened.  It did help me to put liquid band-aid around the healthy skin too.

I also used a razor in between treatments to trim away the top layers and allow the ACV to reach lower layers. And someone had mentioned in their testimonials to take a break and let the skin heal when the pain is intolerable.  I did take a day or two sometimes in between treatments.  -I just made sure not to allow too much time to pass for the wart to gain in strength.

Persistence will pay off. You too can be wart free!  ACV is the best!!!!! Just in time for summer and lounging at the pool!!! Thank you for this site!  Thank you to all the others who wrote before me.  Your experiences and words of wisdom got me through this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hooray!!!! Good luck everyone!!!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 30

Name: Melissa
Location: Connecticut, USA
Date: March 27, 2012

I had my first ever wart at the base of my middle finger. I used Compound W for several days.  It turned the wart hard and bright white.  I then cut off a good portion of the dead skin with a nail clipper. The following day I began to use the ACV method.

I applied ACV to a small cotton swab and secured it with a band-aid.  After two hours, a thick layer of the remaining wart peeled right off.  For the next two nights, I slept with the ACV swab and band-aid, and today, the entire remnants of the wart peeled off completely.

I felt no pain at all from the ACV method. The wart never turned black, as some people have described. Nor did the ACV do any damage to the surrounding skin.

I am going to continue the ACV method for a few more nights to ensure the wart does not grow back.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 29

Name: Rebekah Dupuch
Location: Virginia, United States
Date: March 24, 2012

This message is for David, United Kingdom who submitted on March 10, 2012.

Yes, you can get the wart on any part of your body if you touch it with the hand that has the wart, so keeping it in gloves will prevent the wart from spreading to other areas while sleeping.

Make sure you do not touch your face, lips, noise, or ears during the day while awake.  Keep hands off from your face as much as possible.

I had warts on my hands.  I was about 14 years old and touched my mouth allot with my hands, and got a wart right on the middle part of my lips on the upper lip.
But I went to the doctors and they burned that wart out, couldn't live with that there.

With my hands, I just continued to put on medicine, as I was not aware of the vinegar treatment neither did my mom at that time.

Update: March 26, 2012
From David, United Kingdom.

Rebekah - Thanks for your comment. I thought as much, not very sexy when you have to wear gloves in bed.

My warts are barely noticeable on my hands. But I have so many flat warts. The cider vinegar doesn't do much.

I hear all the luck people who seem to have 1 plantar wart that comes off for good. Hand warts seem to re-appear all the time.

I’m beginning to think it’s just a matter of time before I get them on my face. Then, it will be Bye Bye for me.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 28

Name: Nick Duke
Location: Middlesex, United Kingdom
Date: March 24, 2012

I had two small lumps on my Adam's Apple.

  It only occurred to me they might be warts when a third one appeared. The original two have been there for a year.

I tried the ACV. Nothing happened for two days, save for a little bit of stinging. On day 3, I woke to find all the warts gone.

I now have two small black scabs and I'll keep applying for a few days to guard against them re-appearing.

Amazed and very happy.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 27

Name: MJ
Location: Texas, USA
Date: March 20, 2012

Well, I am a tried and true believer of ACV for wart removal. Back in 2008, a wart had come up on the palm side of my middle finger between the first and second joints. I had read about using ACV and gave it a shot.

I don't remember how long it took to work, and it was painful (the wart became very sensitive and touching it to anything hurt like heck), but it worked. The area it was in has no scars and no wart.

The only reason I have stumbled across this site now is because I have a wart on my other hand, right below my fingernail, that I used to just pierce with a red hot needle. It has kept reappearing, and this will be its last time, hopefully. But I was looking to see how long it takes again with the ACV which I am starting tonight.

Seriously though, if you are unsure, just give it a whirl. If you are worried about the ACV odor, wrap it in tape under the band-aid. No one has to know what you are doing and they won't be able to smell it. It really does work.

Good luck to all!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 26

Name: Megan
Location: California, United States
Date: March 18, 2012

I had 5 warts in total. One on my elbow and 4 on my left hand. I hadn't really cared about them until they started getting bigger and people at my school started noticing.

So I tried several things to get them off including Compound W and the freezing kit you can buy at Target. Neither of those seemed to work and I started to give up after a while.

Then one day I was at my friend’s house and her mom recommended using ACV. I was like "Ya whatever. Like this is going to work?" but as hesitant as I was, I used it. Within 2 days, my warts started shrinking in size and seemed to almost disappear over night.

It was quite painful at times but 4 Ibuprofen did the trick. I strongly recommend this to anyone with stubborn warts.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 25

Name: Kayla Belle-Louis
Location: Florida, United States
Date: March 17, 2012

Okay so I was about thirteen when I had my wart and I had it for about a year or so.

It was so painful it wasn't even funny. I went to the doctor and all they did was freeze it. Honestly that made it worse and made it even more painful.

Thank goodness my mother looked on this website and saw all the comment because I tried it an in about a month or so the wart was gone!!!!!

I couldn't believe it.

What shocked me was that the doctors didn't even know about this and the cure for these warts were on the internet!!!! Crazy!!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 24

Name: Laura Dunn
Location: South Carolina, United States
Date: March 10, 2012

I had a bump on my nose that didn't really bother me because I didn't think it was very noticeable. But then, people started to notice it and I realized it was getting bigger. I was super self-conscious.

I read about ACV on the Internet and I decided to cut the wart off and then do this for a while so it wouldn't come back. I did it for a few days and then stopped. Then I noticed a small bump and realized the wart was growing back.

I freaked out and immediately soaked a cotton ball in ACV and just held it there for a while. Immediately after I noticed dead skin pealing up from around the bump so I pulled the skin off and along came the bump. It's been a couple months and it still hasn't come back.

But just tonight, I noticed a big bump coming right beside my nose. A bump that I cut off over a year ago and is just now growing back! I'm freaking out right now but I just put the ACV cotton ball on it with a band-aid over it.

I'm planning on sleeping with it tonight and hopefully it will end up going away in a couple days. I'm like freaking out right now! But hey it worked the last time and it seems to work for everyone else so I think it'll probably work!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 23

Name: David
Location: United Kingdom
Date: March 10, 2012

I have flat warts on my hands. At least I think they are flat and not common. It wasn’t until I had washed my hands in hot water that I noticed where they were (they seem to show up when your hands are hot and wet).

Apple cider vinegar really does work. Although if you have about 500 warts on your hand ever multiplying like me, then it’s hard to get rid of them all.

Anyway, best thing to do is to apply the vinegar to a piece of cotton wool, place it on the wart and then place a band-aid over it. I usually do this before bed, take it off the next morning and then take the top layer of skin off. Next night repeat and the cider eats away at the wart and turns black.

My question is tough : can you spread hand warts to the face? I wear gloves in my bed in fear of putting my hands on my face during the night!

Reply to this submission on March 24, 2012 by Rebekah Dupuch, from Virginia USA.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 22

Name: Sam
Location: Lyon, France
Date: March 09, 2012

This message is for Ryan, Paris France.

My 10 yr old son has had a wart on his heel for a year. I started the ACV treatment 3 weeks ago. It took about a week to remove the tough upper skin, revealing a bumpy wart underneath.

During the 2nd week of treatment, the wart started to change color and it started to hurt a lot and he was unable to sleep at night. He didn't want to stop the treatment, so I gave him Doliprane, a fever and pain reliever, available in any pharmacy in France.

After giving him 3x over a course of 1.5 days, the wart turned black. We discontinued Doliprane and there was no pain when ACV was applied.

Today, we removed the blackened skin and underneath was beautiful pink skin.

I recommend you stick to the ACV treatment by using pain reliever for a while.

Another thing that I did was to protect the surrounding healthy skin with Vaseline. Hope this helps.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 21

Name: Wendy
Location: California, United States
Date: March 09, 2012

I had over 15 plantar warts on my right foot for over two decades. I trimmed them for years, but when I finally decided to do whatever it took to get rid of them, I tried many things. Two rounds of surgical removal which was awful and most of them grew right back; chemicals which hurt like hell and didn't do it; repeated electrical stimulation-only worked on the smallest ones. For over 5 weeks, I religiously used castor oil packs day and night. Although I saw some improvement, it was so messy and it still had a long way to go - I stopped.

Then I turned to organic apple cider vinegar - twice a day I used cotton pads soaked in ACV on my warts. I'd leave it on about 15 minutes each treatment. About every other day I would shave the crusts off with a scalpel and then use the ACV. I did that for 3-5 weeks and I am PLEASED to report that ALL the warts are gone and have never returned.

So, I highly recommend perseverance using ACV and somehow shaving/scalping skin to rid of warts.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 20

Name: Sharon
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: March 08, 2012

I'm a 21 female and I've had a very stubborn plantar wart on my middle toe since I was maybe 13. I got it from a girlfriend who shared sandals with me, and since that embarrassing awkward age, I never treated it. It eventually spread into 5 small ones, all on the same toe, not very noticeable unless I get out of the shower, and didn't hurt much.. but now that I'm older, I want to go have pedicures and whatnot, so I tried getting rid of them.

First of all, that Compound W is absolutely useless. It took me buying four boxes to realize that. (Expensive)!! So, I got a pedicure package for Christmas and decided I needed them gone asap. Stumbled onto here, and like most people, VERY SKEPTICAL. Anyway, I decided to try it - I'm on day three.
Day one was excruciatingly painful, I kept waking up in the middle of the night due to stinging.. but alas, stinging means its working! Woke up the next day and all of them have a giant black spot in the middle!
I've done this for two more nights (white nail polish and band-aid during the day - oh ps, walking around for the first 4 hours of my morning with a limp is worth it) and have decided to try and let them dry out. Really hopeful after reading all these comments, excited to see if it works!
I mean, if it's black already it must be working... high hopes!!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 19

Name: Rebecca
Location: KL, Malaisia
Date: March 06, 2012

Ok, this is long overdue but I've had a plantar wart on the top half of the sole of my right foot for about... 8 miserable years. Caught it at my school's swimming pool and has been with me all throughout high school. Thank God it's somewhere not noticeable! But doesn't mean it didn't suck to have it.

Well anyway, I've tried everything. From Bazooka gels, to duct tape, to clipping it out with tweezers and a blade till it bled... The thing only came back bigger!

AAs I recently graduated and was due to start my first job, I wanted the thing gone... So I went on the net and decided to try the ACV method.

Cut things short, first 3 weeks were horrible. I applied a cotton swab soaked in ACV directly onto my veruca. The pain was excruciating. I couldn't walk at all and it didn't show any signs of turning black and falling off.

Then I decided to take things slow. Soaked my foot in a tub of water and diluted ACV every night for about 1/2 hr. Then after drying, immediately covered the area with a coat of nail polish (mine was clear) and then covered that, with a plaster. I'd repeat the same steps every day. After 2 weeks, I noticed parts of it starting to peel off. But work was really starting to pile so I cut down to soaking my foot every 3-5 days.

If you're not lazy and a procrastinator like me, I'd recommend to soak every night to speed up the process. Anyhoo, carried on soaking, coating, plastering, and peeling off the next day only to start the whole process again for around 3 months…

That's how long it took for it to completely look normal again i.e.: I could actually see the sole of my foot again. Of course there's a bit of a scar but it's barely visible and I have pics if anyone's interested haha... Though they're pretty gross (the ones before/at the start of the treatment).

Anyway, I completely vouch for the ACV method. Bear in mind it's different for everyone so don't give up just because it doesn't 'fall off' like everyone said it would. And be patient! I'm not at all but after 8 yrs of having it, I figured I could bear it.

Good luck all! :D

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 18

Name: Becca
Location: Surrey, United Kingdom
Date: February 29, 2012

This really works!

I had a wart just above my nostril for approximately 5 years, which was embarrassing (I am a 24 year old female!) and quite noticeable even though it was small for a wart, maybe 2-3 millimeters across. I'd had it frozen a couple of times, which removed part of it, but it always grew back.

Finally I got fed up and last Thursday evening taped some cotton wool soaked in apple cider vinegar to it for 2 hours. Even after that short time it had turned white, and once it dried out it had gone black! I did the same the following evening for longer and even tried to sleep with the cotton wool taped to my nose! On Saturday I was able to peel off a layer of skin, which took the main part of the wart with it. I have since been dabbing it with a cotton bud dipped in acv as its a little bit tender, and this evening I took another layer of skin and the last black bit of wart off.

I'm not going to get complacent and will keep dabbing the acv on it for another week or so, but I'm pleased to say that acv removed my wart in less than a week (it is now Wednesday) and I am so glad to be rid of it!!

Definitely, give this a try!!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 17

Name: Ryan
Location: Paris, France
Date: February 25, 2012

Hi, I have a had a plantar wart on the sole of my foot for 4 years.

  I tried the OTC acid patches and I almost got rid of it, but it seems some bad cells were left, so it came back with a vengeance and it seems to have grown to a large size below the skin.

I started the ACV treatment 4 days ago, however the problem is that the pain I am feeling is absolutely unbearable, I have never felt such pain even when I broke my leg. When I stand up, even when avoiding using my foot, the pain is horrible.

So, I am trying to use the ACV treatment around 3 or 4 hours a day only since yesterday since I am unable to bear the pain anymore. My foot got a bit swollen. Now the wart seems to have changed colors and it quite dark and there is a lot of dead skin around it but I am unable to remove the dead skin because of the pain and any pressure causes severe pain.

Had anyone experienced such pain and did severe pain last 4 days for you? I am hesitating on seeking medical treatment since I do not want to get a scar from the wart's removal surgically. Any advise/thoughts would be most welcome. Thanks in advance for your help.

Submission, 9 mars 2012, Sam, Lyon, France

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 16

Name: Rebecca
Location: SA, Australia
Date: February 23, 2012

Amazing... its been three days and its done more than five months of stupid wart cream.

I love this and am making a doc appointment to let them know.

Seriously worth trying.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 15

Name: Jennifer
Location: New York, USA
Date: February 17, 2012

I just saw this site a couple hours ago and after reading everyone's stories I decided to give it a try.
I have a wart on my nose, between my nostrils, which I've been trying to get rid of since it showed up several months ago. Nothing was working and it was very upsetting because it is in such an obvious place.

Two hours ago I taped the end of a cotton swab soaked in ACV to the end of my nose. I was excited to see the progress so I just took it off to check. The wart has already turned white! I am so shocked and excited because I was a bit doubtful but it looks like it is working!!! I'm going to put another ACV swab on again and see what happens overnight.

I have one question though. Can I put makeup over the wart? I am going out this weekend and if this continues to work I don't want to go out with a black lump on my nose, but I don't want to make it worse.

Thank you so much and good luck to everyone else!!!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 14

Name: Steve
Location: Minnesota, United States
Date: February 12, 2012

Ugh, I've seen this a few times on the internet.  And I'm beginning to think I should have tried it sooner.

Last summer I began getting a wart, thinking I got it from a puncture hole in my hand from fishing.  Although I also have probably a 20 year old wart on my 4th toe (next to the pinky toe). That one had been getting a bit bigger in recent years and I thought I would finally look into getting rid of it because I figured it might be cramping my pinky toe in my shoes a bit.

Now however this new wart in the palm of my hand has been growing rather fast, at about a millimeter a month.  Now its about 1/4th inch wide and it seems all the freezing, salicylic acid drops, patches, and other remedies I have used only have aggravated it more and it grows back as virulent as ever even after I think... oh this time it looks like its going to do the trick.  Those never have.

All this time though I'm spending witting about this and its only the first day I've Used Apple Cider Vinegar.   I guess Im just excited because my hand is throbbing.  Sounds weird I know, but if you've battled a wart as long or longer than I have you would sympathize.

Anyway I gave up on my old wart for the moment as I focus on this new one, seeing if new methods work. (I froze the wart last night probably leaving it on 2-3 times as long as they suggest (I've also done this before) because nothing else has worked Today it felt dried up on the surface still seemed very much alive inside and I had the hunch that it would come back if I don't remain on the offensive.

 I figured I should give it time to rest if I were freezing it again, so I decided to look up this ACV thing again.  Again just treated it the first time today and I can tell the wart is getting punished, its sort of a happy pain, if you could put it one way because even though I know there is a chance it wont work, this has the sense of steadily chipping into the DNA of my wart and killing it slowly, something I didn't sense with my other OTC remedies. I guess the fact that its throbbing means that the nerves that the wart has acquired in the hijacking of my hand are feeling the agony of the wart.  And that's a good thing even if I have to feel it too!

Good Luck others! This gives me hope! I will write back if it truly works.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 13

Name: Danielle
Location: Texas, United States
Date: February 10, 2012

Apple cider vinegar works!

I had a really bothersome wart on the bottom of my foot. I tried everything, so a month before a big vacation I grasped at straws and tired this.

It did work! The only issue I had was the pain, holy cow the pain was so intense towards the end of the week I couldn't walk on that side of my foot. I stuck it out and when the pain got to the point where I literally couldn't bare anymore and the majority of the wart was black, I stopped.

About 3 days later (with applying antibiotic cream) it healed and its been six months!

Still wart free on that foot, now I have one on the other side, and I'm going to use vinegar first. Its worth the pain for a few days  to have these painful things gone forever!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 12

Name: Julie
Location: Georgia, USA
Date: February 09, 2012

Sarah...I want you to know that I prayed for you in hopes that your wart problem gets better and for you to find peace.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 11

Name: Jennifer
Location: Wisconsin, United States
Date: February 06, 2012

I had a very painful plantar wart on my foot for over 6 months. It hurt really bad and it was raised up a lot. I tried the acid treatment but all that did was destroy the healthy skin around it.

Finally, I started looking for alternatives before going to a dr. The acv treatment worked!!!!

After 3 nights of treatment the "lump" had gone away...and then after about 5 nights it started turning black. Right now after 2 weeks all that is left is a little dent.

I am sooo happy that this worked and it was relatively painless. It actually was more itchy than painful for a few nights.

Try this before you head to the dr. to spend lots of $$$. IT WORKED :))))

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 10

Name: Edward Miller
Location: England, United Kingdom
Date: February 02, 2012

This technique genuinely works.

Removed about 8 warts from my hands, haven't returned in the 6 years after.

Do it!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 9

Name: Emma Landers
Location: NSW, Australia
Date: January 27, 2012

Seriously use ACV!

I had warts on the tops and bottoms of my feet. Big ones and little ones, and one area where about 10 or so had joined together. They were painful, ugly and I was self conscious of them.

I had been to the doctor to get them burnt off, but it was very painful and they would always come back.

 I started using acv on them and they started to clear.

I went hardcore in the beginning, but they would burn at night (i think when the vinegar reached healthy skin). I would get the tops off q tips and dip them in the vinegar then place them on top of the warts and put band-aids on. I also put nail polish or vaseline around the warts to protect the healthy skin.

Anyway, at first, some of the warts started to scab up, I would let them dry off and fall off. It took a few days of leaving the acv on overnight for this to happen. When the scabs fell off the warts were like half the size. I would repeat the process over and over. Eventually I got bored of taping my feet every night and just started to dab on acv before bed.

To my surprise, a couple of weeks later all the warts were gone! I have one left on my heel which is getting smaller and smaller.

I honestly feel so happy I used the acv. I can spend my summer in sandals.

If you're not sure as to whether you should use acv or not, do! It's cheap, easy and relatively painless. So much more effective than anything you could get from the chemist! I was so ashamed of my feet before, but now I love that they are (almost) wart free!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 8

Name: Ben
Location: Virginia, United States
Date: January 24, 2012

I had a dime-sized plantar wart in the middle of the bottom of my foot for about 2 years. Nothing had worked for me, until I found AND tried this method. I actually found this acv method online awhile back, but continued tried other things like duct tape and salicylic acid. Really wished I had done this first, so please try this, you won't be sorry!

After a few days of applying the acv, I noticed 2 BB sized black dots begin to appear, deep down in the wart. Gradually over the next week, the entire wart began to darken and eventually turn black.

At first, I left the vinegar on 24 hours a day, but after reading some other comments, decided to cut back to 12 hours on and off to give the skin a chance to heal and fight back on its own. When I cut back to 12 hours at a time, the wart really seemed to turn black much faster. Finally, after about 2 1/2 weeks, the black 'scab' was peeling off on its own, so I just gently lifted it off to find healthy skin underneath. I have continued to apply acv for 12 hours at a time for another week, just to make sure it's gone for good.

The worst pain wasn't any kind of burning or stinging as others have experienced, but rather a throbbing kind of pain. It was most intense if I was placing weight on that foot for a while, and then when I lifted it there would be that pain for a few seconds. Definitely uncomfortable, but NOTHING compared to the pain of salicylic acid or even the pain I had if I would step on something, right where the wart was.

I was so surprised and grateful that this worked and strongly recommend this method to anyone suffering from one or more of these stubborn warts!!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 7

Name: Faith Turner
Location: Georgia, USA
Date: January 20, 2012

I had this round smooth but kind of painful bump on the bottom of my foot for years.

No clue what it was and never thought to ask a Dr. about it. Then about 5 months ago I mentioned it to a dr. and without even looking she said.. PLANTAR WART! I was surprised, did not look like a wart to me.
I tried the freezing wart thing. and it did not work.
Then I found this page like 2 and a half weeks ago... I thought. why not. I did the cotton ball soaked in ACV and put band-aids over it each night about a week and a half 2 weeks... nothing happened the first few days.. then I scrubbed it and poked a hole in it my accident while trying to rough it up so it would get the vinegar in it.. the next night that little poke turned black.. night after the darkness spread .. by the 3rd or 4th night after poking it was all black and a day or so later I was picking at it with tweezers got a part of skin and wiggled it to pull it off the entire dried black wart came out and left a little crater in my foot.
YEAAA its gone after like 10 years!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 6

Name: Sarah
Location: United Kingdom
Date: January 17, 2012

I'v battle with warts on my hands for about 2 years now. Im in my 20s and its getting me really down.

I'v been to the docs numerous times, to specialists and they prescribe the same salicylic acid medicines which don't work. I'v been told theres no cure for warts.

I'v come across acv which has been effective in removing some of my hand warts but the pain is becoming unbearable. I'm literally waking up to 4-5 new warts every morning.

I'v lost self esteem, I wear long sleeve tops and plasters to hide my hands. People stare.

I'v been using acv for 5months now and I'v seen no miracle cure like the posts on this forum. I eat healthy, sleep well and exercise 4-5 times a week. Im getting to the stage where if it doesn't get any better then I don't particularly want to be here anymore, it really is that bad.

Hopefully the acv continues to break down some of the layers.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 5

Name: Acai
Location: New York, United States
Date: January 11, 2012

Omg it works so well!!

In the 6th grade a friend of mine noticed that I was growing something from my middle finger, and he pointed it out rudely and that's when I noticed it.

I used to put a band-aid around my finger to hide it and tried all sorts of things to get rid of it. I cut it off, shaved it off, tried pulling it out, used some acid wart medicine. Nothing worked and just made it even bigger.

So in the 8th grade, in about March or May(2011) I discovered this website. I didn't think it worked until I read all of the comments and decided to try it.

Within 4 weeks my huge embarrassing wart was GONNNEEE.
Gone with the wind!

I was able to attend my senior trip and graduation with no gross growth from my finger and it was awesome.
Now I'm in 9th grade and the wart is just a scar.

It hurt. A lot. I would be tossing and turning in bed because of the pain. But I was a trooper. A word of advice, though, when it first turns black, don't pick at it or it will spew black liquid and that's not something you want. It slows down the process of healing.

Good Luck!

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 4

Name: Carrie
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: January 03, 2012

Absolutely the best remedy for warts. I remember checking out this site a few months ago and not fully believing it, but it actually works!

I have had many plantar warts on my feet and here is how I got rid of them.

First exfoliate as much as you can off the wart, not too much or else it will bleed and take forever to stop.

I cut a little square out of a cotton pad, soaked it in ACV, squeezed out the excess, and taped it to my foot with medical tape (I found duct tape didn't stick as well)

Leave it on overnight and take it off in the morning. At this point some people may say exfoliate, but the skin is usually still moist and tender, so I like to leave it off throughout the day till it dries up. Then at night, exfoliate what you can. You will begin to see the little black roots which is a good sign!

Repeat for a few more days. If it hurts too much then take a break, it wont reverse the process.

Eventually the wart will become black altogether. When this happens, I stop the ACV treatment and wait until the skin is no longer tender. I usually remove the  now blackened skin with a pin or needle, and the blackened wart comes right off!

Good luck and don't give up.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 3

Name: Drew
Location: California, USA
Date: January 02, 2012

This method is seriously amazing.

 I got a plantar wart 8 years ago on the bottom of my heal and tried duct tape occlusion and Compound W a million times and like someone else said it only angered it and caused it to spread like a wild fire.

8 years later I had at least 30 warts, they were running together and neurotically I thought I might lose my foot.

I put ACV on a 2" X 2" folded paper towel on my heal and put gorilla tape over it before bed every other night for probably a week or two. They started to turn dark but I didn't see much difference and stopped trying it for a while.

3 months later I looked at the bottom of my foot and I almost couldn't tell which foot was my warty foot. This stuff seriously worked. I honestly don't know how the wart removal companies have kept this under wraps, if they were smart they would try to sell this method with pre-soaked ACV band-aids or something.

PS I used Bragg brand ACV, don't know if that makes a difference, it's all Safeway had and is kinda expensive at 5 bucks for a small bottle but it was definitely worth it.

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 2

Name: Jade
Location: Manila, Philippines
Date: January 02, 2012

I totally agree that using Apple Cider vinegar is the most effective and cheapest way to remove warts.

Back in 2001, I had a lot of warts in my feet, around 8 in number. I went to different medical clinics to remove it. I undergone a lot cauterization but it doesn't really removed my warts. My warts grew again a few weeks after the cauterization. The cost for cauterization is costly and not really removing my warts, in addition to the fact that it just scars my skin. So I decided to just leave my warts and not go to any clinics to cure it. It was in 2004 that my warts suddenly disappear without doing anything.

Then in April 2011, I got warts again in my hands. It was in July that I decided to research for a cheap and effective cure for warts. It was then that I stopped by this site and read a lot of testimonials about the healing power of apple cider vinegar.

I tried it and applied the vinegar from July 19, 2011 until Aug 5, 2011. In Aug 5, all my warts were completely gone. I used Bragg's Apple Cider vinegar with the mother. I was so amazed by the results! I saved a lot of money.

Thanks to all the testimonials here that I learned about this cure! :)

Vinegar and Warts
Testimonial 1

Name: Elise
Location: California, USA
Date: January 01, 2012

I'm Elise and I'm 20 years old. I had really big, thick, ugly warts all over my toes and fingers for about two years. They only happened to be on my left hand and left foot. When they were at their worst, they would start bleeding and would become painful and sore to touch.

I spent most of my time thinking about how horrible they looked and researching ways to get rid of them for good. I'll admit, the whole thing put me in a pretty sad mood most of the time.. when people would see them, or ask about them, I found I didn't have an answer as to why I had them and as a result, became really embarrassed.. I didn't want anyone to know I had warts. I'd try to hide them with band-aids and then people would ask why I always had band-aids on! :/..

I feel this is a good place to write any success story I had getting rid of them. I read every testimonial on this site for months, and I too decided to use the vinegar remedy.

I would do as everyone else did on here. I would start before bed and dip pieces of a q-tip in the ACV and cover my fingers/ toes up with band-aids. At my worst time, I had, in total, about 25 warts. It took so much time to cover them all and make sure the vinegar never dried out. I admit that I would become lazy from time to time though!! When I thought they were gone, I'd stop the treatment. That was a big mistake because ultimately, they only grew back thicker and tougher than before :(.

I used vinegar from the start because it was the FIRST remedy I heard of and the first remedy that had thousands behind it online! So many success stories have been posted on here, and I believe them! But when it didn't work for me the 1st time, I tried other things. I tried tea tree, oregano oil, lemon oil, peroxide, aloe vera, dandelion stem (lol), soaking fingers and toes in hot water, soaking them in ACV, cutting them or filing them.. I look multivitamins, L-lysine, echinacea tabs to try and raise my immune system.. I tried putting aspirin paste on them.. at home freezing kits.. I swear I tried everything.

I was so desperate. I would get down a lot because I thought I might never get rid of these warts. But when nothing worked, I thought for sure I would have to live with them all over my fingers.. It really brought my self esteem down for the entire 2 years..

I was reading over this website and many others over this summer (2011), and I realized that I was soooo ready to REALLY get rid of them for good this time.. In May, I got a new job and decided I needed a change. I started working out and getting somewhat healthy because I've heard that this helps a lot when you are trying to repair your immune system and trying to get rid of warts. So I did that and I also decided to fight these warts full force. So even though I wanted to be against strong medical remedies, my doctor reminded me of salicylic acid. I decided to try it since it was pretty much my last hope. And what if it worked? I finally decided to give in and use salicylic acid!

Here was my success story! I went to CVS the 1st time where the bottle was about $8 and was really small, too. But later, I bought a cheap $4 one from Wal-Mart and it worked equally as good! I started by painting it on the warts as often as I could, even if I was at work. I was so determined! These things had bugged me long enough.. So I used the acid to try and break down some of the tough skin covering the warts. When I came home, I would peel the acid off (it dries white kind of like glue, so you can just peel it off), My skin underneath would be really white and soft looking. I would peel the blister off and file it down a little to remove as much dead skin off the wart as possible.  And when I felt that the warts were softening up  and getting close to their core,which was about a week and a half later, I brought back the ACV.

So I would use the salicylic acid during the day and at night I'd cover the warts with ACV again (I used Solana gold organic ACV).. Let me tell you, It is NOT pain free. Your fingers will throb with ACV like they never have before (or where ever your wart is, IT WILL THROB LIKE CRAZY!). And when you take the acv bandage off, the place surrounding your warts will be sore for a while until it wears off. The thing with me was that I had been using it for so long that I decided to just push through it.

Did I mention that I wanted them GONE?? I would sometimes use ACV at night and then apply a fresh cotton and bandaid in the morning to see how long I could stand it at work.. Within one month of starting my new treatment, all my warts had significantly shrunken in size!! And not long after that, I find myself with smooth fingers and toes again.. No more patches of warts on the toes, no more huge wart on my middle finger.. No more warts at all! I couldn't believe it when the tough skin just started coming off layer by layer. I finally got to the "root" (I still believe it's called a root, haha!) and putting ACV on top of that which stung quite a bit. It was so worth it though because it is now a new year and I am 100% wart free. I can't believe it's finally happened.

I had extremely painful and noticeable periungal warts around my cuticles, a few under my finger nails, warts on every toe and between my toes!, warts on my actual feet.. and now they are all completely gone! And I owe it to this website, for one, but also my doctor for recommending the acid. I feel so much better now that I got rid of them

And I promised myself that I'd let everyone know that there is hope out there if I ever did get rid of them. So don't give up, because it is wonderful to be wart free again. DON'T EVER GIVE UP :)!! And it also helps to have someone to support you through it.. My husband never cared once that I had them.. I would think he was grossed out when in reality he was totally ok with it. He would help me get the band-aids and vinegar and he would tell me it was alright when I'd get all down cause of them. So it always helps to have someone to lift your spirits because it is an extremely tough time! I am so glad that I was able to get rid of them, and I hope that you can also! Just remember, don't give up and they will be gone eventually.

I used salicylic acid and ACV together, but I think any remedy that includes acv in it would be good in removing the warts! They just can't win when you have ACV on your side. It's truly a miracle :)! I owe my thanks to this website and all the other websites and forums I found along the way. Good luck!!:)