Vinegar Nail Fungus
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"At last a NATURAL nail fungus home remedy that works!"

A low cost vinegar nail fungus home remedy that works is what many people are searching for, especially those who do not want to deal with the potential side effects of oral antifungal drugs which can range from skin rashes to liver damage. As well, these medications should not be used by pregnant woman or nursing mothers.

About 50% of all nail disorders are due to nail fungus (onychomycosis) infections. They often begin as a yellow or white spot under the tip of your fingernail or toenail and as the infection progresses can cause your nail to discolor, thicken, and have crumbling edges. These infections are generally slow growing, not tender and localized.

Fungi are microscopic living organisms that can thrive in warm, moist, dark environments that contain lots of dead material that they can feast on.
Tiny skin cuts or a small separation between your nail or nail bed is all that is needed for the tenatious fungi to take hold.

These mico-organisms don't like sunlight and they can't stand the acidic environment that the vinegar nail fungus home remedy provides.

Reference: Mayo Clinic article on nail fungus. ( Web Link )

Vinegar Nail Fungus Home Remedy Procedure

Simply place 2 drops of distilled white vinegar (available at any grocery store) at the growing base of the affected nail twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. The vinegar can be applied with a dropper bottle or if you prefer, you can soak a cotton Q-tip and apply the vinegar that way.

Next, this procedure will have to be continued untill the infected nail is grown right off the body. That could take 6 months or longer for an infected toenail.
It is important that not a single application is missed because if you do, any new nail that is grown that day will be susceptible to fungal reinfection.

After following this vinegar nail fungus treatment for about two months, you should see normal nail growing at the base of the nail. But remember you must continue the treatment until the infected nail grows right off the body.

Reference: Ask Dr. Stoll. ( Web Link )

Nail Fungus Prevention Tips

To help prevent nail fungus in the first place or reduce recurrent infections follow these tips:

  • Don't go barefoot in public pools, showers or lockers.
  • Wear synthetic socks that keep your feet dryer than cotton or wool socks.
  • Keep your nails short, dry and clean.
  • Don't pick at the skin around your nails.
  • If you have nail fungus don't use nail polish or artificial nails to cover up the infection.
    This could trap moisture and make the infection worse.
  • Regular ingestion of probiotics and natural herbs can also be very helpful.

Comments on the Vinegar Nail Fungus
Home Remedy Procedure

Name: Julie
Location: NSW, Australia
Date: August 31, 2017

I have had chronic nail fungus mostly concentrated on my big toes.

I suspect I caught this through visiting nail salons regularly while living in Asia. I have battled this for several years using the traditional medicinal lotions with no success.

I decided to try the Apple Cider Vinegar ( organic with the mother ), 3/4 cup foot soak with drops of tea tree oil.

2 weeks in soaking morning and night and I'm gobsmacked how effective it is. One nail was almost black and took half the nail now I have a small yellow patch and is decreasing daily.

I am over the moon and am hopeful that by summer ( in 3 months) I will be bearing my tootsies for all to see..

Highly recommend it!!

Name: Deborah Adkins
Location: Ohio, United States
Date: August 19, 2016

I just switched to Bragg's ACV, but I use a small paintbrush and dab it into a jar and had amazing results.

But, I used white vinegar originally and I think it works better.

2 times a day and do not skip a day!

Name: Carla
Location: California, United States
Date: April 15, 2016

My 12 year old’s toenails are discolored.

We have just started the vinegar treatment and I will also be administering probiotics in her diet.

Fingers crossed!!!!

Note from

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) as a home remedy for the treatment of nail fungus WILL work, if your daughter’s problem is nail fungus.

But some conditions are essential to its success.

First, make sure your vinegar contains 5% acetic acid – no less. Then, you must apply 2-3 drops of “running” vinegar (not simply dabbing from a cotton swab) and let dry. And you must do the treatment two to three times a day (morning and evening, or morning/mid-day/evening).

Last condition, you have to be patient because real success will be achieved once the diseased nail will have been COMPLETELY replaced by a new, healthy, fully grown nail; IF YOU STOP the treatment before this is achieved, the fungus will insidiously find its way back to the root of the nail and all your effort will have been for nothing.

After a few weeks, you will see a new healthy nail start growing at the base but the whole process will take months, as many as 6 depending on the person, but it WILL work.

Once success is achieved, since your daughter’s nails already fell victim to fungus, we would recommend a once a week “maintenance” morning & evening routine booster to keep things in the clear for a couple of years.

Name: Gloria
Location: NCR, Philippines
Date: April 02, 2016

I have no nail fungus, but my friend has, and I have recommended ACV to him.

I have used ACV in many occasions, and have been constantly amazed at how effective is is in treating cuts, wounds, itchiness, etc.

Name: Lisa
Location: Tennessee, United States
Date: June 27, 2015

I contracted a nail fungus on my big toe from a pedicure 2 years ago and tried different products with no luck .

My nail detached about 3/4 of the way down and grew thick and discolored. It was nasty. Finally I tried apple cider vinegar and it worked!

First I cut my nail back as low down to the quick as I could which basically was almost my whole nail, I took a file and filed the top of what was left of my nail down until it was nearly smooth and even with my skin, it did hurt but not unbearable.

Then every night I soaked a small ball of cotton with the vinegar placed it on my toe and wrapped it with a bandaid and slept with it on. In the morning I would shower and be sure to really clean my toe and let it breath.

I did this for over a month and finally one morning I was checking it out and my toe looked pink and healthy at the base and began to grow back. Now, it's nearly grown back after 3 months.

Now I just wear the cotton ball bandaid about twice a week to keep it from coming back. When it is fully grown back I will discontinue it.

This works! It's cheap and effective and it takes patience but it DOES work!

Name: Pronovost
Location: Quebec, Canada
Date: December 20, 2014

I do not know about the action of apple cider vinegar on nail fungus but I can talk about this topic because I had the problem 2 years ago.

First some tips:
1) If you only have one or two affected nails, avoid cutting them all with the same tool since this will spread the fungus to other toes - as I unknowingly did.
2) Concerning laser treatment, forget it. It costs a fortune and does not work. I know, I've tried it for almost a year at the rate of one treatment every 3 months.

I managed to eliminate my problem thanks to my family doctor. He put me on Sporanox for a period of 28 weeks. You have to take a blood test to check your liver status before starting this treatment. You must repeat the test a month later. If the results of both tests are good, you can complete the treatment.

In my case, it worked very well and all my nails have recovered their original color!

Last thing, but very important:

At the end of treatment, IT IS IMPORTANT TO WASH ALL your SHOES in BOILING WATER mixed WITH SOAP AND A BIT OF BLEACH, to eliminate any fungi that may still be there !!

Note from

As verified by many of the testimonials on this page, the apple cider vinegar treatment does work to get rid of nail fungus. It requires about 6 months of daily application. It is a good option for those who want to avoid use oral antifungal drugs with their possible side effects, and for pregnant or nursing mothers who can't use drugs.

Name: Rae
Location: Texas, United States
Date: October 09, 2014

I have never needed vinegar for fungus but it healed my daughters' and my head lice quickly after months of pain and combing and expensive store bought treatments.

I'm trying it on dog/cat ear mites now.

I wonder about chigger bites, bedbugs, scabbies and other little creatures that I've not had but wow, could vinegar take these tiny pests all out of commission???

Name: Gail
Location: Connecticut, United States
Date: March 10, 2013

I discovered a one a day treatment.

I wedged a tiny piece of a cotton ball under my affected toe nail, then saturate it with vinegar.

I did this every morning after I showered and after I totally dried my toes with a hair dryer. Sometimes to keep it saturated I'd wrap it in a band aid.

I can't recall how long I did this, but it worked!

Name: Carmen
Location: Maryland, United States
Date: October 09, 2012

White vinegar is working for me.

Just started three weeks ago soaking for an hour a day in addition to buffing the nails.

I also read on Pinterist that Peroxide works also and have been alternating.

Now I don't mind going without nail polish as my nails are nice and clear.

Name: Guilly
Location: Orange, California; United States
Date: September 13, 2011

I had toe fungus for over 3 years.

Spend on specialist....nothing.

After 3 months using the Apple cider vinegar, the fungus is almost gone.

Name: Yahya Al-Zedjali
Location: Muscat, Oman
Date: August 20, 2010

By reading this page which allows me to give some comments in the user feedback form for home remedy using vinegar for nail fungus infections, I hereby give my comments to share the benefits of vinegar application for nail remedy:

My all ten nails were very damaged and I have lived with pain for over a year with minor cutting surgeries done on my big toe nails and I was uncomfortable at all times due to constant pain all over the nails.

It is less than a month after reading your page since I used vinegar and noticed a great improvement and the pain totally disappeared.

I also notice healthy growth in the bottom part of the nail and I keep on applying twice a day vinegar and I will keep doing this for six months and will continue even when it is totally cured. Now I can show my nails and they look good.

Name: David
Location: MA, United States
Date: February 01, 2010

I am currently using a soak of 50/50 ACV and Listerine.

So far it seems to be helping. I've been at it for about 2 months now. Also, I use Tea tree oil and Vicks vapor rub.

I am trying to kill the fungus from every angle!

I'm hoping by Summer I can show my toenail again!

Name: Anonymous
Location: Quebec, Canada
Date: October 26, 2009

Apple cider vinegar works really great!

- to apply the vinegar at least TWICE A DAY
- to continue the treatment LONG ENOUGH (six months minimum).

Here is my story.
I had nail fungus on 5 toenails, including my big left toe.
I started to treat all toenails at the same time.

Progress became clearly visible after a couple of months: a new and healthy section was growing from the base.

I maintained the same frequency (twice a day) for the treatment during a little more than 4 months. After that, I underwent surgery and the frequency of my nails treatment dropped to once a day. It went back to twice a day during my recovery but it wasn't regular and it often was once a day.

After that, I more or less became a little less rigorous on the treatments but I always did at least one treatment a day.

It turned out that all my toenails, but one, healed OK. Now the "bad" nails have just about all but disappeared except for my big toe. Four beautiful nails out of five.
Though my big toenail was doing fine before the surgery, (half of it was made of a new healthy nail) the drop in frequency was enough for the fungus on that nail to "catch up" and soon the whole nail was sick again and I was back to square one !!!

So I had to start all over again for that nail.
I am giving it a BOOST start: 3 treatments a day (though twice would be enough but I am at war here).

So, to all of you out there: ACV works and it WILL get rid of your nail fungus
Do NOT interrupt the application even though you may think the nail is "cured." WAIT UNTIL the "bad" portion of the nail is COMPLETELY GONE and then some.
Do NOT reduce the number of applications of the treatment after a few months; if you are tempted to do so because things are going well, just remember my story.

Best of luck to you all !!!

Name: M
Location: FLorida, United States
Date: October 26, 2009

It works!

I've been fighting nail fungus and athlete's foot fungus for over 10 years. Nothing had worked and I was tired of continual spending on creams.

I did 30 minute foot soakings and foot scrubs three times and noticed a considerable improvement. I have a new nail growing. I've refused to polish my toe nails, because it looks so nice natural.

Will continue with the foot soaking at least twice a week for now. Also, works on warts!

I'm taking ACV orally now on a daily basis just for overall health improvement.

Name: K
Location: New York, United States
Date: January 30, 2009

Yes, Vinegar does work.

I did not show my toes for years. After using vinegar, I can finally wear sandals.

You must apply vinegar 2x everyday or you will see the fungi try to comeback.
I still use vinegar solution 2x a week- to keep toes clear.

Name: Kim
Location: Texas, United States
Date: December 5, 2007

It works.
I started the ACV treatment in Dec. of 2006 for a nail fungus on my big toe. Within two weeks of daily treatment with a soaked cotton ball of ACV the fungus let go of the nail and it loosened and fell off.
A year later I have a completely new nail, fungus free, but I still do the ACV treatment daily.

Raw, organic unfiltered coconut oil works well also for nail fungus.

Name: Pranit Desai
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Date: August 3, 2007

Nice to have the guidelines for nail fungus. I had a problem of nail fungus since 2 years but I didn't care much about it but it has increased now and I had started using apple cidar vinegar application.

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