Vinegar Wart Removal

July to the end of December 2011

The vinegar wart removal procedure was reviewed by 77 users from July to December 2011.

To summarize the results, just 3 of the 77 users reported that this vinegar treatment did not work for them.
The other 74 people either got rid of their warts completely or were still undergoing the treatment process.

The list below shows the type and quantity of warts that were reported as removed:

  • Head warts:  1 case
  • Face warts: 3 cases
  • Nose warts: 1 case
  • Hand warts:  7 cases
  • Thumb warts: 3 cases
  • Finger warts:  7 cases
  • Periungual finger warts: 1 case
  • Leg warts: 2 cases
  • Knee warts: 1 cases
  • Plantar warts on foot: 11 cases
  • Plantar warts on toes: 1 case
  • Plantar warts on heel: 4 cases
  • Plantar warts on ball of foot: 2 cases
  • Genital warts: 3 cases
  • Skin tag : 1 case

Results Analysis for the
Vinegar wart Removal Procedure:

Summary of Vinegar and Warts Testimonials

Only 3% of the users reported that apple cider vinegar had no effect on their warts, whereas 60% reported complete wart removal and 37% were still in the early stages of evaluating the procedure but were happy with the results so far.

As a drawback, this vinegar wart removal procedure was found to be painful by 52% of the respondents, but most continued because they wanted to get rid of their warts once and for all.

If you are thinking of using this vinegar wart removal procedure, you will find that there a lot of helpful hints and observations recorded in the actual testimonials that follow.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 77

Name: Pooja
Location: Texas, United States
Date: December 29, 2011

Guys I highly recommend to use apple cider vinegar(acv) to remove warts.

I have personal experience on warts which really bothered me. I used to look so ugly when it was on my forehead in the eyebrows.

So one day I tried ACV. I soaked a cotton ball in an ACVA AND put it over the freaking wart with the help of simple tape or you can use duct tape ( no air should enter). I leave it overnight and tomorrow afternoon I felt that it was smaller in size. When I opened it, I could see the dead skin. I just peeled the dead skin and it was clean.

I am so happy it really worked but, it depends on the size of your wart..

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 76

Name: Cory
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: December 21, 2011

I had a wart on the knuckle of my index finger for over a year. I tried the cryotherapy, over the counter compound W, and a prescription salicylic acid based cream. They would all shrink the wart down a little at first but then it would become resistant and grow back bigger than ever.

Eventually, I got fed up and booked an appointment at a monthly lumps and bumps clinic to have it surgically removed. It stayed gone for about 2 months but the stubborn thing came back in exactly the same spot!

My dad had continuously told me to try the apple cider vinegar, and after reading this guide, I decided to humor him and give it a surprise. I was very skeptical after all the other attempts that had failed, but this technique actually worked!

After 3 days, the wart turned black. and after soaking it while doing the dishes, it practically fell off on its own. I continued with the apple cider vinegar for about a week after it came off, because this wart has been very stubborn and returned after I thought it was gone in the past.

I am happy to say this technique worked for me and my wart has not returned.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 75

Name: Marie
Location: New Mexico, United States
Date: December 21, 2011

I had a plantar wart on the bottom of my heel, and I tried almost everything to get rid of it. I finally came across this site and decided to try apple cider vinegar before I went to the doctors.


I had to put apple cider vinegar on my foot for about a month, but it finally disappeared. I'm not going to lie, some days were extremely painful and really hard to walk, but I'm glad I stuck with it because it's gone!

It's worth the pain and the $4 it cost to do it too.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 74

Name: Kate
Location: Tennessee, United States
Date: December 17, 2011

Over the summer, I discovered that I had developed 22 warts, all on the bottom of my feet.

I had had a few the following winter; I tried getting those burned off by the doctor and tried every type of OTC medication possible. It didn't help and more warts just kept coming.

In despair, I googled the issue and found the apple cider vinegar remedy. I was skeptical because I have never, ever tried a home remedy for anything before, but I was desperate so I tried this.

What I did was dip little pieces of cotton ball in the ACV and place it directly on the wart. I then slapped some duct tape over the top of it. Alternatively, I also wet the end of a q-tip in the AVC, put a drop of it on the wart, and took a small round adhesive bandage and put some ACV on the non-adhesive part of the bandage. I did this every night for two weeks.

At first, there was no change. Then, after about three nights, my feet really started hurting. I have to say the pain was fairly bad but I decided this meant it was working and stuck with it. After three weeks every wart was gone. They just turned black and fell off. It was like a miracle! I had been battling them for almost a year before the ACV. This was back in August and I am still wart-free.

I also found it helpful to wear duct tape over the wart whenever you are not treating it with the ACV. I have never, ever written a recommendation for any sort of natural treatment, but I just have to say: if you are desperate and nothing else has worked, try ACV! It certainly cured me.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 73

Name: Réka Morvay
Location: Hungary
Date: December 16, 2011

I was looking for a natural solution for my six-year-old daughter's warts. She had had 2 of them on her knee, and one was cut off, the other burned off. It was traumatic and painful.

This time, she had a wart on her thumb, and I just hated the idea of them sticking a big needle into her thumb (the local anesthetic).

So I searched online and found this page. I was heartened by the fact that it's maintained by a fellow SBI user. :)

I read the testimonials and decided it couldn't hurt to give it a try before we went in to get big needles stuck into my daughter's thumb.

So what I did was put a few drops of apple cider vinegar on band-aids, and covered her wart with those. I didn't even remember to do it every day.

It took 2-3 weeks like this, but the wart came off!!! I asked my daughter whether it hurt, and she said no. The biggest "problem" was that she smelled like apple cider vinegar for a few weeks.

Thank you for this information! I'm really happy we were able to avoid a traumatic and painful trip to the doctor with this. And I'm also angry that they did it to her twice instead of just letting us know there is another, painless way to do it...

Thanks again!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 72

Name: Mark
Location: North Carolina, United States
Date: December 15, 2011

I have a couple small genital warts and have wanted to get them removed for some time, but have been too embarrassed to go to the doctor.

I found the ACV treatment during a Google search and figured I would give it a try. I was VERY skeptical about trying, but I have to say, it works.

It took about 1 week for one of the warts to turn black and fall off. The other two warts are on the verge of falling off.

Absolutely incredible.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 71

Name: CH
Location: Pensylvania, United States
Date: December 11, 2011

It doesn't seem to work for me.

Tried it for a month with no big results.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 70

Name: Tony Thompson
Location: Georgia, United States
Date: December 09, 2011

I had a skin tag on my neck that was becoming irritated by certain sweaters and eventually was becoming bigger.

I did not try any OTC meds, instead I research and found the miracle drug, ACV. I did just as the instructions read and only used a Q-tip size cotton ball, dabbed it in the ACV and secured it on my neck with a band-aid for a full 24hrs.

At day 2, the darn thing had already turned black. I removed the cotton ball and kept the band-aid on it. I took a shower the next day and it rubbed right off while bathing.

I was in no pain. However, I did have just a little irritation on the skin surrounding the skin tag. Once the tag fell off, I washed my neck and immediately starting using coco-butter for the vitamin E factor and now all looks normal.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 69

Name: Rachel
Location: New Jersey, USA
Date: December 04, 2011

I had warts around my cuticles on 3 fingers for over 3 years. I had tried both over the counter remedies such as Compound W and prescription meds such as Imoquimod.

Also tried zinc sulfate, Thuja occidentalis, and some weird ulcer medication that my doctor told me are supposed to get your body to fight warts. Nothing worked.

Since they were on the cuticles, I couldn't freeze them but had my dermatologist laser them. The laser got rid of one but angered the rest and I got about 5 new baby ones.

At wits end, I found this web page and tried the ACV method.

It hurt like crazy but I treated the original wart every night for about a month. I didn't think it was working but all of a sudden every single wart, even the ones I was not treating, shrunk up and disappeared!

Been wart free for several months. I am so thankful to have found this site and only wish I had tried this remedy sooner!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 68

Name: Anne
Location: Illinois, United States
Date: November 21, 2011

After reading the testimonials and knowing this would NOT work...I tried it anyway.

I am on day 5 and my HUGE wart on my hand is almost gone. The pain has been extreme.

I put the ACV on during the day and let it air out while I sleep. It was completely black by day 2, and after giving it a day off, I used nail clippers to cut off the scabby, hard black skin. There is now a huge bloody crater there and I am back to using the vinegar.

It is almost funny how much it hurts but I don't care. So much better than an ugly wart. I am confident this is going to get rid of it and for YEARS I have tried every remedy under the sun and spent thousands of dollars trying to get rid of my warts.

Thank you to everyone for sharing and believe me, this works! I was the biggest skeptic EVER.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 67

Name: Jhun Mercado
Location: Pampanga, Philippines
Date: November 20, 2011

It’s effective and it’s like magic!

I had my genital wart for almost 3 years now and it’s bothering me and soI searched for treatment in my genital wart and turned out to this site.

After I read this site I then followed the instructions this site told me.

Every night after I took my bath I apply apple cider vinegar into the infected part. It was painful at first but when you see the result, that pain won’t bother you. After 2 weeks of treating my wart. It’s gone like a magic!

Thank you very much for this wonderful site.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 66

Name: Coco Lipton
Location: Florida, USA
Date: November 19, 2011

This works!
I had two warts on bottom of my right foot. Doctor said plantar warts may cause cancer and wanted to freeze them off.

I did the ACV treatment for several weeks each night and both warts disappeared. Wrote the foot doctor about it - he probably wasn't too happy about it as he didn't make any money off it!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 65

Name: Laura Dean
Location: Scotland, United Kingdom
Date: November 18, 2011

I have had common warts all over my hands for about 2 years. I have eczema so when I have a cut or a graze within a week I’ll have a wart where the cut has been. They multiply weekly and it makes me so self-conscious, I’m always wearing long sleeves to cover my hands. I’ve had the usual over the counter freezing kits, acids, been to doctors, dermatologists and they prescribe the same items which I believe only spread the warts. I came across this site while frantically Googling for a remedy. I’Il try anything.

I have used apple cider vinegar on certain areas to start with and overnight two turned black and fell off, leaving gaping holes. I continued with the treatment over night but unfortunately it burnt my skin and I couldn’t stand the pain. I’ve been focusing on other fingers such as my pinky, which is now wart free. I still have a lot to go, but this stuff does work, the pain can sometimes unbearable but if you can stand it, it is worth it.

My advice is don’t pick off the top layer of white skin when you take off the band-aid and cotton ball. This only irritates them next time you put the ACV on, and it’s painful. This is either a long painful process or a quick and easy way to remove warts, either way it’s worth it.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 64

Name: Diane
Location: Arizona, USA
Date: November 11, 2011

I had a wart on the tip of each pointer finger on both hands... sort of a mirror image of each other. One I have had for 12 years and the other 7 or 8 years. The newer one on my right had was always getting broken open, was painful and lately very difficult to heal as it was getting larger. The one left was fairly small.

I have been to several dermatologists over the years to have them frozen off in successive and unsuccessful sessions. Doctors told me they were very deep and similar to type that usually forms plantar warts on the foot. I have myself frozen them with the drugstore freezing kits. Lots of pain involved in the successive/aggressive freezings!

Finally, I Googled this problem and found this site!

After doing the ACV treatment my painful wart on my right hand is gone! I had to use the ACV for about 3 to 4 wks...(because I was afraid to quit even when I thought it might be gone after 2 weeks). It did turn black within 2 days and it did hurt. Possibly more painful because I pulled out the black stuff after it looked dead. I kept the cotton with ACV on it most of the day and all night until I couldn't stand it. Believe after reading more testimonials that I "overkilled" it and was in more pain than needed.

Once I let area dry out all night and started to just do method in daytime. After filing with a small piece of clean emery board, it went away painlessly and easily.

Now, I am working on the older wart on the left pointer tip. This is day 3. I first roughened up the wart with a piece of clean emery board. Then I applied the small piece of cotton ball with ACV and bandaged for day one and one night. Removed and reapplied (without roughing) a few times during day. Again, a fresh application at bedtime. Then, I let it dry out all day yesterday because it was very black and flat. It got dry and hard and I used emery board on it lightly after dinner last night and applied ACV until bedtime. Took it off to completely dry out over night.

This morning a huge amount of it came off with my emery board until I got down to the fleshy warty part again. I am doing ACV all day and will reapply at noon and at dinner. I will take it off overnight to let it dry out and use emery board again in a.m. This time, the pain is much less because I am leaving the wart alone to dry out (not pulling out or picking off the black which I did on the first wart).

I may have to do some picking at some point but I am determined to keep my emery board method once each morning and use ACV all day with fresh applications 2 to 3 times. Remove at bedtime to let it dry out/heal.

I can see it is working and it is soooo much less painful than my first successful attempt. The pain I do have is much more manageable during the day when I am active than at night when I am trying to sleep! I will post when this is gone and let you know how long it takes.

Because I had these two warts sooo many years and they are very, very deep, I know it will not be a one week type of thing that some people experience. Patience, and one day at a time. Diane...

Call me paranoid but...I use a Kleenex and some ACV and rub my right pointer finger each time I get the bottle out! I am THAT nervous about the right one returning... lol. However, it looks really good so far. Believe me, I know what it looks like when returning because of the past failed attempts over all these years.

Also, I added some supplements to my vitamin list to increase my immune response to help things along. Figured it can't hurt and might help!

Update: January 09, 2012

Update: from my November post to say....both my warts remain GONE for about 2 months now!! I used Heinz brand ACV and it was under $2 at grocery store. If you read my long previous post you will see my years of struggle with two warts.

If I ever get another wart I will immediately start ACV treatment. I will keep ACV on it during the day and let it heal up at night. Using emery file each morning before applying ACV and bandage. Less painful approach for me which I used on the second of my finger tip warts and it worked.

If I ever get plantar warts on my feet, I would reverse when I use the ACV and leave it on all night and bandage but keep ACV off in daytime because of painful walking which some others have mentioned.

I am very careful to wear shower shoes or thongs when at public shower (beach/pool areas) and I hope never to get them on my feet. They sound painful and tougher to get rid of but I believe the ACV will kill plantars warts, too!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 63

Name: Josh
Location: BC, Canada
Date: November 09, 2011

About 2 years ago I noticed a wart starting to grow on my middle finger knuckle.

I treated it with the compound W paint on liquid. The bottle dried up really fast, so I had bought a new one and made sure to keep the lid on very tight and, once again, it dried up.

I gave up for a while and they grew back and multiplied. So when they had fully healed I went to the doctor to get them frozen off. And what do you know, $25 dollars later I went home with a big puffy knuckle. It popped a few days later and when it healed, the warts had grown back and there were more of them.

Once again, it healed and I tried duct tape and rubbing them with a nail file. This didn't work. Again I let them grow back and tried another paste on but a different brand. This one worked better but when I got down to the root of the wart, it wouldn't go away.

NOW they have grown back and they are MASSIVE. I read about the ACV method and had pondered it. My girlfriend brought me some ACV home the other night, so I started the treatment 2 nights ago. I should state that it is ORGANIC apple cider vinegar.

I have read that it is supposed to hurt, and many of the people have experienced some type of pain.

I'm thinking this might be because it is Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Does anyone know the answer to this? Any help is greatly appreciated. I have had these things for way to long :(

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 62

Name: Danielle Lowery
Location: Florida, USA
Date: November 08, 2011

I have had a wart on my middle tip of my finger for about a year now. I have tried every OTC treatment and it never went away.

I am currently using the ACV treatment and I am on day 3 and my wart is completely black and has shrunk down toward the skin a lot.

This has been very painful for me, keeping me up all night and when I take the bandage off in the morning it is very, very sore. It looks like it is working. I have read that you pick away at the black. But I am going to let it do whatever and see what happens.

Hopefully this will work and it will go away. Will post back when it goes away.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 61

Name: Stephanie
Location: Texas, USA
Date: November 07, 2011

So, I have had 3 warts around my fingernails for the past few months. I am in the middle of ACV treatment, and I need some advice!

Let me begin my story by backing up a bit. I first noticed my cuticle on my left thumb growing weird this summer. I thought it was just due to some break in my cuticle and that it would heal and go away. No. It grew and grew and turned into a cauliflower looking rough patch all down the side of my thumb nail. I think I caught it from the nail salon but who knows? My nail is actually growing somewhat sideways because of this nasty thing!

When I got back to college this August, I immediately started treating my thumb wart with Compound W band-aids and I got some salicylic acid that I would paint on. Sometimes my wart would throb with the band-aids but it never really did anything.

I went to our school clinic multiple times to get it frozen off, but it never worked. It throbbed all day and night and acted like it might be affected, but after 2 days or so, it would be back to its normal happy-wart life

I was devastated. I then noticed that two other cuticles had the same weird growths on them. OH NO!!!!! In desperation, I sought out all of the home remedies I could find. When I read the testimonials for ACV, I figured this was my best bet.

I started this 10 days ago on all three fingers. The first 2 days I stupidly put an entire cotton ball on each wart, which made applying a band-aid almost impossible because it stuck out so far. I then mastered my wart-procedure and used tweezers to pull the cotton ball apart and dip it in ACV and then use Vaseline on the good skin and a band-aid to hold it on.

After 2 days, they were black. The pain was so unbearable, I couldn't even fathom attempting this at night. Instead, I did it all day long.

By day 4, my hands hurt so bad I cried off-and-on all day. My sweet boyfriend helped me out a lot.

On day 7, the warts had formed a scabby covering. I was able to use my tweezers to pull a sheet of dead skin off of the thumb wart. But now there is still a black area that is smaller in diameter on my thumb. The skin around it is red and some pus has come out. I am unsure of what to do. The wart is still there I am pretty sure, but my skin is so irritated. I must push on, but I am curious if anyone has gone through this.

Please e-mail me if this is the case.

I am desperately continuing on but the pain is so great and my pointer finger wart is scabby but is not falling off. How long will the scab stay on before falling off???

My boyfriend is planning on proposing soon and I need these to be gone! I am only typing with 1 hand because the pain is so great. I made him promise not to ask me until these are gone, but I am scared something went wrong.

Please e-mail me with any advice or help! Thanks so much!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 60

Name: Gaurav Kapur
Location: Norfolk United Kingdom
Date: November 04, 2011

I was hoping you could help me with my query.

I regularly shave my head and recently have developed warts on my head, which as you can imagine are very embarrassing.

After reading about ACV treatment, I started using it on the warts (have used it on 4 of the largest ones). The warts turned black after two days, but 5 days later they are still the same.

My questions are:
1) Is it safe to use ACV on the scalp?
2) Now that they are black (apparently means dead?), do I scrape them off or leave them to fall?
3) How long do I continue treatment?
and finally
4) They have become sore and tender, is that usual?.

Your response will be highly appreciated to take me through this treatment which I am trying for the very first time, and am becoming increasing depressed and despondent, seeing the warts on my head.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 59

Name: Matt
Location: New Jersy, United States
Date: November 01, 2011

I've used this method more than once and its worked every time.

Only once have the warts come back, on the knuckle of my middle finger. The first time I did it on my finger I only left the cotton there for twelve hours and they went away for a month or so, then came back. So this time I'm going to try repeated treatments, 12 hours on, let it dry out, and repeat.

I have never noticed much pain, some, but nothing intense like some people describe. I figure the little bit of discomfort is just the vinegar working its "appley" magic.

Also, what I like to do is use skin shield, sold at Walgreens, which is a liquid bandage that you use to brush on cuts instead of a band-aid. I take the stuff and smear it around the wart, not on it, so that if the cotton overlaps onto the good skin it doesn't pickle and wrinkle it.

This method of wart removal is good stuff, cheap and works great.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 58

Name: Laura Wax
Location: London, United Kingdom
Date: October 29, 2011

I have common warts on my hands, ever multiplying and are really getting me down.

I tried acv on an area of my hand and within 48 hours, two had turned black. I picked these off too early and was left with two gaping holes, I'd advise to wait until they fall off as I'm now scarred, but continuing with targeting the rest.

it is painful but I would do anything to get rid of them, will post back later with the results.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 57

Name: Brigitte
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: October 27, 2011

My 8-year-old daughter had a small (size of pinhead) plantar wart that appeared on the sole of her foot mid-summer. I purchased an over-the-counter product that made her wart GROW (to dime-sized) and it became callous.

My poor daughter became self-conscious just in time for school to start :( So, in September, I searched online for remedies and came across this natural solution.

I could only apply the ACV with half of a cotton pad at her bedtime (and covered with two cloth band-aids because plastic ones did not stay on with liquid underneath); and we'd leave that on overnight. It wasn't normally reapplied in the morning because I normally left for work before she left for school, and my husband was forgetful.

Anyway, it worked!!!

The wart turned black in a short time (less than a week); and I do believe the time in between applications allowed the wart to dry up like a scab. There were times that I know I would have tried to pick at it myself (if it were on my own foot); but she didn't allow me to do that - and in due time, it was easily peeled off by her last night.

She now has a darker pink spot on the sole of her foot where the wart was.

I believe because she didn't allow me to dig at it; it was less painful - and she only complained of itchiness from time to time...all this in only a matter of 3-4 weeks!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 56

Name: Michelle S
Location: Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago
Date: October 26, 2011

Hi All.

Thank God I came upon this site after searching for a cure for these warts that appeared on my lower leg after a trip to the beach.

For 1 year, I tried everything!!!! Nothing worked. Finally, Apple Cider Vinegar to the rescue!

At night, soaked pieces of a cotton ball with the ACV, secured by a simple band-aid, and after 4 nights, the warts all turned black. (please note, that the unaffected skin around the wart will get 'burned' by the ACV, so try not to cover more than the wart with the cotton ball). I kept up with the cotton ball/band-aid ACV for a total of 8 nights. After that, I left them alone.

They looked absolutely horrible, but within 3 weeks, the black scabs started to fall off. DO NOT PICK AT THEM. If you do, the black scabs return again and it takes longer to heal.

It's been 5 weeks now and the black scabs have all fallen off and been replaced by dark pink skin. Every day, the scars are getting lighter. My warts were dime sized. Now, I have shrinking dime sized dark pink 'scars'.

Hopefully over time, there will be no visible reminders that warts were there!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 55

Name: Lynn M
Location: Georgia, United States
Date: October 24, 2011

I had a large wart on my middle finger for a year and had spent several hundred dollars on remedies such as salicylic acid, freezing myself and by the dermatologist, then finally a chemical treatment from the dermatologist that was supposed to make my body reject the wart. It did nothing.

None of these helped and the wart got bigger, then I started getting one on the ring finger right next to the big wart.

Tired of paying so much money with no result, I searched online and found the ACV remedy. Amazingly, it worked.

It hurt very much the first few nights and woke me up and I had to rinse my finger off. So then I put it on only during the day and kept it as many hours as I could, usually about 4.

After 2 weeks of this, the big wart turned black and then I stopped the vinegar and both warts gradually healed after about 3 weeks from when I started the treatment.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 54

Name: Aine
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Date: October 23, 2011

I had a wart on my foot for a year and tried many OTC remedies without success.

My GP suggested freezing it, which would require a number of visits.

Then I found out about apple cider vinegar treatment which I began using in early September, applying it each night with a cotton ball. The wart turned black within a few days and after a couple weeks it had disappeared completely. Now there is only a very slight pink scar left on my foot where it had been.

My only regret is that I didn't Google this sooner!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 53

Name: Gina
Location: Pennsylvania, United States
Date: October 21, 2011

This wart removing treatment is inexpensive and VERY successful!

It hurt a little bit, but the pain goes away very quickly!

If you have warts that REFUSE to go away (like mine!), USE APPLE CIDER VINEGAR!!!!!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 52

Name: Brian
Location: Texas, United States
Date: October 19, 2011

Ditto everything written so far.

Persistent wart (5 years) all sorts of OTC stuff.

ACV = gone in 4 days. Trimmed top layer of skin away, small fingernail sized wart dead underneath backside of skin.

Simply amazing.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 51

Name: Nat
Location: Maine, United States
Date: October 18, 2011

So far, this has worked really well.

My warts never turned black though, they just turned white like the dead skin on a blister. I peeled that layer off and now it really hurts when I put on the ACV and I'm not sure that I'm doing anything. Has anyone stopped after the warts have fallen off and had new ones grow back?

I had a dime sized wart on my hand and it fell off after three nights. I placed a band-aid over a cotton ball so that you could see the cotton from either side of the band-aid, kind of like this

I was able to keep the cotton ball very wet by pouring a capful of ACV under the band-aid into the cotton ball every half an hour or so for a few hours every night, and I think that helped make things speedy.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 50

Name: Kim
Location: Germany
Date: October 17, 2011

I had a wart for 4 years, and it took a professional 9 months of acid and a knife to get rid of it.

I was mortified to see that two of my sons got one from being on the swim team. I treated them like they had the plague every time they took off their shoes.

After seeing this site, I tried it on my 10 year old, who was willing to try anything to get rid of a large wart on his heel. We only put it on at night, and within 4 days, it had gone completely black. It had ached for him the first 3 nights, but motrin worked to keep him asleep.

He scratched at it on day 7 and all the black came out and he is left with a gapping, PAINLESS hole in his foot!!!!

We will keep up with this at nights for another week to make sure- but this is THE CURE!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 49

Name: Nancy
Location: New York, United States
Date: October 16, 2011

This method really works. I'd had a plantar wart on the ball of my foot cut out by a doctor, after almost 3 months of laser treatment combined with using liquid wart remover. After it healed it was gone for a week or so but then began to reveal itself again.

At some point I was on sand and must've gotten a small cut because a smaller wart appeared near the original one. Went back to the doctor. She was hesitant to cut it out again because of scaring.

Instead she gave me a prescription for cream. My insurance requires me to pay 100% out of pocket, then I get reimbursed 90% later. The cream was $600+.

So I've been using ACV on bits of cotton balls that I pull to the right size to cover the wart. I dunk it in the vinegar then dab the excess onto the rest of the cotton ball or paper towel so it doesn't leak out.

Then I cover the cotton ball completely with 2 band-aids. Every other day or so I use tweezers (that I wipe down before and after with a Clorox wipe) to scrape the dead skin. If the skin doesn't scrape away easily, don't force it! Leave it for another day and try again later.

I skipped a day once when I knew I'd be doing a lot of walking, but kept the wart covered. Then reapplied the ACV cotton ball when I got home.

About 2 weeks of doing this, the smaller wart came off completely showing pink new skin underneath (a first!). Then the next day, part of the larger wart came off.

I will continue using this for a few more days to ensure they're gone for good.


It does sting a bit once you start getting down to the newer skin, but the pain isn't as bad as when I was getting the laser treatments.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 48

Name: Tom Canning
Location: England, United Kingdom
Date: October 14, 2011

I had a small wart on my calf for a few years which suddenly tripled in size.

I tried ACV and it was gone within a week.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 47

Name: Nina
Location: Connecticut, United States
Date: October 12, 2011

I gave this hint to my husband on a Sunday--by Tuesday wart had turned black.

He kept putting vinegar on the spot and covering it with a band-aid for a week.

The wart completely disappeared.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 46

Name: Kirk
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Date: October 10, 2011

I tried this remedy twice (for two week durations) but the warts were not affected.

Then I tried a 4 month trial and after the affected skin healed in three weeks, the area was restored to normalcy.

I never thought any treatment would work after many attempts. So I am very happy with the perfect results.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 45

Name: Melissa P
Location: Minnesota, United States
Date: October 05, 2011


This didn't work for me. I've had two very large warts (one on each foot) for about 5 years.

I applied the ACV diligently for 3 months. It did initially hurt and irritate the warts but it seems my warts became accustomed to it and I did not have the experience of the warts turning black or falling off.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 44

Name: Hillary
Location: Washington, United States
Date: October 05, 2011


I had this AWFUL wart halfway under my middle fingernail (sublingual/ peringual wart). I didn't know what warts were, so I ignored it and it got so bad that it was disfiguring my fingernail!

I went to a dermatologist and he said that he wouldn't freeze it off because it would permanently damage my nail bed (then he prescribed some $300 genital wart medication for it that he said MIGHT work. No way!!). So I tried compound W, it did absolutely nothing.

I felt horrible and disgusting, the wart was getting bigger, and I would cry myself to sleep sometimes because I thought my fingertip was going to turn into one big wart.

So I started Googling around for wart treatments and found this site. ACV is cheap so I thought I might as well give it a try. I had some other small warts (1 on the knee, 2 on other fingers), and those went away in 1-2 weeks with only a little pain (dip a little cotton in ACV, then medical tape it to the wart overnight).

I got pretty discouraged at first after a month of using the ACV on the sublingual wart with hardly any results, so I stopped for a while. I started again, and it took another 2 painful months, but the horrible wart finally disappeared!!!! AND after a few more months, my fingernail was totally back to normal!

Thank you so much to the creators of this website for saving my hand from being grossly disfigured!!!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 43

Name: Stephen
Location: United Kingdom
Date: October 02, 2011

I was wondering how all these positive comments could be seen without one negative one. It made me think that there has to be one negative comment about the treatment not working for them, but now I know why their isn't one. BECAUSE IT WORKS!

I was living with a wart (I'm not even sure if it was a wart to be honest) on my neck for probably about 3 months, until I thought, "right, it's time you go, I don't want you and you don't want me, so one of us has to go." Initially i started digging it out with a needle which was incredibly painful and bloody and although it certainly went down! It didn't take long at all for it to come back again.

So i looked on the world that is the internet. I read duct tape was a good thing to use! Well, I don't have any duct tape so I used layers and layers of masking tape instead and didn't take it off for about two weeks. But it was horrible, masking tape (as you know) is unreasonably sticky, making my skin itch. It also comes off very easily so I had to get another bit of masking tape in order to pin that masking tape down and by the end of the week I had masking tape covering my whole neck! Going into the shower was like something out of a sitcom! I taped down a plastic bag around the masking tape (holding it down with masking tape) and tied a Tesco bag round my neck for extra support! It was ridiculous

In a nutshell, I took it off and the wart had gone. but within another two days it came back. So now I'm getting frustrated, I'm looking around youtube for all sorts of remedies, some crazy granny even said to put banana skin round your neck every night! Until I saw "Apple Cider Vinegar" as a comment. I researched it more which brought me to this wonderful place. I was convinced and bought some.

Please understand that I have waited roughly 3 months to comment just in case my wart came back and it hasn't! Apple Cider Vinegar really DOES work! It does hurt, it throbbed every night but sure enough after two days the wart had gone completely black. I still carried on however for about 3 weeks and it still hurt every time I put it on, it really stung but I was determined to get it off. It also made the whole skin around the wart turn very brown and scabby, ruining my social life because it was in such an awkward place (neck). But after 3 weeks I boldly decided to leave it. I left it. The scabby skin disappeared, the redness went down. Along with the wart. It had gone. Just leaving behind a minor red mark (which I still have) resembling a love bite that will be with me permanently. I'll have a love bite over a wart any day.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 42

Name: Jon
Location: London, United Kingdom
Date: September 28, 2011

After trying "conventional" remedies gel bazooka freezing etc for months I came across this site so I gave it ago and yes it works but you have to persist, it took about 2 weeks + an additional week for good measure you won't be disappointed.

Too painful for night time so I did it during the day & rested it with a plaster covering during the night otherwise you will not sleep.

Give it ago if there is a natural way!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 41

Name: Stuart
Location: WA, Australia
Date: September 26, 2011

I had a very stubborn wart on the inside of my thumb. I applied ACV to it on a small amount of a ball of wool under a band-aid 3 times a day.

After a few days, I soaked my thumb in 50/50 ACV/water for an hour or so each night while taking a break every so often to cut off the soft dead skin with a sewing needle.

After 3 days of the soaking at night, the last of the black scab slid right off.

I have a pink crater now, but will keep applying ACV on wool under a band-aid for the next few days until the skin is level again.

Thanks so much for this site, and the great advice!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 40

Name: Ruby Fox
Location: Ohio, United States
Date: September 24, 2011

ACV is a miracle! Like most everyone on this site, I've tried several painful and expensive remedies, and to no avail. The stubborn, ugly, ever-multiplying (32 and counting) common warts on my hands just kept thriving.

In a last-ditch effort to find a miracle before shelling out for plastic surgery (which probably wouldn't work anyway) I searched online and found this site. WOW.

Two bottles of Bramm's ACV, tons of bandaids, and handfuls of cotton pads later, and my right hand is about wart-free. It's taking longer than some of the other testimonials (about 3 weeks; treating every night or day), but the pain is minimal, and the warts are falling off!!

One thing I've found is that, for me at least, treating 24 hours a day is less effective than 12 hours. It seems the warts need some down time to breath, dry up, and for the healthy skin to rest.

Please try this remedy! I cannot believe my warts are going away. These damn things have plagued me most of my life (I'm 32) and it's miraculous to foresee a wart-free future. Hooray!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 39

Name: Morgan
Location: PA, United States
Date: September 20, 2011


I have had a wart on the palm of my right hand for a little over 13 years.

It did not bother me too much over the years and never seemed to 'raise' up off of the skin.

I think this is due to it's location on my palm. Constantly handling items all day would wear it down and keep it flat. (my theory anyway).

Like so many others, I have tried every OTC treatment, and even tried professional freezing. Nothing worked.

A few months ago it started to grow and protrude into off of the skin.

I was at a BBQ and a friend say it and suggest ACV as a treatment as he had had great luck with it.

I researched the web and found this site.

I commenced treatments and am actually able to do the treatments all day and night due to working from home and not being worried about people seeing the bandages.

the Wart started to swell and got very large very quickly!

It took longer for my wart to start turning black compared to most of the stories I have read. It took about 5 to 6 days to turn black.

I continued treatments and 3 days after turning black it started to fall off.

I helped it along and it left a pretty good sized crater in my palm. about .5 CM in Diameter.

I continued treatments as I could see more 'wart' inside the crater.

The wart quickly filled up the crater and was once again 'flush' with the palm of my hand.

This time it only took 4 to 5 days to turn black, but again it swelled and raised up off of my hand as it turned black.

A few days after that I once again removed the wart, this time with a razor blade slicing 'flush' with the palm of my hand.

The second layer was now removed and the wart has doubled in diameter to 1 CM.

I am still progressing with treatments although the pain is immense.

I get shooting sharp pains up to my elbow and down into my fingers.

As I am right handed, I feel very put-out by this, but if the ACV treatments work, it will have been worth it as the only other course of action I can take is surgery.

The only thing that I can think of for the fact that the wart getting larger in diameter is that it was larger under the skin than it was at the surface (like an iceberg) and my body is pushing it out, so I am just seeing the larger area as it is now exposed due to killing off the top layers.

I see lots of people posting in the site, and wonder if anyone has had any similar experience or if anyone could shed some light on this for me as to why it is coming off in layers and not the way everyone else has described.

Thank you,

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 38

Name: Andy Cosgrove
Location: England, United Kingdom
Date: September 16, 2011

My wife had her wart for the past twenty years and tried every remedy.

I said, for a bet I'll try cider vinegar on it .To this she just laughed.

Astonishingly after applying it for a week this wart has all but disappeared, she is amazed.

Please try it, it really works, good luck .

Regard, Andy.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 37

Name: Paul Dakin
Location: New York, United States
Date: September 13, 2011

I just used the ACV method successfully! Well, to be honest, first I did it wrong, and then I did it right.

HOW TO DO IT WRONG: Well, since the wart is on the side of my head, and that's hard to keep bandaged, I'll just dab ACV on the wart once or twice a day. And I'll impatiently pick at the scab a lot.

OUTCOME: Two weeks later, the wart still there, on my head. Wart is still the size of a jellybean.

HOW TO DO IT RIGHT: Decide to actually follow the instructions on this website. Shave a bit of hair around the wart and stick a small ball of ACV-soaked cotton beneath an XL-sized Band Aid, and cover the wart. Repeat 2-3x a day. Keep the area covered and moist and saturated with ACV.

OUTCOME: On Day 4 the wart had turned to mush and most of it fell out. The rest, I gently removed with my fingernail a day or two later, and it came right out, like the body was ready to get rid of it.

Now, it is 3 weeks later and it's all healing quickly like the wart never happened.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 36

Name: Jen
Location: Québec, Canada
Date: September 12, 2011

Hi Jenny,

I started the ACV treatment 8 days ago on a wart that appeared on my foot a few months ago.

The wart is located at the back of the foot, above the heel. So the first 3 days of the treatment, I felt no pain at all, but after that, it started turning black and hurting more and more each day.

I had trouble sleeping around the night of the 7th day because it was so painful. However, this morning I repeated the treatment and only the skin that has been damaged because of the treatment all around the wart has been hurting.

The wart shrunk and it was all black. I removed the top part of the wart because it came off so easily but there is still a big black spot on my foot, probably the roots of the wart.

I wanted to know if I should try to "dig" it out carefully (it's kind of deep) or if it will eventually just come out on its own after I keep treating it for a while with acv? Please help!

I am scared of the pain. I just want it to be over!But it's amazing how fast this method works, I am so happy that I can get rid of this wart, I couldn't wear open shoes this summer because of it!!! :S

It was DEFINITELY worth the pain!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 35

Name: Michel
Location: Paris, France
Date: August 29, 2011

(Translated from French)
I have had a wart on the index finger of my right hand for 2 years.

I tried everything: the dermatologist, cold treatment, acid sold in pharmacies, but the wart only grew to 1 cm in diameter.

This stress me a lot and made me moody.

I found the treatment of apple cider vinegar on the Internet, with very encouraging comments to kill this ugly wart, so I bought a bottle of apple cider vinegar.

Start of treatment: August 1, 2011.

The first week was very painful, dressing it twice a day with a tight bandage. End of first week, the surface became dark brown, rose, then fell.

The second week, the pain was the same, another layer formed that I removed (it hurt).

The third week was identical to the second.

The fourth week, the wart decreased in diameter and the area turned red. One could distinguish the remains of roots, but I continued treatment.

I am beginning the fifth week. Less pain, the wart is becoming smaller, moral is returning.

This is not the end, but I am on track.

Thank you to the site and all commenters.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 34

Name: Paul Jones
Location: England, United Kingdom
Date: August 27, 2011

Hi All,

Out of gratitude I feel duty bound to leave a comment and also to tell my tale.

I recently found a strange looking wart growing on the side of my nose - it looked a bit like a cauliflower. I visited my doctor and she confirmed what I suspected, that it was a wart.

Previously I had cysts removed by the National Health Service, but the doctor explained that due to present financial constraints the NHS (I am in UK) is no longer doing any cosmetic work for free.

As I wasn't happy to have people talk to my wart every time that I faced somebody in conversation, I contacted a private hospital to learn the cost of having it removed privately. The sums involved really shocked me, £170-£300 for a consultation, £300 if the doctor wanted pathology done on it and £170-£850 for the actual removal, depending on whether it could be frozen off, or had to be removed by the plastic surgeon. What a joke, just for a wart.

I decided to make another appointment with my GP's practise (that MD to Americans) to see if any of the doctors there were running any minor surgery clinics. I assumed that they would at least be cheaper than a private hospital.

Before the appointment was due I decided to look on the web to see if there were any 'old wives tales' that I could try. I came across this site and decided that I had nothing to lose - apart from the price of a bottle of vinegar.

After starting the ACV treatment I was stunned to discover that in 2-3 days the wart was brittle, blackened and shrunken and within 10 days was mostly gone. To get rid of every last remnant took about 3 weeks and it did get painful applying the ACV toward the end. Not unbearable, though.

My tip would be to keep the vinegar on for longish periods - overnight is best. Also, I found that it was better not to drench the cotton wool in the ACV. I soaked it, then rinsed it a little. That way it was not as painful in the latter stages.

I used micro porous tape in double layers to mask-off skin that I did not want effected/irritated by the ACV and the same tape to hold the cotton wool swab in place.

As my wart was on the side of my nose the taping was a bit of a construction job and I certainly did not wear it to work, but as I mentioned before, using it overnight was fine. Sometimes I just had it on for an hour or two - but do treat your wart every day and do carry on for a while until it is completely gone.

Good luck.


Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 33

Name: Jenny Chan
Location: Ile de France, France
Date: August 26, 2011

I have 2 warts on my feet and 1 on my hand, I've tried the freezing that is available at the phamarcy to heal them with no success and they have been bothering me since a year.

After several searches on the internet, I found this website talking about the treatment with ACV. Since it's natural and easy to get all materials, I decided to give it try.

The first day my warts got puffy and after they started to turn dark brown and then black color, I repeat the treatment every night and every next morning after removing the cotton bud, I cleaned my warts with a clean cotton pad and alcohol and at the same time tried to remove the dead skin, then cover them up with a clean band aid.

I continued this process about 1 1/2week and until one morning, when I cleaned my warts as usual, I easily wiped out a part of skin and I found the skin that I was having the wart become hollow. I continue the treatment of ACV the same night and the next morning, MIRACLE, the skin start to heal, the hollow part started to shrink in size and it was at this moment that I realize my wart had been totally removed. But I follow the advise and continue the ACV 3 more nights.

I would suggest to people who start this treatment that they should persist in the use of ACV for a certain period of time until they can see the skin heal by itself naturally.

What I've observed from my warts is: if the wart is not removed totally, your skin will be hollow every time it gets in touch with ACV. The black color is quite normal, no need to worry to much.

All my warts had been removed and It's been over 6months that they don't get back.

Good luck to every body!!!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 32

Name: Kelsey
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: August 23, 2011

I finally got to the point that I was so fed up with having these warts on my foot. I have then on the ball of my foot and a couple on my big toe. They are kinda like a mosaic wart.

I decided to try ACV after I have tried freezing it with an "At-Home" freezing kit, compound W, freezing it at the clinic, laser. I was ready to give up, but then I saw this and I figured I would give it a try.

Today is day 8, and I am so happy to say that I think it's working, 4 have already "fallen off". The rest are black and I'm trying so hard to not stop. It is EXTREMELY painful for me, and I am usually really good with pain. I try to do it overnight, but it always wakes me up half way through. I started taking advil before I sleep and then whenever the pain wakes me up. It kind of works.

I would suggest trying to do it when you are awake though, it's not fun losing all my sleep.

I will update and let you know if the warts all go away!!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 31

Name: John
Location: Perth, Australia
Date: August 23, 2011

I have one wart on my right thumb thats been there for almost a year, that then turned into three more.

After using this treatment for a week now the surrounding skin is red and sore, I have peeled off the skin that goes all swollen and white but the warts just keep growing back.

It is very painful, red very swollen each morning.

Does this sound similar for anyone else?

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 30
Name: Bob R
Location: Queensland, Australia
Date: August 16, 2011

This remedy is quick , cheap and effective!

I developed one over period of months on the sole of my foot and whilst on a regular run it hit me hard, the pain was intense and over the next week I could barely walk let alone any other activity.

I found this site after trying OTC preparations which eased the pain but didn't seem to be getting the desired result.

Upon buying a bottle of ACV last sunday i followed the advice on this forum and applied to the area and went to bed. There was throbbing in the area but i figured this was the Wart putting up a fight, in the morning the surrounding skin was puffy and raised and the centre of the wart was going dark.

I have followed the treatment for 3 days now and early on the morning of the 4th day I was woken with a burst of pain from the wart unlike one experienced before, by lunch time the head of the wart had risen up out of the centre and just fell off , leaving a clean wound and best of all, the pain I had been experiencing had gone.

I will continue to apply ACV to the area but please give it a go; it works!!!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 29

Name: Lisa Kilpatrick
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Date: August 13, 2011

I have flat warts on my left hand, they started to spread pretty quickly and look very unsightly.

As this was getting me down I had visited the doctors on a few occasions and was prescribed Salactol paint. This only made them worse and spread even more.

I tried duct tape to no avail. After researching the Internet, I found the ACV method, somewhat skeptical, I soaked cotton wool and placed this on the two largest warts over night. The next day, they were completely black.

I soaked again the second night. I started to pick off the dead skin round the edge of the warts and low and behold, the wart came off in my hand after 2 days of ACV treatment.

I’m not going to lie, I was left with a pretty big hole in my hand which still had small black bits in it. I have continued the treatment which has started to burn my skin round my hand but I am conscious of the wart growing back so will continue to do so for a few more days before leaving it to heal and crossing my fingers.

The second wart has come off and I now have two very large holes. Hopefully this will heal :). If anyone has experienced this and has any advice please let me know!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 28

Name: Sylena Badger
Location: Texas, United States
Date: August 15, 2011

Hi Jenny,

I think the black dots are actually dying arteries that were feeding the root of the wart.

If you see them, then you know the wart is dying. Some warts have them, some don't.

With my own daughter, I noticed that the ones that had been there longer had the black dots/spots in them. Try soaking in the ACV for 15 minutes, putting a cotton over them drenched in ACV then cover firmly with extra strength band-aids over night.

This was what it took to FINALLY get rid of the really stubborn ones. Don't let the arteries re-establish themselves.

The Compound W will help clear out the dead skin so you can get to the actual diseased virus skin that needs the ACV. Good luck!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 27

Name: Jenny T
Location: Virginia, United States
Date: August 11, 2011

Thanks for all the postings about how wonderful this ACV Treatment is.

I have a son who has 5 warts on his hands, three on his knee, and a cluster on his elbow. As many people have expressed we have tried everything (EVERYTHING!) -- or at least we thought, until we heard about ACV. Of course, the doctors didn't tell us anything about this.

I'm so sorry to ask a QUESTION on this site, but I hope that you can answer me :)

Here's our story: The most recent doctor had us filing off the warts with a nail file until they bled, and then using an (expensive!) cream, which of course hurt a lot but did nothing.

I finally got so fed up with that, that we began using Compound W liquid. That really hurt him, and seemed to do more damage to the healthy skin than it did to the wart. So a few days after stopping Compound W, we stumbled across the testimonials of ACV and began ACV Treatment.

We began on Friday. Today (THURSDAY), ALL warts are black, but here's my question. It seems that everyone else's warts were pretty and cute little black dots - and then they just popped right off. His are nasty and look blackish red, and there are like little craters.

Is this normal? Should I pick at it? Thus far, I haven't picked.

I decided to stop ACV and use Neosporin on them to make sure they don't get infected. It's only been a week, and I cannot believe the progress, but now I don't know what to do with the black craters on his hands. Leave them? Let them heal? Or continue with ACV?Since there's no doctor to ask, maybe I can ask you guys? And maybe the answer will help someone else like me who has no idea what they are doing, but (is) just so THANKFUL for ACV?!?!Thanks to all, I really appreciate the assistance :)

Mom to Joseph

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 26

Name: Ron
Location: Chicago, United States
Date: August 10, 2011

I had a single small genital wart that was absolutely embarrassing to look at.

So I typed "wart removal" in Google and I came across this page where everyone was raving about how great ACV worked. After reading the stories people shared, I was 100% sure it was going to work for me.

Before I went to bed, I cut off the end of a Q-tip after soaking it in the ACV and placed it directly on the wart, wrapping a bandage around it to keep it in place. When I woke up I removed it and repeated the same process. I then went about my day. Around noon I removed that ACV soaked Q-tip and placed a new bandage on the site (with no ACV).

Now, a little more than 24 hours, the wart is COMPLETELY gone! The only thing that remains is a small hole where the wart used to be, surrounded by skin sore from the natural acid of ACV.


Now I wouldn't guarantee the same time frame it took for me, since mine was very small, but ACV really does work.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 25

Name: Sébastien
Location: Paris, France
Date: August 09, 2011

(Translated from French)
I started treatment (last night). Following my analysis of all the wart home remedies on the web (I counted 27), the scientific results indicate to me that the warts do not like being in contact with a substance with pH greater than zero (such as vinegar), and an environment deprived of oxygen (the purpose of the dressing, in addition to holding the cotton).

So I started this treatment on myself using white wine vinegar. The principle of this treatment is the use of a liquid acid obtained by oxidation of ethanol. So either the ACV or white wine vinegar, they contain acetic acid and citric acid in sufficient quantity. The wart is burned by the acid and suppressed by the dressing.

Like the other reviews, the wart becomes white (normal), and hard from day one. The acid produces tingling. I will regularly remove dead skin, so that the acid can act closer to the root.

It is now 09/08/2011 17h, treatment began on 08/08/2011 at 22h.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 24

Name: Lisa
Location: Texas, USA
Date: August 07, 2011

A few months ago, I found a very small rough spot on my heel. I was in denial because I had many plantar warts as a kid and still have scars and horrible memories of them being cut out.

A month ago, I finally gave in and decided the small spot was a wart. I searched the internet for anything that would keep me from going to the doctor. The ONLY remedy that worked was ACV.

Almost every night, for 4 weeks, I have covered the wart with ACV soaked cotton and the wart is almost completely gone. I also used clear nail polish to cover the wart during the day and on some weekends when I was traveling.

I'll never try another remedy again! I only had pain for a few days in the beginning.

I must say that I am so thankful for everyone who wrote in with a testimony because it really gave me hope that this remedy would work!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 23

Name: Hannah
Location: Wisconsin, United States
Date: August 07, 2011

I’m a 13 year old girl. About 2 and a half years ago, an ugly wart appeared on my left hand middle finger. I have tried to hide it at school, and luckily no one has found out. It’s a common wart I think.

Anyway, I have tried different home remedies and none seemed to work. I have never tried freezing, and don't have the money nonetheless. After reading many good reviews on this removal process on this site, I got desperate and decided to give it a try.

The first night, I took the end of a Q-tip, dipped it in apple cider vinegar, and bandaged it onto my finger. I had read reviews on here about pain, and I knew about this before starting the process, but decided it was worth it. Knowing this, I took an aspirin before bed. It throbbed a bit, but there was only a little pain. Didn't really see any difference in a morning, but maybe I didn't soak the cotton ball enough. Anyway, I decided I only wanted to do the treatment at night while I am sleeping so I am not in pain during the day.

The 2nd night, which was last night, hurt a little too, maybe a tad more, but still, wasn't too bad. This morning I looked at my wart and it is turning black in the middle and I am very excited to get this thing off!

I will post frequently on my process on here!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 22

Name: Sylvie
Location: Quebec, Canada
Date: August 03, 2011

(Translated from French)
Having a wart that would not leave my knee, I opted for treatment with apple cider vinegar.

Miracle! After 3 days of treatment, it is black and dry.

It really works.

I never write testimonials , but this works.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 21

Name: Stephen
Location: Missouri, United States
Date: August 02, 2011

Here is a picture taken by me after 10 days of following the guide posted below. As you can see all my plantar warts are gone!

Plantar Warts Picture

This is an in-depth guide on how I got rid of my plantar warts:

Small cup
Cotton balls
2 Paper towels(optional but recommended)
Walgreens Strong Strips: water resistant adhesive bandages
Johnson & Johnson sports tape
Trash Can (Have it near you as you work)

Follow these steps:
1. Gather all materials and place the trash can near you.
2.(Optional Step but recommended for sanitary purposes)Tear one paper towel into 2 pieces and fold the other in half. The 2 pieces that were torn from the first towel will be used to clean the area before applying ACV. Soak one piece of water and leave the other piece dry. Using the wet piece, wipe the wart-infested area several times taking care to remove any dirt, etc. Use the dry piece to dry the newly cleaned area. Throw both pieces away. The other paper towel that has been folded in half will serve as the working area.
3. Pour some ACV into a small cup. Grab a cotton ball and pull out small pieces. The size and quantity depends on how big your warts are and how many you have. Pull out one piece for every wart and make the pieces bigger or smaller depending on how big your warts are.
4. Using a Q-tip, apply some ACV onto the plantar warts - enough to cover them completely with ACV.
5. Take one of the smaller cotton ball pieces you pulled in step 3 and dip it entirely into the small cup of ACV. Using your finger, lift the soaked cotton ball out of the cup and place it onto a wart. Cover the wart completely with the soaked cotton ball.
6. Repeat step 5 for each of the warts you have.
7. Now, use the Walgreens Strong Strip adhesive bandages to hold the soaked cotton balls in place. You may need more than 1 depending on how many warts you have.
8. Lastly, cut off several pieces of Johnson & Johnson sports tape with scissors to cover the Walgreens Strong Strip adhesive bandages. Make sure to overlap the adhesive bandages with sports tape to fully secure the soaked cotton balls and to make sure no vinegar leaks out from underneath the adhesive bandages.
9. Try to stay off your foot for half an hour. This is to prevent any of the vinegar from squishing out - sports tape won't completely prevent it.
10. Clean everything up, throw all the trash away, and remember to wash the small cup.

These 10 steps should be followed every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed until the warts are gone. I recommend keeping the bandages on when you shower but taking them off immediately afterwards. Therefore, it would be a good idea to shower after you wake up and then put on ACV or shower before bed and put on ACV before tucking in.

What to expect:

Days 1-3: The first couple days there will be some irritating burning. This is completely normal and in fact will let you know that the ACV is working. The burning sensation is more annoying than outright painful and should subside after the first several days. Additionally, in these first several days, the warts will begin to bloat up and turn into a pale yellowish-white color.

Days 4-6: The burning sensation should subside and you will notice the warts changing color from pale yellowish-white to brownish-black.

Days 7-9: The warts should be almost dead by now. You will notice lots of dead skin now as you tear off the tape and bandages to apply ACV in the morning and at night. You are almost wart free. Rub off the dead skin gently with your fingers and keep on applying ACV twice a day.

Days 10-12: By now, you should have lost a couple layers of dead skin and have reached the more sensitive layers of skin. At this point, most people should be able to dig out their dead warts using a small toothpick. The warts should come out easily and painlessly as you dig them out. If you find that your warts have not come out, they may be heavily rooted and you need a couple more days of ACV treatment.

Days 13+: From here on out, be careful with how much ACV you apply because you should be at the more sensitive layers of skin. Only apply once a day now and use significantly smaller amounts of ACV on the skin. Burning may reoccur. Within several days, the last of the stubborn warts should have diminished. If they have not, continue treatment at your own risk until you have reached 3 weeks. If by that time, your warts will still not come out, consult a doctor.

That is my guide on how to get rid of these plantar warts and I wish you all luck in your journey to be PW free!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 20

Name: Tina
Location: Georgia, United States
Date: August 02, 2011

I had a plantar wart on my foot for 9 years.

In 2010 I went to a podiatrist and he put acid on it. The pain days after was unbearable and unfortunately one wart turned to a "mosaic" of warts.

I tried OTC medicines and nothing worked.

About a week ago I tried ACV and duct tape (2 days ACV, two days duct tape, etc.). The warts have now turned black and are healing.

Don't waste money or time with doctors or OTC meds!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 19

Name: Dave
Location: North Carolina, United States
Date: August 01, 2011

I read all these articles posted on the ACV website about 4 months ago as I've had planters warts on my left foot for 10+ years.

I had about 9 around the ball of my foot and one larger one on the outside edge.

Reading everyone's successes, I got out the cotton balls, duct tape and ACV. I soaked the cotton ball in ACV, then I duck taped it onto my foot and went to bed. I did this probably 10 out of 17 nights....after that I'd say the warts on the ball of my foot seemed to be about 80 percent smaller...I never put any ACV on the large wart on the outside of my foot.

Well over the next 6 weeks the warts all went away...even the large one on the outside of the foot.

IT WORKS. There was some pain, but it was in my foot, while in bed. And it basically told me the ACV was working!

Please know I tried the OTC and dermatologist methods with no success, except for paying my $25 copay each visit for liquid nitro.

Try it, you will not be disappointed!


Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 18

Name: Mike Browne
Location: Cheshire, United Kingdom
Date: July 31, 2011

I have spent 6+ years with 2 warts on the bottom of my big toe.

I have tried freezing them, salicylic acid on them and cutting them off. Cutting them off then freezing and filling with acid! I've tried duct tape and burning with both a magnifying glass and unbelievably, a soldering iron!

I started treating with Apple Cider Vinegar (Aspalls Organic Cider Vinegar for those in the U.K), about 3 weeks ago. I soaked cotton wool balls with ACV and taped them with micro porous surgical tape to the warts. I did this after my morning shower (7am)and on return from work,(6pm). I wore the pads 24 hours a day.

It hurt a lot at times especially after changing the pad. They went black after about 4 days and I cut them off. I carried on with the treatment and the skin went very white and flaky, (similar to having spent too long in water) I stopped the treatment about a week ago and the skin started to harden up a bit, but it was skin!

Absolutely stunned and amazed. £1.50 on ACV, a few cotton balls purloined from my girlfriend and real results. I was sceptical at this when I first read it, indeed, I still don't know if it will work for everyone. I just know, it did for me.

If, like me you have tried everything else and think you are stuck with these things for life....try this. Brilliant!

Update: August 14, 2012
From Mike Browne, United Kingdom.

One of my 2 toe warts came back after 13 months.

Much smaller though this time, so I guess I must have got one of them completely last year and 99% of the other. It's taken a over a year to reappear.

It's going to get it completely this time.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 17

Name: David Allen
Location: Texas, United States
Date: July 29, 2011

I HAD a wart two days ago ...

I had this big wart appear behind my right ear that was about 1/4" across. I was reading up on the OTC "freezing" kits on Amazon and these sounded like you tortured the wart until the pain was unbearable, then repeat 2 or 3 times until the thing surrenders. Sounded bad, so I searched and found this site.

I thought that rather than spend the $12 for the torture kit, I'd try the ACV. When I got home, I found that I didn't have ACV, but I did have Red Wine Vinegar - same acidity. So I made a little folded square of paper towel, dabbed up some RWV, and secured with one of those little round adhesive bandages (plasters).

That was Wednesday before I went to bed. I put a new "patch" on Thursday morning and wore it all day. When I took it off that afternoon, I noticed some black stuff on the pad. With the wart being behind my ear, I can't really see it. So I fixed up another and wore it all night Thursday. Now here it is Friday morning and the wart has turned black and about 90% has fallen off.

One more day with the "patch" and I'll switch to Neosporen to help it heal up - but the wart dead and is basically gone! I was stunned!! I don't know what the difference is with the red wine vinegar vs. ACV but both work. I also didn't get any burning on the surrounding skin from the red wine vinegar. And I smell like the house dressing at an Italian restaurant.

I read about 50 of these testimonials before deciding to try this - and I certainly wouldn't take the time to write this if I didn't have complete success. The best part - I used materials I already had and saved the $12 on the freezing kit.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 16

Name: B. Wills
Location: New York, United States
Date: July 29, 2011

I have had a wart on the bottom of my foot for at least 2 years now and a couple of months ago 2 more popped up.

I've tried everything to get rid of them.

Tonight I just started the AVC treatment and after a few hours of a soaked cotton ball and a band-aid, I can already see significant improvement.

Now all I have to do is keep putting more vinegar on it and just hope it goes away. :)

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 15

Name: Jessika
Location: Ohio, United States
Date: July 29, 2011

Hi everyone! I've had numerous warts on my right knee that spread to my legs because of shaving.

I didn't know what they were, so I thought they'd disappear on their own.

A friend of mine who use to work at a dermatologists office told me those are warts! She advised me not to use the same razor I used on my legs, anywhere else! I always use a new razor to shave my legs every time!!!

I've tried freezing these things, the acid, and the discs. While they helped a little, it didn't do the job.

After reading about ACV, I gave it a try. To my surprise some turned black, and others were white and swollen. It throbbed a little, some more than others but totally worth the pain.

Its my 3rd night doing it and am so glad that they seem to be 'dying'!! I am very concerned that their spreading though :( I now have two warts on two different fingers in just two days, why is this!!!!!? I'm very sad and terrified that two more have popped up!!! These things are like a curse. How can I stop them from spreading while trying to rid them!?

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 14

Name: Adam Khan
Location: Surrey, United Kingdom
Date: July 28, 2011

About a year ago I made a 2 month concerted ACV attempt to destroy a powerful wart on my left index finger, you can read about it in posts from between Sept. 2nd 2010 to Nov. 1st 2010.

In summary my attempt failed and the wart still exists. Yesterday I decided to try again, the same initial reactions have occurred, the wart has blown up into a white puffy looking thing on my finger after applying ACV overnight then during the day shrunk back into a rounded rough skin mound.

This time I am preparing for a minimum 3 months battle to kill the wart...with another 3 months applications to make sure its gone for good...this wart is tough, and ugly and last time after almost 2 months of ACV treatment it survived so this time I'm ready to battle until Xmas and beyond.

This wart is tough, and ugly and last time after almost 2 months of ACV treatment it survived so this time I'm ready to battle until Xmas and beyond.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 13

Name: Anonymous Guy
Location: Alberta, Canada
Date: July 28, 2011

I developed warts on my hands around 1990 and those came off only after repeated normal treatments over a 10 year span such as compound w and freezing. In that time many grew back and new ones formed, and i still bare the scars on my fingers.

Unfortunately during that time they spread from my hands to my genital region. The first one around 1995 and that became a second one 5 years later.

I've had a decade and a half worth of medical visits and treatments and embarrassment they've persistently grown back.

I've tried Heinz ACV for the past week as a last resort, its either that or resigning to life as a monk, and I think the results are promising, the first couple days they turned black, and now they've the surrounding lump is pure white while the centre of the warts has decayed and become a yellow color.

The pain for being a sensitive region is bearable, I hope to get freedom from this wretched pestilence that's persisted for over 20 years.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 12

Name: Michelle
Location: New Jersey, United States
Date: July 25, 2011

This is the ONLY treatment that worked for me.

I have been battling warts on both of my hands for the past year. Despite visiting the dermatologist 2 times/month and trying freezing, three rounds of injections of candida antigen, laser surgery, Veragen cream, etc, nothing worked.

I finally turned to the internet for a natural remedy b/c I was soooo frustrated and wanted to stop them from continuing to spread.

I soaked cotton balls in a cup of apple cider vinegar (5% acidity). I then used a Q-tip to put vasaline on the healthy skin surrounding each wart. I cut the soaked cotton balls to the size of each wart and placed it on all of my warts. I covered each wart with a band-aid to hold the soaked cotton ball in place.

I left it on all night and removed it during the day so the skin could breathe. It did burn at night however it was well worth it. Eventually they all scabbed and fell off.

All of my warts are gone and no sign of them after 2 weeks!!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 11

Name: Pierre
Location: France
Date: July 25, 2011
(Translated from French)


I am giving my testimony and confirming the (small) miracle that cider vinegar is for wart treatment.

I suffered for 10 years with plantar warts placed exactly on the support area of the heel. An ongoing ordeal. Dozens of attempts at the dermatologist, with diverse and varied products and no success.

Apple cider vinegar (I choose organic) took care of all that.

I would give a few slaps to all these incompetent or dishonest doctors and pharmacists.

Recently, a wart appeared on my nose. In less than a week, I got rid of that horror ( a small scar remains).

So, don't go anymore to the dermatologist for warts, and stop supporting these dishonest labs that sell useless and expensive products.

Use Vinegar!


Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 10

Name: "Warts Suck"
Location: Georgie, USA
Date: July 24, 2011

OTC wart remover is crap. Am I right or am I right?

ACV is no joke though. I'm not going to lie, at times it was extremely painful for me - and I'm good with pain.

I had a wart only slightly smaller than a dime on my left ring finger (terrible place!) I tried ACV, the wart turned black, and being impatient I picked it off, which resulted in it growing back.

A few weeks later I tried again, and this time I used ACV in combination with Duct Tape, so that I was peeling away the wart a little at a time. That would have been a good idea, except the skin around the wart got really irritated because I was peeling of healthy skin unintentionally.

I had to let my finger heal, and then I tried one more time. I covered the healthy skin with Vaseline, soaked the wart in warm water, applied ACV with a cotton ball and Band-Aid, kept it covered day and night as often as I could, and forced myself not to pick at the wart.

FINALLY, it's gone :) I continued to treat the area with ACV at night for a few days to make sure it was completely gone, and now I'm using Neosporin to help the wound heal. So far it's healing nicely.

My advice is just to be patient, consistent, and do it right the first time. Your wart will be gone in a couple of days. [definitely won't take any longer than two weeks] Don't pick at it, take care of the healthy skin, take some ibuprofen if it gets too painful, and you'll be good to go! :) I don't know how, but it works.
Good Luck!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 9

Name: John Stuart
Location: NSW, Australia
Date: July 22, 2011

Day 7 of using ACV. Group of plantar warts on the joint under big toe, about the size of a 50 cents.

Have been replacing the cotton ball morning and night. Last two nights have been woken at 1am in major pain. Seems to take a few hours for the treatment to do something and then it’s all on. Had to remove it by 2 am as the pain was just too great.

Wart area is a funny white colour with black spots spreading over it. Does appear that the edges are starting to lift. Have just replaced it again for tonight and, at the moment, there is no pain of any sort.

Think the wart fights back early morning. Will place an update after another week to report back.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 8

Name: Ayse
Location: Izmir, Turkey
Date: July 20, 2011

Excellent. Had several warts for more than three years around my left hand index finger nail.

It was a hopeless case as my doctor tried nitrogen freezing, laser burning and I have tried almost all over the counter remedies in the world. As many as six medical operations that was so painful helped only for a few weeks and the warts returned even more strongly.

I have come across with this site and decided to try ACV last month. When I applied the wet cotton and covered it with a tape for the night I wasn't expecting such a painful throbbing. But I insisted and the second day half of the warts (oldest ones) were already full of the black pin hole-like crust.

Next day I took them off with the help of a sterilized pin. I have thought of my doctor when I was doing so; how terrified she would perhaps be to see me do this.

Then I continued and the warts continued to go one by one. In the meantime I must admit they fought back by trying to spread to new places around. But each time I saw these new ones I knew what to do.

Within two full weeks they are gone. My finger is slowly healing now, and I am so happy to see it so nice and clean. Some new pink tissue is developing in place of the ugly warts.

Many thanks for this site, and the authors of the testimonials which have encouraged me.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 7

Name: Deirdre Ryan
Location: California, United States
Date: July 18, 2011

I had a plantar wart on my foot for 3 years. It bothered me off an on during that time, and eventually grew into 4 warts spread out over my left foot.

I tried salicylic acid to get rid of them, and liquid nitrogen, and duct tape. My Doctor killed one of them with liquid nitrogen.

Eventually I used the ACV method with duct tape, and it finally killed the big one. I've been using it for a week now (7 days) and a huge chunk just fell out, I think it is pretty much gone.

I'm going to keep doing it just to be certain, but I feel pretty confident this is it for that wart. And this is after 3 years! The skin around it turned kind of puffy so I've been protecting it with petroleum jelly.

Update: July 21, 2011

It's been 9 days, and it looks like the wart I had on my foot for 3 years is gone.

I combined ACV and duct tape (applied it for 9 days) and now all that's left is soft skin.

Now I'm just going to keep putting neosporin and bandaids until it completely heals, but it looks like the wart is completely gone, it's amazing!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 6

Name: Sylena Badger
Location: Texas, United States
Date: July 18, 2011

When she was 6, my now 11 year old daughter got a nasty wart on her foot from her gymnastic class.

That wart then spread to the top of her toe, then to her hands. The dermatologist that I took her to said it was spreading because she was picking on them.

Being a germ freak and one of those weirdo helicopter moms, I spent an ENORMOUS amount of money for years obsessing about trying to get rid of those warts. My dermatologist made out well, but nothing (burning, freezing, expensive prescription skin exfoliating products, OTCs) worked for us. The warts just laughed at us.

Finally, in frustration, I came to this website. I started the ACV 4 days ago and, already the warts are much smaller and look very unhealthy/dark tannish color. Some are almost gone.

The huge one on the bottom of the foot is putting up a good fight, but even that one is already smaller and turning a weird blackish color in the middle.

Both my daughter and I are extremely excited. We are ready to put the warts behind us. Had we known about ACV years ago, we'd be so much farther ahead. We are true believers in ACV.

Good luck to the rest who try this. (If it doesn't work, then perhaps you need to make sure your ACV has a least 5% acidity in it. I've noticed that different brands vary.)

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 5

Name: Lee
Location: Mississippi, United States
Date: July 15, 2011

I am absolutely not a person to write a review on something. The reason? Laziness, pure and simple. I always *mean* to, but never do.

A couple of months ago, I came across this site, desperate, having tried so many other things, and was always met with failure. The duct tape didn't work, neither did compound W, the wart discs, tea tree oil or freezing them. In fact, it just made them sprout more or grow larger. What started out as one tiny plantar wart eclipsed into 9 mosaic warts, 4 of them dime sized. Surgery wasn't an option at that point...the area was just too large.

The pain was terrible. For almost a year now, I have taken a steady regimen of ibuprofen, tylenol and arthritis medication just to be able to walk each day. It was hard to go anywhere and do anything, even walking into work from the parking lot was a tremendous effort.

So, when I read the testimonials on this site, and I read A LOT of them, I thought...why not?

I tried the cotton ball method, and as irritated as they already were, that didn't work very well. Hats off to the people that were able to tolerate that...for me it was excruciating, and I may or may not have said some curse words in there. The final straw was when my husband came to bed, sniffed the air and asked if I had been dyeing easter eggs. NOPE...just my warty foot & the ACV.

I ended up soaking my foot in a shallow mixture of pure Bragg's ACV a few times a week (20 minutes), immediately followed by another soaking in extremely (!!) hot water. Once a week, my husband would cut them down with a sterilized razor. I think in a passive-aggressive sort of way...he enjoyed that part. The first few weeks of that..sucked, I won't lie. However, it worked.

Within two weeks, I had only 3 of the larger warts remaining, all of the others had turned black and fallen out. As of this week (5 weeks in), I am wart free! I will continue the soakings for one more week, but they are gone. GONE.

The fact that I can walk around my neighborhood, or walk all the way through a mall or grocery store without having to take ibuprofen like truly amazing and wonderful. I have my life back.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 4

Name: Tony
Location: California, United States
Date: July 03, 2011

There have been a ton of positive responses here already, so mine definitely isn't needed. But since I was so happy with the results of using ACV, I just had to respond.

I've had this darn thing on my foot for at least 3 years and I can't count how much money I spent on OTC salicylic acid treatments (at $6 each box) just to keep it in check, but it always just stuck around and never went away. But for only a few dollars in vinegar and band-aids, my plantar wart was gone in 3 days. And I had absolutely no pain whatsoever.

I soaked a small piece of cotton in the ACV and covered it with a band-aid before bed each night. the next morning, I removed the band-aid and cotton, then let the wart dry out for the rest of the day. I just wore my regular socks and shoes, nothing special. But each night I would reapply the cotton and band-aid.

It only took 3 nights of treatment before the wart was dead (turned black). It took another 2-3 weeks for it to completely dry out and wear away, sort of like a callous. I did not apply the treatment during this time period at all. Once the wart was dead, it never grew larger after that. But now it's gone and I can't believe it.

One piece of advice: wear COTTON socks, because they tend to wick moisture away from the skin, which keeps the wart dry and helps kill it. Polyester socks will keep your feet moist, which makes things worse.

I will never, EVER, use another method if I get another wart. Please pass this home remedy along to everyone you know that has this problem.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 3

Name: Kendar
Location: New Brunswick, Canada
Date: July 03, 2011

This really works.

I am ashamed how much money I spent on Compound W and freezing treatments before trying this. I froze that sucker so many times and it always came back with a vengeance.

Although painful at times, I found it mostly painful when I was applying the ACV on non-wart areas of the my skin. So I started putting a little bit of Polysporin around the wart with a Q Tip. This concentrated the ACV on the problem area.

Once it goes black you'll never go back!
DO IT...I have had two warts on my index finger for six months and this finally worked.

Thank you!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 2

Name: Ryan F.
Location: Iowa, United States
Date: July 01, 2011

I have started to use this type of treatment not too long ago and I’m starting to see results!

I have around maybe 16 warts on my hand, and both arms all together. Since I started using this, the little ones are turning black, and the second biggest has shrunk down a lot!

My biggest one on my hand is the only one fighting the treatment, but I think it will be fine if I keep using it.

Although some skin becomes irritated and gross, I highly recommend this form of treatment, as over the counter products and doctor visits had no effect on me what so ever. Good luck!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 1

Name: Laura Mayna
Location: North Carolina, United States
Date: July 01, 2011

I too was doubtful about this remedy, but I have to say that it also worked for me as well.

I had a wart on my thumb that would not go away despite two over the counter freeze away remedies. ACV was something I though I might as well go ahead and try despite my reservations.

After one night, the wart began to throb a bit, and it turned white. Then over the course of a few days, it slowly turned black. Sometimes, I used it during the day, and sometimes at night, but I would say that after 9 days or so the wart had completely fallen off.

It is still healing now, and there is a bit of scar tissue, but I cannot tell you how happy I am to finally be rid of this thing.