Vinegar Wart Removal

January to the end of June 2010

The vinegar wart treatment procedure was reviewed by 64 users from January to July 2010, on the following wart types and locations:

  • Face warts:  2 cases
  • Nose warts: 2 cases
  • Hand warts:  5 cases
  • Thumb warts: 4 cases
  • Finger warts:  5 cases
  • Leg warts: 1 case
  • Knee warts: 2 cases
  • Plantar warts on foot: 21 cases
  • Plantar warts on toes: 6 cases
  • Plantar warts on heel: 4 cases
  • Plantar warts on ball of foot: 5 cases
  • Genital warts: 1 case
  • Wart type not specified: 6 cases

Vinegar Wart Procedure 
Results Analysis:

Summary of Vinegar and Warts Testimonials

Most (97%) of the 64 users of this ACV treatment for warts method were successful in removing their warts in about a months time or were pleased with the ongoing results.

The only drawback mentioned by 64% of participants was the pain involved.
Not everyone experienced pain, but for those who did, it lasted anywhere from a few hours to several days. In those cases, over the counter pain medication was found to help.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 64

Name: Shannon
Location: Pennsylvania, United States
Date: June 26, 20010

My 4 yr old daughter was diagnosed with molluscum warts which were spreading all over her body (trunk, arms, & legs).

Her pediatrician wanted me to send her to a dermatologist to have them burned off. That sounded horrible to me so I investigated online.

Found the ACV treatment.  I did it at night, a few at a time,  because she complained it hurt.  Since she was sleeping when I applied the cotton ball she didn't even realize what was happening.  They all fell off and healed quickly.  Problem resolved within a week (faster than I could even get her into a dermatologist).

My friend's son had the same problem a year later.  After 6 months his began spreading everywhere.

Her pediatrician recommended dermatologist.  I told her about ACV treatment.  Pediatrician laughed at her.  Warts resolved within 1 week.


Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 63

Name: Stephanie
Location: Ohio, United States
Date: June 20, 2010

When I was 13 years old I discovered an nasty looking white bulge on the bottom of my left foot while I was on vacation.

A couple days after the discovery I was in immense pain and just wanted it to go away. My step father cut it out there in the hotel room and I promptly ran to the ocean to soothe my pain.

I'm 19 now and have been plantar free ever since I was 13 until now. I discovered this nasty little bugger in the exact same place as the one I had years ago and about the same size as it was.

I realized what it was and promptly went to Wal-Mart to get some OTC meds (salicylic acid stuff). I've been using it for about a week and it has made some progress, but slow progress. I'm not very patient...PLUS I'm leaving for the Dominican Republic this wednesday and I refuse to have this thing on my foot during another vacation!

I began searching the net, disgruntled by the OTC meds, and I stumbled across many sites claiming that ACV was a miracle cure.

So this afternoon I tended to my spot and soaked a cotton ball with the vinegar and held it there for about 15 min (I'm a skeptic). After 15 min I was wondering if I could see any progress and to my amazement I could see a ton of little black dots that definitely weren't visible before. I am now a believer and have securely band-aided a soaked cotton ball onto the wart. Honestly, it feels like a screw driver is being pushed into my foot, but I guess that means it's working!

I am bound and determined that this thing will be gone by the time I leave for vacation! I'll check back and post my results ;)

Keeping the faith ;) 

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 62

Name: Ann
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Date: June 18, 2010

I found this site, and like others I was skeptical... but after 3 years of a wart on my index finger and no OTC treatment working, I decided to try ACV.

It took a few weeks, but my wart is gone.

The pain started on day 1 for me and lasted a whole week, but I just kept going because I could see it turn black within the first day.

I am so glad I found this. It works.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 61

Name: Petit David
Location: Paris, France
Date: June 16, 2010

(Translated from French)

After several tries at the dermatologist, I couldn't get rid of the 5 warts on my hand.

After finding this site and applying apple cider vinegar, I have already eliminated 3 warts in 4 days.

Again, thanks to everybody…and do not forget to not interrupt the treatment but to continue for a few days after the warts have disappeared.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 60

Name: Sean
Location: Arizona, United States
Date: June 14, 2010

Roughly five years ago my right foot was completely covered in plantar warts.

I had one almost the size of a quarter that got pretty severe.  Basically a whole lot of small ones started sprouting out around it.

I also got a regular wart on my writing hand and that drove me nuts!  I resorted to buying over the counter stuff first and the freeze techniques.  There was simply know way that I was going to continue throwing away hundred dollars to treatments that more are less seemed to fail practically all the time.

So I started doing some digging on google and ran into this blog.  I personally thought this was not going to work but I brought the apple vinegar and gave it a shot.

Basically got a cotton ball and soaked it and covered the warts and then got a big band aid to cover the whole area before I went to bed every night.  It hurt...not as bad as the freezing stuff though.  Described by everyone else here the spots started to turn black and fall out.  It took about two months for me.

I thought I would have some massive scar but my foot healed nicely from it.

Same deal with the wart on my hand.  The acv just wiped it out!

So it works and works rather well.  I'd recommend giving this a shot before spending anything on special treatments.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 59

Name: Capu
Location: Paris, France
Date: June 14, 2010
(Translated from French)

I had a wart at the base of a nail.

I am on day 3 of the apple cider vinegar treatment and it is already completely black and has diminished.

It does hurt a little, it throbs in the finger, but that's good it feels like it is working well!!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 58

Name: Jessica
Location: Connecticut, United States
Date: June 12, 2010

Let me tell you I was skeptical of this treatment, but it ended up being the only thing that has ever worked on removing the 4 plantar warts on my foot!!

I had one for almost 3 years and had done everything from freezing, acid,aldara, formalaz, duct tape, etc. not to mention I had the laser removal surgery (would never recommend to anyone) on 2 warts I had prior to these 4 and it worked but then one grew back right next to where the one removed was!!!

So I spent a while searching up other methods and there were so many good reviews on the ACV method I thought it was certainly worth a shot!

 I would soak the smallest piece of cotton ball in ACV (you don't want it to touch the surrounding skin too much because it irritates it a lot after the first few nights), squeeze out excess, use a band-aid to keep it on all night.

After about 3 or 4 nights, it will become painful.  I woke up some mornings and would be limping trying not to put too much pressure on my foot.  This wears off as the day goes on, and honestly this is the only method that has ever truly worked and it is completely worth it. You may need to take off the cotton ball in the middle of the night but I advise taking tylonel/ibuprofen before you do the procedure to lessen the pain.

When I thought the warts were gone, I stopped the method for a few days to let the skin heal and dry up. While I did this I would soak my foot in a water/ACV mixture for 20 min and then rub with pumice stone after so it was getting some kind of treatment.

I really did not want these things to come back! The key is to get a really good pumice stone, I found an excellent one at CVS that really got rid of the dead skin.

Now I am wart free and could not be happier!

It took years and so much money from all the doctor trips, little did I know that this inexpensive trick was all I needed!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 57

Name: John
Location: Pennsylvania, United States
Date: June 10, 2010

I've had a plantar wart near the ball of my foot for over 13 years now.

I've tried everything short of surgery and nothing has worked.  The worst was having it frozen, I couldn't walk for days.

I searched the web and found out about ACV.  I am on day 4 and up at 2:15am because the pain is so intense.  I knew it wouldn't be easy since the wart is so well established and vascularized.

I use the cotton ball method at night and in the am wash my foot and soak the area with ACV.  Whenever I remove the bandage and cotton ball the area is huge, swollen and the middle of the wart is turning black.

I've broken bones, had numerous sprains but this pain is unique and INTENSE.  So much I am taking 4 advil and it still throbs.

I know it will be worth it and knew battling a 13 year old wart would not be easy.  I'm not giving up and the pain is worth it if the wart goes away!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 56

Name: Ricardo
Location: Michoacan, Mexico
Date: June 08, 2010

It all started a few years ago with a small wart appearing between my ring and middle fingers of my right hand, I didn't really care too much about it, but it got bigger and smaller warts started to appear around it.

I read that they could disappear on their own so I just waited. Oh boy was I wrong, a few months later new warts had invaded the sides of those fingers and new ones were appearing on my pinky, they even started to appear on my other hand including one below the fingernail of my thumb, that one was really painful.

Some were big and bulky while others were small and flat but I had enough of them, so I searched the net and found out about the ACV method, I didn't think it was going to work but I gave it a shot nonetheless.

I applied the cotton balls with the ACV and band-aids to 3 of the bigger warts, one on my thumb the others on the tip of the middle and ring finger. The first few nights were PAINFUL, I could feel my fingers throbbing all night, but after a few days the pain disappeared. A few days later they started to show clear signs that something was going on, and they were big so it took a couple of weeks till they finally fell off.

I was amazed and continued to apply the cotton balls with ACV and the band-aids on other warts, some were painful some weren't.

Remember, I had a lot, but a few months later, every single on of them started to disappear, even the ones I didn't apply the ACV to directly! Including the one below my fingernail! There were BIG groups of warts that just disappeared in a couple of weeks!

I could not believe that my fingers were soft and smooth again! I never thought I could get rid of them!

Now a few weeks ago some tiny warts reappeared, but I will just apply the ACV again and I'm sure they'll be gone in no time, I started applying it a few days ago on a wart I have on the tip of my middle finger and it's already showing signs that it's dying.

So believe me, if it worked for me it WILL work for you. Try it, you will not regret it. You will not believe how cheap and effective this solution is!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 55

Name: Nikky
Location: Oregon, United States
Date: June 04, 20010

When I was a teenager I had a HUGE (and painful) wart next too and under my thumb nail for over two years.

I had been to the dermatologist to freeze it off but it was no use; Nothing worked!

I read somewhere about the ACV and decided to try it since nothing else had worked.

I bandaged a ACV soaked cotton ball to my thumb every night for about two weeks. It always woke me up in the middle of the night from the pain, which then I would just take the bandage off and fall right back to sleep.

After about two weeks the wart turned black and peeled right off. Until about a month ago I haven't had a wart since then.

I have my finger wrapped right now which is making it  very difficult to type. But it's all worth it!! The pain is nothing compared to the results!

But seriously, it doesn't even hurt that bad.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 54

Name: Sylvie Tremblay
Location: Québec, Canada
Date: May 31, 2010

Desperate about the numerous warts on my face, I tried the cider vinegar…

The only thing that comes to mind is that it's completely brilliant.
Within several days no more warts without a single scar!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 53

Name: Divine Temples
Location: Georgia, United States
Date: May 31, 2010

I've had a small wart on my right middle finger for at LEAST three years.

I tried the ACV remedy and it was gone in three DAYS! WOW!

I wish I'd have found this sooner, but at least I found it at all.


 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 52

Name: Daniel
Location: North Carolina, United States
Date: May 28, 2010

I developed one large wart on ball of foot 7 years ago about the size of a dime.

This was cut out twice and regrew both times within a month.  Extremely painful surgery as the needle had to go through the top of my foot.  This was frozen numerous time, at least 10 times, with no affect as well. Candida shots and Aldera did nothing.

Warts spread to both feet on my toes. I run a lot, so the constant sweat and pressure, helped them to spread. I had somewhere between 12-15 warts in all  - with one toe covered in them, at least half the surface area.  These all developed over the last three years.

I went to a podiatrists who told me these were too small to care for. What B.S. They grew, he was wrong. I got shots of bleomycin directly into these warts, extremely painful, and expansive at $500.00 a visit for at least 6 visits. None of this worked, and put me off of running for a week at a time, I ignored the pain.

I ignored the warts for awhile, trimming them when I could, and using salicylic acid 70% solution for a year. This did nothing but irritate my skin, and the warts grew faster than the acid could take them off my skin.

Got fed up one night, when I saw new ones sprouting. Not wanting to waste my time with the five dermatologists and podiatrists I'd seen in the past. They couldn't help me, I searched the net. Found out about banana peels, potassium and ACV. I started ACV one week ago to the day.

This is probably the most excruciating foot pain that I have ever experienced and I have a high pain tolerance. Percocet didn't even touch this pain.  That being said, the warts are dying. I tape bits of cotton balls each day or night 8-9 hour session to the warts and quiver in pain.  I alternate a Tea tree oil ball on the warts when I'm not using vinegar which is antiviral and soothing at the same time.

7 days later I have had real progress. The biggest wart in the ball of my foot turned black a few days ago, and bits of it literally fell out, this was after having a dream one night that it was falling out, my body knows.  The ACV today filling that hole has no pain. The wart is dead, and my dermis, the skin underneath it simply needs to heal and push out the remaining puss and dead tissue. I'm going to keep up the ACV.

Some of the smaller warts popped out within two days of the acv treatment. One toe is still fighting, the toe was wart tissue. It's crusting over and dying as quick as my body can fight it off. I literally see new skin where there was wart 1 week ago on the outskirts of the wart tissue.

I'm sold on ACV. You can heal your body with these. The pain is worth it, I promise. It gets a hell of a lot easier once the wart dies.

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 51

Name: Sarah
Location: Jura, France
Date: May 27, 2010

I tested this wart treatment on mine which is located on my foot.

To my great pleasure, the wart turned black and a large part disappeared.
However, the black centre is still present after almost a month of treatment.

I don't know what to do and I hesitate to try to take it out.

If you have any ideas, I am listening. According to the testimonials of those who have treated plantar warts with apple cider vinegar, (look on this page or others linked at the bottom of this page), the effective elimination of these warts could take up to several moths!! There are different types of these warts and certain ones are removed faster than others. Many people have also used, along with the traditional apple cider vinegar treatment, foot baths and a pumice stone to help eliminate the dead wart tissue.

Todd Melton from Indiana United States - May 31, 2010 HANG IN THERE..............KEEP WITH THE ACV TREATMENT. That's about it.  I had my plantar wart for over five months before I started and they were the size of a quarter spread around.  Took about 2 months to get rid of it, but hasn't come back since…….:)

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 50

Name: Katrina
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: May 26, 2010

I'm so excited!!  I've been battling a plantar wart for 5 years now.

I first got it at 19 (after a cut on ball of heel during a pedicure! Nice eh? Careful with pedi's girls...) and had no clue what it was . My boyfriend at the time would comment on it saying how gross it was and refused to rub my feet after that I went to doctor's, found out what it was and started freezing treatments.

Didn't work!

Went to podiatrist he did some sort of freezing/cutting procedure wasn't watching what he was doing but didn't work. In the last 5 years I have tried every single over the counter med, spent tons of time and money and to myhorror.. The one plantar wart grew into this massive cluster of warts!! The size of my heel! It's been horrible to deal with:( no more pedi's, no foot rubs in years, always worried someone will see them. Basically every single day of my life it's been a complex. Horrible :( then out of nowhere in last few months I got one on my index and my thumb!!!!! I cried! Treated and treated and treated and nothing! The one on thumb crusted and fell off with Wartners freeze of but not only did it grow back, it grew back with 3 other warts! On my thumb!

I've finally had enough and decided to try ACV , I just can't go my life trying to hide these nasty things!

Last night I applied ACV to cotton balls and taped to both my fingers and my foot!

The pain was pretty intense but a great pain knowing this stuff was eating away at my warts i was happy!!

Woke up this morning anxious to see the progress and sure enough, the ball of my foot is covered in black spots/ craters. It's obvious now just how many diets were actually in there now that the roots are visible!!! The skin around it Is white and puffy, it's sore as heck but working! Applied it again this morning with huge band-aid and not gonna stop until they're gone pain or no pain I don't care I'm so excited to have pretty feet again it's unreal!!!

As for my thumb & finger! They've also turned black exposing the roots and skin around it has turned puffy white. The gross part is seeing how many were on my thumb too, there's Like 10 black dots that surfaced :/ thankfully my finger only has one, yuck!

I put band-aids on my fingers and will treat them again at night. Only gonna do foot 24hrs because it worse. I think the finger ones wont take much time.

But boy does it sting! Awesome stuff!!!!! Thank you sooooo much everyone when these things fall off I will finally feel free again, seriously. These things have really affected my life!

Good luck!
I'll post again with final results!

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 49

Name: Sarah Robinson
Location: North Carolina, United States
Date: May 25, 2010

O.K. To be honest, I did not think this was going to work.

it was just too simple!  However, because I had already had the nasty wart on my foot frozen AND cut out, I was desperate for something.

I have had this wart for 2-3 years now, and it has grown over time.  It is nearly under my foot, but sort of on the side, near my heal and it sometimes causes me discomfort.  It is especially embarrassing when I go to get a pedicure!

So, I found this remedy, and decided to give it a try!

I soaked the cotton ball each night and taped it to my foot.  It turned black within 2 days!  So, I kept at it, missing a few days here and there.

Last night, I had my first real pain with it, and had to remove it around 2:00AM.  However, this morning, I looked at it, and it appeared to be flaking off a bit.

I went to work with some clippers, with little to no pain, and right now, all I have left is a hole in my foot!  Woohoo!  It is kind of a little crater, but the skin around it is dry.  So, I am going to keep the cotton ball on it for at least 3 or 4 more nights, but I think it is all gone!

I AM SO HAPPY!  I have hated this thing for so long, now!  I cannot believe it was this easy and inexpensive!  TRY IT!

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 48

Name: Mark
Location: Ohio, United States
Date: May 23, 20010

I spent 2 years working on a plantar wart on the ball of my right foot; eventually the size of a (US)penny.

I tried everything; OTC anti-wart liquids / pads, burning, freezing, very $$$ prescription anti-wart cream.  My Dr. finally thought that maybe I should see a specialist to directly inject a type of chemo-therapy drug into the area!!!  Not only not covered by insurance, but not something I thought was a good idea at all.

I'd heard about using ACV, but wrote it off because it sounded too easy and too simple to be real.  But given the option of chemo-injection into the wart, continued futzing around on my own or simple ACV, I finally decided, "I've tried everything else, why not?  I can buy a big bottle of it and if it doesn't work, I can always make salad dressing."

All I can say is that it truly worked for me.  In combination with my last attempt w/ a OTC freeze kit, I used the cotton ball soaked in ACV.  Within days, unlike any other time in the last 2 years I'd worked on it, the wart area turned black, a blister formed, and within less than 2 weeks, the blister was off and healthy, pink, wart-free tissue was there.  The wart hasn't come back.

Just found several very very small warts on the other foot and have for the last 3 days done the hard freeze once & then ACV on them.  Warts turned black, blister is formed, and I'm confident I'll have healthy, wart-free skin within the next week. 

Maybe the ACV works just as miraculously without using a freeze kit, but this has been what has worked amazingly for me and I'm so thankful that I'm no longer walking around with an excruciatingly painful wart where it's terribly inconvenient. (I fence, and if I still had that wart, there's no way I'd be able to).


 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 47

Name: Todd Melton
Location: Indiana, United States
Date: May 23, 2010

After fighting with plantar wart on my left foot for over 5 years I was looking for anything that might help.  So, I found this website.

I had gone to the doctor to try and freeze, cut and even inject yeast into them to try to kill them for a couple of years.  They only seemed to be spreading worse.

So I decided to give the apple cider vinegar a try. It wasn't too bad at first few days using cotton balls and vinegar and duct tape or a band-aid and changing it twice a day.

Later on, however it felt a lot like when I had the warts frozen on my foot.  Pretty painful stuff, a bit of a throbbing, but I was still able to function.  I even waited tables while doing this with little trouble. When it was too much to bear, I would simply remove the bandage.

I highly recommend using Q-tips for smaller warts because this will focus only on the infected area. You can also buy liquid skin to apply to the areas around the wart that are very pink and sensitive for extra protection.

Anyway, did this and soaked my foot once a week for about 2 months and successfully removed the disgusting bastard(s) without any scarring of my foot, without surgery, without burning, without injecting, without big doctor bills, without repeated visits, without being unable to walk, and without expensive pills.

In fact, this all cost me about: $1 apple cider vinegar, $2 Q-tips, and $4 in band-aids.

This is valuable information; If you know of anyone who has plantar warts please pass this on.....

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 46

Name: Chad
Location: Ohio, United States
Date: May 18, 20010

I can’t believe how well this worked!  Took 30 days but it worked perfectly.  I had the thing frozen at the doctor’s office and it did nothing.

After 4 weeks of seeing if the freezing would work, I decided to try the ACV since it was getting bigger after the freezing.  Here’s my daily diary I kept:

Day 1- used a pumice stone to clear off the dead skin on top and soaked a quarter of a cotton ball and attached it to the wart right behind my toes on the bottom of my foot in the middle.  No pain night one.  I chose to leave the bandage and soaked cotton ball on 24 hours a day. Some do only at night but I wanted this thing gone so I could get back to running.

Day 2- Wart is starting to get white.  No pain yet.  Changing the bandage and cotton ball nightly.

Day 3- The wart started to hurt today.  It’s turning black!  Awesome!  No pain no gain.

Day 4- Wart is still dying and still hurts.  I have to limp a lot at work.  Told everyone I have a blister from running.  Still have not had to take any pain meds or anything though.

Day 5- The wart is black still and it’s getting smaller.  It looks like a crater now.  Before it kind of stuck out of my skin, but now it looks like a big white tender volcano with a black center.  It’s working.

Day 6- Not much change today from yesterday.  Still hurts.

Day 7- The black area is getting smaller.

Day 9- It is really hurting and I am limping somewhat still.  Wondering when this stupid thing will be gone?

Day 10- It's noticeably better.  It may be gone but I want to make sure.  I am still using the vinegar.  Less pain overall and it is getting better but there is still pain if I walk on it a lot.

Day 11-  It seems to be gone but there is still some dark scars down in the crater and I do not want to leave anything alive in there where it could come back. Nothing really popped out like some others have said.  Mine has just kind of disintegrated in its crater and flaked off.  I have used toenail clippers to keep trimming the dead skin away every once in a while.  I put some more vinegar on it for tonight just to hopefully kill it completely.

Day 12- Seems pretty much gone!  No bump anymore.  The crater is gone. Just a round scar.  Seems to be gone.  Just hope it heals up nice now.  Hope to get back to running this week.

Day 13- Started to callous over today.  I used the pumice stone in the shower to shave it down.  Worked really well.  I didn't want to let the dead skin form a big callous.  It bled pretty good but I shaved it down pretty good.  Put a Band-Aid on it.  Can't wait to get back to running.

Day 14- I think it is gone now and it just needs to heal.  For the first time I really don't think there is any wart left!  I am not going to put any Band-Aids on it or anything now for a while and see if it just heals up.

Day 15- Still hurts but I think it's getting better.  I want this thing gone!  I used the pumice stone again in the shower.  I am so impatient.

Day 16- It still hurts.  I can't really tell if it is completely gone now.  I keep using the pumice stone in the shower to whittle it down but I just am not sure if I got it all with the vinegar.  It is definitely 90% gone if not all gone.  I'm hoping it just needs to heal up now.  I am definitely able to walk normally but it still hurts some. I'll give it another week.  Felt good to do my stretches again.

Day 17- Still hurts but probably because I keep using the pumice stone.  I want to make sure the dead skin is all gone as well.

Day 18- It still hurts but I ran 3.1 miles today in 23:58 which was one of my best times ever.  The wart did not hurt that bad while running which is really all I care about. Hopefully it will continue to get better.  If not I'll just do the vinegar again.

Day 19- Hurt a little less today.   I think I'm going to use the pumice stone again in the shower again.  It bleeds every time I use it but it actually feels good for some reason and it does a great job taking the dead skin off.

Day 20- Today was the best day for the wart so far.  It felt like I had nothing on my foot for most of the day.  I am encouraged.  I REALLY used the pumice stone on it last night.  I was able to walk with full pressure on it with zero pain for 99% of the day.  I put some Neosporin and a Band-Aid on it again tonight.  No pumice stone tonight.

Day 21- Hurt a little more today, but I did run 4 miles on the treadmill.  Everything felt fine.  I used the pumice stone on the wart in the shower just a little bit.  It didn't bleed as much as the other night.  I think it's going away.  I just can't figure out if there is part of the wart left or it's just the healing process.  We'll see.

Day 22- Getting better every day I think.  I used the pumice stone again tonight in the shower.  I am confident now it’s gone and healing.

Day 23- Still not sure if the wart is gone.  If it's not it's mostly gone.  Hopefully it will keep healing.  I can walk and run on it just fine.

Day 24- It has gotten much better today.  I ran 5 miles today and didn't feel the wart AT ALL!  It was great!  Great run!

Day 25- Felt ok today. No pain.

Day 26- Getting much better. I think it's mostly gone.

Day 27- I think it's pretty much gone.  Finally!  There is still a spot there but it's healing and I can use the pumice stone pretty easily on it.  No bleeding.  No pain at all running now.

Day 28- I think it's gone.  99% sure now.  I am pleased with the vinegar cure. Worked very well.

Day 33- Haven’t updated the diary for a couple days.  I can officially say it is completely gone and healed.  It looks like nothing was ever there on the bottom of my foot.  THE ACV WORKED!  Thank you!

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 45

Name: Ludo
Location: Quebec, Canada
Date: 17, 2010
(Translated from French)

Very large wart on the knee for several years.

Completely cured with the apple cider vinegar method.

The wart left on the 12th day and I continued the treatment for 2 weeks after that.

Try it, it costs nothing.

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 44

Name: Eloise
Location: Washington, United States
Date: May 16, 2010

This stuff REALLY works.

Despite all of the positive reviews that this remedy was getting, I was still quite skeptical. However, after trying it only for 2 days, my huge, bulbous wart on my thumb had turned black.

Being the impatient person that I am, I peeled off the part fairly easily and was left with a reddish mark on my thumb.

Five days later, you can't even tell anything was there. This honestly works.

Absolutely amazing!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 43

Name: Christina Bouchoc
Location: West Virginia, United States
Date: May 16, 2010

My 8 year old daughter has had over 20 warts on her hands for three years.

We have been to more than one doctor and tried every possible remedy with absolutely no positive results.  I came across this web site and decided to give it a try.

Apple cider vinegar has been the miracle drug for us!  I could see changes in the warts within 2 days.

On average they began to turn black within 4 days.  Most warts could be pealed off within 7-10 days of starting the treatment.

Unlike some others comments she had very little pain.  There were a couple of times we had to give an area a break for a night or two.

I highly recommend trying this method.  She now has her pretty little hands back.  FYI she had over 20 warts and some were in large clusters. They are all gone!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 42

Name: Kevin Carvalho
Location: Minnestoa, United States
Date: May 16, 2010

This treatment is amazing, I have a large wart one my right thumb and it's pretty annoying because of its look.

I used this treatment for about a week or two and it got black, it wouldn't fall off so I cut it off which was absolutely painless (although this black thick liquid came out which was pretty gross).

It is starting to grow back because I didn't continue to use the treatment after it was gone, that was a big mistake on my part.

Well, back to the treatment! and I do recommend this as it DOES work.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 41

Name: Marie
Location: New Hampshire, United States
Date: May 13, 2010

About 12 years ago, I noticed a plantar wart on the sole of my right foot.

Over time a few more formed.  At this point, I tried over the counter products but nothing seemed to work.  I tried duct tape but it made the area very irritated and it was difficult to do this regularly because I am a runner.

Over the years I tried everything. I even spent months going to a podiatrist to have him freeze them off.  Because they had now multiplied, I went every month to have the process done.  It followed by days of pain, being unable to walk or go to work.  The pain was excruciating and I gave this up because I couldn't tolerate it. I did not see any results from this.

A few months later, I came across this website and saw all the positive results people had.

It was AMAZING how fast this worked! I had very deep plantar warts and after a few nights, I saw them turning black and coming to the surface.  In the morning, I would use an emery board to scrape away the skin, allowing more black to become exposed. There were a few nights when I would wake up from the pain, but it was nothing compared to what I felt after the podiatrist.

After about two months of this, they are almost completely gone.  The key to it is consistency.  There were a few nights I took off, but doing it every night really makes a difference.

Try this!  It will work!! I am so glad I came across this website.  Who knew something so simple could achieve results like this!

Mine are almost completely gone. In just a few more weeks, I expect to see nothing but new skin! Very exciting!!! If apple cider vinegar could attack the virus I had for such a long time, it will definitely work for you!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 40

Name: Karen Childress
Location: Arkansas, United States
Date: May 10, 2010

The acv works!!!

The first few times it hurt like the devil, but it works and its fast and cheap.

Looks pretty rough for a few days is all.

Small price to pay in my opinion.  

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 39

Name: Bri
Location: Nevada, United States
Date: May 05, 2010

I had a small/medium wart on my middle finger for about a month... after FOUR DAYS of apple cider vinegar treatment and VERY little pain, it turned black, I picked it out, and it left a wart-less hole!

I just used medical tape to attach a cotton swab tip with ACV on it pretty much 24/7.

I also have a really stubborn periungual / subungual (next to/under the fingernail) wart that I think is almost gone... but it's taken months of apple cider vinegar treatment and LOTS of pain X( It turned black a couple of times but not in a while.

It's mostly been coming off in layers of white hardened skin. It's gotten a lot smaller and I think it will go away soon... which is good because it has been causing my nail to grow crooked and wrong.

Update: August 29, 2010

I had a really nasty, stubborn wart right on the left edge of my middle fingernail. It appeared about a year before I started using ACV on it, and in that year it started distorting the way my nail was growing. It was pushing it to the side and I was afraid my nail would be ruined forever.

I discovered ACV around November, and soon easily and quickly got rid of 4 other warts I had (3 on fingers, 1 on knee)... but the one on my nail was still there! It had been responding  to the ACV but still wasn't going away like the others, so I gave up for a month or two.

I eventually started putting ACV on it again, sometimes just at night when it would get really super painful, but kept it on during the day as much as I could stand, too. After a couple months of this, IT WAS FINALLY GONE!!! The others kind of turned black and came off in one piece, but this one just kind of flaked off in white layers of skin. I had to keep picking it off. A few months later and my nail is even almost back to normal! I can finally get a manicure again! :D

So even if you have a wart that's practically under your nail and the ACV doesn't work at first, just STICK WITH IT even if it's for months, and it will eventually go away!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 38

Name: Greg
Location: Florida, United States
Date: May 03, 2010

I first noticed a small wart on the right side of my nose about 3 years ago.

It was bothersome and unsightly ....about the size and color of a large pimple. Over the years I ignored it but would pick at it often which would result in it bleeding often, then drying up and almost disappearing. It would always come back after a week or two.

Finally about a year and a half ago I went to the dermatologist who removed it and tested it. It was benign ...ok. But it came back.

Finally I came across this fantastic site recommending ACV Treatment which I began about 4 days ago.

I have been using the cotton ball saturated in  the ACV and held in place over the wart with a few band aids every night changing in the morning upon waking and then also wearing another application during most of the day.

The wart turned black on the 2nd day. On the 3rd day the black area grew to about the size of a penny and looks to have stop spreading, I assume the picking had caused the infected area to grow larger over time, bigger than the small visible pimple sized wart.

Lastly the pain has been incredible for the past 3 days. I hope it subsides soon, I don't know how much longer I can take of it.

The large black area has yet to come off, hopefully all this will be over in the next few days.

It looks like its working, wish me luck.

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 37

Name: Dandelion Lerv
Location: Singapore
Date: April 28, 2010

I  had this wart on my left foot for close to 3 months. I've tried Duofilm for 2 months and also other plaster containing salicylic acid.

Initially it looks like the wart is going away but it still hurts when I walk. I saw this website on Tuesday afternoon and I tried ACV that night, this morning the wart has turned black!!

I tried to file it but the skin surrounding the wart is painful hence I am going to leave it alone for a few days.

I am really happy to see the wart turned black within just 1 night. I will continue to use until it drops off.

Thank you!!

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 36

Name: Jennifer
Location: Georgia, United States
Date: April 27, 2010

A year ago, at the end of winter I started going to the tanning bed to get ready for summer and was shaving pubic area more than usual and developed a wart right at the top of the hairline...So embarrassing…But tried everything under the sun to get rid of it, and nothing seemed to work.

I tried cutting it off a couple of times only to have it come back a few days later. I also tried over the counter medications, they took it down a lil bit only for it to grow back double the size...And this was over a year period.

A few months ago someone told me about the ACV and here is what I did…

First I used a cotton ball soaked in ACV and put on wart and covered with duct tape 24 hours a day for 3 days changing morning and night... After 3rd night, covered with clear nail polish during the day, peeled it off at night {which also peeled off the dead part of the wart so no need for scraping, poking, or filing} And reapply ACV. Continued that for 2 more days and wart turned completely black, so I stopped the ACV and duct tape but continued the clear nail polish for 2 days peeling off at night and reapplying after those two nights the last peel off and it removed the whole black wart!

It has been almost three months no signs of return!

The only pain I had was a lil burning sensation mainly when peeling like removing a fresh scab. But let me tell you this worked very well and is truly amazing try it!! 

It also works for abscessed teeth and pain in the joints It truly is amazing stuff! I am now trying it for weight loss, wish me Luck!

And good luck to all of you, what ever your quest may be!!!!

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 35

Name: Christy Bryan
Location: Alabama, United States
Date: April 27, 2010

Apple Cider Vinegar works!

Took my 8 year old daughter to the MD because she had a sore spot on the bottom of her foot.  MD diagnosed her with a plantar wart.  We immediately tried Salicylic Acid.  We were told by the doctor that this could take several weeks if not months.

Of course we wanted it cured as quickly has possible due to her playing sports which require a lot of running, basketball and baseball.

 We started treatment before Christmas.  I thought the treatment was working....however if you've never treated a wart before then you don't know what to expect.

After six months of several different treatments I found a web site which recommended Apple Cider Vinegar.

After 1 (ONE)...yes I said ONE week of treatment with AC Vinegar the wart is HEALED!  I personally would've never believed it would work, but after we'd tried everything else I though well what the heck we'll try it and see. works.  We soaked the foot every night for 30 minutes in AC vinegar and it is gone in ONE week.

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 34

Name: Tara Sharma
Location: Washington, United States
Date: April 23, 20010

Like many others on this site, I didn't believe this would work. And I'm writing this comment 8 weeks later to let you know that it really does work.

I've always been a believer in western medicine and dismissed a holistic treatment as hogwash... but it does work. I got a plantar wart during my pregnancy and was told I'd have to wait until after the baby was born to put any medicine on it (freezing didn't kill it) so many salicylic acid attempts later I found that the wart had only grown larger and larger. It was so painful I couldn't even walk (imagine being in labor and not being able to walk)!

Unfortunately even after the baby was born, I went back to the doctor who asked me to check with my pediatrician that it was safe to medicate the wart (to ensure no risk to the breastfed baby) and they too nixed the treatment. So I was left with surgery as the only option... which wasn't really an option since not being able to walk while the foot healed wasn't really viable.

So I turned to natural treatments and found this site. And didn't really believe it since it sounded way too simple (why wouldn't the doc have told me?)

So I tried it... and 8 weeks later I am wart-free. The wart initially swelled up white and puffy then turned brown - and I kept going back to the doctor every ten days to get the skin cleaned off (since I didn't want to spread it by doing it myself). And she is just as amazed as I am and will now be recommending this treatment to all her patients!

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 33

Name: JH
Location: New York, United States
Date: April 22, 2010

I have been struggling with plantar warts on both my heels for well over a year.

I started duct taping months and months ago, which seemed to help somewhat, but actually seemed to increase the # of warts (I suddenly had smaller ones).

I began searching the internet for remedies and saw numerous sites mentioning ACV. I decided to give it a try, figuring I had nothing to lose.

I am now on day 4 of the treatment (only treating at night) and I can already see amazing results. All the warts are turning black.

Yes, there has been some throbbing, but hardly to the point where I lost sleep. In the mornings, my heels are sore, but seem to improve within a short time. I am wearing my heels with no problems at all.

I look forward to seeing what the next week brings, I am hopeful based on what I am seeing! I will provide an update!

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 32

Name: Lauren
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Date: April 21, 2010

I've had a plantar wart on my foot for 5 years and didn't do much about it b/c it didn't hurt. But recently, it has been spreading and I got others. I successfully had a couple "burned" off by the doctor, but I stopped going because it is always such a long wait and an inconvenience.

I heard about the ACV treatment and started doing it on my 3 warts a few days ago...and it is actually working! The one the doctor couldn't get rid of has turned black in just a few days!

Here's what I do:
I apply a corn cushion around the wart to protect the surrounding skin and then soak a bit of tissue in ACV and ball it up and fit it into the hole on the corn cushion and duct tape it into place overnight. I pop some pain relievers because it burns!!! I take the dressings off in the morning and wash my foot, then apply more duct tape to the area for the day.

It really hurts to walk on and is hard because I'm doing cleaning jobs every night and need to be on my feet, but I want these warts gone!! So I just take some pain medicine and put up with it because it really seems to be working!

I hope it comes off soon so I can walk properly again!

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 31

Name: Peter
Location: Missouri, United States
Date: April 18, 2010

Ok so I just started my treatment again...

I had done this a few months ago with great success but it wasn't the treatment that didn't work it was me!

I thought after I picked the wart off it was gone for good but now it has grown back and its larger!

Just a word of advice it hurts tons and afterwords it hurt even worse, but keep at it because it helped so much!


Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 30

Name: David
Location: United Kingdom
Date: April 15, 2010

I had three periungual warts (around and under the nail) two of which were very large and large plantar.

These things were killing me, I was very self conscious about taking my socks off.

Anyway, I tried all sorts of over the counter stuff, acid, freezing and even silver nitrate which worked by burning the wart. I had relatively little success with all of these and the warts seemed to stay the same size for nearly a year, infact they looked worse because they were all inflamed from being bombarded with treatments...

I had been well aware of apple cider vinegar but disregarded it thinking it would just be another useless home remedy. Out of desperation however I decided to give it a go.

First few applications were straight forward, wart looked softer but no blackness. Then on the third night the pain was so intense and painkillers did nothing but I put up with it. Some nights I had to give up and take it off so I could get some sleep but mostly I kept it on.

Anyway, it took a lot longer than two weeks, a little over a month in fact but periungual warts are notoriously tricky to remove and the fact that now I have removed all but one of them is amazing.

The last one I should add is very much on the way out and I expect will be gone in a few days.

Stick through the pain! it will be worth it!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 29

Name: Elle
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Date: April 14, 2010

ACV is an amazing cure.

I had a HUGE plantars wart on my foot for about 10 years and it would NOT go away. I tried everything. It started off small but would get bigger every time I tried to kill it. I finally decided it was time for this thing to DIE. I finally had time where I was not traveling so I could take the 12 weeks or so to get rid of it without the treatment being interrupted.

I first had the doctor freeze it and then I would combine with the Salicylic acid. I did this for weeks with no avail. I had tried ACV before but would stop treatment too soon and this thing was very very deep.

I have NEVER experienced pain this bad before, and I have a high pain tolerance because I have endometriosis.

After having it "frozen" by the doctor, I then put ACV on it and that painful night I could feel it working, it was "eating" away the roots. The next morning it was black. It finally died but then the "babies" were still there and I couldn't handle the pain of more ACV because I like to workout and run everyday and it was not possible with the pain, I could barely walk sometimes.

Anyways, the big "momma" wart is gone and to get rid of the "babies" painlessly I have been using collodial silver and it seems to be working. Don't have any sign of warts or any pain.

I am too afraid to stop treatment but will in the next couple days.

ACV does work, way better than the expensive treatments. Try it, what do you have to lose. Just remember it might be insanely painful but its better than having a wart forever.

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 28

Name: Jose
Location: Texas, United States
Date: April 11, 2010

I'm so glad to have my hand back!

I know that sounds weird but I had a wart in the palm of my hand and it was embarrassing and I did everything I could to hide it.

My wart was the size of a dime and it was gross. I tried freeze off for about a month and it did not work.

I had my wart for 5 months and then I came across this website and read the stories here and decided that I had nothing to lose and went to Walmart and bought the apple cider vinegar, hand wraps, and cotton balls.

I tried it every night for a week and after the first couple of days I saw a difference after about 5 days the wart was practically gone and after 7 days it was completely gone.
I can now shake people's hand without worrying about them seeing my wart.

So it works...try it have nothing to lose.

Here is what I did:

1. I poured apple cider vinegar on the in a small container and soaked the cotton ball in it.

2. I placed the wet cotton ball on top of the wart and place a gauze on top of it.

3. Then I used the hand wrap to secure it and left it on overnight.

4. Repeat nightly for 1 week.

It's that simple! A week later my wart was gone.

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 27

Name: Ashley
Location: Florida, United States
Date: April 08, 2010

This remedy deserves 100 out of 10 stars!!!

I've had a plantar wart on my heel for over a year and I'm proud to say that I'm plantar wart free!!!

I soaked my foot every night.  I used round cotton pads soaked in ACV then duct taped it and put a sock over my foot. At least once a week I pumiced my foot before the ACV.  It gets painful after 5 days but it was totally worth it!

After the wart had turned completely black (literally black, it's kind of creepy) and didn't hurt when I woke up in the mornings, I decided to switch to a soothing formula:
-1/2 ACV
-1/2 Witch Hazel
-drop of Tea Tree Oil

I used this formula in place of the  100% ACV during my nightly routine.

I've also been using this formula as a toner after I was my face and it's corrected the pH of my skin :-) All of this prep led to the wart falling off while I was pumicing.  I am still wrapping my foot every night for at least two weeks maybe even longer. I hope I never experience another plantar wart again.

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 26

Name: Emily
Location: Michigan, United States
Date: April 01, 2010

I CANNOT believe this actually works. But it does! I'd tried everything, including having my doctor cryo my wart off, but instead it just got bigger. To the point where my tiny plantar wart on my heel/instep had become a massive almost quarter sized beast.

Here's my recipe for success. I did this every night after I got home from work:

Take a bucket or large mixing bowl, fill with water as hot as you can stand it (I'd run it as hot as it can go). Take a measuring cup or eyeball to add two cups of AC Vinegar. Soak your foot for an hour. I'd sit on the end of my bed and watch the TV for an hour.

Wash your foot. Take a cotton ball or folded up piece of toilet tissue, soak in vinegar. Put on top of the wart, then duct tape it to your foot. Cover over with a sock. Go to sleep.

The next time you go to repeat this process, before you soak your foot, take a nail file (emery board) and file off the dead wart. You'll it's dead because the sucker will turn black. The vinegar is eating the wart and pushing it out of the foot, and you're basically filing the dead wart off.

It took about four days for me to feel any kind of discomfort, but, it will hurt to the point of tears after you start to get down to the root of the wart when sleeping with the vinegar taped to your foot. Try taking an aspirin before you soak your foot so that you're comfortably numb by the time the pain hits.

Despite the pain, I did not skip a day. I filed the wart even when it hurt. Exactly one week and a half to the day, my wart "fell off". I was filing it, and it started to chunk off revealing red skin underneath. Underneath the wart had turned white, and the middle didn't have any black skin left. I took a pair of nail clippers and just clipped it right off revealing pink, non-wart skin! I'm wart free for the first time in my life! And all it took was a few gallons of vinegar.

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 25

Name: Sylvain Fafard
Location: Québec, Canada
Date: March 26, 2010

I was doing research on apple cider vinegar as a means of detoxifying my body. That's how I found the numerous testimonials about its usefulness in treating warts on your site.

I was able to remove the warts that I had on my hands with liquid nitrogen(freezing), after having failed to do so with the numerous products proposed in the market place.

But one stubborn wart remained on the right ring finger that the doctor could not treat on the pretext that it was logged to deeply in the bone.

I continued researching (vitamin C dissolved in hot water and vitamin A, lemon essential oil, rosemary essential oil, clay in a small poultice, and freezing again).

I am talking about a story that has lasted about 12 years. I had come to a point where I considered my last wart (that on the ring finger) like a necessary companion without really believing that it would leave me. I therefor tried, without really believing, the apple cider vinegar wart treatment.
After only 2 days of treatment, a black spot showed up. Next, white skin appeared in the peripheral zone of the wart. In about 2 weeks the wart had disappeared. Since then its been the regrowth of new skin. Imagine, even the original finger folds at the phalanx joint reappeared.!!! There is a light hardening of tissue but I think mother nature will take care of that.

A big thank you to the author of this site. It is amazing to think that a remedy as efficient and accessible (no placebo effect) could exist, when fortunes are amassed by you know who…

Lets spread the word about the apple cider vinegar wart treatment.

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 24

Name: Becky
Location: Maryland, United States
Date: March 25, 2010

Amazed this is working, after one day my planter wart is black.

A little pain, mainly itching.

I get warts constantly on my foot. Only expensive laser surgery has worked.

Can't wait for the results! 

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 23

Name: Dermot
Location: West Midlands, United Kingdom
Date: March 24, 2010

It helps if you coat the immediate area surrounding the wart with "New Skin" (Germolene or similar).

This puts a film which protects the surrounding tissue from the apple cider vinegar.

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 22

Name: Katrina
Location: California, United States
Date: March 21, 2010

I have a large wart on my knee which has been there for a year. It was embarrassing to wear shorts in PE when I had a huge wart just below the shorts, so I started using wart remover from the store and I tried freezing it off but it wouldn't go away.

People started asking me why I was wearing a band-aid so I started wearing jeans and capri pants more, even though it was summer. I used the Wart-Remover for a whole year, but the only change was that the top layer of the wart would peel off when I pulled the Band-aid off, but it stayed the same size.

Then my mom found this remedy so we decided to try it.  I put the ACV on every night and left it on for the whole day. The wart started throbbing when I put the cotton ball on, but I kept putting the ACV on and praying that the wart would go away.

That was just after Christmas. It is now the end of March and the wart is still there! Grrr!

Actually, it's more of a hole in my knee with a wart in the middle since the ACV killed off my skin. The wart is black in the middle with yellowish edges. So now I have a "black hole" on my knee and it's shorts season again.  :(

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 21

Name: Diarmuid
Location: West Midlands, United Kingdom
Date:  March 15, 2010

Had a red, flat wart on bridge of my nose for years.

Doctor offered to freeze/cauterize it but I regarded that as the sledgehammer/nut process. Also he told me that scarring my be inevitable.

I tried ACV on a tiny cotton-wool ball held in place by narrow strip of elastoplast/bandaid.

After a few days the thing turned white indicating no blood supply to it then black indicating it was dead. This little spot fell of as I touched it.

No scar. No wart.

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 20

Name: Nikki
Location: England, United Kingdom
Date:  March 14, 20010

I had a lip wart and it made me feel so self conscious.

After a week with ACV it has disappeared, its amazing I cannot  believe it.

Its painful but so worth it. I had tests that we're more painful.

Good luck, persevere as its well worth the effort.

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 19

Name: Carmel
Location: California, United States
Date: March 05, 2010

I had a nasty, deep plantar wart on the bottom of my big toe (the arched underside area between the foot and where the big toe is).

For two years I had the doctor freeze it off on numerous occasions and it came back time and time again. I also tried every over the counter acid wart remover and even tried the "duct tape method" and nothing came back each time worse than before. I spent several hundred dollars and got nowhere.

Recently I discovered that the main, deep painful wart had spread to two smaller tiny ones near it on the pad of my big toe as well, so I read this website.

I then began every night at bedtime saturating a cotton ball with ACV and then putting it directly on the warts using a fairly tight band aid to keep it secure on the warts. By the second night it was throbbing terribly and I had a hard time toughing it out but I continued and when I could tolerate it, I even saturated a fresh cotton ball with ACV during the day also.

Sometimes the pain was so bad I had to skip either day or night but I kept at it. Within a few days, the warts began to turn black and even shriveled a bit. Occasionally I took an entire 24 hour period "off" with no ACV treatment, let the warts dry up and crust over a bit, and I scaled some of the dead skin off with a file or cuticle clippers, taking care to disinfect each time.
After a couple of weeks of this cycle, the warts were completely gone for the first time in two years.
I have now been plantar wart free for a month!!!!

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 18

Name: Mary
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: March 02, 2010

Had plantar wart on ball of right foot.

Tried Compound W and another similar of bandage, did nothing but burnt off surrounding skin.  Podiatrist suggest visit to dermatologist to freeze it.

Came across this site and tried ACV soaks a couple of times, plus overnight ACV bandages.  It turned dark within a week (after considerable pain).  In week two, top skin came off with some fluid, then it looked like a crater and started to heal.

Week 3 no treatment, skin became itchy for few days.  Now I've been wart-free and back to running and tennis pain-free.


 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 17

Name: Annette
Location: California, United States
Date: February 27, 2010

I had many warts on my feet (swam a lot) when I was a kid. They all went away except for one. It's been there for about 15 years. I have tried a number of treatments, to no avail.

For the past 4 weeks I have put ACV and bandaids on the wart while I sleep. It has been getting smaller and smaller, but for the past few days has been extremely painful. But I am committed to see if this will work for me, and I HAVE seen consistent shrinking of the wart and the black spots that show something's working. As long as something's happening, I figure it's working.

For a wart that's been there for a LONG time (like mine), there's a good chance the process will take longer than the lucky ones who experience success after a few days/a week. But hang in there!! : )

If it completely disappears... I'll be so happy.

Update: April 24, 2010

So, I wrote on here in late February. I found this website in a desperate attempt to rid my foot of a wart, deeply lodged in my foot for about 15 years.

I was a little sad when 2 months later, I was still working at it... applying ACV and a bandaid every night when I went to bed.

Well, can I just say that tonight for the first time in 15 years there is clear skin on the sole of my foot!!! It took about 10 weeks, but the wart is GONE! I think it took so long to remove it since it's been there for so long (makes sense to me).

I am SO happy I found this website/cure, and encourage you to try it... the pain was seriously nearly intolerable and would wake me up at night... but it worked and was worth the pain!!

Be consistent, be patient... but this really works. : )

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 16

Name: Jonny  
Location: GTO, Mexico
Date: February 25, 2010

Hey here is my wart experience. All I can say is I hope I never go through it again...

Started with one little wart for a few years on my pinky toe. I tried many times to get rid of it with Acyclic acid and the duct tape method but nothing worked. Fortunately it didn't hurt so at least I could live with it.

Later I began working as a diver and my feet stayed wet for long periods...all of a sudden I had 5 warts, and the original was huge. One was growing right under a toenail and making life miserable.

I knew I had to do something. After seeing a few doctors I somehow knew that they weren't going to be able to do anything.

The first 2 week application of acv did everything that I read. They turned black. The pain was at times unbearable and I had to stop. By the time I healed one had vanished, but it seemed like one (the mother-ship) had increased in size.

Because of the pain with ACV I went with turmeric next. It did seem to work a little but after 1 month I decided to switch back to ACV. This application again turned them black and hurt like no ones business. But, no luck and I gave up for the pain to let the surrounding skin heal a bit.

Next was garlic. I developed large blisters especially where it leaked to the surrounding skin. After two (painful) applications I was a free man.

Good luck with the fight.

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 15

Name: Ellen
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: February 24, 2010

I had a plantar warts on my foot for 3 months.

I tried salicylic acid, it doesn't work, until I came to this site and found out how people are happy about the magic of apple cider vinegar.

I have treated my wart for 2 weeks now and its gone! I still continue to treat my foot for another few days just to make sure that the virus is dead.

Thank you so much for the people who shared their experiences it helps a lot! May God bless you all!

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 14

Name: MaryAnn
Location: New Brunswick, Canada
Date: February 23, 2010

Ok...I tried the ACV for several months on my foot (the wart has been there about 10 years about the size of a pencil eraser) and yes, I did try getting it burned off at an earlier time but I could hardly walk for several days etc.

I kept a band aid on it and it turned black etc. but it was not removed.  I continued doing this for about two - three months daily with a band aid.

Then I started using vitamin e capsules and have been using them daily with a band aid (don't want anyone to catch it) for the past 8 MONTHS.  Yes I have been trying to get rid of it and was determined to do so regardless of how long it took!  Finally it is gone.  There are no dots and the skin appears to be healed.

Maybe for some it works right away but for others it does not.  Who knows why?  Anyway I committed to come on here and give the results when there was some.  It took a LONG time!!!!

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 13

Name: Peter
Location: Missouri, United States
Date: February 21, 2010

Hey, well so far this is great! I'm pretty young and a swimmer so I've had lots of warts.

A particularly  tough wart I've had is a plantar wart on the side of my pink toe.

I have tried everything and I never liked making my parents spend money on my problems so I saw this and went to the store and bought some ACV!

So far its been great, my wart is already turning black and I haven't had much pain....yet.  But that's OK because I am an unusually tough kid for 13 and I can cope pretty well.

I suggest this to anyone who wants to get rid of a trouble wart but from what I read you should probably be pretty tough!
I'll post back in a few days on my progress.

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 12

Name: Frank Vulgan
Location: Oregon, United States
Date: February 10, 2010

Applied apple cider vinegar for three different two week trials on a long-term clump of warts on one foot.

The first trial was painful and the warts seemed to be obliterated after turning black. After several weeks of healing, the warts started to regrow.

The 2nd trial was not painful but the warts were not hardly affected.

For the third follow up, the skin around the warts peeled off but the warts remained completely unaffected.

I have had no success at removing this clump of warts with acid, freezing, various oils, and other remedies.

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 11

Name: Amanda
Location: Indiana, United States
Date: February 05, 2010

After having my plantar wart for 3 years I have tried everything you can think of, then I came across this website.

I figured I've tired everything else why not this.

It was so painful but I kept to it but I did take a break for a day and after 5 days I started picking at it and it fell out.

I was so excited, I'm going to kept at it for about a week after like everyone says but I'm so happy.

It was painful so if you can't handle pain you might not want to try it but its well worth the pain in the end.

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 10

Name: Andrew
Location: Berkshire, United Kingdom
Date: February 02, 2010

Can't believe how successful it was against the wart in the first three days.

I have had a massive wart on my thumb for a year, I have tried duct tape, banana skins, homeopathy, freezing, cauterizing, surgery, nothing worked. The duct tape made the wart smaller but took to long and irritated my skin too much.

Then I came across this site and thought why not I have nothing to loose. Well it has been around 7 days since I first started the treatment, the first day the wart throbbed and woke me up in the night because of the pain. Over the next three days it slowly turned completely black, yesterday the black bit fell off and left a big crater.

However, it doesn't look like the ACV attacked all of the wart as only half seems to have gone black and fallen off. I was so happy that it had fallen off but now I think maybe the wart is immune now to ACV the part which did not fall off seems to be growing back.

I am really hoping that it doesn't all grow back, even a smaller wart would be better than the massive ugly thing I had before. People start to notice a plaster on your hand every day for a year!

                                                *** - Don’t give up on apple cider vinegar just yet. What has happened doesn’t mean the wart is “immune” to ACV. We strongly recommend that you continue the wart treatment for a few weeks, as it sometimes takes longer for the vinegar to destroy more “established” parts of a wart and its “roots”.

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 9

Name: Michael McKechnie
Location: Haute Savoie, France
Date: February 02, 20010

We tried apple cider vinegar on our 7-year-old son's toes, plantar warts.

We included a few drops of lemon oil and tea tree oil, and simply wet the gauze square on a plaster (band-aid). We changed the plaster daily.

He experienced no pain, and the smaller warts turned black and fell out within two days.

The larger one took longer, but turned black just as swiftly.


 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 8

Name: Heather
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Date: February 02, 2010

It is actually working!!

I had 2 planter warts on my right foot. After the first week they all turned black and now I am on week 2. I still have black/scab-like bumps on my foot, but they are getting smaller and the wart is healing!! :)

I am so happy that this method is working! It is cheap and effective. However, the pain has woken me up a few times over night.

ACV is a great treatment!   

 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 7

Name:  Isabella
Location: New Jersey, United States
Date: January 30, 2010

I'm a little late with my testimonial, but i had to come back and pay homage to this site!

I had countless plantar warts on my feet that had started as one and spread over 5 or 6 years.  After trying to use over the counter treatments, all that happened was that they spread to my fingers! I had them on my feet and 6 on my hands! It was so embarrassing, and so I decided to try to use the vinegar.

I started while on break from college, in June. I would soak cotton balls and secure them to my feet and hands with band-aids over night, and then take it off in the morning. the pain was awful, and some days i had to skip because i could barely walk.

Because the warts were years old, they were really embedded into the skin, so it took longer than usual.  By the end of august, it seemed that they were too persistent and would never go away. When I went back to school in august, I stopped using the treatment. I'm not sure if it was from vigorous use and then a break from it or what, but 1-2 weeks into the school year I noticed that my fingers were really starting to clear and one part of my foot was completely clear!

In the following days, my feet and hands cleared up completely. It was like a miracle, I still cant believe after all those years of embarrassing warts, they are now GONE!

I urge you to try this. It is SO worth the pain, and so inexpensive. IT WILL WORK. If it could clear up my awful case of warts, I'm positive it can work for anybody.

TRY IT!!! And a huge THANK YOU to this site!

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 6

Name: Tom 
Location: Rhode Island, United States
Date: January 25, 2010

All I have to say is that I can't believe how well this stuff actually works.

I seriously cannot believe it.  I used it for five days applying to the area with a cotton ball and leaving overnight.

Today is day six, and the wart is completely gone.  Skin around it is somewhat irritated, but not as bad as people on here make it seem.

Long story short: just try it.  You won't be disappointed.

Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 5

Name: Mike
Location: North Holland, Netherlands
Date: January 24, 2010

Thank you so much for this site!

I thought I would join the conversation and give my experience.

I have a Plantar Wart on the bottom of my foot which I have had for over one year. I had heard that they will eventually go away on their own, so I was waiting to see if it would. After a year of waiting, then doing a bit of research, I decided to try to get rid of it as to not pass it on to any of my friends, people at the gym, my girlfriend, etc. (I think it is good to be responsible, and to prevent others from contracting this evil little virus.)

I first bought a bottle of salicylic acid, and did the treatment for two months with no results, aside from losing skin all around the wart.

Next I tried the duct tape method, which I applied daily for two more months with no results.

Finally, I went to the doctor because I had lost hope of getting rid of it on my own. I had five weekly treatments by freezing it. No luck. After the sixth treatment, the doctor asked if I was using salicylic acid in between freezings? I was not, so I started using acid twice per day and continued seeing the doctor for another six weeks. It did not work. I only had skin peeling all around the wart.

At this point I decided to give up on the doctor and acid, and I started researching other methods. I found this site, and I started with ACV.

I applied ACV to a little piece of gauze, then applied a band-aid over the top. I did this morning and night for one week. I will agree with the others that the pain has been quite fierce at times. One of the first nights I woke up several times in real pain with a severely throbbing foot. But I worked through it and kept on with the treatments. It has had me hobbling around all week due to the throbbing. Two days ago I soaked my foot in a pan of hot water while I watched a movie. I pulled my foot out of the water, picked at the skin, and the entire wart slid away with the other bits of skin. There was beautiful pink skin underneath, and the spot where the wart was is not hard at all like it was.

It has been two days, and I am still at it...just to be sure I got it.

Thank you so much! I thought I was going to be stuck with the thing forever.

Cider Vinegar Warts Removal
Testimonial 4

Kobus Grove
Location: Gauteng, South Africa
Date: January 06, 2010

Skeptical? Yes. After trying everything else, (o.c.m. & freezing) I prayed.

7 warts on one hand is not a joke. (one of them about 3 years the other less than a year)

Then I "accidentally" came across your site. I started with "the old man" first.

Took about 3 weeks to show the black spots, another two weeks to disappear completely. (I've also boost the immune system with vitamin C,A,E daily) I Prayed again.

I sincerely hope that we should find more sites like these for different ailments.

Thank you everyone who took the time to give your feedback on the site and keep us motivated.

Love you all. Kobus


 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 3

Name: Lucy
Location: Missouri, United States
Date: January 05, 20010

I am trying this for the first time as I have tried everything.

I used to swim a lot and about 7 years ago got a plantar wart on the bottom of my right foot.  It got worse over time and for the first few years I didn't know what it was.

I have tried duct tape, but it never stayed on completely and mostly ruined my socks as the adhesive would smear around.  I have tried sal. acid, but of course it just requires you to peel layers off your foot.

I am on night 2 on the ACV and I am praying it works.  I will post in 2 weeks with far it has turned white with little black dots.

Tonight is night 3, only mild pain that is tolerable. Oh, and I used a disposable nail file to roughen the surface and remove a light layer of the skin on it.


 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 2

Name: KT
Location: NSW, Australia
Date: January 04, 2010

Mine is the same story, but I have to say, ACV is the best remedy. I had a wart on my ring finger for years - over-the-counter topical ointments etc did nothing.

I happened across this remedy and was so hoping it would work.

A wart-sized bit of cotton ball, soaked in ACV, taped on with a cloth band-aid (I didn't put the cloth area of the band-aid on the cotton ball because it soaked up too much of the ACV). Left on overnight, the wart was black and flat in the morning. A bit of throbbing but I didn't care because I thought the sucker was dying! A few more applications, airing occasionally, and then then most of the wart pulled up and left a big crater.

It is healing now - and there is some black, the roots I guess, in the bottom of the crater. I am waiting for the rest to heal and will then put more ACV on the remaining black when it comes to the surface.

Give it a go - nothing to lose, everything to gain.


 Vinegar Wart Removal
Testimonial 1

Name: Geneviève Gauchi
Location: Paris, France
Date: January 01, 2010

                                   (Translated from French)
First, I recommend to all those who have warts to read the testimonials that encourage the use of this treatment.

Second, I thank the creators of this site, they are genius, luckily I found this great site and the recipe against warts; to be used immediately (the treatment didn't make me suffer).

After one week, I have nothing left; don't worry about your skin coming in contact with vinegar.

For complete results, prolong the treatment for a week.