Warts Removal Testimonials

January to December 2016

The warts removal procedure using apple cider vinegar was reviewed by 53 users in 2016, and the results are summarized in the graph below and itemized in the type list below the graph:

Summary of Warts removal Testimonials

The testimonials included warts treated on the following body areas:

  • Scalp warts: 1 case
  • Face warts: 1 case
  • Arm warts: 1 case
  • Hand warts: 5 cases
  • Thumb warts: 2 cases
  • Finger warts: 14 cases
  • Body warts: 3 cases
  • Plantar warts on foot: 14 cases
  • Plantar warts on toes: 3 cases
  • Plantar warts on ball of foot: 4 case
  • Type not specified: 5 cases

Of the 53 warts removal testimonials received in 2016, 64% of the warts were completely removed while 36% were still undergoing the vinegar treatment.

Most testimonials mentioned that the procedure was very painful and as a result some took the following precautions to minimize this pain:

  • Took over the counter pain killers such as Advil or Tylenol.
  • Placed Vaseline or Polysporin antibiotic cream on the skin immediacy surrounding the warts.
  • Didn't pick at the wart in the early stages of this apple cider vinegar procedure.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 53

Name: Philippe Chetivet
Location: Occitanie, France
Date: December 22, 2016
(Translated from French)

I would like to say at the outset that it is extremely rare that I add comments on the Internet, for this or anything else. But this time, it appeared useful, especially for all people who might not believe in the virtues of apple cider vinegar to treat warts.

I'm a guitarist, and I had a big crater-like wart right in the middle of the left index finger. Aged about 1 year, this wart had grown to the point that it was painful to play the guitar and some chord positions had become impossible.

So I decided to treat this wart with organic apple cider vinegar, after discovering its existence on this website.

The first applications of vinegar were not painful the first few days, I just felt a little tingling. At night I kept a dressing soaked in vinegar on the wart.

The third or fourth day, the dressing truly hurt at night, to the point of waking me up because I felt the wart a lot. I decided to read a book and to continue to suffer, telling myself that the treatment was working.

The next day the wart was black. I continued the treatment.

After a few days, I was able to remove the blackened skin cells, which revealed a cavity that did not seem to me to be identical to healthy skin. Moreover, when I pressed on the wart area, I still felt pain. So I continued to apply apple cider vinegar every day, as often as possible, and to keep the dressing on at night.

Again, the first applications on this "second layer" were not painful (to my surprise). But, after about a week, bang, I was awakened at night, then a blackened wart. By contrast this time, it had blackened to a much greater depth. Little by little, I removed these dead cells. The layer was important, so I was really careful. This time, under the dead cells, I found raw but healthy skin.

At first, I was not completely sure that it was healthy skin. So I applied vinegar two or three times (painful ...). But after a few days, I realized that the pain when I was pressing was not the same as before. * It seemed clear that the pain was now simply related to the wound, not the presence of a wart. I left it uncovered to breath, and it healed.

Certainly for about three weeks, I went through very painful moments. But today, I no longer have this wart that I hated, and which prevented me from working my instrument.

To those, who after starting the treatment, would become discouraged, I simply say that it is worth going beyond the pain. Believe in it, because it works!

Thanks again to this site, which allowed me to avoid many turpitudes and fees with unscrupulous dermatologists who probably know this folk remedy, but who prefer to do their business .

Good luck to all.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 52

Name: Patricia Griffin
Location: California, United States
Date: December 14, 2016

I was using Apple Cider Vinegar (Brand: Braggs) on cotton and applying to my cystic acne.

It was working. Of course I used my fingertips to hold the cotton.

After just a week I noticed the bottle of wart remover I'd been using daily or more, for a year on my stand. I went to apply it but realized I couldn't find the persistent wart on the top of my ring finger any longer! Where had it gone???

The only thing that changed was the vinegar that was 2x day getting on my fingertips! WOW! It killed that horrid wart...which was so bad it often broke open and bled and I'd been to the doctor and he gave me oral drugs that did not work but gave me the acne.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 51

Name: Morgan
Location: Illinois, United States
Date: December 13, 2016

All I have to say is this works.

I had many flat warts on my hands, about 25, some bigger than others. I had accumulated them over the course of four years with no treatment proving to get rid of them.

I tried freezing them off through a dermatologist numerous times at two different practices, tea tree oil, oregano oil, duct tape, home freezing kits, salicylic acid treatments, and probably others I just cannot think of right now.

I decided to try this ACV treatment on the bigger ones to see what would happen. The smaller ones are very little, the size of a pinhead of a needle and blend in with my skin so you would never know I had them.

And it worked. My pinky nail bed which I had really not seen for about two years, is clear. I can't believe it.

For two weeks I would soak a cotton pad in ACV and cut it to size to place on the wart and then put duct tape over it with gloves on to keep the tape and cotton pad in place. As others have rated it was not the most pleasant thing, as I had a lot of pain in my fingers where I placed the cotton pad cut-out however after two days of treatment I already saw the wart turning black. I am assuming the pain was from the apple cider vinegar getting on healthy tissue.

I am starting to put it on my little ones tonight and hopefully I'll see the same results.

I recommend this to anyone who has had no luck with other treatments and who is willing to deal with plain to rid themselves of the annoying wart.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 50

Name: Connor
Location: New Jersey, United States
Date: December 10, 2016

After reading many of these testimonials, I wanted to share my experience which seems to differ from many of these stories in one aspect: pain.

I have a wart on the palm of my hand, near the bottom on the right side, slightly above my inner wrist. I started consistently treating it with apple cider vinegar about 2 weeks ago.

After the first layer of skin fell off, it came clear that this wart was much deeper and larger than I expected.

As I continued treatment, the wart began to burn and throb so violently that I could not sleep during the evenings. This pain is also present during the day, and lessens as each layer of this monster turns brownish/yellow and hardens up, at which point I can usually peel the layer away. Each time I do this, I can still see wart cells on the fresh skin underneath, so I have continued treatment.

The treatment on the fresh skin underneath hurts violently again for a few days, then hardens and falls off, and the process repeats. It seems as though the apple cider vinegar is indeed working, but I just wanted to share the fact that the pain I am experiencing using this method is often to the point of total distraction, borderline agony.

I am trying to persevere because this wart has bothered me for a long time, I just wish this process hurt less!!!

Warts Removal
Testimonial 49

Name: Hales
Location: Midlands, United Kingdom
Date: November 28, 2016

I had several little white 'dots' that appeared on my hand. They were more noticeable after being in the bath.

I picked at one, unknowing it was a wart. Needless to say, it grew (from about 2mm to 6mm) and became very ugly and raised. I was very self-conscious about it and tried over the counter products for several months; they didn't touch it.

In desperation, I started with ACV 2 weeks ago and it has almost gone now. It turned black after a few days and then the scab has gradually fallen off/reduced every day. Originally it was raised and very noticable, it is now almost flat to level with the rest of my finger and it just resembles a slight cut that is healing. The scab is now only about 2mm and the skin around it looks good.

I am still using the ACV each night until everything is clear. I did let it dry out during the day, this seemed to encourage the scab to dry up and peel off. It did get extremely painful at one stage (during the night) and I felt like a cartoon character with a throbbing finger.

The whole finger felt inflamed and painful to such an extent that I could hardly use it to braid my daughter's hair. The skin around the wart also became very painful and sore. I found that it was less painful if you didn't put the tape around too tight. One night the pain started to get bad again so I took the plaster off and put another one on but not as tight and hey presto, less pain. In the meantime, I have also started taking a vitamin supplement for women to help with my immune system.

As for the other little dots that have never grown, I think I am going to try soaking my hand in a bowl of ACV/Water mix for 15/20 mins a day to see if that helps. At the moment they are hardly noticeable (only to me) but the minute they start growing, I am going to go through this again.

I have tried the same method on my son's verruca which hasn't fallen off yet but has turned black and is looking a lot better. From reading loads of website, I see that each wart/verruca can react differently but so far, so good.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 48

Name: Ally
Location: United Kingdom
Date: November 23, 2016


I have been using ACV on a verruca underneath my big toe. The verruca itself looks like a crater or volcano, with a single hole in the centre.

I have used the ACV on cotton wool and taped my toe with duct tape for the last 7 days - day and night.

For the last 5 days, I have suffered from intense pain. My verruca throbs and feels like my toe has gone septic and pulsates.

The verruca did turn brown after 2 days of applying ACV and I did scrape some dead skin and some of of the root. However, the verruca seemed to grow back very quickly. It has now turned pure white. And the pain is excruciating at times.

Should I stick with ACV or revert to something else?

Warts Removal
Testimonial 47

Name: Hales
Location: Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Date: November 18, 2016

My son and daughter and I have started to suffer with warts and/or verrucas. Both children have verrucas and myself and my daughter have a wart on our hands (mine is a common wart in the middle of a finger and my daughter has two very small periungual warts which I think hasn't been helped from her nail biting habit).

We have tried medicines for a few months with no result so have started on the acv route this week.

So far, all the little horrors are black. The verrucas are painless and the children have had no problems with them being soaking with a cotton ball at bedtime and then taking it off during the day.

The warts on our fingers have been quite painful though. My daughter complained of soreness yesterday and last night I was woken up with the pain on several occasions ... it was agony.

One thing I am not clear on is do we keep it up now that the warts are very black? Or do we assume that it will fall off in a day or so. I have looked at various websites and the recommendations vary. Some people say allow the wart to dry out during the day others say keep the pad on 24/7. Both suggestions suggest a successful result.

I have also introduced vitamins to our diets and I was told by my doctor that getting rid of the wart only combats the cosmetic aspect of the problem; the hpv virus will still be in your body and this is what can cause the warts in the first instance! I am now drinking more green tea and all three of us started on a basic vitamin supplement once a day yesterday to make sure our immune systems are in better condition.

My whole finger is quite tender today even though not all of the skin was under the plaster. The black shell of the wart leaked out a little fluid earlier (gross, I know) but it was literally a small bubble. When I dabbed it with a tissue it was brown in colour. I am not tempted to dig at the wart as I understand this can make the virus spread. Most suggestions are that it is best to let it fall off naturally.

Any helpful tip with regard to how long to keep this up would be appreciated. Thanks.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 46

Name: Teresa
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: November 17, 2016

I had a wart on the top of my foot. I didn't know it was a wart until my family doctor told me.

She also booked an Dermatologist appointment for me a week later. I thought I can do something myself before the dermatologist appointment.

I used salicylic acid patch for 3 days. Nothing changed. Then I used ACV for 3 days. The wart turned to yellow/green color and it looked awful. I didn't see any black seed. The top turned harder.

Then I went to see the dermatologist. She used a knife and gently peeled the wart. The wart just came down. I wouldn't do that myself since I would wait it turn to black.

It only took 3 days and it wasn't that hurtfull for me.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 45

Name: Kevin
Location: North Carolina, United States
Date: November 14, 2016

Have had a wart on my hand for a year and a half now.

Have only just started using ACV after months or using a chap stick like syrillic acid and cuticle clippers attempting to remove this thing.

That was nerve wrecking and got me nowhere as I was healing to quick for the method.

So far ACV is surprisingly painful but if this works like these posts say, I'm gonna update about how this was worth it.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 44

Name: Elissa Torrance
Location: Washington, United States
Date: November 12, 2016

I've had an annoying wart on my finger for several years, which has been unresponsive to conventional treatment (store-bought wart remover).

After a while of searching the web for a natural wart remover I came across this site.

I was understandably apprehensive about starting treatment with apple cider vinegar after reading reviews that said it was "excruciatingly painful", but was pleasantly surprised to find that the treatment caused almost no pain at all. The only time it hurt was when I got too much vinegar on the skin around the wart (the vinegar burned my skin.)

As far as successful removal, the treatment worked removed it entirely in about a week and a half. After about 2 days, the wart turned brown and I was able to remove the dead/dying tissue without discomfort.

I generally wrapped my finger up with the vinegar on a cotton ball or gauze pad (those work the best) and left it there most of the day. I wrapped it up at night, as well.

Overall, this treatment worked spectacularly, relatively painlessly, and was reasonably hassle-free as well as being inexpensive. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Warts can be so stubborn and frustrating, but don't give up!

Warts Removal
Testimonial 43

Name: Stephanie
Location: Alberta, Canada
Date: November 09, 2016

This website has changed my life. Honestly.

I had a stubborn plantar wart on the base of my foot for 2 1/2 - 3 years. I tried everything to get rid of it, it was so embarrassing...I couldn’t even get a pedicure.

I started the apple cider vinegar treatment and experienced the same things as everyone else – almost unbearable pain a couple days in. I didn’t understand the pain everyone was talking about until it happened. It did hurt to walk for a few days but I powered through. Luckily, I work a desk job so I didn’t have to be on my feet all day.

Because mine was an older plantar wart, I think it was pretty deep because it took just over 3 weeks to get rid of. But it was worth it and I’m so glad I stuck to the treatment.

Now I’m in amazement when I look at my foot. There’s not even a scar or anything, no indication that there was ever an ugly wart there.

I will recommend this treatment to anyone and everyone! I went from being so embarrassed about even having a wart to wanting to run through the streets telling everyone about this.

Don’t ever waste your money on drugstore kits or expensive treatments. I cannot even believe they still exist after this.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 42

Name: Reagan
Location: Texas, United States
Date: November 07, 2016

Had two very small warts on my index finger. One had been there for years and very slowly kept growing, the second popped up about 1 year ago.

I never tried any other treatment but started to panic as they started to take form recently. Found this site and decided it couldn't hurt to try this method out. I already love ACV for numerous things.

I have been wrapping my finger for four nights and woke up this morning to find them super dry and peeling. I cleaned a tool and literally cut them right off (completely dead skin), there is no more bump on either wart, both are black underneath the top layer of skin.

I am amazed! I will be continuing until it is completely colorless. The only complaint I have is that the skin around it that has also been soaked has peeled off and is sensitive.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 41

Name: Samantha
Location: Philippines
Date: October 28, 2016

I had this persistent plantar wart on my big toe.

I had it removed about a month ago, spent much on surgery. My surgeon just did this small incision, saying it would heal sooner than having it cauterized.

About 2 weeks later when the wound has healed, I felt this sharp pain on the same site upon wearing my slipper. I looked and saw this little white raised skin. Thought my wound was infected and developed pus. Left it and didn't do anything.

About 2 weeks later, some black seeds grew inside, looked gross, totally freaked out. Googled some home remedies, found this site and followed all the instructions.

Just tried it today, so far the skin has gone white and puckered, the skin opened up, also I think I can pull it out but just too afraid to try.

Will update if something happens. Hope this pestering wart will disappear for good.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 40

Name: Kassie Darrough
Location: Indiana United States
Date: October 27, 2016

I went to my doctor to try to remove my plantar warts which did not help.

Once I found out about apple cider vinegar I tried it.

Well the warts were on both feet for me. I simply soaked a cotton ball and wrapped my foot. Within a month or two they were all gone.

Well since my doctor tried the treatment one popped back up about the size of a pencil eraser.

I had it for a month till I got upset and used ACV again and in a week it is a size of the pencil lead. It works it truly works.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 39

Name: Rebecca
Location: Washington, United States
Date: October 26, 2016

I noticed this plantar wart on my big toe about 2 months ago, when it started to hurt, and the pain just got worse and worse.

I thought it was an infected splinter, since I never had warts as a child, and I went to the doctor, who cut at it a bit and applied liquid nitrogen. At this point the skin was pretty thick so she didn't have to numb the area. She told me to soak it regularly and use pumice to remove extra skin, so I did this and it became clear it was a wart - and seemed to be growing! But not spreading, so this was a relief.

A week ago I decided results were too slow and walking too painful so I started first treatment with aloe vera leaves and then apple cider vinegar. I continued using the pumice stone but the vinegar would be very painful after a good scrub. I did not try cutting but I imagined the pain would be too much.

Yesterday I went back to the doctor, as the acv had only made the capillaries turn brown after 4 days. I couldn't scrub the wart away anymore because the surrounding skin was bleeding. Well I got three shots of anesthetic and then significant digging and three rounds of liquid nitrogen. After that, some pain for an hour and then - miraculously - no pain! I didn't try putting pressure on the spot of course, but I was amazed that I felt nothing! I expected to be in constant pain after the anesthetic wore off.

So this morning, I took off the bandage and the area looked pretty gory. But poking, washing, squeezing, rubbing a bit at the surrounding dead skin all resulted in no pain at all! I figured, why not really nail this bugger and take advantage of the numbness with acv!

So now I've got the little cotton ball on the wart area with a Band-Aid on top. It smarts a little but it's not unbearable. But are there any potential dangers to putting acv on raw flesh? I figured pain was the biggest factor. I'll probably have to take it off in a few hours! Mostly I'm hoping that the soak when the surrounding tissue isn't even healed will prevent the wart from healing and growing!

Since most people didn't seem to have luck with the freezing and letting it heal... Has anyone else done this or am I just in crazy superhero no pain mode?

Warts Removal
Testimonial 38

Name: Julian
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: October 25, 2016

Made the mistake about 4 and a half years ago of going into a gym shower without slippers on. Please, nobody do this, it is the worst decision you will ever make!

Its been 4 years of constant anxiety and pain, I have tried freezing, burning, cutting, shaving, 27% salisilic acid, duct tape, peeling off a layer of skin every day or two, NOTHING worked.

I have tried ACV more than a few times in the last few years but the pain was so bad I reverted back to acid. Whelp, here I am, still with this wart thats pretty much the size of a quarter on my foot just staring at me and laughing.

I am DONE being a pushover, started the ACV treatment again after peeling off a dead layer of skin revealing "Fresh" wart - and its about 11:30pm - gotta work tomorrow, and I know I wont get a wink of sleep tonight. This pain is so unbearable my body is shaking uncontrollably. This is the worst pain I have ever experienced. After reading everyones comments however, I have hope.

Wish me luck everyone, I will provide an update when I can.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 37

Name: Nikki
Location: Pennsylvania, United States
Date: October 16, 2016

So I never wrote comments, only read. But this site has truly helped me so I hope to help someone too.

I have had a huge wart for the past 6 years on the inside top joint of my finger.

I started acv on a Monday night. I followed the recommendations and advice from this site (thank u to EVERYONE).

I soaked a small (size of wart) piece of cotton in acv, put Vaseline around the wart to protect my skin, put the acv cotton on wart, wrapped with band-aide. I didn't put cotton part of band-aide over wart, I started with sticky side because it held the small cotton in place.

I did this morning, afternoon and night. Left in on 24/7. The pain the first night was bad, but I started using otc pain meds and persevered!

Immediately wart started to turn black, after the initial white puffy everyone described. The pain subsided a lot. By Saturday it started to itch and hurt some. On Sunday when I looked, it was still the same and sensitive to touch.

Because I read here a lot of people scratched at it, I tried. I dug in with Nail clippers. Surprisingly it wasn't the wart that was sensitive, it was the surrounding area. I was able to clip, and cut with the cutters until it was nothing but a hole.(some pain of course but not much). Now I have what you may call a hole or crater.

I put a few drops of acv in it (PAINFUL) put Vaseline around and on band-aide and covered it. Worst pain, but it's a hole in my finger so I guess it's expected. I took otc meds and now I wait. I pray this is it!

I will try tomorrow to continue with acv like everyone says to ensure its gone. I will update results.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 36

Name: Steplla
Location: London, United Kingdom
Date: September 23, 2016

I wanted to post a testimonial but couldn't find the form. Perhaps you would kindly add this for me.

I just want to offer encouragement to anyone who, like me, finds that their wart doesn't turn black, fall out quickly and reveal new pink un-warty skin after a few days.

I almost religiously applied the ACV every day and night as described by countless others.

My wart turned black and I picked it out. I could tell it hadn't gone (I had seemingly got rid of it before after 7 sessions of cryotherapy with my GP - it came back after a few months) and I knew it was very resilient so I persisted with the process for 45 days.

I had another episode of blackness - smaller this time - and after cleaning the area and digging out the detritus - kept on with the applications. It was painful and I probably persevered for longer than necessary.

Now, however, I do feel hopeful that my finger is wart-free. The skin is a little scarred but I think that is to be expected given what it has been subjected to.

It grows softer everyday and I know from experience that the wart would've grown back by now if it hadn't been seen to. I do know that it may be lying dormant, somehow beaten into submission, so I am going to stay vigilant. But for now I am feeling quietly confident.

Good luck with yours.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 35

Name: Wartfree
Location: Singapore
Date: September 22, 2016

I decided this website deserves my feedback as it has helped me recover from my stubborn plantar wart. I am amazed and thankful it worked!

It started with a small little black dot similar to having a splinter stuck under the sole of my foot. It did not bother me much unless I pressed upon it. Subsequently, to get rid of it once and for all, I went through at least 5-6 rounds of unsuccessful liquid nitrogen treatment at my GP who froze my wart. Each time, the wart came back with a vengence and the bump became bigger. The pain got so bad that I could feel it throb which made walking and sleeping difficult.

After doing some goggling, I finally decided to stop the liquid nitrogen treatment to give ACV a try. The testimonies from this website guided me and kept me encouraged.

Basically, I soaked a bit of cotton wool (torn from q-tip) with ACV, positioned on my wart, bandaid it then cover over with duct tape. When the wart got white and prune-like and has an intense throbbing pain, I rinsed it, did the same but bandaid it with cotton wool (q-tip size) tea tree oil which helped to dry up the roots of the wart without the pain.

I found ACV application is necessary as a first step to soften the wart and allow the acid to penetrate and kill the roots. Applying with tea tree oil without ACV penetrating first isn't as effective as it would just sit on the surface of the skin. I would also gently scrape off the top of the wart with a Manicure corn blade when the skin has harden. This would reveal fresh wart roots under as long as the wart is still alive.

I alternate between ACV to kill the fresh red roots and alternate with tea tree oil till it becomes dried and blackish brown before I gently scrape it again. It took a total of 8 weeks to finally get rid of it completely. I changed the dressing at least twice a day and the dressing was on 24hours a day for 8 weeks.

I recommend getting one of those macro clip on lens to attach to your mobile phone camera to zoom in to photograph the wart and monitor the treatment progress. Only then can you truly see if the roots are eliminated and so you do not stop the treatment too early. As long as there are traces of red needle-like specks under your skin, and it still doesn't look like the surrounding skin, the wart is still there. Another sign is when you press it, if there is still the slightest pain, do not stop the treatment.

Walking in my regular Shoes was unbearable. I found Skechers has some good memory foam shoes and they helped me tremendously. I could barely feel the plantar wart while walking in them. I also got another pair of memory foam slippers from them to use at home to lessen the pressure and pain.

Hope this sharing can help anyone who is going through the same.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 34

Name: Ang
Location: Pennsylvania, United States
Date: September 20, 2016

Have been using ACV for 10 days now.. first really big and white, then got black spots and then lots of layers peeling ...then it was just white when I peeled off the layers.

Used a new kitchen sponge to rub layers off and saw some pink broken skin underneath. Now put a large amount of acv on and covered tight with 2 band aids.

OMG the pain... for about 10 min I was in agony. Now it's sporadic.

Turned all white again and puffy. Please help, will this thing ever be gone? About an inch long and half wide on middle finger.

Have tried everything including laser treatment for about 6 months straight. Ready to give up acv. Smells and much bigger than before I began.

UPDATE September 21 2016:

OK I woke up this morning and the top of the wart is black and the bottom is brownish..it also is looking more indented as opposed to raised like before. I will keep going with the acv for now and see what happens... I pray I'm almost at the end of this thing! Will keep posted.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 33

Name: Judy
Date: September 08, 2016

ACV really works! I had one wart on my finger.

I followed the instructions. A small cotton ball soaked with ACV and covered with a bandaid overnight.
IMPORTANT NOTE... I did this for 2 nights and my finger was in pain all during day 2.

I stopped treatment, let my finger heal for a few days and then restarted with one change: I COVERED ALL THE HEALTHY SKIN AROUND THE WART WITH VASELINE.

This made a huge difference. THIS TIME THERE WAS NO PAIN AT ALL!

The wart turned black and stayed that way for about 2-3 weeks. Then it just fell off.

I've been wart-free for about a month.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 32

Name: Jenna
Location: Michigan, United States
Date: August 26, 2016

It's been a rough ride, but ACV worked for me.

I had a plantar wart on the ball of my foot for a few years, but I didn't know that's what it was at first. It wasn't really painful, but when it started to create smaller mosaic warts on others parts of my feet I tried treating them with oregano oil, then salicylic acid but without much success. ACV had immediate effect on the appearance and feeling on the wart.

Here's a summary:

Application: I started by soaking my foot in a diluted ACV mixture, but eventually changed to taking the bit of cotton off the end of a Q-tip and dipping it in ACV, placed it on the wart and covered the affected area with plastic wrap, then secured it with an ace bandage. I did it everyday for as long as I could stand it based on the pain level and my schedule.

Length of time: slightly more than 1 month, plus another month to "fill in" with scar tissue. "Recalcitrant warts" take patience.

Appearance: The skin around the wart area swelled up and became white, in kind of a donut shape. Very disgusting looking. It would often peel off in layers. I debrided the wart area carefully with cuticle cutters and filing boards. The wart itself often looked kind of raw, but regularly seemed to "fill up" with new material which then died and was removed.

After about two weeks the blackish coloring that others describe began to come in, but only in places. After a day or two that bit would fall out, but was not immediately "better". This happened for me during the last couple of weeks. Even after the wart was out, the "hole" left by the wart continued for a couple of weeks and eventually filled in with scar tissue (which looks suspiciously like wart, but is not).

Pain level: Extreme. Not just for a few days, but pretty much the whole time. Pain was most extreme during and immediately after application. There were a few days when I could barely walk. During that time my foot and lower leg also swelled up noticeably. My theory is that the ACV initiates your body's natural immune response to attack the virus in the wart, and thus the swelling and associated healing.

But it works. And that's a huge relief. For all of you who are reading this (possibly in pain) to get encouragement to continue treatment, don't give up! There is an end!

Warts Removal
Testimonial 31

Name: Angie
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: August 25, 2016

If you are doubting whether to try this method or not, do not think. Grab a bottle or apple cider vinegar (with the mother)some cotton pads and tape and apply it ASAP!

I got my wart two years ago and it plagued me ever since. I hated that thing it was so gross and annoying. I hated it to death.

I tried liquid nitrogen several times and it didn't really do anything. I then decided to try this however I didn't have much faith in it.

I applied a small trimmed down cotton pad to fit the wart size and taped it down. I only had it on at night. I did this for only about two weeks and then I got married so I was busy and didn't have time for it.

I will say though that the wart turned black. Well, about a month later I just looked at my foot and it was gone! Gone completely.

I wasn't consistent with the treatment but even that small amount was enough to get rid of it. Needless to say, when I went camping this year I wore my flip flops in the shower, instead of two years ago when I just went in with my bare feet! Not a good idea because I was plagued with a wart for two years.

Anyways, if you're wondering if you should try it, JUST DO IT!!

Warts Removal
Testimonial 30

Name: Sarah
Location: Ohio, United States
Date: August 22, 2016

I have suffered from plantar warts for the last few years and have never had any success with topical treatments.

I had one surgically removed 2 years ago only to have it return a few months later. Once again, I had it removed, and although that one did not return, another appeared. After several more doctor visits and yet another painful and expensive surgery, I thought I was finally finished with warts. However, only a week after, I noticed another plantar wart and a periungual wart on my finger. I knew I definitely didn't want to return for more surgery. I tried salicylic acid treatment for a few weeks on my finger, but I could see nothing was happening.

After some research, I decided to try ACV for my finger, and then my foot if it went well. I figured I had nothing to lose. I soaked a piece of a cotton round in ACV and also crushed up an aspirin and coated one side of the cotton in that. I found research that suggests aspirin also contains salicylic acid, so I figured it couldn't hurt. I applied it to my finger with a band aid.

After just one day, I could see the wart starting to turn black. After three days, it was very swollen and completely black. I picked at it a little and it ended up popping like a blister. Once I got the pus out of it, I could peel off the black skin.

I continued the ACV for three days afterwards to make sure it was gone. My finger is finally healing now, and although there is a little scarring and a scab left, the wart is completely gone.

I can't believe how well this worked. I used the ACV on my foot as well, and it seems to have worked, although I can't be sure until the scab falls off.

For me, treating my finger with ACV was extremely painful. From day 2 onward, my finger was stinging and burning, and the pain only became worse the longer it went on. It's like soaking a cut in lemon juice. By the last day, I could only keep the vinegar on my finger for about 20 minutes.

I took some ibuprofen to help with the pain, but it still hurt quite a lot. I woke up a few times at night because the pain was so intense. However, it was worth it to me to finally be rid of my wart. The ACV treatment on my foot hurt much less though since the wart was much smaller.

To anyone reading this comment, please give ACV a try. It's inexpensive and effective if you can bear the pain. What do you have to lose?

Warts Removal
Testimonial 29

Name: Constance
Location: Alberta, Canada
Date: August 17, 2016

Apple cider vinegar is amazing!!

I have tried many over the counter medicines on my wart and to my dismay nothing worked. As a matter of fact, the wart spread. Annoyed, I decided to do some online research and discovered this website. So happy I did!

The first night, I soaked a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and put a bandaid on top. I must admit it was painful but not unbearable.

I have repeated this procedure every night. I am extremely happy with the results thus far! The wart has blackened and gotten smaller.

My advice, give it a try! It really works!!!

Warts Removal
Testimonial 28

Name: Sara Reid
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: August 15, 2016

I have 5 relatively small plantar warts on the bottom of both of my feet, I tried doing a drugstore wart removal procedure and it did not work at all. As this is the second time I've had an outbreak of warts, I was sick and tired of them.

The last bunch of warts I had (13 spread between each foot), removed by the doctor which was very pricey and painful so once I saw new warts appearing, I knew I needed to find a chapter remedy.

I came across the Apple cider vinegar remedy online and I was also told about it by some family members, so I thought why not give it a try.

I bought all natural and unpasteurized ACV at my local health food store for around $5, some cotton balls, and medical tape.

At night, I soaked the cotton ball in the ACV and placed it on the wart, then wrapped it tightly in tape and left it overnight. I was surprised by morning that one of the warts was already turning black.

After about 5 days of using ACV, three of my warts are gone and the other 2 are black and slowly dying.

The only pain I felt was dull stinging on maybe the third day for a few minutes, other than that and the disgusting smell, the ACV technique is definitely working for me and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 27

Name: Chuck Henry
Location: Florida, United States
Date: August 14, 2016

I read a lot of testimonials which prompted me to try ACV for a very large very deep wart on my thumb.

I will admit the initial treatments caused excruciating pain, and excessive amounts of Advil taking.

It does work, I could not do the treatments at night, way too painful.

So day after day I continue to wear a little cotton ball with a CV and a Band-Aid. I frequently saturate the cotton ball with the ACV throughout the day. About 3 to 4 hours before bed I would remove it, so I could sleep.

In the mornings I wake up and find a nasty crusty wart which I would file down with the emery board, and cut out with cuticle scissors as much as I could.

I am about 3 weeks into this process, now I am extremely excited as I see the end of this problem.

I will take the advice of many people that continued to do the treatment for a few weeks longer to ensure that all of that nasty virus has been sucked out of that location, I really don't look forward to having to repeat this treatment process.

With patience and less than $5, you too can get rid of warts, just hang in there.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 26

Name: Lola Felana
Location: Maryland, United States
Date: July 31, 2016

I tried acv on a wart growing on the bottom of my butt cheek. It was the size of a pencil eraser or a little bigger.

I started on a Thursday and today is Sunday and it already started peeling away when I showered today.

It's now about 80% gone!

I use castor oil along with the acv. Every night. And a few hours during the day.

This stuff works!! I am ecstatic.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 25

Name: Jeff
Location: Oregon, United States
Date: July 25, 2016

I had a big plantar wart on my heel for over 20 years. Thankfully it never really hurt.

I finally decided to get rid of it....but it was stubborn and didn't respond to vinegar. So I burned it out with a soldering iron...which worked but hurt pretty bad.

I have a plantar type wart on thumbprint. I couldn't burn it out because of where its located.

Now I am using vinegar with an aspirin disssolved in it. I do the cotton ball and type treatment.

It hurts like heck, and its taking awhile because the wart is very deep.

Have been working on it for a month and its really close to being healed. Its just a very shallow blood blister type formation.

Even when I think its gone I'm going to do the treatment for 2 weeks.
Then I'll celebrate that I'm liberated from warts I have had for about 20 years.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 24

Name: Kylie
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Date: July 24, 2016

The short story: IT REALLY WORKS!

I've had a pesky wart on my pinkie finger right beside/growing into my nail for over a year. I have gone to the doctor over 10 times trying to burn and freeze off and used compound for months. It didn't work.

I tried doing ACV treatment before but did not stick with it due to the pain. Let me be frank..it REALLY hurts. Honestly it is the most painful procedure I have EVER been thru. I'm not kidding. Because it's constant pain for weeks.

But if you are determined like me, DONT GIVE UP. the first few days the pain isn't overwhelming. Day 3-7 the pain was excruciating and unbearable, I could only leave the cotton ball taped to my finger for an hour a day. I would soak at night but had to stop as it kept waking me up every night...The pain is stabbing and throbbing. But it means it's working!

I am disappointed it didn't work as fast for me as everyone else, it was a big wart so it's been 2.5 weeks of soaking every day. I came this far I didn't want to give up. Well It finally fell out today !!! I'm so happy, it's finally over.

I'm going to keep soaking to make sure the bastard is gone for good. I didn't soak 24/7 because the pain was so bad. And started to burn/irritate the surrounding skin pretty bad.

And I need to use my hands for work and the AVC is stinky.

I don't mean to discourage you, I just want to be honest with my experience. I would read these testimonials to keep me encouraged.

Keep going don't give up, IT REALLY WORKS.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 23

Name: John
Location: California, United States
Date: June 27, 2016

Well, after spending not only a lot of money in creams, bands, dermatologist.....but also specially time, energy, hope, etc.......

I used apple vinegar, one bottle costs US $1 in Walmart for example, and my problem was solved!!!

It was really incredible, more than one year suffering......and this vinegar needs just a few weeks.
Highly recommended.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 22

Name: Julie
Location: Florida, United States
Date: June 11, 2016

I have been using ACV on a plantar wart that I've had for years.

I had constantly kept it covered with a cotton pad soaked in ACV and secured with duct tape.

I used vaseline on the surrounding area to try to protect it. I don't have a before picture but this is after the first day of treatment (June 2nd) up until now (June 11th).

The pain has been excruciating at times and has woken me up from my sleep, but it seems to be working!


Warts Removal
Testimonial 21

Name: JT
Location: Mutare, Zimbabwe
Date: June 09, 2016

I've had a Periungal wart on my finger for over 2 years.

As an IT person and a musician this was greatly affecting me. I eventually found this site and decided to give it a try.

The first time I tried it, the wart softened after about 5 days and I was able to pick and peel it away. The skin underneath was very tender and it was excruciating to continue applying the ACV.

The finger healed but the wart came back.

This is the second time I'm trying it.

The wart has been removed but I don't know whether to carry on with the ACV. It is very painful.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 20

Name: Alex
Location: Georgia, United States
Date: June 01, 2016

I first used ACV for my warts a few months ago after all the traditional over-the-counter methods failed to produce results.

Usually they took off the top layers but would never go deeper than that.

Then I was researching different methods and came across ACV.

I decided to give it a shot since nothing else worked, needless to say that it worked 100% and even got the wart next to it that I didn't apply it on but was still close enough to touch excess ACV.

The pain, which was throbbing and stinging at times, was well worth the wait when I was finally able to watch the wart fall off and feel a fresh cool breeze where the wart was.

The pictures on this website are almost mirror images of my wart location and the ACV process. The only downside is that there's an unsightly bandage and slight vinegar smell, but that is a small cost for the wart removal.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 19

Name: Sarah
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Date: May 26, 2016

I read these testimonies every day while treating my warts so first of all, thank you all for giving me the courage to persist.
Even on day 5 I felt my resolve waver because of the pain but that also spurred me on from what I read that was a good thing!

I got an innocent little wart on the top of my foot 18 months ago and ignored it.

Then every time I got sick and my immune system was compromised a new wart would arrive so by the time I started ACV I had a total of at least 7 on my feet, the worst being a neat line of 5 plantar/satellite warts near my smallest toes under my left foot.

ACV was never the top of my list before I saw this website, I too was sceptical!

I did just the night time for 3 days and saw small changes but had a few days off work so amped it up with constant fresh applications of ACV on cotton and a couple of attempts at soaking the nastiest ones (plantars) in ACV for 20-40 mins. That's what really seemed to intensify the throbbing and stabbing.

I could see it was very inflamed and slowly the 5 heads were going browny black. I knew things were happening by night 4 I woke up in the middle of the night with a sweaty neck- which for me is a sign my immune system is working overtime while I sleep (exciting!).

At the third day of attempting 24hr application (day 6 in total) I had now been limping for 2 days and after reading someone's testimony where they gave it a rest I thought I too would see if my body could start healing. I was thrilled that the skin continued to blacken!

Then over the next 2 weeks I left them and skin continued to fall off revealing fresh, pink new skin.

Here are some things I did/that worked for me:

-I used cotton wool and strapping tape.
-kept a bowl with cotton soaking in ACV covered with cling wrap in the fridge so it was ready to go.
-washed my hands RELIGIOUSLY
-during treatment could only really get rid of minimal rough skin using an emery board (couldn't dig around like some people could)
-truly think that soaking is what really nailed them (didn't hurt while soaking only after)
-never woke up from pain just when my immune system was on overdrive as mentioned.
-took quite a lot of pain killers day 4 and 5.
-pain is stabbing, buzzy and throbbing feeling, some occasional severe shooting pains.
-try ACV!!!! It works!!!! Don't give up but also remember you are effectively slowly burning yourself. You need to use healing as a weapon as well. And try not to stress! I'm a huge stress head and it just makes you feel worse. Stay positive and diligent!

Now treating my last one on the other foot with ACV and can relax because I know it will work.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 18

Name: Anthony
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Date: May 22, 2016

I had an unsightly wart on my upper arm for sometime.

On searching the Net for advice on its removal I discovered this site.

I followed the instructions for use of ACV in removing a wart and after 3 weeks mine has been completely eliminated.

I did not experience any pain or discomfort in following the process.
ACV is a marvellous product.

Thank you for your very helpful site and the encouraging testimonials of others who have followed your advice.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 17

Name: Eddie
Location: California, United States
Date: May 20, 2016

I first started getting warts as a child. I would use a combination of wart removing medicine and nail clippers (to cut off the dead skin) and after a few months the wart would go away.

3-4 years ago I got another wart on my hand, then a year later I got one on my foot, then another on my opposite hand a couple of months ago.

I tried my standard wart remover and nail clipper method and after a couple of years it still would not go away. I tried every type of medication including trying to freeze it off at the doctors office but they still wouldn't go away, in fact they got bigger and more noticeable. It was very embarrassing, especially in public.

Then a couple weeks ago after exhausting all other options I decided to give apple cider vinegar a try. In less than a week of treatment all my warts turned dark black and I was able to pick them out. They have not returned.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 16

Name: Mathieu VT
Location: Quebec, Canada
Date: May 15, 2016
(Translated from French)

I had a wart on my finger.

I undertook a pharmaceutical treatment but the wart responded by multiplying. I could see tiny roots around the wart.

So I freaked out and I looked harder on the Internet to find a solution.

I do not know how I missed treating warts with apple cider vinegar before.

So I started treating warts with apple cider vinegar using a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar on the main wart for a few nights. Then I added sessions of soaking the whole finger in pure cider vinegar during the day.

After a few days, the main wart has been replaced by a cavity and the tiny warts around it seem to have disappeared!

Now, the region is curing / healing and I think that, finally, this is it! My wart is gone!

Warts Removal
Testimonial 15

Name: Michael
Location: Oakland California, United States
Date: May 07, 2016

Thank you. I had a wart for over 30 years on a certain part & now it is gone.

All gone, thanks to the apple cider vinegar treatment.

Thank the Lord for apple's

Warts Removal
Testimonial 14

Name: ACV user
Location: United States
Date: May 06, 2016

I am not a doctor.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) worked for me. Be patient if you do not see results as quickly as others report, there are varying reasons to what can cause this variance.

I applied ACV placing on the dermatofibroma then placed a regular adhesive bandage over the it and sealed that with tape to reduce infection and the ACV from escaping.

After 45 days of continuos application and picking at the dead flaking portions between applications I was happy to see today that the dermatofibroma nodule came out intact in a single piece.

To terminate the area that the dermatofibroma was connected to I am going to continue the ACV protocol I described for 2 more days, then clean the area by flushing with distilled water thoroughly, drying, flushing, then drying one more time then applying Neosporin with a standard adhesive bandage over it to promote healing of the open wound.

I'll run this protocol for about a week and report the results.

Photo 1: http://i.imgur.com/qDRT9J6.jpg

Photo 2: http://i.imgur.com/UKH8Cuy.jpg

Warts Removal
Testimonial 13

Name: Susan
Location: West Yorkshire , United Kingdom
Date: April 25, 2016

Hi, I had a huge verruca plus 2 small ones on my right foot.

The huge one I've had for approximately 15 years. I've had it frozen by the GP, tried countless over the counter ointments but the thing would just not go, so as a last resort I tried the ACV thinking if I pickle it enough it just might go...and Hallelujah I am now verruca free.

I started by cleaning and filing the monstrosity then applied the acv to a piece of cotton wool then covered with duct tape and left it overnight.

I repeated the process on a daily basis for about a week but then discovered that if I applied it then covered it with an aqua plaster and left it for at least 2 days it actually seemed to be doing the trick.

By the time I got into week 3, my verruca was extremely painful so after a few days I couldn't take the pain any more so I stopped using the acv and left it alone for about a week. I then filed it and to my amazement my verrucas were gone.

I have now been verruca free for the last month and I just wish I would have tried this year's ago.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 12

Name: Michael
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Date: April 18, 2016

I have been struggling for a couple of months with three warts in the pelvic region and upon browsing the internet I came upon this site.

The main thing is that I followed the instruction and a got rid of them in about 14 days.

Secondly, I cannot stress enough the fact the it was by far one of the most painful experiences of my life, but haven seen the result I would do it again. It is a cheap and effective way to get rid of warts and molluscum.

So thank you to all the people who have posted and shared their experiences for the benefit of others.

Good health to everyone.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 11

Name: Jeff
Location: Alaska, United States
Date: April 18, 2016

First and foremost, I had a large (fingernail size wart) on my right ring finger for 12 years. I tried to use Compound W for months. I would put it on, cut off the excess sink, put more on and deal with the stinging pain of the Compound W. Useless I tell you!

Then I came across this site. Very deceiving but after I read the reviews and went home I told my wife about it. She said what do you have to lose? It’s been months since starting Compound W and I was in it for the long haul, knowing that with such a large wart it was going to take time to get it to go away. But after months of little to no results, constant pain, waking me up at night with the throbbing I figured why not?

So I took some ACV and put it on a cotton swab (not too much but not to little). I put it on the affected areas (I had some small ones on the pinky finger) and covered and wrapped completely with a strip of duct tape to hold it together, then used surgical tape to hold the bundle together. I did this every night. In the morning I would wake up, take off the wrap and wash my hands. During the day I would take some surgical tape and wrap lightly around the treated areas (to keep it for spreading and give it some air).

After the first night of ACV I woke up to see my warts turn colors. It was the first sign in months that something actually might be working. Although I was very optimistic this would work finally, I was pessimistic that this was another scam.

So each night I would wrap the affected areas and in the morning remove and clean then re-wrap. After a few nights I would put ACV on and lightly wrap it like I mentioned above but would have pain and throbbing. I figured this was more than I was willing to sleep with so I would take the wrap off, wash my hands to remove the ACV then lightly wrap with surgical tape. Then try to repeat the ACV treatment the next night. Occasionally I would wake up in the middle of the night with throbbing pain (on the big wart) and would remove the wrap and wrap with surgical tape.

After about a week of ACV treatment on the big wart dead skin started coming off. Because I hated the stinging pain I had when I used Compound W I was careful to only remove the dead skin that came off easily. I figured this allows the ACV to have more direct contact with the wart.

After a few weeks of doing this, I think probably 3, I noticed that the pain at night was basically gone. I continued to do ACV treatments at night for an additional week before stopping, cleaning all the skin away and letting it heal. I didn’t want to go down this road again by ending the treatments early. Also, I used a utility knife with razor sharp edges to help cut the dead skin away, just be careful and don’t be in a hurry.

My right ring finger is now completely healed, a person could never tell I ever had a wart there for the past 12 years. There is a slight indent where I did have it but you soon forget that you ever had a disgusting wart on your hands.

Overall, go with the ACV. It’s cheap, it’s easy and much less painful than Compound W. Plus if it starts hurting or throbbing, the ACV and wrap are still working. Just a reminder, warts and the skin associated with them are highly contagious and can be spread easily. I used rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to clean the surface I was working on and anything that touched the warts. I also threw away old nail clippers I was using to trim nails and skin on the affected fingers.

I hope this helps, and good luck.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 10

Name: Tiffany Holtkamp
Location: Michigan, United States
Date: April 14, 2016

Holy crow!! This actually works!!! I have tried EVERYTHING to get this wart off of my heel.

I have had the same wart on my foot for years, I've tried everything in hopes it would go away, I've been to the dermatologist and had them use "beetle juice" and it did nothing but make it bigger!!!

Tried other at-home remedies and nothing....finally that bastard is gone!!!! Thanks to ACV!!!

The pain at times was a little intense but nothing OTC pain meds couldn't take the edge off of.

The pain was mostly a throbbing and a mild burning sensation. When the pain would become "intense" I would let it rest till the pain went away (usually a day or two) and then I would re apply.

I cannot believe it is gone, time for a pedicure, since I've been hiding my feet for years now!!!

I am SO excited it is finally gone!!! Hurray!!!! Buh-bye warts!!!

Warts Removal
Testimonial 9

Name: Brian Adams
Location: Belfast, United Kingdom
Date: March 21, 2016

I am delighted to tell you that for 3 weeks I used ACV via a cotton ball, placed on each night.

After 3 weeks my Seborrhoeic Keratoses has disappeared.

Would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes - delighted!

Warts Removal
Testimonial 8

Name: Alex
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: March 06, 2016

Apple cider vinegar works great on warts!

Years ago I removed a very huge wart by constantly soaking in apple cider vinegar.. The next morning when I woke up it was a small black scab and it peeled off and was looking like fresh new skin by the next morning.. I was blown away!!.

Recently I had a common wart on my thumb that it didn't want to eliminate to the point that it wouldn't return but was very effective in removing it. In the end it was 2 freezings that took care of that one.

However the hard wart was on the bottom of my foot and no matter how many times it was frozen it didn't want to die. So I went out and got some apple cider vinegar hoping it would have the same effect as the first time I tried it.

I removed the excess wart growth on the bottom of my foot and stuck it in a bowl of ACV while I watch a whole movie.. It hurt like hell but then it was tolerable and then it would flare back up here and there as the wart absorbs it.

I noticed that the wart was shrinking and looked like it was caving into my foot but that was a good thing! It was uncomfortable to walk on it for the next day but now I can't feel it at all and the wart is jut a tiny black spot.. It's going to be gone finally!!!!

Another affect of the ACV on the foot was that it easily soaks in and makes it easy to remove callus/excess skin leaving your feet fresh and smooth... Anyone struggling with warts should try apple cider vinegar!! What you got to lose anyway??

Warts Removal
Testimonial 7

Name: Alex
Location: New York, United States
Date: February 20, 2016

When I got a genital wart my doctor recommended surgery, laser, & freezing to get rid of it.
None of which sounded very good to me.

I looked on the net for any medication and the only thing I found was Aldara (imiquimod) topical. It was expensive, $200, and required a prescription - still better than what my doctor had recommended. He seemed to have no clue that Aldara existed.

The two weeks that I used Aldara were pretty painful but it did work.

Later on I got a wart on my stomach.
I had that wart for 7 years.

I did not know about apple cider vinegar remedy, however I did read about the vinegar biological properties for the human body. I discovered that one of the properties was that it slowed down the absorption of sugar.

I concluded that drinking vinegar should have an impact on the wart because it would increase my metabolism.

I tried it and it worked.
Within a week the wart was gone. Also, you can use any vinegar.

One note: depending on the country, the strength of the vinegar may be different. In US it is usually 5%. In European countries, it can be as high as 10%. This may explain why some people feel some burning while others do not (?)

I did not feel any burning. May be because I use 5% vinegar.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 6

Name: Ann
Location: Georgia, United States
Date: February 18, 2016

It works.

I would say soaking in pure apple cider vinegar works best. You have to be very diligent or it will come back.

We tried the cotton ball technique and it would scab over but it was taking weeks/months.

After just 7-10 days of soaking in apple cider vinegar for 20 minutes a day, we defeated that little sucker.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 5

Name: Amanda
Location: New York, United States
Date: February 17, 2016

I read this page before attempting removal on a wart on my finger.

I was skeptical, so I bought apple cider vinegar at Walmart for $1 and also a Dr. Scholl's freezing wart remover kit with a bottle of salicylic acid. I tried the Dr Scholls and used it for 2 1/2 months, and the wart got bigger.

I decided to try the apple cider vinegar. I started it with a small piece of cotton ball soaked in vinegar held in place with a bandaid. I left it on over night for most of a night, but had to remove it around 5 am due to the pain. It was already beginning to turn black.

The next night, I did this again, but could only bear the pain for a couple hours. I put Neosporin on the skin around the wart to prevent the vinegar from damaging good skin, and I continued to apply Neosporin on the good skin several times a day. I did the vinegar for 2 hours per night for 2 more days because of the pain.

At this point, it had been 4 nights total. The top layer peeled off after 2 days, leaving only a blackened spot of skin that was slightly raised. After the total of 4 days of treatment, it turned hard like a scab. At this point, I stopped treating it and covered with a bandaid part of the day to hide while at work and left it open to the air at night.

On Saturday, 1 week after starting the treatment, the edge of the scab was beginning to lift and it seemed loose. I easily peeled it off, and it came off painlessly in 1 large chunk, leaving a deep hole in my finger. It was not painful, and this appears to have been the root of the wart.

4 days later, the hole is almost completely healed, with only a small scab where the hole was. I am amazed. I wish I had saved myself the time and money and embarrassment of wearing a bandaid on my finger for months and just done this first.
It really does work.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 4

Name: Marci
Location: Montana, United States
Date: February 05, 2016

I had plantar warts that began growing in 2005. 11 years later, they had multiplied and grown deeper.

In 2013 I had them burned and cut out. After a month on crutches with painkillers no less.

Just a few weeks ago, I dabbed them with Bragg Apple cider Vinegar for maybe a week. No burning. No covering while I slept. I kid you not.

I prayed for these disgusting things to disappear and maybe it's because I had given up all hope. But one day I looked at my foot. And they were gone.

I am so happy now every time I look at my foot. 12 years hating my foot! I only wish I had kept with the vinegar sooner.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 3

Name: Francisco
Location: Illinois, United States
Date: January 29, 2016

I soaked a cotton ball on in apple cider vinegar and placed it on a huge plantar wart I had on the bottom of my foot and left it all day.

I could barely walk because it burned so bad but after that day most of wart fell off.

Warts Removal
Testimonial 2

Name: Laura Ellen
Location: Virginia, United States
Date: January 18, 2016

Flat Warts on the Face!

These can be the worst to deal with and the most difficult to remove. They are tough, tiny, and look like little white-heads that you cannot pop open. They are almost opaque at first, and hard-to-see, and then they can get irritated and stand-out just like a white-head. They also tickle and itch. The more you try to scratch them, or destroy them with tweezers, the more they can come back with a vengeance if you do not treat them with ACV.

I only use the organic, raw (unprocessed) ACV with the 'Mother'. It's more potent than the processed/filtered ACV. I've used the Bragg and White House brands which are both great. You need to shake it real well first and pour a small amount in a small glass or glass custard cup and cover with a plastic baggie so you don't keep dipping the cotton balls/Q-Tips into the larger bottle of ACV. You don't refrigerate the ACV either.

If you don't have to be out in public for a week or so, you can apply a soaked (not dripping) cotton ball with ACV to the wart and secure it with a band-aid and leave it on overnight as you sleep, or just during the day as you are puttering around the house. I would not leave it on your face longer than 6-8 hrs at a time because it may irritate the surrounding skin.

You'll need to give your skin a break from it, but the longer you do leave it on, the quicker the wart will die. I have also used the slower route whereby you take a Q-Tip dipped into the ACV and apply it several times to the wart(s). Let it air dry and don't rinse it. So this a few times a day, and before bedtime after you shower or do your facial regimen. Let it dry before you hop into bed.

You will notice the size of the wart getting smaller until it retreats/disappears/dies or it can turn dark as it's dying, but it will heal eventually and should not leave a scar unless you are picking at it constantly. This may take a couple of weeks to a month depending on the size and how long it's been in your skin.

Sometimes the ACV may cause a bit of a stinging or tickling sensation, and that's normal. The odor will go away as the ACV dries.

ACV is the only thing that I have found that works effectively on wart removal that is natural and has no side effects. Great stuff!

Warts Removal
Testimonial 1

Name: Kevin
Location: Singapore
Date: January 03, 2016

I tried ACV on a scalp wart using Heinz apple cider vinegar, 5% acidity.

I soaked a cotton ball with it and applied directly on the wart using medical tape to hold it in place.

For 3 days, I didn't feel anything then on the 4th day I could feel a slight burning sensation from the place. I stopped applying and took a look and I found that it had burned a patch and scar tissue had formed over the wart.

It took 3 days for the tissue to fall off and I think that the wart has died off although there is a slight burn like patch where it used to be.

Will monitor and see if it comes back or the skin heals itself.