You'll get over the taste of ACV

by Anonymous
(Florida, USA)

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I have to say, mixing it with water didn't work for me. I have been pouring 2 teaspoons in a shot glass and downing that and chasing it with a sweeter punch or juice.

Mixing it in water just makes the bad taste last longer, I'd rather get it over with.

I just started 4 days ago but I have noticed an increase of energy and I'm almost used to the taste.

I have not been going to the gym the last week due to car trouble but I'm going today and am sure that combined with the ACV, I will see results.

My skin is also looking really good which I didn't expect, but apparently is an effect of the ACV. I have also noticed my allergies have cleared up(I'm in Florida where it's a year round battle) and apparently it helps during cold and flu season, so I'll see how that goes this winter.

Anyway, I think it's worth a try, and even if I don't lose weight, the health benefits are worth sticking to it.

I suggest Bragg's brand, it has the "mother".

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May 23, 2017
Type of acv NEW
by: Joanna

It can be any brand as long as it's "with mother" it will say it on the bottle... It looks cloudy..

Apr 26, 2017
"Improving" ACV taste
by: Bill A.

Try holding your nose while drinking. This makes it much more palatable for me.

Apr 05, 2017
baking soda
by: Anonymous

If you add baking soda it will help mask the taste.

Mar 27, 2017
weight loss
by: Lisa

I started back up on ACV and smoothies every day since the second week of Jan.

After a 2 or 3 year hiatus of laziness I gained weight and began a battle of body pain/inflammation. It didn't dawn on me until the start of this year that my body pain and weight gain was my body saying, "what we are doin', just aint' workin' girl."

I cut down on my daily dose foods that are processed, eggs and egg whites which I thought was good but can cause inflammation in some. A shot of ACV and a rather large mason jar smoothie. I make sure to add chia seeds, nut butters for protein fruits, vegetables, almond milk.

I have one smoothie a day, it's a lot and its very filling, a light lunch of fruit, veg or chicken and dinner is healthy but I can splurge a little on good bread, starches or an occasional nice pizza.

I'm not starving the minute I wake up anymore, body pain is nearly gone, I've lost 20 lbs so far and my mood swings and depression is fading away.

It works and its NOT more expensive. My husband and I have been eating this way since the start of January and have actually saved money on groceries as well.

Feb 23, 2017
trial and error
by: Anonymous

I've read on a couple of health blogs and studies that ACV is not effective unless you're consuming 2 tbs at a time; which is crazy considering the cost of it, the awful taste, and debatable health benefits. I'm not sure what the global prices are for it, but in Canada it's $5.99 for the smaller bottle of Bragg's.

I myself am not big on the whole "clean eating" and "exercise" thing, although I have tried both out before. It only works if you steer clear of anything that isn't a vegetable basically. Working out alone only takes you so far. Keeping motivated and attaining a schedule has been the hardest thing no matter what I've tried, which is why both of these ways have not worked for me ever.

So, I thought I'd give ACV a try. Unfortunately, as everyone has previously pointed out, ACV tastes disgusting. When explaining it to friends, I usually say something along the lines of, "it tastes like Satan himself peed in a bottle and put it on a grocery store shelf just for fun". I wanted to throw up as soon as I opened the bottle.

I have tried so many ways of taking it to avoid the harsh taste and smell. I've tried mixing it with water, green tea, fruit smoothies; you name it. NONE have worked. Currently I'm freezing some AVC/juice ice cubes and plan to eat them tomorrow (although I'm not sure if chewing ACV will be worse than drinking it, but I guess I'll find out).

So far, the only way to minimize the flavor was to get out a shot glass, measure in 1 tbs of ACV (I'm working my way up to 2 tbs) and adding in the remaining volume of a strong juice like pomegranate. This alone barely masks the flavor, so I prepare a glass of cold water and a peeled clementine for after the shot. The clementine's dominant citrus flavor immediately neutralizes the ACV which is great.

However, I would only recommend this way to people who can handle tequila and vodka shots, etc.

Also, I'm planning to buy cranberry, grape, or another type of bitter juice (that I otherwise would never drink) to distract ACV's bad flavor with a lesser bad flavor. Pomegranate is too expensive in my opinion.

Hope this is of help to someone!

Feb 18, 2017
by: Barbara Willis

I read somewhere on facebook that if you cook a big dish of brussel sprouts and add 1/4 cup of cut up pecans it is easy to get down.

It just so happens that I like brussel sprouts so I tried it.

The first half of about 1 1/2 cups of sprouts and pecans with 1 1/2 teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar were pretty good by the last several sprouts it was pretty bad.

I didn't like the vinegar mixed with water either. I need to try something else.

I do feel a little less fat after 3 days of it though. I will keep trying.

Dec 28, 2015
by: ShutupMeg

I was reading ACV is good for gallstone flair ups so I've been trying; pairing it with my favourite favourite apple juice. Yet this taste is horrible and is overbearing the apple juice.

My suggestion is to start with small amounts and gradually up the dose of acv, I 1/2 tbsp was too much I think.

Oh and if your wondering about the best type of ACV, I use the organic, with mother included for cooking and everything..fantastic.

Jun 24, 2015
Eat it with greens
by: Anonymous

Add fresh ground basil, oregano, garlic, onion, sea salt ( or whatever your favorites are) and a teaspoon of olive oil.

Put it over dark leafy greens and it's much easier to tolerate.

Jan 31, 2014
The taste of ACV
by: Anonymous

When I saw the comment about ACV enhancing the taste of OJ, that lit up an idea in my mind. That was to just put a couple of drops in a little bit of the OJ and then eventually, God willing, build up to the full 2 tablespoons!!

I have had the same trouble with wheatgrass - the TASTE - I absolutely gag when I drink it!

If I can build up a taste tolerance for ACV, I might be able to do the same with wheatgrass - they are both so beneficial to our health!

Nov 06, 2010
Drinking ACV that tastes good
by: Anonymous

Have you guys heard of ACV On the Run yet?
Google it, they made a lightly carbonated all natural fruit flavored beverage with your daily dose of Organic Apple Cider vinegar with the Mother. Its awesome!

Sep 22, 2010
Beginning... Hope to lose 50 pounds gradually
by: Anonymous

Just started this ACV thing two days ago... I hope it begins to work!
I need to lose 50 pounds after gaining them in only 4 years!

Jul 01, 2010
Another way of "drinking" ACV
by: Miriam

Like many of you I cannot stand even the smell of Vinegar, and diluted in water or straight up shot did not work either.

I did vomit more than once. So, I had to get creative. I warm up the ACV and mix it with no flavor gelatin, put it in ice cube trays (about 1 tablespoon per ice cube cubby) and then in the refrigerator. I even cover the tray with sticky wrap, so I won smell it at all.

Then I use the gelatin cubes, I drink water, put a touch of honey in my mouth, swallow the cubes and follow with a touch of honey and tons of water.

No more issues and I get to do this amazing diet.

Apr 10, 2010
Shots work for me
by: Anonymous

I tried it in water the first time and the taste just was too much so now I have the shot glass and chase it down with water (probably not eight ounces but a big drink). It works so much better and the "fumes" are the only thing that bug me. Other than having it after drinking on a milkshake but that was my bad.

Sep 08, 2009
really, you do get over the taste
by: Aunt Jemima!

I mix mine with flavored green tea and don't taste it at all. Now, granted, it's only been 2 days since I started, but I feel more energy, so I can work out more, and I actually feel slimmer already!

I just use the Meijer brand 5% ACV and it's fine.

And I'm just a random person who had no idea this site even existed--honest! I have nothing to do with the site at all and I'm not paid or anything.

May 10, 2009
Just wondering
by: Anonymous

Does it matter what brand of acv we use?
Because I have a "Food 4 Less" brand and it has 5% acid.
I keep hearing about the Braggs brand.
I was just curious if I should switch.

May 04, 2009
Down 8oz's of Water right after you take ACV then BRUSH your Teeth
by: Jessica

I could not tolerate the taste in warm water per what my doctor told me to do for weight loss.
So after 2 days of doing that and vomiting once from it (YES I did), I downed the ACV fast like a shot and quickly grabbed a huge cold cup full of water drink then swished it around my mouth and teeth then swallowed drank the rest. Waited a few minutes then brushed my teeth!

NO Heartburn either. Also if you take it in the morning on an empty tummy it is more effective.

Try hard to drink plenty of water too. I use crystal light if I can't make myself drink enough (water) during the day.

Good luck to ALL of us! :)

Mar 10, 2009
Drink with a straw
by: Anonymous

The best way to avoid teeth problems is to drink it with a straw. If you can't get one... down it fast, but rinse immediately with water.

Mar 06, 2009
by: Pamela

I just started ACV and I mix it with a shot of OJ. It actually adds to the taste of the juice. I am finding that I am craving it now. I haven't seen results in fat loss yet, but after a week my dry eyes are gone. I have had dry eyes that felt like sand was in them for about 2 years now. It is gone now...I can only attribute it to ACV..

Feb 06, 2009
ACV Taste
by: Anonymous

Mix your apple cider vinegar in 100% fruit juice. I can't stand the taste of vinegar but this is a delicious way to drink it. Rinse your mouth out with water after taking AVC and to protect your teeth enamel.


Dec 03, 2008
by: Donica

Man the taste is beyond me too. I always rather take it fast, but they say the ACID will harm your teeth.

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