Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout

June 2008 to December 2010

The apple cider vinegar for gout home remedy treatment was reviewed by 25 users from June 2008 to December 2010:

User feedback summary on the use of
apple cider vinegar for gout :

All 25 users of apple cider vinegar for gout reported it was very effective in reducing or eliminating their gout symptoms (pain & swelling) within about 24 hours.

Most people drank the apple cider vinegar mixed with water or juice and some added honey.
In one case ACV was applied topically to the affected areas and was found to be very helpful in reducing the gout symptoms quickly.

Another person explained that he was taking the ACV tonic regularly as a gout prevention technique.

Apple cider vinegar capsules were found to be helpful for one user as was white distilled vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 25

Name: Doug F
Location: New York, United States
Date: November 05, 2010

I have suffered from gout for well over 10 years.

This week, I tried ACV, not even organic kind, and within 4 days, all symptoms have been alleviated.

I am stunned at how effective ACV is...cannot wait to try organic brand, which is suppose to be more effective.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 24

Name: Geraldine Derezil
Location: Florida, USA
Date: October 30, 2010

(Translated from French)

Incredible but true.

Thanks very much.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 23

Name: Anita
Location: BC, Canada
Date: October 13, 2010

My right foot has been swollen for the past 4 weeks, with sharp needle-like pains in the toes of both feet, which keep me awake every night and make walking difficult.

Sometimes the throbbing pains are behind my left knee, as if someone is jabbing a stick into it. In desperation, I had custom orthotics made up by a podiatrist, as it looked as if my right foot had suddenly grown a bunion.

Just yesterday, I found via an Internet search that I have gout and Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural cure.

I immediately took 2 TBSPs of regular white vinegar and woke up today with my foot a normal size again, and no pain! This really feels like a miracle!

I bought some supermarket Cider Vinegar (not organic) today and took 2 TBSPs. It is hard to believe that the constant pain stopped. If you have gout, please try this.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 22

Name: Andy
Location: BC, Canada
Date: October 11, 2010

For 3 years, every time I feel a gout flare up about to come on, I take a couple apple cider vinegar capsules.

I continue with this once in the morning and once in the night.

Every single time, the gout has not gotten worse, and within a day or so completely disappeared. I keep taking the pills for another day or so, then I stop until the next flare up.

Has worked better than any doctor medicine.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 21

Name: Debra
Location: Texas, United States
Date: September 06, 2010

Years ago bought a book on ACV and Honey. It was about natural cures.

I had only used two of them, one for sore throat. You gargle with the ACV and then swallow it and it cures throat, plus cuts all the mucus.

The other one was to take honey and add enough ACV to make it the consistency of cough syrup and take a tsp after each meal.

I had remembered reading about using it for keeping down high levels of Uric acid levels.

This weekend for the first time I also tried the ACV for a 1ST time case of Gout, which was pretty bad.

I started taking it on Saturday and by Monday afternoon almost all the swelling and pain was gone and of coarse I took Advil when the pain was real severe.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 20

Name: Jimmy Randall
Location: Missouri, United States
Date: September 02, 2010

Tried cherries capsules and cherry juice; it did not work for me.

I am now taking 2 tablespoons of acv (with the mother) and a tablespoon of honey in an 8 ounce glass of water twice daily.

So far so good.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 19

Name: Daid Hazelton
Location: California, United States
Date: August 25, 2010

I have had sore joints, wrist thumb elbow, for months. My big toe and foot went sore and stiff I could not put on a sock or shoe without extreme pain. No flexibility in my left big toe.

I went to my Dr. He did blood tests, x-rays and ultrasound, and my uric acid was low so he thinks I just have arthritis.

I checked more and I think it is pseudo gout, a buildup of calcium not uric acid in the joints. None of the meds the Dr has given offered any noticeable relief, but I drank about 4 ounces with water of apple cider vinegar, and within minutes the throbbing was gone. I have continued with 2 tablespoons 3 times a day and my symptoms are almost totally gone in 3 days.

I have an appointment with a Dr that specializes in gout and pseudo gout and arthritis next week where they will drain fluid from my joints and test that. But I am able to cope with my current pain level for now.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 18

Name: Joe Burger
Location: Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa
Date: August 10, 2010

I have been battling with gout in my hands and fingers for some time now. It was so bad at one stage that I couldn't shake hands with people.

I was given the advice of ACV and out of shear desperacy I decided to try it.

It worked like a bomb and after only two days I could at least shake hands with some of my old friends again.

I can really recommend this product!!

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 17

Name: Jacques Bédier
Location: Normandie, France
Date: May 30, 2010

A big thank you to the author of this web page.

I can attest to the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar, even the non organic type.

Thanks again.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 16

Name: Mazni Saien
Location: Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia
Date: May 29, 2010

I'm not having any gout yet, just the symptoms of gout which I consider as not that chronic but suffering from high blood pressure.

I don't really like medicine given from hospital because I considered them as drugs so I've never taken any.

I tried with traditional methods such as using mahgony fruit (seeds) as a remedy. But found out that it just relieved my pain instead of decreasing my blood pressure.

Then somebody told me to have ACV with honey to be taken before sleep. Surprisingly, it works. It reduced my blood pressure the next morning and also the symptoms of gout which I consider as not yet chronic.

Thanks for the information given here and I think I would spread this info to other friends of mine who are suffering the gout.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 15

Name: Thankful
Location: Texas, United States
Date: May 21, 2010

My husband has suffered from gout for several years.

It has steadily gotten worse and the attacks more frequent. He would barely get over one before he had another. The pain and tenderness was never totally gone.

He has now been on the ACV treatment for one month and has not had a flare up!

He has stopped taking the gout medication and is just using the ACV "cocktail" of 2t. ACV, 2t. honey, to 8oz. water with every meal.

This has been a fantastic "treatment" for gout. Thank You!

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 14

Name: George
Location: Maryland, United States
Date: May 08, 2010

Since taking ACV my gout has not returned, this really works.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 13

Name: John Ellis
Location: Massachusetts, United States
Date: April 29, 2010

I was searching for a cure or help to cure gout, for days.

The prescription medicine proved unworthy and dangerous with too many side effects.

I have used ACV for digestive problems earlier and had great luck. I discontinued use due to laziness and had turkey for 3 days in a row. OUCH. Got the gout.

I am going on back to ACV as I am sure of its effectiveness in so many other instances.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 12

Name: Chris W
Location: Florida, United States
Date: April 07, 2010

The ACV had me back on my feet within 24 hours of finding out about it's benefits.

Modern medicine does not acknowledge any holistic treatment, and the prescriptions for gout are dangerously harsh.

Imagine telling someone to take a pill every day for the rest of their lives that may harm them and costs money every month, when ACV is a better cure all around.


Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 11

Name: Andrew Maroc
Location: Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Date: December 28, 2009

Have successfully overcome a major gout attack with ACV.

I initially took it to overcome heartburn ( which it did within 30 minutes ) and the gout "cure" was a marvellous side benefit.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 10

Name: Linda
Location: Massachusetts, United States
Date: November 17, 2009

I don't believe the honey is just to cover the taste.

There is a synergistic action that gives a combination of minerals, enzymes, and blood sugar and pH balance.

The Center in which I studied to become a healer served "honegar" at every meal. They said that though it was expensive, it helped everyone stay physically and emotionally balanced and so was worth it.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 09

Name: Cathy Smith
Location: Kentucky, United States
Date: August 29, 2009

Yes apple cider vinegar does does help keep gout under control.

My husband has had gout since he was in his early 20s and he is now 54 and has taken gout medicine all these years for it and only this year 2009 did we find out about apple cider vinegar and how it helps gout.

We found this out by accident, a friend told my husband that ACV was good to control blood glucose in diabetes and so he tried it and it worked but it also worked in keeping his gout in control.

He could eat things he had no been able to in years, it worked so good he was even able to quit taking his gout medicine which his doctor told him if he quit his medicine he was opening the door to let the gout back in.

Here is the recipe he uses: 2 cups of 100% apple juice, 2 cups 100% white grape juice, 2 cups 100% concord grape juice, 1 cup apple cider vinegar. Mix together and take 1/4 cup in the morning and 1/4 in the afternoon with meals.

I hope this recipe helps you as it has him. I have seen him suffer many times with gout and this has been a God send for him.

Good luck to everyone.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 08

Name: W.L. B
Location: Virginia, United States
Date: August 21, 2009

For ANYONE who suffers from GOUT...this is the BEST remedy I have came across so far (better than cherries). The honey is only used to mask the taste of the vinegar..

2 tbsp of organic apple cider vinegar mixed with 2 tablespoons of organic honey (2 times daily).

I take two or three tablespoons TWICE a day and I now eat anything I want (hot dogs, bologna, red meat, shellfish, etc) with no side effects.

Last episode of gout, I could barely walk that evening.

Purchased some organic Apple Cider Vinegar and took 2 tablespoons with two tablespoons of honey before I limped to bed. Woke up the next morning and the pain and most of the swelling was gone. (PRAISE THE LORD!) I found out that the honey is just to cut the taste of the honey and now I just take two or three tablespoons twice a day (morning & evening). I just pretend it's chitlins WITHOUT the chitlins. - Apple cider vinegar should not be taken without taking precautions to protect the enamel on your teeth. You can drink it with a straw, dilute it in water, eat or rinse your mouth immediately after drinking it.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 07

Name: Mae Rehder
Location: Oklahoma, United States
Date: April 27, 2009

For several months I have had excruciating pain in my right thigh and knee. I could not bend over without being in extreme misery.

Last night I rubbed Mother's ACV on my thigh and knee and within 10 minutes was able to touch my toes with no pain at all.

It lasted about an hour and a half but I repeated the process and made it through the night.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 06

Name: Pegi Taylor
Location: Minnesota, United States
Date: April 5, 2009

I am a 49 year old female who recently went to the doctor after both of my ankles and feet swelled up like little inflatable toys.

My doctor was a bit perplexed yet very concerned how a woman of relatively good health could be having these syptoms. He ran a number of tests for thyroid disorder and congestive heart failure and came back with nothing.

All of a sudden it hit me . . . could the crab legs I had recently eaten done this to me? Was I allergic to them? I had never had crab legs before, my dad always said they were too expensive and too troublesome for the amount of meat you got. He preferred steak. Well the grocery store had them on sale and I bought them and made them and loved every little bite of them. I didn't eat much I told my doctor, but I certainly must be allergic to them. He listened to my story and all of a sudden I saw him burst into a big grin as he sighed a great sigh of relief. The mystery of my swollen ankles and feet was finally solved! I had gout he explained.

"Gout?" I said. "Am I going to die". He laughed and said "no . . . but you're going to feel like it!" He wasn't kidding. It is very painful and now everytime I eat anything remotely "fishy" I have a flare up.

My cousin said that my uncle has gout and he drinks a little apple cider vinegar with Sunny D orange drink to mask the taste to keep his gout under control. I tried it and it totally works.

I ate five little pieces of popcorn shrimp the other day and have been paying the price for it ever since.

I drank a little of my uncle's favorite concoction . . . and really within a couple of hours I started feeling better. I didn't drink the organic kind of vinegar, but after reading all of these testimonials, I am going out tomorrow and finding the organic kind of vinegar and hopefully I will be able to fit back into my dancing shoes.

Thanks to everyone for your stories about how vinegar helped saved you from the painful bouts of gout.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 05

Name:Carmen Spence
Location: Queensland, Australia
Date: March 9, 2009

I have been suffering from gout, for 2 years, and after bowling last week, could not walk on my knee.

Suffered with pain for 4 days, searched the internet for help, found this advice about the acv and had 2 tablespoonfuls on sunday afternoon.

Monday morning could walk with no pain.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 04

Name: Todd Stickler
Location: PA, United States
Date: February 3, 2009

I woke up this morning with the start of a gout attack..

I tried my remedy that had been using for over 2 years...

Until I got home from work I could hardly walk...found this info about acv and was willing to try anything at this point.

2 hours later I am up and about...its working...not ready to run a marathon yet but its helping ..

Thank God for what nature has given us...

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 03

Name: Robert
Location: Texas, United States
Date: December 26, 2008

This morning I woke up with a big toe and a swollen ankle. The pain was unbearable, I could not walk!

I read this article and had a friend bring me some acv from a local grocery store it was not organic though, I took three teaspoons with 8oz of water at 11:00 a.m. another doze at 2:00p.m and another at 7:00 p.m. right now I'm getting ready to walk out the door for work!

The acv really works! I'm going to look for the organic tomorrow, and never going to stop drinking it.

I'm going to put it to the test New Years Eve due to getting gout Christmas Day after all the food and booze.

I strongly recommend it!

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 02

Name: KL Mak
Location: Sabah, Malaysia
Date: October 27, 2008

I have been drinking ACV for the past 2 months.
I bring a small bottle of ACV to my office and mix about 2 tablespoons in my 600ml water bottle and drink it periodically the whole day instead of just plain water.

Ever since, I haven't experienced any attack of gout, even enjoying foods that aren't supposed to be eaten by a person who is a gout sufferer.

Beside helping me with easing my attack of gout, others benefits (are)also being provided; no more muscular cramps especially on my legs.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout
Testimonial 01

Name:Derek James
Location: Wales, United Kingdom
Date: June 20, 2008

Taken 1 tablespoon of ACV daily for 1week all pains in hands & feet completely eased.

System seems flushed out, pain in kidneys & testicles subsided.
Have not felt better in years.....62 yrs. old.