3 weeks, 2 bottles later--only 1 pound lighter.

by Rachel E.
(Phoenix, Az USA)

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I've been drinking 3 tsp 3 times a day for almost 3 weeks and I work out for 45 minutes, 6 days a week and I have seen almost no results. I have maybe lost 1 pound (which could be from to working out), so I am feeling a little discouraged.

I do however feel like apple cider may help my mood every day.

In addition, I am a healthy eater and I only want to lose about 10 lbs. I am 5'4 and hoping to get more lean and down to 110 lbs.

I am going to continue drinking apple cider vinegar (Braggs) and working out and hope I see an improvement eventually.

Is there anyone who is finding this happen to them?

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Oct 24, 2011
by: TiaP

Wooooow! Working 6 days a week, really isn't good.

If you want to see results, you have to let your body rest and rebuild itself. Try working out 3 times a week, a day in-between to rest, and don't eat 2 hours before bed.

Do not overdo things. That's never good. Remember this: too much of anything is never good.

Good luck!

Sep 25, 2011
Muscle and fat....
by: Anonymous

You may have gained muscle mass to offset fat loss - besides you sound quite fit if you yourself say you're only 10 lbs over...

ACV is great stuff. Easy to make as well!

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