30 pounds in 3 months with ACV Unexpected but Welcomed!

by Sarah

French translation

Originally I started using ACV for indigestion and stomach concerns. I didn't think much about weight loss.

I mixed a couple teaspoons with raw organic honey with apple cider. (It somehow helped tame the horrid taste) I usually only did it once or twice a day (As any more was just too intolerable for me, lol!)

ANYWAY, on to the better part of this story.

In July of 07' I was 170 pounds. I had photos from the summer that clearly showed my need to lose some pounds.

I don't know what took me so long to truly notice since it happened so quickly, but by Oct of 07' I was down to 140 pounds! I had gone on vacation and was reviewing photos from the trip and noticed how skinny my face looked and how my clothes were lose fitting.

It seemed after I took notice of it, everyone else did too. All of a sudden people were complimenting my weight loss. The only thing I was doing differently was taking ACV. 30 pounds lost in three months--I couldn't believe it.

I eventually stopped taking ACV cause I kept forgetting to take it (you know how that goes) I kept my weight stable afterwards until recently Feb 09'. I've gained ten pounds so I'm going back on the ACV.

Hope my story encourages others to give this amazing supplement a try.

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Jun 29, 2010
Apple Cider Vinegar
by: Anonymous

Translated from French:


After having read the text above, I went to buy, the same day, some apple cider vinegar.

I am trying it because I have some weight to lose, but above all because I stopped smoking and I am afraid of gaining weight.

So far I have not gained a single pound and it's been a month since I stopped smoking.
As a result I will continue to take apple cider vinegar.

For that which is related to digestion, OK, I digest much better.
As far as taste,it's true that it's not great, but it's not that bad over time.
Myself, I take it with a little water and I drink another glass of water right after to remove the bad taste.

For those who take it with honey, this is not recommended (according to the instructions), but alright, if that works for you "that's great". In any case I will give you more news latter.

Apple-cider-vinegar-benefits.com: This comment reports that taking apple cider vinegar with honey "is not recommended (according to the instructions)". But they don't indicate the source of these instructions.
At many places on our site it's mentioned that one can drink apple cider vinegar mixed with honey and diluted with water.

Mar 18, 2010
I've been taking ACV for one week now
by: sheri

Hello, I have been taking ACV for one week now and I'm just amazed.

Last Friday, I weighed 199 and today almost a week later I weigh 194.8 and for once in about 20 years my appetite is under control I plan to get to my goal weight of 165 and from what I've been reading it's gradual so I will be patient.

I love how it makes my face glow and my fingernails are growing. I plan on keeping in up. Sheri....

Mar 04, 2010
blood pressure
by: Anonymous

ACV is amazing.

Had high blood pressure 149/90 and now it is the best it has ever been 117/78.

Looking forward to the other benefits of ACV!

Jul 30, 2009
raw acv is great!!
by: Anonymous

I started drinking 2tsp of Bragg's acv with 2tsp honey in 8oz in warm water.

I first tried it in room temp and cold water but I could not get it down. I thought if I warmed it like tea it would help and now I actually like it.

I drink it first thing in the morning and then before lunch, before dinner and sometimes before bed. If I know I wont be home at lunch time I make some up and put it in an empty water bottle so I can drink it before eating.

I read that it's good for dealing with allergies too, which I have. I started drinking this 3wks ago and I have yet to have to take my usual allergy pill, this stuff is working!

I have more energy and my nails are growing and not breaking like they were prior to drinking this.

I've also been putting some in my dog's water bowl and it has really helped to prevent the brown spots in the yard.

Jul 20, 2009
ACV realy works, slowly, as it should be to keep weight off
by: Anonymous

I drink 2 tablespoons of organic ACV with 1 teaspoon of clover honey and drink it in hot water, like a tea, at least twice daily, and not necessarily with meals - one in mid-morning and one in evening, before or after dinner.

It helped pick up my energy, then I noticed that I was losing weight at a minimum of 8 pounds a month.

So far, I've lost 24 pounds in three months just drinking my ACV tea. Not bad, I figure. Actually, pretty darn good.

My hair and skin also look better. Be sure to use the organic ACV found in health food stores, preferably with the mother. Good luck!

Jun 01, 2009
Thanks for the inspiration!
by: Anonymous

I am 173 pounds, and I intend to get back to 140 which I was before I had my kids.

I have started today, so your story is really an inspiration.

My brother in law introduced me to the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar and the Book. I could not believe all the wonderful benefits, so I have to see this for myself.

I have battled with weight for quite a while now.

Thanks for sharing!

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