7 days 7lbs lost! :D ACV IS AMAZING!!

by Simone T
(United Kingdom)

French translation

I'm 23 years old and began to take 2 teaspoons of apple cider WITH "MOTHER" twice a day for candida problems.

I take it with warm water and drink through a straw to avoid damaging my teeth. I do this once after breakfast and again after my dinner in the evening as I don't like the idea of it hitting an empty stomach.

People at work were commenting on how I look "smaller" and also thinner in the face so today I decided to weigh myself. Im 5ft5" and last friday weighed 164lbs which is my normal weight. Today I weigh 157lbs!!! :o :o :o

Admittedly I did feel like my clothes were a lot looser before receiving the comments and do feel more energetic and positive :) I've also been weeing quite a bit and have quite a lot of gas (bottom gas lol *blush*) is anyone else experiencing this??????? its different to usual.. (i cant believe im carrying on this topic haha) and doesn't have any odour.

My menstrual cycle came 3 days ago and is very light and pain free compared to usual..it just crept up on me?! haha.

I would like to keep you updated and may also be able to track inch loss also as I did my measurements a few weeks ago with hope to begin a fitness regime (ha?!) I have also joined a new gym of which I haven't yet attended.

I can't praise this product enough!! I feel GREAT :D

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