A Christmas miracle and apple cider vinegar is a life savior !!

by Celeste
(Bronx, NY United States)



French translation

I first want to say I thank all of you guys who have posted your stories here!

It started 2 days before Christmas and my cat named Soulja boy had caught a urinary tract infection. It was severe and he was close to death.

I stood up with him 3 nights in a row hoping to get some help fast. I had gotten him to the vet and the bill came out to $545 and my mom didn't wanna pay then I finally convinced her.

He finally came home because he was fine after he had gotten the help he needed. They gave me antibiotics and told me good luck ... He came home so happy and skinny but better.

I started to notice he was peeing very little and went online to find you guys saying try some ACV.

I used a 3 ml syringe and put half ACV and half water. After 3 minutes he went to use the litter and very little came out.. 5 minutes later he peed an entire river of clear urine.. I am soo happy and relieved.

Just one thing that scares me is .. Is the vinegar able to burn his vocals he sounded raspy when he meowed then went back to normal ... How many times a day do you give him this? For how long? And how do I make it work with his food? Really need answers. <3

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Jul 05, 2018
Urinary tract assistance
by: Gail

I have had 2 cats over the years with this issue.
Both were treated with ACV and on daily maintenance.

My cat is 9 pounds and I give her 1/2 tsp 2 times a day in her wet food. It also stopped her eyes from tearing.

My dog is 50 pounds and he gets 1 tablespoon 1 time a day in his dry food. No more doggy smell.

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