ACV, a great natural weight loss tool

by Isabella
(Boston, MA)

French translation

I have been taking ACV for about 2 months, missing a few days here and there. The first weeks impressions as I logged:

-1st day: impressed it didn't taste so bad. Took with a glass of water and a bit of honey/agave syrup.
-2nd day=no belly bloating. No desire for coffee. Higher energy than usual.
-3rd day: Stomach is very flat! Drank more tea than coffee...drank more water than usual. Ate fruit and hunger cravings were low. Ate a small dinner and got full quicker. Haven’t used the bathroom as often. Detoxing?
4th day=light lunch and dinner. No caffeine. Impressed.

Made drink stronger, and noticed its main keys are that it
1. Controls appetite while eating so you eat less
2. Prevents cravings, esp. for fattening food for hours after the shot.
I feel more motivated to exercise and I eat healthier for some reason - calm mood all day but got tired early and took a 3 hour nap.

Now it’s almost 2 months and I take a full tablespoon shot every morning with a quick glass of water. I plan to do so before bed, or before dinner. Will test out the differences. I probably lost 5-10 lbs, but I'm on a moderately strict diet and exercising somewhat too.

I heard it’s a slow weight loss, so I'm thinking it's a supplement to an overall program.

I continue to take it as it seriously kills my appetite, especially in the morning. I usually have 2 boiled eggs and a coffee, and a meat based meal with veggies. That’s it.

I'm a healthy 138 lbs, at 5'6. If I want cake (which I had, chocolate cake, a bit of pasta and bread rolls yeast.), I don't worry too much as I know it’s about consistency over the long term.

I'm able to sustain on this low calorie daily diet (DUKAN DIET) by the help of the ACV.

Try it. It’s a good natural weight loss tool. I think it does something with cutting fat or cholesterol. My perspective.

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