ACV and Kidney Stones

by Shahieda
(Durban, South Africa)

French translation

Two days ago I had the most intense pain ever. I've been down this road before and I knew that I had kidney stones again. I hate the normal procedure - going to hospital, being booked in, spending days in hospital and costly medical bills.

I went to the Doctor’s. He gave me an injection for the pain and told me to go to the hospital. I said I would.

I started Googling away and saw that lots of people drank ACV for kidney stones. I had nothing to lose and the pain was starting to come back.

I combined ACV with olive oil (2 tablespoons each) and drank that. After 10 minutes, I started drinking large amounts of water. The pain started to subside - it was just a dull feeling on the side by now.

I drank the ACV again the following day and a few hours later, voilà!
Two small kidney stones. NO further pain. Nothing.

No more ER rooms for me!

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