ACV and other natural products for our great danes

by Therese McLaine
(Victoria Australia)



French translation

We have 2 male Great Danes (father and son) the dad is 96 kilos and his son was 85 kilos until he became ill, he has been diagnosed with mega esophagus which is incurable, he was bringing up heaps of bile about 6 times each night.

Our vet said it was a pretty bad case and we need to consider euthanasia a little way down the track. He was taking 10 anti vomit tablets (Metomide) per day along with 2 Mestinon tablets per day as well as Losec and Cisapride.

This combination was not working at all. So after yet another visit to the vet we stopped the Metomide and Mestinon, we changed his diet to boiled rice with Slippery Elm, many eggs, heaps of powdered milk and he has Yakult each day as well as a little Himalayan Rock Salt each day and we have just started him on Apple Cider Vinegar in his water each day as well as using it on his coat as a fly repellent.

In the last 6 months he has lost 14 kilos, thankfully he was a little too fat to start with!!!

He is now 83 kilos, looking great and is a happy 5 I/2 year old doggie, can't wait to see the difference the cider makes to his general well being.

His dad (who turned 7 yesterday) has a diseased anterior cruciate ligament (right side) and the vets and specialists tell us the left side is also on the way out, they want to perform major surgery on him but we know he'll never cope with that.

He has 2 anti inflammatory tablets each day to keep it at bay and this seems to be working. The dad also has cider vinegar in his water as well as a fly repellent mixture on his coat.

I can't wait to see what all these different natural products do to improve our beautiful boys lives, especially watching what happens with less drug intervention.

Our boys mean the world to us which is why they live inside and are spoiled rotten as all pets should be.

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