ACV and Sulfate-Free Shampoo Ended 4 years of Misery for My Hair=(

by Maria
(Dallas, Texas)

I had been experiencing trouble with dandruff for 4 years and gradually had became worst into the 3rd year where My Flakes were even bigger and more embarrassing - needless to say the yellowy looking nasty scalp and the greasy awful looking hair that came with it!

I was Miserable and hated to even show my face anywhere! I tried all the OTC Dandruff Shampoos. All that gave me no relief, nor cure!

I literally cried myself to sleep and would try and read on where Dandruff comes from and why!

I always had been used to using Salon type shampoos and some years later, became laid-off from work and was no longer able to afford the high Dollar Salon Looks anymore! So, I had to get used to using OTC shampoos and one that I really hated with a Passion was VO5 Shampoo, it was like 74 cents a bottle and like they say you get what you pay for! I was losing my hair by the hands full! I will never ever use that shampoo again!

My hair had become so fine and limp and weighed down by the grease no matter how much or many times I washed my hair!

Not too sure to what I could owe the cure too... But, I will say this, I switched to a Sulfate-Free Shampoo I found at Big Lots and, on the same token also used a ACV to rinse for my hair. I only used the ACV twice and continued to use the Sulfate-Free Shampoo on a daily basis. It cured me Cold Turkey!

So, it's now been 6 months later and I have had no more occurrences with the dandruff resurfacing. Thank you God for that! Much Luck to you guys out there looking for relief from dandruff!

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