ACV as a Natural Hair Color Enhancer

by Tim R.
(Alberta, Canada)

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I am a 55 yr. old male.
I was interested in reading about the A.C.V. rinse, so much so that I thought I'd try it.

For the past 10 yrs. my hair has been totally gray, but I was interested in the rinse because I had a bad dandruff problem and very itchy scalp. I have tried every shampoo and conditioner out there.

The other day I came home from work and had a shower and shampooed my hair as normal, then rinsed as normal with tap water. Then I rinsed with the A.C.V. mixture and massaged my hair for about 5 minutes. Then I just put a comb through it but did not rinse it, or dry it with a towel.

After it air dried, I combed it again but in front of a mirror. I was astonished to see that about 40% of my natural hair color returned. I had not used any herbal additives at all to the mix. I then proceeded to rub in a light coat of olive oil.
The next day I repeated the rinse only with a stronger rinse mix. 9 tablespoons of A.C.V. to 1 qt. of distilled water.
Within 2 days I am proud to say that I have approx 60% of my natural hair color back.

I am truly amazed. Thank you all out there for all your information.
Keep up the great work!!!!

Tim R.

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Nov 09, 2017
Restoration of natural hair color with ACV.
by: Anonymous

I have experienced restoration of my natural hair color too. At least 60% as well.

I am still astonished. A pleasant surprise!

I have to maintain it by periodically rinsing with ACV.

The bottom of my hair is dyed, the ACV does not strip or harm it.

Nov 12, 2015
Healthiet Hair - Lighten Dye Color
by: Health Doc

The best Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinse is 1:2 ratio vinegar to water. Leave on hair 10 - 30 minutes then rinse with clear water.

I found the ideal way to saturate hair, especially long hair, (like mine) is to use a body sponge to soak up ACV mixture in small amounts then press and squeeze into hair, place a shower cap on and wait the allotted time.

For a healthier cleaner scalp use pure ACV and gently scrub scalp to break-up sebum build-up this allows your scalp to breathe for healthier stronger hair and growth plus maintaining more of your recognizable natural color.

Note: using ACV to remove recently dyed hair will lighten faster than just washing your hair, which causes fading, thus the reason for color treated hair conditioners.

Nov 29, 2009
How did it work so fast?
by: Jamie Strudl

I have highlights in my hair and i want my natrual hair color back. When i read your story, I was wondering. How did you get your hair color back in just one day? You said how you applied it but you saw results so fast?

Aug 28, 2008
vinegar removing hair dye
by: Anonymous

I am anxious to try the ACV but I do dye my hair and I am worried that it will strip the color. Any comments ASAP would be appreciated.

Jul 31, 2008
ACV Rinse Questions
by: Anonymous

I use a chemical(lye)relaxer in my hair every 6 weeks and I use henna to cover my gray in between relaxer touch-ups. Will the ACV rinse strip my relaxer or damage my hair since my hair is chemically processed? Will the ACV rinse change my hair color from the beautiful copper shade back to gray? Please help I am so anxious to try this ACV rinse.

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