ACV Brought Back Shine & Softness In My Hair!!

by Judy
(Oak Ridge, TN)

French translation

After using apple cider vinegar for just a couple weeks, I see the shine come back into my hair once again! My hair is silky, shiny and soft.

I have used other products like hot oil treatments, etc. but this is the only thing that does the trick! Yes there is a slight smell, but once your hair dries the smell is gone.

I was constantly looking for something that would give me the results I wanted, but not until I started using apple cider vinegar did I see those results. I am so pleased to recommend this for anyone if you have been through the same things I have.

I buy the large bottle and refill a smaller bottle to keep in my shower.
For just a couple dollars per bottle, it will last a long time and there is no damage, only shining results!!

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