ACV Cleaned my Flaky Scalp and Revitalised my Curly Hair

by Gina
(San Diego, California, USA)

French translation

Let me first start by saying I am a bi-racial female (black and white mixed), so my hair texture is around a 3C. It's very curly and frizzy, which is why I have been wearing it in a ponytail for longer than I care to admit. ACV is the only thing I've found to do away with my flaky scalp, and clean any build up from products in my hair, plus restore the life back to my curls.

Last night I did the ACV treatment because the build up on my hair and scalp was gross. This morning my curls were bouncy and so healthy looking. I didn't have to use that much product in my hair and decided to wear it out...NO PONY TAIL TODAY! WOO HOO Usually by noon I'm putting my hair in a ponytail if I've worn it out, but not today. It looks shiny, healthy, bouncy, feels soft, and NO FRIZZ!

Here's what I did:
1. rinsed my hair with warm water while loosening the gel, and build up on my scalp. (I didn't scrub it with my finger nails, only used the pads of my fingers)

2. soaked my hair and scalp with 1 cup of ACV

3. pinned my hair and put a plastic shower cap over it, and let it marinate on my head for 30-45 min.

4. Shampooed and conditioned my hair normally

5. In the morning, I styled my hair as usual.

FYI: I also used the AVC with a natural clay to make a great facial mask that clears up pimples, tightens my skin, and minimizes my pores. Then I moisturize my skin with coconut oil, leaving my face smooth and silky.

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