ACV Cleared my Dermatitis-Weight Loss was the Side Effect

by Sean F.
(Escondido, CA, U.S.)

French translation

Three years ago my Seborrheic Dermatitis was so bad I couldn't leave the house.

My face was red, flaky, and cracked. My forehead, nose, skin above my lip, and chin (what dermatologists call the T section on the face) was so badly affected, I couldn't smile without breaking skin; I couldn't even bite into a sandwich because it was so painful.

I took steroid creams that had cleared it up, but this was only temporary, and the dermatitis came back tenfold.

I checked the Internet for home remedies. I was at my wit's end. I was sick and tired of the problem.

I found that apple cider vinegar might help the situation, so I gave it a try. Oh my god, that first time was AWFUL. It hurt so bad! You know the adage, "Like pouring salt into a wound"? It was 100 times worse. I thought I might faint.

However, after a few more days of determination (I had nothing to lose at that point), I noticed a huge difference in my skin. The dead skin peeled away, replaced by smooth skin. The redness went away considerably (though I'm Irish and will always have some level of pinkness).

I was amazed. The suggestion was to put the cider vinegar not only on my face, but to ingest up to 2 tablespoons a day, which I did (first straight up, but then I mixed it with mayo and seasonings to make dressings for salad).

Within a month I noticed I was a couple pounds lighter! It was amazing. I had been exercising, too, but nothing too extensive. I'm almost positive the cider vinegar had something to do with it.

Three years later my face is clear (I do maintain cider vinegar use, as it is natural and unaddictive like steroid creams). And my weight has been maintained, too!

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Oct 30, 2014
More advice please
by: Anonymous

(Translated from French)


I have had SD (Seborrheic Dermatitis) on my face for a few months.

I did like everyone else at first, by applying a corticosteroid, and it worked initially but it reappeared again and again .

I tried organic cider vinegar, and after 3 days of application it all disappeared but the dermatitis came back again.

I would like to know what you must do to avoid the SD from coming back again? ... what products do you put on your skin ?.. I do not know what to buy ...

Thank you for your advice!

Feb 01, 2013
ACV works for a lot of stuff
by: Jim D.

I know this is gross but I had chronic jock itch for years. Used doctor prescribed stuff and sprays from the drug store - which worked for a few days then it would come back.

One treatment of Apple Cider Vinegar knocked it out.

I know that is unbelievable but in my case it is true. I don't trust doctors anymore - you can do enough research on your own to figure out your own solutions by watching your body's reaction to it's environment and using plain common sense.

ACV has worked on just about any skin problem I have encoutered. Try it.

May 20, 2012
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

I suffer from severe SD and have tried everything.

I didn't think ACV could be stronger and more effective than prescription steroids but, it IS! Thank you for posting this!

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