ACV cleared razor bumps on my scalp

by Doug
(St. Lucia, Caribbean)

French translation

Had little bumps on my scalp and also started getting these ugly razor bumps at the back of my neck.

Treated with ACV and all disappeared; even my barber was surprised.

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Jan 31, 2011
ACV and razor bumps?
by: Anonymous


Just read your post. I have been trying to find a solution to my razor bumps problem.

I was using a mix I made at home (but no ACV in the ingredients). It worked great but now it seems the bumps are coming back.

I am now putting white vinegar on them. It seems to be drying them out. I am just wondering if I would be killing them from the inside and not just adding product on the outside? Not sure though.

Anyway... how did you use the ACV on your razor bumps? I am willing to try it because I am tired of these things!!!!! Thank you.
it would be a good idea to post the treatment here for the benefit of all readers.

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