ACV - Enhance Your Mood and lose the weight

by Cheryl the Scientist

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I'm 5ft 9" and 198 pounds, finally overweight after a lifetime of eating what I wanted and remaining very thin.

I've recently been so unhappy with my weight that I bit the bullet (instead of the brownie) and reduced my fat and sugar intake. To supplement this, I've been whining my way through a beginning workout program.

As a result of a long dark winter, brownie withdrawal and a lousy boss, I've been especially lethargic, tired, and unusually run down and depressed for 2 weeks. I'm sure there's a link to sugar/fat withdrawal and it doesn't help my motivation to go to the gym.

As a result of a comment from a friend about the energy boost she got from taking ACV, I bought the "right" ACV and within half an hour of my first dose, and to my utter astonishment, felt like a completely new person. I'm actually a scientist and am aware of placebo effects, so this was an amazing change from the way I had been feeling for so many days! It didn't seem so much like an energy boost as a significant and positive mood boost. A real "wow" effect, and certainly better than a Power Doughnut and without the sugar crash.

Three days later, taking ACV three times a day, my mood has remained elevated and I feel like a new person! I went from tired and short tempered to happy and motivated.

I'm extremely happy with how much this tonic has cut my cravings, reduced my appetite and given me the energy to manage a decent workout at the gym. Now folks, I truly loathe working out, but with a more positive outlook, and more energy than I've had in weeks, I find I not only last longer on that demon treadmill, but WANT to work longer. I still despise it, but at least my whining has decreased, much to everyone's satisfaction.

I also noticed that a very painful and protracted bout with tennis elbow, that I've struggled with for years, has disappeared since I started ACV. Another unexpected and surprising benefit.

So I'm going to keep this up and will report back on how well it works.

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Mar 11, 2017
by: Anonymous

I found your blog about ACV after doing a search regarding ACV & mood.

I honestly just started taking it for the weight loss benefits but I noticed some other "side effects" and took to the web to see if others had experienced the same.

After today, I will have been on ACV (with "mother") for a solid week. My concoction: 2T ACV with mother, honey to taste, cinnamon to taste, and then I fill the rest of the rocks glass with water. Very tasty! I drink it every evening before I go to bed.

First thing I noticed was my mood. I was pretty happy all day long but hadn't attributed it to ACV, just a general "Hey, this is different...I've been depressed for so long. Wonder how long it will last..."

The next thing I noticed is that I seemed to have energy at the end of the day. I wasn't exhausted like I normally am. My job is very physical and usually leaves me sore but I noticed I still had some energy. Wasn't sure why I had it, just did.

And then I noticed that I didn't have much of an appetite anymore and THAT is when I started thinking that maybe all these things I've noticed were from taking ACV.

The one last thing I will state is that I noticed my elbow has hurt less. It's been hurting me for 9 months. I don't know what's wrong with it because I don't have insurance to go see a doctor but at one point it was so excruciating that I couldn't feed myself with that hand/arm. I've noticed that that is less painful too--just like you mentioned your tennis elbow. I'm wondering if that's what I have and if the ACV is making it better. It hurts the most in the morning but by evening the pain is negligible.

Thanks for sharing your experience!

Jul 17, 2015
Want to see how long it takes
by: Anonymous

After reading all the comments and going through all articles I am convinced that ACV really must have wonders effect.

Today is my 5th day I can feel my skin better much glowing, I have less appetite.

I have not yet taken any weight until now I am 5'6, and weight 64kg.

I want to reduce till 55kg. Hope this will help as I don't believe in all quick fix medicine.

Sep 23, 2011
Amazing Tonic!
by: Janie

The farmer that puts up hay behind my house has told me several times I should "take" some ACV.

He's very active and in his 70's. Daily I see him maintain 3 chicken barns, check on 40 plus head of cattle and work in all weather conditions tending to pastures.

His wife also tends a huge garden and cans. One day she wanted me to try her beet pickles. She uses only ACV. I feared gastric reflux would be immediate but I ate 2 or 3 (so good) and actually felt better.

I have been sipping a mixture of 2 teaspoons of organic ACV daily for the past week. No gastric reflux and have energy and motivation to exercise.

I have maintained my 160# frame with hopes the scale will reveal less. The old time remedy really works and I love finding out more it can do!

Aug 14, 2011
Added bonus possible relief from tennis elbow
by: Anonymous

I have just started on ACV for the long term weight loss result but was very pleased to read of your results with tennis elbow.

I suffer from tennis elbow caused by the fact I do a lot of knapsack spraying on our block of land.

I am looking forward to that improvement as well.

Aug 05, 2011
Thanks for sharing
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing your experience with ACV.

I am looking forward to losing some weight while gaining some energy.

Mar 21, 2011
One week down
by: Cheryl

...and three pounds lighter.

I'm taking ACV 3 times a day as recommended and still feeling good. This is giving me the impetus to go to the gym regularly now and work steadily.

I'm looking forward to going instead of looking for reasons not to go.

Mar 18, 2011

Its great to hear one more person find out how good acv is, thumb's up to you my dear.

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