ACV for Allergies

by Cynthia

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I was suggested to have 1 cup of luke warm water, 1 Tbls of ACV, and 1 tsp of local honey,(because it) was great for allergies.

I didn't have to take allergy medicine all spring long. Also, while taking this dose with each meal (3 meals a day), and maintaining my normal activities and working on our family farm, I lost 10 pounds.

The first 5 came off pretty fast, then I would fluctuate between 125 and 130 pounds for a few weeks before dropping the last 5.

I am SO much more comfortable and happy with myself.

Not until now did I know it was for weight loss. This may explain part of why I lost the weight!

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Aug 29, 2012
No Longer Bothered with Allergies
by: Willard Hauze sr. (Wapwallopen PA, USA)

I had allergies for 25 years, then started taking vinegar and honey.

In january when I was 50 yrs old in the spring when flowers and every thing was around I no longer was bothered with allergies.

Before that I tried every thing I could find in drug store.

I am now 73 and free of allergies.

I have several other ACV uses that are beneficial also.

I clean my ears out by putting in several drops and letting in 2 min or so then using a ear syringe and wash them out. I can tell when they need it. No set time, some times a week or 2 or a little longer.

I use apple cider vinegar for after shave lotion and 12 to 24 oz in bath water.

Jan 07, 2012
Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey helped with my Allergies
by: Willard

I had allergies at 25 years old, I started on honey and apple cider vinegar in January of following year.

That spring I could smell flowers that I could not smell of the golf course other years. I am now 72 and still allergy free.

Before I tried every thing on allergy meds.

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