ACV for recovering mare

by Jana
(British Colombia, Canada)

French translation

I bought my 15 year old thoroughbred mare from a poorly run riding stable, she caught my eye with those long legs and aloof eyes.

Like most of the others, she was bony and lack luster and did only what was required. She also had a bleeding nose, one nostril consistent for a couple weeks the owner said.

I moved her to a boarding place close to home while we built paddock and cover. Her nose bleed continued off and on. I bought good clean hay and vitamin supplements and grazed her daily.

After a month, I decided it was vet or old farm remedy. I started her on 1oz organic unpasteurized ACV a day in beet pulp and within a week, nose bleed was gone, not to return.

She's now filled out, with lovely fur and a glint in her eye with Arabian spunk and beauty. I will keep apple cider vinegar as part of her supplements always.

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