ACV for Red Itchy Scalp and Patches on Skin

by Anonymous
(Texas, USA)

French translation

I noticed excessive dandruff and redness on my scalp. Also between my eyebrows, side of nose, face then chin.

Upon googling it was determined to be seborea and/or a yeast that feeds off of the natural oil of the skin. Since I already drink ACV and purchase it at drug emporium by the gallon, I started applying it to my hair, scalp, and rubbing it all over my face.

After a week of doing this the condition went away. It did return after a few weeks so I started doing the treatment more often and it works well.

I have oily skin which promotes the condition I had. ACV kills yeast and is safe for the body.

It feels as though my hair is healthier too. I'm 59 and have very little gray hair.

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