ACV gets rid of Canine Pink Eye!!

by Andrea
(Springville, CA)



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I found this natural remedy on another web site, and about 95% of the users agreed that it works.

I tried it on my dog when I was unable to get him to the vet. He had very red irritated eyes (both) with a lot of squinting, drainage and sensitivity to light. He was miserable and wiping his face with his paws and on furniture, etc.

You pour strait ACV on the back of the dog's (or cat's) neck and massage it in well. Then take a small cloth and pour a mixture of ACV one part to 2 parts water and rub in BELOW the eyes. Do not get it in your pets eyes.

Do this about 3 times a day. It really works!

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Oct 12, 2017
ACV for kitty conjunctivitis
by: Ana

A month ago kitty had an upper respiratory infection due to feline herpes virus.

Kitty was on antibiotic and anti viral treatment.

Recently had a recurrence, tried the vinegar at the neck.

I don't don't know how this works but his eye is totally clear after 2 days. I dipped a cotton ball in 50/50 acv and water and applied at neck.

Apr 20, 2017
Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment
by: Anonymous

My cat had one eye with crusty eyelash lids.

After about two weeks, I made an appt with the vet but the appt would be a week later.

I read about ACV and used it as suggested. I did it for about 3 days (cat hated the smell of it and would run from me).

I ended up cancelling the vet appt because the eye cleared up completely.

I don't know if the ACV cleared it up or if it cleared up on its own but using ACV didn't hurt.

CAUTION: Do not apply ACV to the eye! (Do the treatment as suggested: apply it straight on the back of the neck and massage it in well. Then put a few drops of a solution made of 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water on a paper towel and massage gently the muscles BELOW the eye).

Jun 27, 2012
How vinegar helped my boston terrier problem of eyes
by: Janine Alfieri (Montréal, Qc)

My Boston terrier has very sensitive eyes.

I put ACV on his neck and massage two or three times each day until his eyes are ok, and I repeat occasionally.

It works also on cats.

Aug 20, 2009
It's true, it works
by: Dee

I had the same problem with my cat, and treated it exactly how you described and my cat opened his eye almost immediately after the first application.

I only had to do this twice and his eye had completely cleared up.

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