ACV help me to get into my bridesmaid dress

French translation

In dec. of 2007 my girlfriend said that she was getting married and ask me to be in the wedding. I agreed. When we had finally gone for the dress fitting the dresses were Halter tops.

I tried on size 14 and it fitted. I ordered the dress and when it came back in may I went to go get the dress I tried it on and it was too da*n tight the wedding was in two months (July 8).

I bought the Bragg vinegar and I would drink (4) twenty oz water bottle with 2 teaspoon of Bragg ACV and go to work. when the wedding came I bought a 80 dollars girdle from Macy that I did not need the dress fitted good without the girdle better than it fitted at the fitting. I had no fat rolls bulging over the dress needed to be pulled up a couple of times.

I am now trying this ACV again this time with diet, walking three miles at the track and a 40 minute tabu tape. Will keep you posted of my weightloss.

I want to lose 15 lbs in two weeks. June the 4 will be my final weigh in.

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