ACV Helped me Lose 33 lbs and Get Rid of a Wart

by Dave
(Ontario, Canada)

Bicyclist uses ACV

Bicyclist uses ACV

French translation

During my younger years I was always in pretty good shape and played a lot of sports. However, I would say from the age of 24 to 34, I went from 168 lbs to 198 lbs before looking in the mirror and thinking to myself "what happened?"

So I began cycling about 13 to 20 kms per day with no real results worth talking about.

While researching how to get rid of a wart I had, I came across apple cider vinegar and all the praises it was getting. So, I gave it a shot and within 3 weeks, my wart was gone applying ACV externally.

During this time, each time I would treat the wart externally, I decided to take a swig / drink from the bottle thinking if it's working on the outside, it probably works on the inside.

Not a word of a joke, I lost 33 lbs in less than three months by cycling and drinking Apple Cider Vinegar. My diet didn't change much at all.

I had to actually eat more than I was eating because I was concerned I was losing too much weight, I was amazed and couldn't believe how my appearance changed so fast.

This stuff has got to have some sort of magical properties to it. AMAZING stuff!

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