ACV helps everything!!!

by toh246
(Central PA, USA)

2 small dogs

2 small dogs

French translation

We recently adopted a rescue (dog) that had terrible itching, and dry skin.
We tried a lot of natural shampoos/rinses, but nothing seemed to work.

About 6 months ago, I started giving both small dogs a teaspoon of ACV (Braggs) with their food, in order to combat fleas, and noticed that the itching and dry skin was completely gone. I also have not noticed any fleas since using the vinegar, and recently started using it to clean their ears as well.
I also use it as a spray when they are out in the yard.

Unrelated, it also is great for killing weeds, and when we had a moldy area in our basement (pre-dehumidifier) we sprayed it there as well.

BTW, I did check with my vet, and he said the vinegar is a go!!!

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