ACV helps my Borderline Hypothyroid condition so I lose much less hair

by RayChal
(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

French translation

I have been reading a lot about ACV rinses. Thanks to being slightly Hypo, no medicine needed. My hair has fallen to less than half its fullness. Freeaaking Out!!!!

I have tried everything natural that has been put on the web. Biotin, Rogaine which grew hair every where. Viviscal, Henna, Prostate for men. Oils and Shen Min..
All which gave me the best well-condition hair but did not stop the hair fall.

2nd week of trying ACV and in 1 week my hair fall is less than 20 strands per week oppose to 150 per day. Washing would have well over 500. Therefore, it’s waayyy thinned. No sense in stressing anymore because what’s happen has happen. My sides were thinned badly until now.

This stuff has actually got my hair growing at the temples. And I really wish I could show the difference it has made for me.
I have 2 bags, full of hair that I saved to take to the many doctors I've been to, but they never want to discuss natural fixes just give you scripts for drugs.

Oh well. I would definitively recommend this to anyone. My hair is sssooo much thicker looking.

Thanks for listening

Will upload pix on a month washing.

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Jul 23, 2013
Didn't stick with it.
by: RayChal

It's hard doing the AVC for my hair because I'm Afro-American...So I went back to using Viviscal and the newest pill out. Hair Volume..

Hair volume alone made the back crown grow in thicker and helped to fill in the temple area on my left side along with the AVC within weeks but then I was told from my Derm that I was having diffusion (I think that's what she called it) all over...

And from the time that I wrote the first report till now. Now the right side has thinned out allooott. You can see my scalp so this weekend I am going to try the AVC but I can only do it once a week. I will post a picture of both sides so anyone can see the difference.

I forgot all about this site in my desperate need of help.. Hope this helps..

Jul 23, 2013
Me too
by: Anonymous

I would also like to know... I'm in the same situation. I already ingest... applying topically couldn't hurt.

Aug 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

2 wks of trying it? Did you drink it or rinse your hair with it.
Please elaborate.

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