ACV helps my dogs incontinence

by Linda
(South Africa)



French translation

My eleven year old boxer has been suffering from UTI and Incontinence for some time now and because she sleeps on my bed, I have to put waterproof material on 3/4 of the bed.

I searched the web for a remedy and came across this web site, so I bought a bottle of ACV and gave about a tbs in her food I would see a slight improvement.

I then took her to the Vet where they scanned her and tested her urine and gave me medication and of course a huge bill. They found nothing wrong with her kidneys, only a few blood cells in her urine and needless to say as soon as the medication was finished, I was back to cleaning puddles and washing her blankets.

By this time her incontinence had got so bad especially at night. So I was told to get certain drops at the health shop, which helped but she would still have her bad days and now we are back to the same problem where the drops aren't working.

Then I was told to give her the raw ACV, so I started giving her a tbsp with flavored yogurt in the morning and again in her food at night. The first night her bedding was completely dry. The second night her bedding was damp, but by the third night I haven't had any puddles or wet bedding.

So yeah or ACV and your stories and I'm sure God sent me to this site as she has just been to the vet with a cancer scare which was a bill I had to pay out of my budget.

If only I had remembered this site before I paid out money for other advise, again thank you.

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Aug 16, 2021
ACV capsules for incontinence
by: Anonymous

I'd like to know how many ACV capsules you would
give a 27 kilo old female dog for incontinence.

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