ACV is a Cough reliever for my horse

by Anonymous

Me and ‘Chili’ on the beach

Me and ‘Chili’ on the beach

French translation

My horse Chili got quite a bad cough this Fall, that I had Chili checked out by my vet, it was probably from being in a bit longer in the Fall and hay being a little dusty.

I began soaking all his hay, upped his “cocosoya” oil intake and added Braggs Organic Raw ACV daily.

After a couple of weeks I stopped soaking the hay because it was getting so cold and dark so early and I didn’t want to make a big frozen area. But if the cough came back I would’ve continued with the hay soaking. I think that because I kept feeding the vinegar and his cough hasn’t come back.

Now I’ve found so many more benefits (beyond helping with allergies), of feeding AVC that I’m just going to keep him on it long term.

I have read that it even helps with navicular syndrome which he has and arthritis.

I feed 1/4 cup 2x daily and got a pump that fits in a gallon and buy a gallon at a time which makes feeding it much quicker.

He’s been on it about 4 months, I’m hoping it will help with flies and insects in spring as well.

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