ACV is helping me lose that upper belly fat

by Val
(Newark, NJ)

French translation

I recently incorporated ACV in my water regimen.

I pour a little in a Large cup or my personal H2O water bottle. I drink at least two 32 oz of water with a little ACV per day.

I have noticed a reduction in my upper stomach belly fat that seemed to be resistant to exercise.

I have been taking medicine for GERD for years and still suffered from acid reflux. I no longer wake up at night with the acid burning my throat and esophagus and no longer need meds to sleep at night.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

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Nov 11, 2015
ACV Reduces Belly Fat
by: DR Amazon (Belém, Pará, Brasil)

Hi, I did readings on ACV.
I did not get the ACV here in Northern Brazil, but did source the normal apple vinegar. I used it in glass of water with lime juice.

After about four weeks, all the fat around my belly and back disappeared. I also noticed that all of my pants are "slacker" and a belt is necessary.

This was not taken in conjunction with exercises, as I am very busy man.

I was reading what researchers have found on your site and now decided to share my personal experience. May God Bless you guys and let us continue to share our knowledge.

Jun 19, 2013
ACV works!
by: Island Guy (Bahamas)

All I can say that it works.

Been using it for about a week and a half (exercising as well) and really see a big difference in my stomach area.
Starting to cut the abs.

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