ACV is helping me see results

by Darlene
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

French translation

I have always been a yo-yo dieter only to conclude, like everyone else, that diets don't work. I really started getting back into biking and other activities that I truly enjoy, and choosing healthier foods more often than not; not a diet but more of lifestyle change.

I really started seeing results after I started taking small amounts of ACV vinegar. I have experimented with both taking vinegar before each meal and also in the morning before breakfast and at night before bed. I don't really measure but it probably amounts to a teaspoon with water before a meal or about a tablespoon with water each time if I follow the morning and night routine.

Since the vinegar routine(s), I sure started noticing results - my clothes are getting bigger and my sugar levels (by pure numbers alone I am type 2 diabetic) are stable and within normal ranges, though still a wee bit high (but in normal range) in the morning.

I totally believe this whole vinegar thing works. It seems to balance out a lot of things - I can just 'feel' it with improved energy, concentration, just an overall better sense of well being.

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