ACV keeps our toy poodle from getting tear stains

by Anonymous
(North Carolina, USA)

French translation

When we got our baby girl at 6 weeks old I did a LOT of research on the breed and the best ways to keep them healthy and happy from the start.

One thing I read was that if you put a bit of ACV in their water from the beginning it would keep them from getting tear stains.

I was skeptical but it was an easy thing to try so I mixed up a small splash of ACV with purified water in a 1 quart water jug and keep it in the fridge. I use that to fill her water bowl and over 3 years later she is pretty much tear stain free.

In the beginning I was also really vigilante about wiping her eyes with a warm cloth almost very day because I'd read that if you do that for a few months in the beginning it helps keep them clear in the long run (can't remember the reasoning but something about clearing the ducts early makes them not get clogged as easily later).

I've attached a recent picture of her so you can see - our friends have her sister (from the same litter) and her eyes are no where near as clear!

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