ACV killed my cravings

by Lyndsay
(Nova Scotia, Canada)

French translation

Here is my LONG testimonial about the benefits of using ACV.

ACV knocks out craving immediately. Read to the bottom to find out why. Keep reading to the bottom and it will get to the weight loss part and also to find out how much and how often I take it.

I started drinking ACV because I believe I have a candida overgrowth. I have all the symptoms of candida, including fatigue, lack of energy, headache, sinusitis, over weight, vaginal yeast infections, yeast infections on my skin, sugar and carb cravings, irritability, constipation and I've been suffering these things for years.

I used to think I have an emotional problem that is making me binge eat because even when I took prescription appetite suppressants I would just go mentally crazy over food and binge.

I learned that candida problems give you intense cravings for 2 reasons. Number one because candida is like a parasite. It grows into this huge organism that roots itself into the walls of your digestive track which blocks your food from being assimilated and absorbed by your body. It is like a weed that grows and grows and sucks the nutrients out of everything you eat. So because all of the nutrients from the food that you eat are being used by the candida your body is saying to you "you gotta eat more because we didn't get any nutrition" you eat and eat and your body just keeps thinking you didn't eat anything. In a sense, your body is actually starving in a way and your brain is telling you to eat as much as you can get your hands on as often as possible. The other way is that because candida lives off sugar and carbs it is always asking for more more more.

So if you have really bad cravings and other symptoms listed above it's probably candida which WILL make you over weight. Drinking ACV will kill the candida organisms.

Anyway...back to my success.

I started drinking avc three days ago. My waist has been reduced and my stomach is less bloated and feel completely flat. I don't have a scale but I have been 150 for the last 2 years. I can't wait to weigh myself at my moms house next time I go to see if I've lost any because My clothes are fitting looser already. My first drink was 2 tablespoons in a glass of water. After being chronically constipated for years and only go once every 2 or 3 days, I had the urge to go to the bathroom about 10 minutes after my first drink. I have gone to BM up to 5 times a day since I started drinking it. AMAZING! I noticed long stringy clumps and lumps of white stuff and mucus in my BM (sorry if I'm GROSSing you out). I think this is the dead candida leaving my body!

I feel so much more energy. I am sleeping better, I feel more emotionally stable, my headaches are gone. My nose is running and when I blow a bunch of old mucus comes out. All of these benefits inspired me to drink more acv more often so for the past 2 days I have been drinking about 5 tablespoons at a time about 10 times a day. I will list my regimen below for those who are looking for guidance how to take it. The biggest thing is that my cravings have disappeared completely! I just don't really feel like eating. Is this because the candida is dying? I think so. I hope so...

Here is the plan I follow:
-each drink is 5 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and sometimes I mix it with water and sometimes I just drink it and chase with a mouth full of water.
-two drinks as soon as I get up in the morning on an empty stomach.
-One drink 10 minutes before each meal
-One drink immediately after each meal
-One drink anytime I am having strong cravings and I don't want to eat.

Following this plan for the last 3 days I feel like a completely new person.. All of my candida symptoms have cleared up and I feel like my whole brain and body is going "ZING!!!" just like the taste of the vinegar.
I have just been eating what I want including sweets because its Christmas the chocolate is every where!
Like I said I haven't weighed myself but I'm sure I have lost because I am wearing a pair of stretchy pants today that are falling off me and last week the exact same pants were very tight and hugging my thighs but now they are loose in the waist and thighs. I wore a pair of jeans yesterday that I haven't fit into in months.

This is no joke and no exageration. I feel amazing. I think if anyone is using it and hasn't gotten these results you should just drink as much as you can stand through the day (Im drinking A LOT, I've gone through half a gallon of the stuff in 3 days). Like I said I had tried it a few years ago for weight loss and I didn't feel anything. but this time I am taking 10 times as much each day as I did then.

Please people. End your suffering for good. Just buy one bottle and commit to finishing it, drink as much as you can each day just go crazy on it and in a few days you will be amazed like me! I feel so good and happy right now and so much energy like I'm just sitting here bouncing in my chair and can't sit still as I write this and I haven't had this much energy ever in my life not even when I was a kid.

Peace and Love to all of you. God bless! xoxoxo

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Dec 27, 2013
Made a believer out of me
by: Anonymous

I started taking ACV because a friend of mine raved about losing 130lbs on it. I was skeptical of course but I bought it thinking if it works I will love it but if it doesn't what have I really lost?

I weighted myself yesterday after having been on it for a week with no other changes in my diet and I had lost 5.5 lbs. I am a believer that is for sure.

I have a very hard time losing weight. I mix a shot of it into a glass of 100% grape juice three times a day and drink some before and after my meal.

Nov 18, 2013
It really helps
by: Anonymous

Hi All,

I found that the easiest way to soften the harshness of ACV is to add 7 drops of liquid Stevia to a glass of water which has 2 table spoons of ACV in it.

I'm taking this mixture half an hour before meals for reflux and candida and it has been helping, it's cheap, easy and effective.

My doctor and expensive naturopath haven't been much help so I had to find a solution myself. I also plan to start taking coconut oil as suggested above
Thanks for all all your tips and Goodluck.

May 22, 2012
It Works!
by: Jen

I just started taking it today and I put 2 tablespoons in a smoothie mixture of strawberries, pineapples, mangoes, peaches, and pears...with a larger than life dash of pumpkin spice...and I couldn't tasted the ACV at all, not even a hint of it.

Weird cause it stunk when I opened it, but I couldn't taste it with this specific blend of sugar added...all natural smoothie.

Just put half cup of water and a glass of ice for texture.

Feb 07, 2012
Easy Way to Take ACV
by: Anonymous

I have never been able to stand the taste of ACV so I found an easy way of taking it.

Go to Ebay and order empty gel caps of a size 000. Take a syringe without needle and draw up ACV and inject it into empty capsule and close and swallow immediately with water. You will never have to taste it again and you can enjoy its benefits.

May 11, 2011
Neat isn't good!
by: Tania

Hey guys,

I've read that drinking the ACV neat and in large quantities can be very bad for you, as it can burn your throat and accelerate the development of stomach ulcers...

I've read many recommendations on how you are suppose to take it and there are many things that you can add it to for those that don't like the taste of it in water.

I personally love the taste - I use to drink soda water with lemon juice and this reminds me of it so its ok. I put two cap fulls (the bottle cap) in 750ml of water - that's the size of a normal bottle of wine, sorry don't know what it is in oz and I drink it during the whole day (often more than one bottle). I also drink 1-2 x cup full in a glass of water before exercising and before breakfast in the morning. I've been taking it for a week now.

I haven't lost any weight, but I haven't gained any either (I read that you might gain some in the first few weeks, as the minerals settle into the bone structure). I exercise a lot - one hour on the elliptical trainer every evening, but I work at a desk..:(, so that makes up for it.

I have also being on a diet - I would eat anything I like in the morning, but for the rest of the day would eat only fruit, veg, fish, meat and nuts. I was on the diet and exercise program before I started ACV, and was loosing weight... now I'm not, but it's probably because of the extra minerals.

One thing that I notice is that the vinegar does really suppress my cravings. I forgot the bottle at home yesterday and was hungry the whole day, where as all of the other days I haven't been and had had less food probably...

Anyway, I hope that the weight loss part will kick in soon :)

For those that want to compare notes, I'm 26, 165cm, 59.5kg. I'm not actually overweight. I just would really like to fit comfortably into my clothes again :) This might be a factor in how AVC works though...

Apr 20, 2011
Just about to start
by: ngozi

I read about the benefits of ACV on real age article and I have just bought a bottle today.

I am encouraged with these comments and hope to finally drop excess weight.

Mar 17, 2011
Trying ACV NOW!!
by: Anonymous

I started ACV today for a diuretic. I retain a LOT of fluid and it never leaves. I have been taking a diuretic twice a day for more than a year and still have edema.

I didn't know about the advantage of weight loss. I have been trying to lose my last 30 pounds (of 103) for the past 18 months with absolutely no luck at all.

I will increase my dosage of ACV and see what happens. Would sure like some updates on this subject. Especially from postmenopausal women.

Thanks for listening.

Nov 28, 2010
Make a tea with ACV
by: Anonymous

Here is a GREAT way to drink ACV. I have tried it a few different ways and this is my FAVORITE. Start with a bag of herbal spice tea. Add in 2 tbs. of ACV and 1 tsp of raw, organic honey. then add in about 1/16 tsp of both ground cloves and cinnamon. Tastes just like hot apple cider. No smell, no strong taste! I love it!

Just started to drink this on a regular basis. Hoping it will benefit me in a variety of ways.


Nov 15, 2010
by: Anonymous

CONGRATULATIONS on your success!!!!

I've been gaining weight steadily over this summer and I need to lose about 15 lbs.

I'm going to take the ACV "challenge" and drink it like its a shot of Jack Daniels....and lets see what happens...what's the worst that can happen, right?/!!!!
Wish me luck!
A.J. S. Buffalo, NY

Oct 15, 2010
ACV does work
by: Tricia

I have been trying to loose weight while seeking out ALL Natural ways of doing it.

I came across information for ACV, so I started using Braggs and adding 2tbl spoons to water twice a day, no more headaches, clearer skin, weight loss is what I'm experiencing.

I've also done the 3 day apple detox which really was good for me. I now have more energy to exercise and want to.

Oct 14, 2010
by: Anonymous

I started drinking ACV for about two weeks. I know for a fact that it does cleanse your body. I don't drink it consistantly but do at least three- four times a week and I can see a change.

I have been exercising three times a week faithfully and know I have lost some pounds.

I was told that the organic version is better, I don't know, but it works..I am hoping to lose weight on this diet, so until then let's see if works in that area....
I also drink 2 tablespoons straight and water afterwards.

Oct 09, 2010
This post is engouraging
by: Stacey

I was 45 last year, when I first tried taking it, when I found out I had Mono last November.

A friend of mine who swears by this stuff told me about it; I would go out on the deck in case I was going to throw up - it was that bad so I gave up the ACV.

I got over mono but never really got back on my feet and now have been sick for the last 3 or 4 weeks with a REALLY bad cough that just would NOT leave me.

I learned a few days ago to take it with honey - equal parts, 1 tbls each and mix with chilled water. It wasn't fun but it was a lot easier to take and I have actually acquired an easy tolerance - it's been about 3 days since I started and I'm now doing it 2 to 3 times a day. Really cold water helped. If it will work in juice I might try that.

I am noticing some of the things I'm reading here. Cravings are down and energy is up.

The thing I've been sick with is going away - finally. I will weigh myself in a few days and see what happens there.

Time will tell if it's the ACV but something happened, and it was when I started the ACV

Sep 23, 2010
ACV and peptic ulcer
by: emily ferg

I need to loose about 8kg.

I have just started taking ACV 5 days ago, 1 tablespoonful after dinner, but I'm worried of the effect it might have on peptic ulcer,
will it heal or make it worse?

Is there an overdosage of ACV?
Is the quantity I'm taking enough to loose about 6kg in 3weeks?

May 25, 2010
How to drink ACV!
by: Rachael

I just started drinking acv a few days ago and I already feel more energetic, I recommend drinking acv just by itself get it over with a lot quicker.

What you do is plug your nose and close your sinuses and just down the stuff, 2 teaspoons, and right after drink milk it works!

Apr 28, 2010
ACV works for me
by: Anonymous

I have been drinking ACV mornings and afternoon and before I go to bed and I can feel a difference as far as eating and energy level.

I feel on top of the world with so much energy. I have busy schedules on weekends and need the extra gush and I have found it. I will admit though that when I crash, I crash heavy. One must be sure that their body can withstand ACV because a friend of mines got a rash all over her body and not sure if it was ACV or something else.

Apr 24, 2010
Guess what..
by: new to acv

I started drinking this 2 days ago and I have cut down on my food but not much.

I have used the vibroplate as my exercise for 10 minutes each of these two days and I couldn't believe it today when I stood on the weighting sales and weighted in 5 pounds lighter!!

I have been drinking 3 glasses a day consisting of only 2 table spoons in a pint of water... my stomach is flatter and I cant fill out my jeans I bought last week! My tops are loser around my waist and hips and my thighs are not as wobbly!

I have acne and it is so much clearer even in two days!

The results I'm finding are unbelievable and I would recommend this to anyone struggling to lose weight like me ...

Apr 13, 2010
Great Idea - Rosalinda
by: Laura

I tried taking the ACV a few weeks ago on its own and I could not drink it. I will try RosaLinda's cocktail and see if that works for me.

I have been watching my diet for a long time and exercising daily with some success but it is very slow. Also, I was told by one of my Doctors that I should not exert myself for a few weeks due to chest pain. She would like to run some tests before I start exercising again.

The ACV should not affect my condition. While being 50lbs overweight, I need all the help that I could get!!!

Apr 12, 2010
It really works!
by: Rosalinda

I would really love to lose 20 pounds. I came across this site and was really inspired by the testimonials. I went to my local health food store and purchased ACV. I bought the Braggs brand with mother in it. I put about 3 tablespoons ACV with a splash of apple juice in a 32 oz glass of filtered water. I try to drink 3 of these a day.

I have been working out 5 days a week but I have not changed my diet much. ( I still sneak a piece of pizza and have a sweet now and then.)

Imagine my surprise when I got on the scale this morning and I was down 3 pounds in one week!!!

This has really inspired me to continue drinking this. Only 17 pounds to go!!

Thanks for sharing all your stories. This stuff really works.

Apr 12, 2010
by: ACVLover

I've recently found websites talking about ACV helping with acne because it restores the PH Balance in your skin, and have used it on my face and I'm taking it in pill form for about a week now, and I LOVE the results!

It seems that I never have an over-production of oil anymore, and my skin is already clearing up.

I have also used ACV in pill form in the past to clear up an out of control bladder infection that had spread to my kidneys. The antibiotics from the doctor couldn't kill it all, and I was desperate. I found this cure online, and I felt a difference in a matter of 24 hours. This was an infection that had stayed with me for over a month through cranberry pills, tons of water, and even cutting sugars and breads from my diet. It was the only thing that worked.

I'm not over-weight, but I'm definitely searching for a natural way to lose some weight for the summer season and my wedding coming up. I don't think I'll be taking as much as you're taking, but I think I'll start taking it in pill form 2x a day with my meals. I'm confident I'll be happy with the results!

Thanks so much for your post!

Apr 12, 2010
ACV and Green Tea
by: Yvonne E.

I have been using ACV to lower my blood pressure and was recently taken off of my BP Pills (Azor) because of it.......YEAH.

If you like green tea (which is also good for you / antioxidants, try this recipe, it tastes great!

Lipton Orange, Passion Fruit & Jasmin green tea with ACV and 2 packs of artificial sweetener. I don't think the sweetener will affect your weight loss at all.........I've lost weight!

Mar 30, 2010
by: newbie to acv

This story is so inspiring I have literally taken ACV twice once last night and then again this morning...

About and hour after taking it all my cravings for food were gone. I have horrible PMS and yesterday I literally lost my mind on food, I had a french dip for breakfast (my boyfriend who is a trainer and the sweetest thing ever was biting his lip I could tell) and for lunch I had a leftover shredded beef burrito amongst numerous snacks in between (ie. chips, cheese, chocolate etc...) then for dinner I made a big pot of Mac n Cheese and had two giant helpings, I went to bed lethargic and miserable.

Today, I'm a totally different person I feel a little lighter a lot calmer (believe me I am a GRUMP!) I snap on my kids and co workers lots.

I have a problem with constipation and excuse my bluntness but I have already gone to the bathroom twice today.

I found out about ACV when I went for colon hydotherapy (which I believe is a bunch of crud). But the women who was administering this procedure did give me an insight to ACV by saying that it does kill yeast in the body.

So I am very hopeful and will keep all informed.

Go for it, it tastes horrible but its worth it and like I said this is only my second day, so suck it up and give it a try!!!!!

Mar 24, 2010
I can't drink it!!!
by: Laura

I have tried several times over the past few weeks to drink the ACV. It is so strong that it makes me want to vomit. Any suggestions on how I could take the ACV without feeling sick?

My weight has stayed the same for a few months without gaining or losing a pound. Before my weight stabilized I lost 28lbs over the past year on my own. But, I still have another 50lbs to lose.

The only advice I get from my MD is to exercise which I am walking 3-5 times a week for 30min.


Mar 17, 2010
About your story
by: sheri

Wow your story was very inspiring I've been doing 2 teaspoons a day in sixteen ounces of water and I'm losing only a half a pound a day.
I'm going to try your plan today. Thanks a lot.

Feb 27, 2010
by: Laura

I have read many of your comments and I am convinced that APPLE CIDER VINEGAR will help me to lose weight!!!

All of the comments were very positive and also very motivating. I have struggled with my weight since I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer almost two years ago. My weight increased by 70lbs since June of 2008.

I will start taking the ACV TODAY and post an update in a few weeks.

I especially want to thank LYNDSAY FROM NOVA SCOTIA CANADA!!! Your story was very moving and very similar to mine.

Feb 25, 2010
Virgin Coconut Oil kills candida
by: Helpful

To Anonymous: I have read that virgin coconut oil, taken 3 tbs a day or more if desired, can kill yeast/candida infections.

I do not have candida so have not tried this myself, but this is something you can google and find online.

I read this from Dr Bruce Fife's book 'Coconut Oil Miracle'

All the best

Feb 16, 2010
by: Anonymous


Thanks for your testimony! When did you first start taking ~50 tbsp a day? Have you continued to take that much? Have you had any negative side effects? Did you have to take probiotics at all? Thanks!

Feb 11, 2010
Will try your cure
by: Anonymous

Thanks, just clicked on this site and found my answer to get rid of Candida for good.

Have tried ACV for cleansing Toxins before but never to the extend you are talking about. Blamed my memory loss and sugar cravings on menopause and was prescribed Premarin (hormone replacement pills) which has now given me a yeast infection.

Thanks for your suggestions, I am all for killing the root of candida and all natural is the best.

Will leave a comment after trying your method.

Maybe the memory loss had nothing to do with menopause and this method of getting rid of candida will be the answer.

God bless you for sharing freely, most helpful suggestions these days involve paying a fee of some sort. So thank you for caring.

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