ACV Normalized My Hormonal Imbalance and Shed Weight Permanently!

by Chloe Des
(Manila, Philippines)

French translation

Being Asian and only 5'2" in height, weighing 135 could have a big impact. 135 pounds may not be a big deal for a lot of people but with my height, the bulges will show and the feeling of heaviness can really bring down my daily productivity.

Also being diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, doctors advised me to bring down my weight.

I was taking all these pills to normalize my menstrual cycle monthly. I had hormonal imbalance, I was feeling tired all the time, I was falling asleep at inappropriate times, I was depressed a lot and I couldn't control my urge to eat. It was terrible. At the age of 27, I felt like I was already turning 50.

When my father had a stroke in 2010, I was suddenly jolted by the huge impact of the food we eat to the health conditions we suffer. At the early age of 50, my father was already helpless. I didn't want to be like that when I turn 50. There are so many things to be done in life!

I started reading up on healthy food, particularly on raw food diet. I came across Braggs Apple Cider vinegar and decided to try it. One tablespoon in cold water upon waking up in the morning. Then I went on with my daily routine and the same quantity of food. Of course, I changed my perspective of food entirely. I stopped eating processed food and ate more fruits and vegetables. I didn't even change the quantity of food I ate, I just went about eating normally, with just less processed food and more fiber.

After about a month I was down to 110 lbs and now I'm stuck at 107 lbs. For some reason, my weight remained steady between 107-110 lbs even if I try to eat more than usual.

What Braggs did to my health was a miracle. It significantly reduced my cravings. It gave me more energy to do my work. Every time I feel like I am low in energy, I just take a tablespoon of Braggs on cold water plus a banana, and it’s literally an instant boost, physically and mentally. I have stopped taking pills for my hormonal imbalance and polycystic ovaries and I am now menstruating regularly. Last time I had an ECG my vitals were super normal. I lost weight in about a month and my hormones were regulated in about 3 months. Now I am happily living normally, thanks to Braggs.

It has become a daily serving for me and my family. My husband, who thought the idea was rubbish at first, started using it too in his meals after he saw my weight loss. And he knows I didn't even go on a diet or do any exercise and he wonders if he can have the same result. I didn't even have to persuade him, heck I didn't even ask him to take it. I just kept the bottle of Braggs at the breakfast table every time and he started taking it without me even asking him. He has been curious all along! One time I caught him telling his friend about Braggs and how it reduced my weight without even trying. I know deep inside he believes in the stuff even if he doesn't want to admit it. Even the most difficult people, deep inside, want to be healthy and fit.

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Jun 30, 2017
ACV benefits
by: Deepika j

Yes yes ACV works. I got my period after so many years without a pill after using ACV, it helps.

Next month I will go for ultrasound to know whether it really helps but till now I am positive ACV works as I have pcod weight gain, insulin sensitivity and thyroid too.

It's been years that I got my periods without pills. I crossing my fingers that I get normal hormones.

God bless all .

Jan 04, 2017
by: Anonymous

I just started using it recently. Hope and believe it will work for me because am having hormonal imbalance have not conceived since I got married.

Jul 09, 2016
From another cyster
by: Anonymous

I too recently started using Braggs apple cider vinegar and noticed the energy burst :)

I also stopped those horrible pills and decided to treat my pcos naturally! I definitely gained more confidence in my decision from reading your article. Anything is possible with a determined mind and proper nourishment for your body.

I am excited to start this new chapter in my life. Thanks again for this and do take care. All the best!

Dec 29, 2011
sound like me
by: me

Your story is similar like mine and your man skeptical like mine.

I will start the 1st January and can't wait to have great result and to see his

Ciao! ciao! extra pounds!

Will update on my 2012 resolution post.

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