ACV one of three steps I took to lose weight.

by Winnifred
(San Jose, CA)

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I made three adjustments to my diet which, I believe, contributed to a 12 pound weight loss over about a month.

1) I took ACV 2-3 times per day, 20 minutes before my meals.
2) With the ACV I took 2 tablespoons of coconut oil.
3) I avoided refined grains.

I began taking ACV 2-3 times per day about 5 weeks ago. I wasn't seeing much movement on the scale for the first 2 weeks. Then I decided to start with the coconut oil (a hint I got from Tom Cowan's website) with the ACV 20 minutes before meals. I wasn't hungry or feeling deprived!

I stopped weighing myself for a couple of weeks but when I jumped back on the scales I realized that I had lost 12 pounds!!

Unfortunately my "reward" for this success has lead to me regaining 7 pounds. But I am resolved to reestablish these habits until I am at my goal weight which is 170 (20 pounds less than I am now).

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Nov 29, 2011
ACV, Raw Honey, Cinnamon, coconut oil
by: Ms Santa

I had read that Cinnamon can help relieve arthritis pain. I had some food grade cinnamon oil I got from my local Whole Foods Store and I love my flavored coffee but it has become too expensive.
Soooooo, I started adding 2 shakes in my 1 and only cup of coffee each morning. After doing this for two months now and cold weather coming in low and behold, I hardly have any pain at all and my Rhumothalogist is lowering my Prednazone even more.

My daughter has been using ACV for some time and swears by it. I also have developed itchy skin in most of my creases (yep I am overweight by about 50 lbs) and in my search, I read that it could be a skin fungus.

So I had been using equal parts of water and ACV and it has helped, however not quite getting it totally gone. I am figuring that maybe I need to attack it also from the inside out. That prompted me to do some more checking out about ACV and found this website.

There is so much information here and personal experiences.
Raw local honey also has benefits for allergies so now I have my own little cocktail with 1 tablespoon of ACV and Raw Local Honey and 1/4 tsp on cinnamon. It does make it easier to tolerate. I also just got the 100% virgin Coconut Oil and since it is real soft at room temp I am going to try adding 1 tsp to my cocktail since I use warm water from the tap it will finish melting it. I just started yesterday so time will tell. Seeing all the positive experiences is very encouraging and I have book marked this site to be able to come back for more encouragement.

Right now I will be doing this 3xs a day for a few weeks and if need be I can always increase it.

Oct 16, 2010
Starting it soon.
by: Bonnie.

I know a woman who takes 2 tablets of ACV once a day before bed and she lost 40 pound in a month.

I'm going to start taking it soon, and I'm hoping it'll do wonders, ha!

Wish me luck.

Sep 20, 2010
oil solution
by: Anonymous

coconut oil is solid until you liquify it.

To apply to my hair, I just rub my hands together to make the heat needed.

To drink/swallow it, you can use microwave to heat, or stir into warm water. If you place the jar in a warm place, the whole thing will lose the solid form.

Jul 23, 2010
coconut oil
by: kay

I need to lose 30 pounds. I like vinegar, and started that my question is I have coconut oil but looks like Crisco, lard type so how do I take that? and how much do I take, I have sugar type 2 and I take insulin, if I lose 30 pounds there wouldn't be insulin. I lost 21 pounds on my own but need more help, I don't believe in dr. medicines I take all nature things.
Thank you, kay

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