ACV really does work

by Morissa
(Washington DC)

French translation

I first heard about ACV about a year ago and was going to try it but never got around to it.

But last month a friend and I had a bet who could come down the most in a month. Now I am not a dieter but I said ok there was $100.00 at stake.

I was really excited the first week and a half working out, cutting back portions and not eating late at night and it worked I lost 6 pounds that first week but then the excitement wore off but I continued to drink the ACV and water daily, cut back and not eating to late in the evening and surprisingly from 22FEB-21MAR I lost 10 pounds.

I was excited and can only assume that the ACV had something to do with the weight loss because I figured that even with cutting back, that would maintain my weight so the vinegar had to attribute to the weight loss.

So I will continue my daily ACV drinks and I figure if I lose 10 pounds a month in 3 months I will have lost 30 pounds and met my goal:)

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