ACV rocks!

by K

French translation

I am 23 yrs old, very conscious about my weight.

Although I am not overweight, standing at 166cm (5.42ft) weighs 57kg (126 lbs), but I thought I could lose a bit more weight to boost my self esteem.

I started on ACV about 3 weeks ago. Seriously, while I was drinking, I didn't felt much difference.

But it was when I stopped drinking it (as I was overseas for a week), I noticed a BIG difference. Pimple outbreak like never before (not even in my puberty), my appetite increase, I snack a lot, and eat a bigger portion in order to feel full and I felt more lazy and fatigued.

So I shall go back to my ACV regime!

To those who first tried it, in the beginning you might not be able to get over the taste. It was horrible when I first drank it.
And to reduce my sugar intake, I didn't want to add honey or juices. But I mixed ACV with iced water or chilled water instead, it taste better. I ended up enjoying my drink gradually.

Good luck to myself shedding 7kg (16 lbs!!) and good luck to everyone too!

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