ACV Spray Helps my Hair Grow

by Melinda
(Columbia, Maryland USA)

Apple Cider Vinegar in Spray Bottle

Apple Cider Vinegar in Spray Bottle

French translation

I was always having problems putting the ACV on my hair from a bottle.

I even tried one of those generic ketchup and mustard bottles, but I still wasn't getting even coverage. So I decided to put it in a spray bottle.

It is easier to section my hair, spray, then move on to another section. I also put sprigs of rosemary in it since rosemary does help with hair growth.

Due to my thyroid being removed due to cancer, the thyroid controls things like metabolism and how fast everything grows, my hair stopped growing. No really, it did. I measured and it stayed the same length for months. I even tried having my hair put in cornrows to give it support so it would grow faster. As a white woman it does work, just make sure that the rubber bands at the end are really tight.

Every night I would spray with ACV. It stank, but I was willing to try anything because I could not afford medical treatment for hair.

Low and behold, after a month it grew two inches, I took the braids out and measured. Now, I don't have the braids, but I continue to use the spray and it is still working.

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