ACV Stopped the Cravings and Desire to Binge Eat!

by Jane
(British Colombia, Canada)

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Having grown up with severe eating disorders and struggling with binge eating my whole life ACV has finally given me a break. I was constantly over eating and binging even when I was full and it was very difficult to stop.

I tried every diet and food combination trying to get a balance but I always felt hungry and tired and just wanted to eat and then I would end up binging, feel ill and want to sleep.

In just a couple of of days after taking the ACV I noticed my cravings, especially for sugar started to fall away, I could actually look at chocolate and not want to eat it.

In fact after just a few days of taking about a tablespoon of ACV before, with, or just after each meal I didn't snack all evening which is usually my worst time for overeating and bingeing on junk food.

It was like a curse was lifted and I had control of my life back. Now I try to eat sensibly when I am hungry, feel full quicker and don't want to over eat, and with no effort.

I found the best way to eat vinegar if it is not already part of the meal, like on a salad or on your fries or in your sauce is in fruit zinger tea, I especially like Celestial Seasonings any of the red fruits.

To make the tea you use a large mug and one tea bag, let it steep till nice and red then add a dollop of any natural ACV and stevia to taste, it smells and tastes really good if you get just the right amount, lots of flavour, you can adjust it to your own taste I use around a tablespoon of vinegar.

I try not to focus on the weight loss but I will be so happy when my cloths fit me again and I know they will because I am eating less, making smarter choices and have more energy to exercise, at this point I am just so thankful to be off the diet binge cycle and not focused on food all the time.

This is really worth trying and I wish everyone great success!

All the best,

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Jul 05, 2021

Hello everyone, great news confirmation. Binge eating can be overcome very simply!!! Its unbelievable how simple it is. I stumbled on this cure accidentally!!!

For all of my life since the age of 22, (after completing my 2 College Diplomas successfully at SHAW COLLEGES in Toronto, Ontario, in 1974) I have compulsively OVEREATEN every evening/every night.

I have been taking RAW unfiltered apple cider vinegar usually during the early morning hours before I go to work, in conjunction with a 2 teaspoons of BLACK SEED OIL and 1 or two capsules of STINGING NETTLE ROOT capsules. I have been on this Regime for over a year to date. However though, I always indulge in overeating in the evenings/nights after a hard day's work.

I am type 2 Diabetes and quite overweigh for my height and age. These 3 medications that I just named, I have been taking to help with my type 2 diabetes and prostrate problem. However though, I overeat (BINGE EATING Disorder) every evening/night for the longest while.

I have been reducing the cane sugar bottle and the milk powder bottle every night for 18 months up to until recently.

RECENTLY, I took my ACV dose at 8.00 PM before the ritual nightly start up of my binge eating with the MILK POWDER and CANE SUGAR. I surprisingly did not feel hungry, and ignored the milk and sugar bottles. HALLELUJAH, I am not hungry at nights anymore.

My dose of the raw unfiltered ACV is 3 Tablespoons of it mixed into a pint cup of Filtered water at 8 PM. I am never hungry at nights anymore. TIP: cork your nose with 2 fingers to drink the ACV mixture. There is no repulsion to the mixture this way! Now the opposite happens:- I repulse the SUGAR and Milk bottles. LOL

JULY 5, 2021

Nov 14, 2016
ACV really works!
by: Cordelia J.

I've been using ACV for only four days and I can feel a change already.

I'm not having anymore cravings and I'm not sitting around at work eating all day!

Sep 28, 2016
Decreased appetite after one week of using ACV.
by: Anonymous

All I can say is PRAISE THE LORD! I am beyond grateful and incredibly thankful for the results I'm seeing by only taking 2 tsp of ACV in the morning, noon, and before I go to bed at night.

It dawned on me that I did not have much of an appetite, I actually skipped lunch because I simply had no desire to eat. I began wondering what was "wrong" with me? Am I getting sick? Why is my appetite so low??

By the next day, I realized that I am alive and well, and it's a direct result of the ACV!!

Thanks so much for the testimonials and all the wonderful feedback...I'm finally on my way, and on the right track!

Nov 09, 2015
by: SunnHappyMom

Thanks Jane, for sharing!!! So glad this worked for you. I have also noticed a huge drop in hunger and appetite since starting ACV. I hope you are still doing well.

Mar 02, 2013
Thanks for the hope!
by: Anonymous

I have purchased ACV and I am now more confident in trying it.

Blessings for your positive sharing!

Nov 27, 2012
It really works
by: Anonymous

I have been taking ACV now for about three months.

When I first started I had this large syst on my side, had it for about five years, within ten days of starting ACV it opened up and started to drain, it drained for almost three weeks and the smell was very bad. At this time it is flat and completely drained.

I have also lost thirty pounds without going hungry, the craving for always eating is not there now. My whole being is wonderfully changed.

I went to my Doctor about a month ago and he told me he wanted to do some test on me as I had a four vessel bypass in 94, I had not told him about ACV yet, well he put me through it all, four days later when the test came back and I went to find out the results, he came into the room and said.. Fred, all your test could not have been better.

I have cut my blood pressure meds in half, plan on getting off all oral meds in the next couple months.

I thank the Lord for directing me to this wonderful product.

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